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Secret Santa

Secret Santa

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@lollipop00: as far as I know both your giftee and gifter have read their PMs.

Thank you for letting me know!

It has been at least 18 hours since I sent a gift, if it is not picked up in a few more hours I will just keep or give it away. Seems like something came up for them so I will continue to wait until 24 hours have passed biggrin.gif

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Because I never took a screenshot of it on my scroll. Since it has no parents, I can't prove that it came from my scroll - or so I thought. Is the action log sufficient?

Action log is sufficient, especially since I can check that the egg is on the scroll.


lollipop00: will send them another PM and email, and yeah, if they don't answer, we'll reassign you.

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So, here we are again. biggrin.gif Before I send out wishlists, there are a couple of technical things I want to tell you.


First of all, please don't start sending gifts before 5th of January. That time period is free, so that we can see who's online, and who is not. If some people have dropped out, aren't playing on dc and so on, it's easier for you guys, if you haven't already traded for gifts, that no one will be there for receive. There's also always a possibility that we messed up, sent multiple wishlists to one person... so give us two days to see if anything like that happens xd.png That said, if you feel like you don't care about that risk, knock yourselves out.


Second thing are raffles. Right now, there is a CB Silver, a couple of coppers and xenos waiting to be raffled off. I suppose, we will be able to hold one, as soon as official gifting starts, so if anyone wants to donate something for one, they can PM me.


And thirdly, there's one more system we are going to try this year, to ensure that people get as many gifts as possible.


And that's something we can call an exclusive raffle. Once gifting period is over, we'll try to hold a rare raffle, for those who managed to fulfill their partner wishlists. I can't promise what's going to be in that raffle, since it all depends on what we actually manage to catch, but we'll do our best to get something rare to raffle off.


To participate in one, you have to fulfill at least three spots, out of your partner's wishlist. Three spots is worth one ticket. If you fulfill one spot more, you get one ticket more and so on. So, in theory a max number of tickets is four. Tickets are given for one spot fulfilled, so giving one item from, let's say 4th, 5th and 6th spot is enough to earn a ticket, but giving three gifts from 6th spot isn't - please keep that in mind.


To get your ticket, you need to give us a proof that gift was given. Ideally, a screenshot with your gift sitting on your giftee's scroll, (with their scroll name and gift's code visible) is enough of a proof, but if you can think of any other way to prove it to us, you can send those proofs too.


Once raffle is started, you can use your tickets on whichever eggs/hatchlings are in the raffle. So, for example you can use all of your tickets on one prize, to maximize you chances of winning, or using all of them on different ones... the choice is yours.


And that's all I have to say. I hope you enjoy this year's Secret Santa.


How long do we have for a gifting period?

I'm working on catching eggs off my giftees wishlist, but haven't had any luck yet.


edit: nevermind!

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My giftee accepted their first transfer smile.gif already got another nice thing for her sitting on my scroll biggrin.gif

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My lovely gifter, Greengrim, has sent me 3 wonderful gifts! 🐩


An adorable Paper hatchie that I named: Secret Santa's Wrapping Paper

A caveborn Balloon

A caveborn Pink!

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I already recieved three pretty gifts wub.gif Thank you again, Ruby Eyes! ^^

And so far sent one gift (contaning two eggs) to my giftee and it was accepted ^^


Forum name: ajc

Scroll name: ajc


1. 2nd gen from spriter's alt

2. 3rd gen prize

3. Surprise me

4. Nebulas

5. Pretty checkers! - 3g Gold x Solstice checker (click&click) and 4g Gold x Ribbon Dancer checker (click&click)

6. Surprise me. I love pretty lineages!


I'll for sure manage to fulfil at least three more wishes from the list : D

But I'll have a huge problem with te 2g from spriter's alt and 3g Prize (unfortunately I'm only able to breed 4g ones). So if anybody could help me with them, I'll be really, really grateful!

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I've sent off two gifts so far, each a batch of hatchlings, though the second has yet to be picked up. Having a blast, this is super fun! Have yet to hear from my gifter, but it's only the first day haha ^¬^ This was a great idea!

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Sorry on not posting much sooner!!! RL stuff.


I sent off 4 gifts to my giftee. (PM'ing proof to Secret Santa) BUT BUT... I'm not done! Just gonna wait till more room.


And omgosh, the eggs I got from tjsweepers... beyond my wildest dreams!!


A sunset (have to be really careful here on hatching time) - from a spriter's alt. 2nd GEN! Oh gosh, I feel so faint, I was sheer amazed at it! It's so gorgeous!


A gorgeous 3G EG perfect checker of Thunders and Golds - so beautiful of a thunder! I'm in loveeeeeeeee with it. biggrin.gif


Thank you, tjsweepers!

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I have some 2nd gen Black alt FAILS. If anyone needs any for their Secret Santa, send me a pm today or else I'll be freezing for my scroll.


eta: I have a cb Nebula & a cb Red egg on cool down. If anyone needs them for their Secret Santa, send me a pm.


I still have all of these. If anyone needs these for their giftee, send me a pm. I will be home in about 3 hours, then I will be dropping/freezing these to make room on my scroll.

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Couldn't send my gifts so far, because my giftee is inactive.


If anybody needs a CB Mageia, a CB Red or a CB Nebula for their giftee, just let me know. I just have them hanging around on my scroll right now laugh.gif

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So far have sent 3 Gifts to my Giftee ---> Enalahs


1. 2G White from Spriter Alt or CB Alt/Hybrid

2. CB Xenowyrms

3. Paper

4. CB White

5. CB Red

6. White hatchie (Lineage doesn't matter as I hoard them so inbred is ok too!)


Paper ---> http://dragcave.net/lineage/sXcp3

CB White ---> http://dragcave.net/lineage/Qgwxg

CB Red ---> http://dragcave.net/lineage/9vJHB


Any help with #1 on the list would be great! I would really love to gift them this gift smile.gif



I love doing this! It's a great feeling to gift these eggs and to help other people help get eggs for their giftee :3

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And, here's one more update.


Due to recent events, shae isn't active anymore on dc. So instead, I'm giving you a new mod, wonderful Simkim, usually inhabitant of the irc, and far better organizer than me.


As a proof, of her mad organizer skills, here's a far better spreadsheet for gift reporting.

Edited by Secret Santa

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Oh, you flatter, you Secret Santa!!! biggrin.gif You kid surely! biggrin.gif


*hides blushing face*


Heya, peeps!!!!!!! smile.gif Some of you may remember me from when I hosted the Caring Cupids gifting thread a couple years ago.


I just like to help out when I can.


If you should have ANY questions, please feel free to ask! I don't bite!


And I'm always on IRC unless I'm afk, asleep.


BTW, when I use this color of font - that is me being the mod for this thread - otherwise, I'll be in black when I go squee at my gifts or say I gifted something, blah blah, I'm sure you get the idea!

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We have an emergency gift, needing a home.


It's an ER 4h gen old shimmer hatchling, correctly influenced. It's at 3d and 11 hours, so please guys, if you need it, PM ASAP.



Pfff. It's y jb to be a flatterer tongue.gif

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Updated the spreadsheet with my part. I should be able to get two more gifts (three eventually, whenever my GoNs cooperate, but might be past the deadline), but I highly doubt my chances of catching a CB almandine. tongue.gif Green copper might be doable. happy.gif


Santa needs your help!


Forum name:greycat

Scroll name:lutestring


1.cb almandine

2.cb green copper

3.cb chrono or gaia

4. 2g avatar of creation from male white and female GON

or from GON and blue or purple nebbie - All of my GoNs were brats today -__-

5.2g xeno from different xeno parents (eg, a chrono from a gaia x astrapi, or any other random xeno combination

6.cb red

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And now that Simkim has introduced herself, we can go to our next mod team addition: Plok


He's our main fast clicker and catcher (yes, most of the raffle stuff is caught by him), and as such I doubt that he'll swing by thread very often.


@harlequinraven there is a blue copper in the raffle right now, so you can try for that one. wink.gif

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I'm glad people are using the spreadsheet and don't seem to find it difficult to use.

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I have a 3G Bronze Tinsel for someone to send to their giftee; please message if you want it.


If I don't receive a request for it within 1 hour, it will be given away. Claimed

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I have a spare CB Pink F hatchie, if anyone needs it for their giftee let me know!

(19 hours left till it grows up)

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Alright, to bring people up to date from other time zones. We currently have an active raffle! You can also check if there's an on going raffle in the first post of the thread.


So, first of all, here it is: our first raffle

To put down a short list of gifts there:


CB Silver, multiple CB coppers, mutiple CB xenos, nice line from spriter's alt, CB winter, ice and chicken.


Sign up for it while you still can.


Furthermore, all important links are now in Secret Santa signature, including the proof spreadsheet, where you have to post your information, if you want to participate in the big ending raffle!

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