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Heya, it's been a while since I showcased what I've been up to here.

Since last year, off and on I've been making strange things out of polymer clay.

It's really easy to do, safe to use, and fun smile.gif


So what is Whosawhatsits? (Incoming FB picture-link)

user posted image

It's what I've decided to call all these weird little creatures and characters I've made. You know, like do-dads and thingamujigs.

The logos of choice include Beanz the faerie and Marvin the octosir (as featured in avatar, the above photo, and signature below...at least their faces)

Chrono the cat is also a character:

user posted image


Other creations include various faeries, bottlecap monsters, and whatever else I decide to cram into this teensy tiny world. Many don't have names yet though... Blah!

user posted imageuser posted image


Anywho new content/creations are posted almost weekly. I just got a new jerb so my hands have been a bit tied for a bit.

Please check out the link, browse, and give a like or two! smile.gif

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I adore the toothy bottlecap monster! I'd love to have one perch on the corner of my cabinet :'D

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