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It has come to my attention that this is not the first time that the Take an Egg thread has been closed and it makes me wonder about the future of our beloved thread.


I know that I am not a Moderator, nor have I been on the forum for years, however, from the time I have been on the forums I have encountered extremely kind people, people who have gone out of their way to help me or gift me eggs and I try to do that same thing for other users.

These users remind me that not everyone is going to steal or do things to your eggs that you did not want them too. There are plenty of people that will follow the rules and do what is right.

Now that doesn't get rid of the people who do break the rules, but there are precautions you can take to prevent theft of you eggs.


I'm in favor of keeping this thread going because I have grown to love being able to find nice eggs and leaving nice eggs in return. This thread helped me get eggs I never could have dreamed of being able to grab myself and being able to (I hope) return the favor for others.


My suggestion for everyone is that we add some new rules.

1. Use two-way trades if you have any requirements for the person taking the egg (ex: naming, no experimenting, ect.)

2. You may use a one-way but at your own risk (if your egg is stolen from a one-way I suggest you use two-ways, it might slow the give and take of the thread down but ultimately it will protect you, your eggs and the thread)

3. If you know of someone who has stolen eggs before or who has recently stolen an egg do not post on the thread, PM the thread mod, (I suggest this mod have a list of users that are not allowed to use the thread.) This user will be banned from this thread after 3 offenses.

1st offense warning, 2nd offense suspension from thread and 3rd is being banned.

**obviously this is just suggestion and I'm not sure if this can really be implemented however I believe some sort of list should be kept of users which we should avoid at the least.


Please comment any other ideas, suggestions or whatever you want to say about the thread. Please comment what you think, perhaps we can all come to an agreement on new rules or how we should implement them.


Also please remember that this post is all completely my opinion and ideas so please do not think that I am saying you should all just agree with me. I would love to hear what other people say, especially a mod or a user who has been here for longer.


Have a wonderful day smile.gif



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