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A New: Take an Egg. Leave an Egg ~gifting, giving~

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Please read this post first. This post is Important to the Survival of this Thread.


It's a take an egg / leave an egg thread.


These rules are simplified, contracted and reduced to avoid a TL;DR situation.


Purpose/Rules of the thread:

- Users are expected to give an egg to the thread if they take one.

- Users are not allowed to call out other members.

- Users who are not on the forum should use the departures thread. Link for Departures.

- Bumping posts my happen once in 24 hours only. (See pinned section rules topic)

- Please try to delete any lineage links from your post as quickly as possible.


Only one way teleports are allowed.

- No two way teleports permitted. (Non negotiable)


PM for teleport or Trading Station Use

- If you aren't not comfortable posting a one-way, you may request that users PM you for a teleport link.

- Use of TJ's "Trading Station" is a secure alternative.

- You are welcome to announce eggs/hatchings left there and urged to post what you found.


You are strongly urged to return an egg or hatching of equal or better value to the thread in spirit of the thread; However, immediate response from takers may not always be possible; Please be patient.


Cross Posting of Eggs / Hatchlings

- You may only cross post to other threads / tools after half day has elapsed (12 hours).

- You must mention that it was cross posted in your post.

- Users may think gifts were stolen if the above rules are not followed.


Treatment of gifts

- You may ask a user to name their dragon.

- A name is the only request you may make of a gift.

- Please remember, it is only a request and may not be followed.


People are not permitted to stipulate what happens to the egg or hatchling once it leaves the scroll:

- This includes, but is not limited to: BSA actions or neglecting.

- These notices may actually invite such actions rather than prevent them.


Name calling and calling out users for taking and not returning to the thread is strictly prohibited:

- This includes announcements of egg/hatchling was stolen.

- Scroll names.

- What action was used on egg/hatchling.

- The name of egg hatchling or view code.


Chat or discussion is not permitted within the posts.

- The inclusion of a teleport link does not validate off topic discussion.

- Saying things like, "Thanks love the lineage" is fine.


All forum /Section rules and guidelines apply. (See pinned topics.)


PM Take-and-Leave Account for any problem thread related problems.

- Thread moderator's identities are being kept in confidence.


Please try to have fun, and remember - leave an egg!


Please note that the thread can and will be closed permanently if users choose not to follow these few rules.

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Other Stuff:


If you lack Magi dragons please contact one of the willing users below and see if you can make arrangements with them to receive a magi dragon/hatchling.


List of Magi Breeders/catchers:





Change Log:

Rule Update: October 32 2014



Details of Oct. 23 Changelog. Primary changes are in green or blue.


- Purpose/Rules of the thread.

- PM for teleport or Trading Station Use.

- Treatment of gifts.

- Spelling and grammatical fixes.



- PM Take-and-Leave Account.

- All forum /Section rules and guidelines apply. (See pinned topics.)

- Chat or discussion is not permitted within the posts.

- Use of Trading Station is okay.

- Two Way teleports are non negotiable.



- Teleport Information line.

- No Pm for One way teleports.

- Herobrine.

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I have left three eggs in the take/leave thing of TJ's.








Two white from bronze tinselkins and a hellfire from gold tinselkin. All long-ish stairsteps. [8, 10, 11 i think]. Please find room in your heart/scroll for these guys!


EDIT: the white eggs are turned stairs. The 10 is the aunt/uncle of the 11. They turn once at 5g.


The whites are both gone but the little hellfire is still there. Decended of Galation Victory.

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Xenowyrm Chrono from Chrono x Bronze Tinsel; the egg is coded dKWZa [p nice code if I say so myself]




Offer them a nice home, please.

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