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Does anyone have a Spirit Ward army?

To unlock all their different colours is a little tiny pain XD

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Um.. not sure if these will help anyone but



Copper: A A
Gold: A A
Silver: A A A
Ice: A

Magma: A

Thunder: A A
Alt Dorsal: A


Cheese: h2

Purple Dino: h1
Paper: A



Desipis: A

Omen Wyrm: A A 

Witchlight: h2
Grave: h1 h2 A A A A A A

Cavern Lurker: A
Shadow Walker: A
Black Marrow: A

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Does anyone have some nekkid Dark Luminas? I could've sworn I'd unlocked those, but apparently not?

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My frozen Hellhorse hatchies:





Haven't looked through all the new changes yet, but I do see that Spinels have entries now, and I haven't unlocked the green adults. So while I hunt around for those, I might as well post my only green Spinel adults:



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Damn those Hellhorse hatchie numbers are HIGH o_O

Here are my frozens: 1, 2, 3


If anyone needs any other frozens take a peak here - it's not complete but it might help some people ;)

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My Aeons glow with an Awesome POWER:


Link as of 6:21 PM EDT/DC, 10/15/2017.

Link as of 6:26 PM EDT/DC, 10/15/2017.


Edit: And Corporealized for the hell of it:

Dis Boy as of 6:43 PM EDT/DC, 10/15/2017 

Dis Lil Gal as of 6:47 PM EDT/DC, 10/15/2017

Dis Lil Boi as of 6:48 PM EDT/DC, 10/15/2017

Edited by Shokomon

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Haven't quite got the hang of quoting in different threads so here are the Dragons with updated entries

The encyclopedia has been updated. Over 30 entries have been added or modified (though the modified entries may only have small changes). The affected breeds include:

  • Black Marrow Dragons
  • Blacktip Dragons
  • Caligene Dragons
  • Candelabra Dragons
  • Carina Dragons
  • Carmine Wyverns
  • Cassare Dragons
  • Cavern Lurker Dragons
  • Dusk Pygmies
  • Falconiform Wyverns
  • Gold-horned Tangars
  • Grave Dragons
  • Greater Spotted Drakes
  • Hellhorse Dragons
  • Ice Dragons
  • Khusa Dragons
  • Lumina Dragons
  • Lunar Herald Dragons
  • Nilia Pygmies
  • Ochredrakes
  • Pillow Dragons
  • Pumpkin Dragons
  • Ridgewing Dragons
  • Script Dragons
  • Shadow Walkers
  • Sinii Krai Dragons
  • Spinel Wyverns
  • Stone Dragons
  • Striped-River Dragons
  • Tetra Dragons
  • Ultraviolet Dragons
  • Vampire Dragons
  • Whiptail Dragons
  • Yellow-Crowned Dragons

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