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The Purge

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(This RP is very loosely based on the 2013 movie "The Purge". You do not need to have seen, or know about, the movie to join).



The town of Ulveya, once great, is now littered with broken glass, shattered windows, abandoned houses, pollution and debris. After a particularly violent riot caused the overthrow of the city's previous leaders, the town has never been restored to its former glory. Before, the citizens were under harsh surveillance, with cameras on every street corner watching their every move. The town was...safe, as those opposed to how the riots made it. Some felt as though they were being controlled and manipulated, and they could never be safe until they broke free from peering eyes. The Great Riot, as it is known, completely overhauled the balance of power. High-ranking politicians were killed or forced to flee. All cameras were smashed. TV and radio stations destroyed. Before actions could be taken from neighbouring cities, large steel walls were erected, impenetrable from both outside and in. Any contact with the outside world was sealed off, and nobody was allowed to travel freely. A new order was established, residing in a large, heavily guarded tower in the middle of the city, observable from almost any point. Not much has been revealed about why it was built or who resides inside, but they seem to have a firm grasp on Ulveya, even tighter than the order before. Residents now live in fear. There is a shortage of food, water and medical supplies, as well as any other modern luxury. They are trapped, and only a select few are allowed to leave. Many more perish under what is known as "The Purge".


The Purge:

The central tower features sirens attached to it facing outward, and can be heard from anywhere in the city. The only sound heard from these sirens is a warning alert and message that is as follows:


"Attention. For the next [x amount of time], all crime, including murder, is legal. Any Central Services will be unavailable until The Purge has concluded. Attempting to breach the walls will be regarded as abandonment and therefore is the only crime which remains illegal. The punishment for abandonment is death and should not be attempted. The Purge concludes when the warning alert stops. Good luck."



Residents live in horrible conditions and are desperate for anything they can get their hands on. Clothes, food, water, shelter, weapons, medicine, bandages, etc. are all very limited and very valuable. The only commodity is bullets, which have been adapted for not only practical reasons, but also as currency. The higher the calibre, the more a single bullet is worth. Bullets of all calibres, as well as other items, are available from the Central Trader located near the base of the tower, who will gladly trade bullets for other items. The supply of bullets is maintained steadily by those within the tower to ensure prices are roughly steady, and occasionally large quantities of food, medical supplies, or the location of a safe bunker can be "won" through contracts.



An extremely historic town first created in the thirteenth century, Ulveya covers roughly 40 square kilometres and is mostly flat. It has retained some historic architecture, with most buildings to the north of the city being made from thick stone and adorned with hand crafted decorations. The buildings in this area are spaced quite a way away from each other, with large grassy plains surrounding them. Because of their sturdiness and positioning, most of these buildings have been converted into fortified bunkers for the more well-equipped residents. To the southwest, the terrain becomes rougher and stretches into rocky hills. Many abandoned mineshafts are dotted around here and only a few ore processing factories and farms are present. The entire eastern side of the town contains houses and apartment complexes. Many have been converted into makeshift bunkers, and some have been destroyed completely. The area is home to tight, winding alleyways and a few open parks. The city still has a metro tunnel system linking the town from east to west, but most of it has collapsed and many fear that if they go down there, they may very well never come back up. As the suburbs stretch toward the middle of the town, the city complex takes shape, with office buildings and malls now lining the area. Many windows are shattered or boarded up, and almost all supplies have been looted. In the centre lies the Central Tower, an impressively massive skyscraper made out of thick steel with very few windows. Only the bottom floor is open to the public, and houses the Central Trader. The area is often guarded heavily and nobody has dared to investigate into the upper levels.


Currency, Conversions and Trader Goods:

The base of the Central tower is home to a mysterious man known only as the Central Trader. He is tall, thin, pale and sarcastic, and is open at all hours apart from when a Purge is in progress. The man has a large variety of goods to trade with the residents of Ulveya, and a full list of his items are shown below, as well as the buying power of bullets and calibre conversions (this may change during the RP, players will be notified when it occurs).


Canned food - 10b
Bottled water - 15b
Medpack (contains band-aids, bandages, disposable gloves, antiseptic wipes, scissors) - 50b
Pocket knife - 15b
Cloth/Rags - 2b
Two-way radio - 35b
Sandbag - 7b
Flashlight - 10b
Hammer and nails - 12b
Matches - 4b
Hatchet - 20b
Handgun (holds 9x 9mm bullets) - 20b
Revolver (holds 6x .357 bullets, does not drop casings when fired) - 25b
Machine pistol (holds 20x 9mm bullets, fully automatic) - 30b
Sawn-off shotgun (holds 2x shotgun shells, very short range) - 30b
Sub-machine gun (holds 40x 9mm bullets) - 40b
Semi-automatic rifle (holds 10x 7.62 bullets) - 60b
Combat shotgun (holds 8x shotgun shells) - 60b
Assault rifle (holds 30x 5.56 bullets) - 65b
Sniper rifle (holds 5x .50 bullets, bolt-action, very long range) - 70b
Grenade - 40b
Molotov cocktail - 30b

1b is equal to:
- 3x 9mm bullets
- 2x .357 bullets
- 1.5x Shotgun shells
- 1x 5.56 bullet
- 0.5x 7.62 bullets
- 0.25x .50 bullets
e.g. to buy a can of food (10b), you would need either 30x 9mm bullets, 20 .357 bullets, 15 shotgun shells, 10x 5.56 bullets, 5x 7.62 bullets or 2.5x 0.50 bullets. In a case where the number of bullets is not a whole number, and cannot be filled by smaller calibre bullets, the price is rounded up.

Additionally, the Central Trader will purchase almost any item, as long as it is in good condition and is somewhat useful (though usually not for very much). This can provide a small income to residents who are willing to scavenge or create supplies. Residents are also free to trade amongst themselves.



These are on display during "down time" between Purges around the central tower. There are usually many contracts that require different tasks to be fulfilled, though they are almost always violent. They can be redeemed through the Central Contract Reward Service, who will take a completed contract and distribute the advertised reward. Contract tasks normally include tasks along the lines of:

"Obtain [x] item and present it to the Central Contract Reward Service desk."

"Eliminate any person who has eliminated at least 10 others."

And the ever fabled

"Eliminate and confirm the highest amount of others during The Purge." - This is the only contract that can reward the winner with the freedom to leave.



1. No godmodding, power playing, flaming, trolling, etc. You should be familiar with standard RP rules and etiquette.

2. If you are inactive for approximately 2 weeks without notice, you may be kicked from the RP. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, a PM or simple OOC message is fine.

3. Even though this is a somewhat violent RP, please don't go overboard on the gore, or anything otherwise considered inappropriate.

4. Do NOT kill a character without the player's permission. In addition to this, death is a common thing in this setting. Perhaps try to be a little more willing to let go of your character here than in other RPs. You're always welcome to create a new character as soon as one of yours dies. This brings me to..

5. Do not have more than 3 active characters at once, and only have all 3 if you plan on putting effort into all of them.

6. Try to write more than three or four sentences each post. I understand that sometimes things can get slow, so the occasional exception is fine, but please don't let it be a common thing.

7. PM your character sheet to me directly for approval, do not make a post in the thread.

8. When The Purge ends, it ends, you do NOT get a few seconds leeway once it stops.

9. During "down time", most crimes are punished as they normally would be. A police-like group are prominent throughout the city, controlled by Central Services.

10. Resources are RARE, I can't stress that enough. Your character will usually be hungry, thirsty, fatigued and poor. It gives good incentives for contracts and crime.

11. You cannot play as a member of Central Services (at the moment).

12. The RP is set in modern times, though keep in mind a large amount of the city has been destroyed in combat.

Rules may be added, removed or changed in the future, and I will post OOC updates if they do.


Character Sheets:

Age: (Please no younger than 16)
Appearance: (Image or text)
Backstory: (Brief history of said character, to set up their personality and purpose. Do they want to escape to a better place and explore what is beyond the walls? Do they want to cause another "Great Riot" and overthrow those in charge of running The Purge? Do they want to stay and cause as much devastation as possible and be the ultimate Purge champion? Why?)
Misc: (A place to list any additional information that does not fit into the above categories. Does not have to be filled)

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Currently accepting!






Username: earwig

Name: Adam Ward

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: [X]

Backstory: Initially an anarchist and protester, Adam participated in the Great Riot under fear that the previous system was far too manipulative. He, along with his fellow revolutionists, took part in destroying and planning to rebuild Ulveya from the ground up, in the way they saw fit. He dreamt of peace and freedom, of trade and tourism and travel and all the great things the world had to offer and believed that was what he was fighting for. It wasn't until the Great Riot was over that he realised the wool was pulled over his eyes, and the revolutionists were even more corrupt than who they were fighting against. His family was able to flee in time, but Adam was not so lucky. He was forced to stay and take part in The Purge for reasons unknown to him. Any authority he previously had with the revolutionists, now known as the Central Servicemen, is gone. He despises all those he worked and fought with, and he is desperate to find any way out of the town. Before he does, however, he wants answers.

Misc: Trained in military combat, usually improvises traps, weapons, barricades, etc. His stubbornness can often lead to his own downfall.


Username: Enderecho

Name: Skylar

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: Skylar is a skinny, tall girl with messy blonde hair and icy blue eyes. She is very pale and can never get a tan. She wears a sweatshirt with paint splatters, jeans, a windbreaker and combat boots.

Backstory: Skyla used to be a quiet, smart and shy girl. She loved her little sister Jacky more than the wold itself, and was devastated when (some character) killed her. She wants to escape the purge, but not before taking her revenge.

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