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Angels and Demons

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a 1x1 rp between only HellFire and myself so please don't post a form in hopes of joining since it'll be denied but you can read along as we go.




Jacquelyn's a demon that has mixed feelings about both humans and angels; she's not sure what to think about humans and angels, she has a bit of hatred and vengeance for since it was that species that killed her parents when she was just a baby because they were demons. She was raised by another demon by the name of Malphas and now is out on her own with a cottage on the outskirts of town. Recently though, she has developed feelings for an angel named Nero who sees her as a woman and not just as a demon and who also cares about her although it is against both of their kind's rules to do so. She has agreed to stay with him in his cottage after getting attacked by an angel sentry just before meeting him and then getting attacked by two more while in his cottage, all of which he saved her from. He has also told her that they could go somewhere else to live together if they are discovered. She hopes that they don't get discovered and that they can just stay at his place but how long will it be until another group of angel sentries comes by to attack her and possibly take to their superiors that they're together?




1. All DCF rules apply.

2. Keep romance at PG-13 level. (which we'll do)

3. Have fun! biggrin.gif (which we'll also do happy.gif)


(will add more rules later; the above ones are the only ones I can think of for now as well as some basic ones)


red's character form:


Username: redfox (red or rf for short)

Name: Jacquelyn

Nickname: Jackie

Gender: female

Age: looks to be about 19

Species: demon

Personality: nice, kind, and sometimes shy around other demons (if one of those demons is a boy) but mostly cold-shouldered and short-tempered around angels; she's mostly okay around humans unless they make her angry or annoyed and then she's not okay around them anymore.

Appearance: Jacquelyn - she can make both the horns and wings disappear in order to look human.

Weapons/Powers: sword that she keeps in a sheathe on her back and daggers that she keeps in wrist and ankle sheathes; she can control shadows to make herself invisible and to also mess with the humans and angels since she can make shadow puppets.

History: her new history is in the plot.

Other: she now loves Nero


HellFire's character form:


Username: HellFireSouLess

Name: Nero Darius

Nickname: Dari


Age: 21

Species: Angel

Personality: Relaxed and kind at heart. Never gets Serious unless he has to. Rested RPed.

Appearance: Nero has wings and scar down his left eye from the fight with a demon.

Weapons/Powers: wields two katanas. Has the ability to manipulate fire. he can summon fire, but for this to work he has to absorb other flames that are around him. However, his swords are just normal swords that he forged himself.

History: Nero was well known for his usage of fire. He was given a promotion, yet he never took it. He did not like fighting against the demons, for he saw no reason. Till one day a demon tried to attack an innocent kid. He defended that child and showed people what he was truly capable of. Some of the high ranks have noticed him. And wish that he would take the promotion and join the high ranks. For they saw that he had the proper skills needed to be among the high ranks. Yet, he does not know now if he wants to be among the ranks. He retires to his home, waiting to see what life has in store for him. Now he has found something hat is worth fighting for, Jackie. He will protect her to his dying breath, for this is the first woman that likes him for him. Nero likes her not only because of that, but the fact that she is willing to love him even after telling her about his past.

Other: loves Jackie, and will fight ether side to stay with her.

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Name: Nero Darius


Nickname: Dari


Gender: male


Age: 21


Species: Angel


Personality: Relaxed and kind at heart. Never gets Serious unless he has to. Rested RPed.


Appearance:Nero has wings and scar down his left eye from the fight with a demon.


Weapons/ Powers: wields two katanas. Has the ability to manipulate fire. he can summon fire, but for this to work he has to absorb other flames that are around him. However, his swords are just normal swords that he forged himself.


History: Nero was well known for his usage of fire. He was given a promotion, yet he never took it. He did not like fighting against the demons, for he saw no reason. Till one day a demon tried to attack an innocent kid. He defended that child and showed people what he was truly capable of. Some of the high ranks have noticed him. And wish that he would take the promotion and join the high ranks. For they saw that he had the proper skills needed to be among the high ranks. Yet, he does not know now if he wants to be among the ranks. He retires to his home, waiting to see what life has in store for him. Now he has found something hat is worth fighting for, Jackie. He will protect her to his dying breath, for this is the first woman that likes him for him. Nero likes her not only because of that, but the fact that she is willing to love him even after telling her baout his past.


Other: loves jackie, and will fight ether side to stay with her

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((figured that we could just start back up from where left off in TLD, if that's okay))


Nero smiled from what Jackie had said to him, yet it was not enough. The sadness on his heart was too much for him, for a memory he long thought gone was now resurfacing. He had to tell her so she can understand, what hatred does to someone.

"Remember how I told about my family, the one that abandoned me? Well when my master left me I went to go see them," said Nero, as he took Jackie's hand.

Nero was starting to fear how Jackie would think of him, but he would rather her know now then later.

"When I reached them... I never thought that, they were going to kill me, yet I was wrong in the end. They lured me in so kindly and peaceful. Once I was inside my family's home, everything changed," said Nero , as he grabbed his right arm that was holding Jackie's hand.

For the scars that were on his body, were from his family.

"The scars on my body as I fought them of as best I could. I had hope that they would finally accept, yet it was false hope. I tried running away from it all but I couldn't run from them. What came next, is what scared me most," said Nero with fear written on face.

Nero started to tremble in fear. For he remembers what he became and what he did.

"My mother run out of the house tried to stop them. In the end all it did was get her killed, for my father cut her in two. When I saw what my father had done, I lost it. Flames surrounded my body with an intense heat, as if from hell itself. I killed everyone around me, spilling their blood everywhere with my swords. I cut them down one by one, but as for my father... I burned him slowly for he had done," said Nero with pain in his words.

Nero only hoped that she still loved him, and did not fear him.

"Never since that day, I tried to live a life of peace. Trying to forget that day, yet it seems I was meant to remember. Sorry... Jackie, for telling someone seems to help. I hope this does not change things," said Nero, as he slowly raise his head looking into her eyes.


Jackie listened carefully to everything that Nero said after her confession and after he raised his head again to look into her eyes, she leaned in a little and kissed him softly on the lips. After a few minutes longer of the kiss she pulled away and said, "No it doesn't change things and I've done a few things that I haven't been very proud of as well because I'm a demon and also because I had hatred in my heart after what had happened to my parents but I'm a bit better now. I just wish other angels can be more like you and overlook the fact that I'm not just a demon but a young woman too."

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Nero was surprised when she kissed him. After telling her what he had done, she still kissed him. Nero, within this moment, forgot everything that he had said, and was going to say. He did not care about what happened, or what was going to happen. All he cared about was Jackie. Once she pulled away, he listened to her every word. He was surprised that her feelings for him did not change.

"Thank you Jackie, for I am glad. Glad that nothing has changed between us," said Nero smiling at her.

Nero took her words to heart, but then he remembered that she needs to get some clothes. Nero knew that they had to be quick, for the nights are not safe. Between angel the patrols and demons that are out for blood.

"Lets talk more later, right now lets get to your place and get somethings that you will need," said Nero as he stood up.

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Jackie nodded after hearing what Nero said and then reluctantly pulled away from him to head to the door of his cottage. After she was outside it, she let her demon wings appear before taking off in the direction of where her own cottage was. She did stop to look behind her to see if he was following or not before continuing on towards her house. When she arrived there a little while later, she uncovered her key that she had hid beneath a rock to the left of her door, unlocked the door, went inside, and then started to pack a duffle-bag with clothes that she would need while living with him at his cottage. She figured that she could always come back if she wanted anything else but what she had packed was good for now.

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Nero smiled as she left out his door. Before he followed her, he ran and grabbed his swords, strapping them to his back. He summoned his wings, and walked outside to lock the door. After locking the door, he took flight, he caught up with Jackie following her closely. It had been awhile, since he took a flight out in the twilight sky: feeling the gently cool breeze against his wings, seeing the sun descending slowly, and feeling free in the air. After awhile, he saw Jackie descend into the treeline of the forest, and he followed her. He landed on the ground, and began to survey the area closely. Watching closely to see if there was anyone around, or if anyone had followed them. With a area that was safe, he put away he wings, he waits for Jackie to finish packing.

This area reminded him of when he use to train, with his master.


"Remember keep your swords up and senses clear. you never know when something will happen," said Drak, with an encouraging voice.

"Yes master," answered Nero with determination.


Nero now waits for Jackie's word to leave back home.

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Jackie met Nero outside after she finished packing and also after she had locked her front door again and then gently tapped him on his shoulder after she was standing next to him again. "I'm ready to head back to your cottage if you are," she said before having her wings appear again and also before looking around their surroundings to make sure that they weren't going to get jumped.

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Nero opened his eyes looking up at the sky. Where have you gone? Will I ever see you again? These questions rang in his mind, for he was hoping to see his master again. The one person that accepted him first, for who he was, and now vanished from the world. What Nero really wanted was show his master what he had became, and the woman he loves. Then Nero felt the tap now his shoulder, and saw that she was ready to leave. Then Nero sensed a presence somewhere around the area. He could hear the footsteps in the trees, but could not see it.

"Jackie wait, I hear something. Do happen to have any demon friends, for what I hear are footsteps of someone," said Nero, grasping his swords on his back.

Nero was ready for it to strike, but more importantly he was ready to protect Jackie.

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Jackie took out one of her daggers at the same time that Nero took out his swords in case the person he heard was an angel. "I do have demon friends but I don't think any of them know where I live since I don't exactly broadcast that to them or others," she said in reply to his question while still looking around the area that they were in to see if she could spot whoever was in the trees before they possibly jumped them.

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Nero was paying close attention to the sound of the footsteps, so he could see if they were getting closer. Nero did not care if they were after him, but he was damn sure not going to let anything happen to Jackie. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw something, a shadow figure, that was coming right at him. Nero could tell he had a dagger in his hand, and what was Nero to do. Was he to draw his swords or take the blow? He at to act quick, so he darted at the person and grabbed the blade bare handed. Nero feeling the coldness of the steel is his hand, and the warmth of his blood dripping from his hand. Nero looked and could tell this person was a demon. This demon was clothed in black, with spikes going down his back, and the voice of a serpent.

"Why are you with Jackie you Angel?" asked the demon with anger in his voice.

Nero did not know how to answer, or what to say. How did this demon how Jackie as well, and if he was going to hurt her.

"Are you going to hurt her?" asked Nero calmly.

The demon was now confused about his question. An angel caring about the well being of a demon.

"No I am not. I was patrolling the area when felt the presence of an angel," said the demon.

Nero figured as much that was going to be his answer, but still Nero did know how to answer his question.

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"Snake it's fine since he's with me," Jackie said in reply to the other demon's question. "He won't hurt me and was helping me get a few things. He's a friend. A really good friend." She then got concerned when she saw the wound on Nero's hand since demons also used poison with their weapons like angels did. "We need to get back to your cottage to take a look at your wound," she said after the two were done talking.

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Nero let go of the dagger, and looked back Jackie. He heard what she had said to him, and she was right. The dagger left a deep gash on his hand. Nero was trying to ignore the pain he was feeling, but he couldn't. The pain was to great, and even began to feel dizzy alittle bit.

"Sorry about that then Jackie, I did not know that this angel was your friend. If may ask why do you help Jackie, Angel? And yes wound does need attending, since he will be poisoned." said Snake.

Nero looked at him for a moment, for he now he had to answer the restated question.

"I am helping her cause I love her. I do not care about the war between demons and angels, for I am sick of it. To many innocence have died and to what end, so that this war can continue. Not only that but, I owe my life to a demon. He saved me when no one else could. You can do whatever you want to Snake, but i am not going to allow anything to happen to Jackie, so long as I breathe." Nero said, with a voice of a protector.

Snake could tell he did not lie at all. He could not believe that an angel would still do all of this, but the proof was in front of him.

"Go, and what is your name Angel?" asked Snake.

nero dropped to one knee for the poison was starting to settle. His grew weak, and so was his body.

"My... name is Nero," answered Nero weakly.

Snake could tell he was getting weak, and he had to get him out fast.

"Nice I help you guys get out here, Jackie lead the way," said Snake as he walked to Nero.

He picked him up and threw him over his shoulder.

"I might be a demon, but I have honor. So I will help you Nero," said Snake.

Nero looked at Snake then nodded his head. then his glaze turned to Jackie.

"Do not worry Jackie, it will take more than this to kill me," Nero said to reassure Jackie.

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"It's okay and okay," Jackie said in reply to Snake's apology and the other statement he had said about her leading. Before she did lead, though she made sure that Nero was secure on Snake's shoulder and then also nodded in reply to what her love said as a reassurance that he'd be okay. She let her wings appear once more and then led the way back to Nero's and her cottage with her dufflebag in hand that had the clothes that she'd need in it.

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Nero's eyes closed when he saw Jackie nodded at him. Pitch black darkness was all Nero could see, yet he also could not hear anything as well.

"Where am I?" wondered Nero, as he said it in his mind.

Nero took a step and heard his footstep echo, as if entering a grand hall. At this moment, Nero knew where he was and what he had to do.

"I am not giving into death. I have Jackie waiting for me, and I must find my master. I have to show him, the woman I love," said Nero in determination.


Not only did Nero say in his mind, but he also said it where Snake heard it.

Snake looked at Nero, and knew he was fighting to live. He heard Jackie take off and followed her to his home.

"So that is why Nero," Snake said with a smile.

Snake now knew that Jackie was in good hands, for that reason he will not report anything that had transpired this night.

"Keep fighting Nero, for if you do not I will never forgive you. Jackie needs you and loves you, do not leave her alone," said Snake in his mind, with angry hissing in his voice.


Nero keeping walking in his mind, for he had to figure out what was going on. Why is this happening to him and why can't he open his eyes.

"What is going on here... answer me!" exclaimed Nero in his mind.

After that statement, Nero heard footsteps coming towards him. These footsteps were light and yet similar to Nero, as if he heard them before. Then all of a sudden, the footsteps fell silent and quiet. A dark figure was now standing in front of Nero, and Nero still did not know who it is.

"Show yourself, just who are you?" asked Nero, standing still waiting.

The figure then started to slowly shows itself to him, and it was him. Nero's eyes widened and could not believe he was looking at himself.

"I am you yes, but I am also your way out," said Nero's copy, with a grin.

Nero gathered himself for he had to be calm, for he needed to know what was going on.

"Why is this happening, what exactly is going on?" asked Nero calmly.

A silence fell for a few minutes, and then the copy began to speak.

"I am the inner rage and anger inside you, and if you want to see your Jackie again. Then fight me... and let's see who is stronger," yelled his inner rage.

Nero's swords appeared on his back and in the hands of his inner rage. Drawing his swords, all Nero was thinking about was seeing Jackie again, and then fire surrounded Nero ready for battle.

"Fine," said Nero, as his roared.

"So it seems you will not back down, impressive," said his inner rage, as flames surrounded him too.

If this was the only way he was going to see Jackie again, then Nero will fight.

His inner charged at him, and Nero answered back by doing the same. They met each other and clashed steel.

"So really you are going to go through this Nero?" asked his inner rage smiling.

Nero did not answer him, but Nero looked right into his eyes. Nero's eyes were filled with pure power and determination, for he was not backing down. With keeping his left hand on his blade, Nero reached over grabbing his rage by the throat. Then Nero did a back flip kicking him upward, and then summoned his wings. Nero landed on his and charged his flames in his swords.

"Enough!" exclaimed another voice.

Nero's master appeared in his mind, and placed his hand on Nero's shoulder.

"That is enough my son, you have won this fight," said his master in reassurance.

Nero stopped charging his flames and calmed himself from the fight.

"The fight far from over, lets us finish this!" exclaimed his inner rage.

"No, for Nero has mastered his rage. you think cause he is dying that you can try and take him. I have trained for this moment, and trained for far worse," said his master.

Nero smiled at the words his master spoke. After his master spoke those words his inner rage fainted away. Nero stood quietly and then looked at his master.

"I will return Nero and when I do, I shall meet Jackie too," said said his master as he vanished.


"How much farther Jackie?" asked Snake

Snake hoped that they were not that far from his house, for sanke knew he was not doing to good.

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"We're almost there," Jackie said in reply to Snake's question as she turned to look at him before having her attention go back to being in front of them again. After a little longer of flying, she finally dove to be under the big group of trees that they were in front of and then landed in front of a big cottage. She looked up to see if Snake followed with Nero and really hoped that the latter would be okay. She knew that he had said that he would be fine and it would take more than a bit of poison to kill him but she was still worried nonetheless.


After a few minutes, she decided that Snake would follow her inside the cottage so she went to the door, opened it, and then walked in, in order to wait for them and also got out some medical supplies that they might need in order to treat Nero's wound. She didn't have the supplies needed in order to get the poison out of the wound and hoped that Snake did. She figured that she might've left them at her own cottage but she didn't want to go back there tonight in case there were angels around there now as well as other demons that might not be as understanding as Snake was after hearing her explanation of who Nero was and his relationship to her.

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Snake walked inside and placed Nero on one of the couches. Soon as he placed Nero on the couch Snake remembered he had an antidote, but he was not sure if it would work. The poison had been in Nero for a long time, but Snake had to try. Snake pulled out a vial from his pocket, and then poured it into Nero mouth.

"I hope this works Jackie, for the poison has been inside for to long," said Snake hoping.

Snake did not want to say that to Jackie, but it was the truth. Snake looked into his pocket, one last time, to see if he had anything that might help. He pulled out some bandages, and then it hit him. The bandages he had pulled out have the antidote on them as well. Ever since angels started using poison on their blades, so the demons put poison antidote on their bandages. To help the antidote even more when poured in their mouths. Snake quickly wrapped Nero's hand with the bandages, and now the rest is up to Nero.

"I have done all I could Jackie, the rest is up to him," said Snake with worry.

Snake realized that he had to get soon, or someone will know he was gone.

"Sorry that I can not stay longer Jackie, but I must go before someone knows that I am gone," said Snake as head for the door.

Before leaving, Snake turned back to Jackie, and said these words.

"Your guys secret is safe with me, take care of each other," said Snake as he opened the door and left.

Snake came back through the door threw a vial at Jackie.

"Give him that when he awakes, for he will need it," said Snake as he left in a hurry.


"Master do not leave please... please!" exclaimed Nero, for he wanted him to stay.

His master paused for a moment, then turned back to Nero just before he vanished.

"I can't my son, if you only knew," said his master, for he wanted to tell him.

"Knew what master tell me, so that... I can see you again... father," said Nero, as tears were running down his face.

The tears were not just in his mind, but they were also showing when he was on the couch asleep. His father paused as Nero said father, for he finally called him father.

"You were the one that saved my life when I was young, so let me return the favor," said Nero, as he looked at his master with eyes of sadness.

His master could not bare to tell him that he was dead, and that was the reason he could see him at this moment. Since his son wanted to know, he would tell him then.

"I am dead my son, and do not know by whom. That is why I trained you, for one day this would happen," said his Master with love.

His father could tell him that he was murdered, but for now this will have to do.

"How? When?" asked Nero, for he wanted to know.

"I cannot tell you just yet. Go my son, for you have someone waiting for you," said his father.

Nero then remembered that Jackie is probably worried sick about him.

'Will you tell me one day father?" asked Nero.

"Yes my son... one day. For now live your life, with Jackie," said his father as he vanished.

"I will father, and that is a promise," said Nero, as his mind turned to Jackie.

Nero opened his eyes, but he could not move. He looked around and could see that he was back home. He also could not see Jackie anywhere, and began to worry.

"Jackie," said Nero weakly hoping she was here.

Then Nero started to feel a stinging on his hand, for it was from the bandages. Nero began to cringe he teeth, for the pain was starting to get unbearable.

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Jackie watched as Snake tended to Nero by giving him the antidote from a vial by way of the mouth and then putting some antidote-filled bandages on the wound to help him even more. She then heard everything that he said and nodded before being thrown another vial to give to him once he woke up. "I'll do that," she said to him before he left the second and final time before having her attention be on Nero and hoping that he'd wake up soon. She sat on the floor in front of him and held his hand for a few minutes before getting up and getting a glass of water for him when he woke up since she thought that he could use that if his throat was a bit scratchy. She then headed back over to him when she heard him say her name and said when she sat back down on the floor in front of where he was laying on the couch, "I'm here." She gave him the other vial and said, "Snake wanted me to give this to you as soon as you woke up and here's a glass of water for you to drink after the other liquid." She set the glass down on the table for him to reach for when he was ready for it.

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Nero took the vial from Jackie's hand. He knew what the vial was for, for it was a pain reliever. He was indeed feeling pain coming from the wound on his hand, but also how his body was feeling from the poison.

"Thank you Jackie," said Nero lovingly.

Nero opened the vial and downed the vial in one shot. Nero began to cough because of the bitterness. After the coughing was over with he no longer felt pain. There was a little bit of stinging coming from his wound, but the body aches were gone. This made it easier for Nero to sit up now. Nero began to sit up slowly, for he did not know if he was truly better. Soon as he sat up, Nero could tell he was still weak from the poison. Once he was sitting up he reached for the glass of water, and took a drink. The water soothed his throat, so he drunk some more. He placed the glass back down on the table along with the vial. Then he looked at Jackie and smiled.

"Sorry if I worried you at all," said Nero smiling.

He then noticed she was holding his hand. He then placed his other hand on top of her's.


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((sorry that this is late. I'm not getting email notifications anymore about people posting so I didn't see that you replied in here until today. Happy New Year biggrin.gif))


"You're welcome and it's okay," Jackie said in reply to both of Nero's statements with a happy smile now on her face since she saw that he was better than before. She felt another hand on top of hers and saw that he had placed his free hand there and smiled a bit more before kissing it. "Do you want me to get anything else for you? More water, something to eat, or anything else that I didn't list?" she asked since she was eager to help out in anyway that she could while he recoverd from his wound and the poison that had been in it.

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Nero blushed a little when Jackie kissed his hand. Then heard all she had said, for he knew she was eager to help him. Nero took took his hand, and placed gently on her cheek. He needed nothing, for all he needed was her by his side.

"For now, I am fine Jackie thank you," said Nero lovingly.

He was glad that Jackie was willing to help, but he really did not know if he needed anything. Nero looked outside to darkness, for night had fallen.

"Jackie go get some sleep," said Nero smiling.

Nero knew that she had slept, since they got here. Nero stood up slowly, but could barely stand up straight. The poison did more to him then he realized.

"Seems I underestimated, the damage that had been done to me," said Nero chuckling.


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((I also have an idea for later to add drama if you'd like to hear it smile.gif))


Jackie smiled when he put his hand on her cheek and then said in reply to his answer to her question about her getting him anything, "Okay." She then pouted a bit childishly when she heard what he said about her getting some sleep and said in reply much like a child would, "But I'm not tired." When he stood but couldn't stand up straight, she got a bit worried again and tried to help him stand a bit straighter if he could before hearing what he said last. "Will you be okay if you get more rest?" she asked curiously. It had been awhile since she's been poisoned so she forgot how long the recovery took from it.

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Nero smiled when she she was not tired, for reminded him of his master. He lost himself in a memory.

"But father, I am tired at all. I want to train even more," Nero said pouting.

Drak turned to Nero, and smiled at him. He began to walk to Nero, and when he reached him he put his hand on his head.

"I am glad you are willing to train my son, but a warrior must know sleep is important. It allows your body to heal, and prepare for tomorrow," said Drak lovingly.

Nero looked at him with determined eyes.

"Okay father I will sleep," said Nero with that look in his eye.

Drak noticed the look in his eye too, for Drak now knew that Nero was ready.

"Good you will need the sleep, for tomorrow the training will be harder than before," said Drak with a grin.

Nero was excited, and ran back to his room to sleep.

Nero came back to the real world and heard what Jackie said.

"I do not know for sure if it will, but I do need some more rest," said Nero looking at Jackie.

He not want to worry Jackie, but he did not know what else to say.

"Thank you Jackie, for helping," said Nero as he kissed her cheek.

Nero's mind went back to when she was saying when she was not tired.

"You do not have to sleep if you do not want, I just thought that you may want to," said Nero kindly.


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"Okay and you're welcome," Jackie said in reply to Nero's first two statements and his last one as well before kissing him back on the cheek and adding a few minutes afterward, "I can sleep with you if you'd like. I am getting a bit tired now and I bet that you'll feel a little better knowing that I'll be beside you so you don't have to worry where I'll be." After saying what she did, she reluctantly walked away from him to where she had put her duffel bag earlier, got out her pajamas, went to one of the bathrooms there, got dressed into them, and then headed back to the den where she had left him earlier. She hoped that he didn't mind that they shared a bed or if he did, she could always sleep in a guest room or on the couch instead.

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When Jackie returned with her pj's on Nero blushed, for the pj's fit her figure perfectly. It was was not just that, but the fact that she wanted to share a bed with him. Not once in his live did he share his bed with anyone, yet with her it felt right to him. Nero looked at his right hand, to see the wound, then made a fist. No more will he be stupid, and no more he try to make Jackie worry about him.

"I would like that Jackie," said Nero looking at Jackie blushing a bit.

Nero finally realized that he no longer had to be alone. Most of his life he had been alone, but now it was different. He had someone who he loves and will protect. Nero realized that he too needed to switch clothes, but he also needed to take a shower.

"Before I go to bed, I need a shower," said Nero laughing a bit.

Nero started to make his way to the stairs that led to his room, but he was still weak.

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Jackie smiled when she heard his answer, happy that he was letting her sleep with him in his bed before hearing what he said about needing to take a shower before watching him try to get to the stairs. She could tell that he was still a bit weak from the poison so she went up to him and said, "Here let me help." She then gently took one of his hands in one of hers before heading up the stairs with him, not knowing where his room was but she was sure that he'd direct her if need be.

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