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Encyclopedia: Mini Game Dragon Museum

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As the mixed suggestions thread was closed, here's my suggestion in a new thread.


The original suggestion:

Dragon museum for bright pink and frill egg unlocking


While I love the encyclopedia so far, it does make me a bit sad to see the grey egg shades of bright pink and frill eggs and know I'll never unlock that part (well, the frill egg maybe if they come back).

So I thought it would be really cool if there was a dragon museum that was open (meaning accessible through a link somewhere) maybe once a month, or a couple of days every year during the birthday event. It could be a bit like the haunted house minigame, just that it wouldn't be a one-time event. In that dragon museum, we could observe fossilized eggs of breeds that are not breeding true anymore, to learn about them and unlock our encyclopedia images.


ETA: I just realized this could be combined very well with this suggestion about painted rocks as frozen egg substitutes, as museums do sell souvenirs wub.gif


It might also be useful to add a neglected egg for observation to the museum, as they usually exist for only a really short time between turning and hatching (if dead eggs don't count, which I don't know). On the other hand, it's also nice to have challenges, and observing 5 neglected eggs by stalking hatcheries is a nice long-term-goal. So I'm undecided about the neglected, but I'd really like something like a museum for bright pink and frill eggs.


And some discussion about it from the other thread:


I've been scratching my head over the frill and bright pink eggies as well and thinking about solutions and I do enjoy the idea of a museum showing off eggies of rare breeds. Perhaps it could also show pictures of old designs for some of the other dragons on the site (fx black and water?) like the wiki dose?


Like ancient notebooks with the old sprites and behavior descriptions in antiquated english? That would be so cool!


I think the very first sprites were originally taken from other games and had to be removed because of copyright issues, so I can imagine that they cannot appear on-site again sad.gif But it could definitely be done for dragons that got a sprite change later, like the whiptails and golds!


A dragon museum could also serve to add the spriter's alts to the encyclopedia - we wouldn't observe those dragons while they're growing, but read and copy the ancient notes about them that we find in the museum collection. Also, the fun eggs could be added, and I'm sure there are a lot more cool things that could be included in a dragon museum mini game smile.gif

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I myself am fully against this idea if it means Frills and Bright Pinks (well, maybe not Frills since I think they're pretty much set for rerelease) aren't brought back. I don't mind if it's just for a "meantime" thing until they're released but I do NOT want it if it lessens the chance of getting them rereleased because there would be a way to get the egg for the 'pedia.


I agree with your quoted post on original sprites, Ha-Ki. I'm also against seeing all original sprites and things like that in the museum. They had to be REMOVED off the site for copyright reasons. Sprites that were maybe previous versions that weren't removed for copyright reasons are fine (old golds, original horses, waterwalkers, whiptails, etc) but no to first ones because I don't even think we can anyway.

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Agreed, this is no way meant to be an alternative to bringing discontinueds back, nor should it become one.


However, there'll always be spriter's alts and I'd love to see a way to add those to the encyclopedia. Fiona said in the other thread that they were originally in the encyclopedia, but in many cases it was impossible to unlock the images because there simply are not enough of them around, or there are no frozen hatchies.


In the case of bright pinks and frills, it could be a meantime thing until they come back, and later it would still be a bit of DC history. I think the RP reason for frills disappearing was a disease, I don't know if there's an explanation for bright pinks disappearing. Even if they come back, there will still be that part of DC history, and learning stuff like that from an on-site mini game would be great smile.gif


I also believe that the very first sprites can't be brought back for copyright reasons, I was just quoting everything referring to the museum idea I found in the old thread - didn't mean to start a discussion over it smile.gif

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However, there'll always be spriter's alts and I'd love to see a way to add those to the encyclopedia.

This is a very good point.


I'm in edwardelricfreak's general boat, I'd rather see the discontinued breeds return to the cave (and am fairly confident they will - the frills, at least, do seem to be set, though I'm admittedly beginning to worry a little bit since it's been fairly long since that was last stated), but for the spriter's alts, this sounds like a really cute idea!

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