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Thea nodded. "Kay, see you tomorrow then." She put the seed in her pocket, tied her hoodie around her waist and took off into the night.




"What's up, Cas?" She tossed her bag on the table and took out her half-finished homework, tossing it on the table.


"The roof," he said with a chuckle. "But in all seriousness, I just went to turn in a seed. It's weird. My gem keeps getting darker even though I haven't hunted all this week." They normally went hunting on Fridays or Saturdays together, so they didn't use much magic until the end of the week.


"Hmm. Well, I brought home one, but my gem was so dark it's probably only got one use left in it before that witch hatches again. And dear lord I do not want to face it again."


"You seem pretty out of it right now, Kat."


"Yeah, well, having a near-death experience at 6 pm does that to you," she said, grabbing his arm and twisting it into a painful position.


"Aaaaah.. Sorry! Ow!" He cried as she released him from her grasp.


"Let's go get some pizza."


"Alright, let's do that." The two walked out into the night as she put her hoodie back on. Castien hailed a cab and they went to a pizza parlor a few blocks away for dinner.




As they waited for their pizza, Castien started messing with his ring. Soon it came off, and he had to lean down to get it.


"Castien Corvalli James, get up."


"Ring. Ugh. How was your day?"


"Fine for the most part. We fought a witch, and by we I mean that girl Ashley, Siena, some Anthony from school, and me. They.. Siena and I were going when we bumped into Ashley. Anthony just came in afterwards."


"Did'ja let him have a use of the seed?"


"He said he didn't want it."


"Good. If he just jumped in at the end he doesn't deserve it."


"I dunno, I offered anyway."




"Because he helped, even if not a lot."





((I promise my next posts will not be as long, or with that much dialogue. I just wanted to show off Cas before I was allowed to make his character, 'cause the character limit is still one. Also, welcome to the RP, Traveler. Hope you have fun!))

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Ashley dropped her pencil with a sigh and it clattered across her desk, rolling onto the wooden floor below. She'd done too many problems to count, but she'd finally caught up to all the homework she'd missed. It figured that she would have her absolute worst subject (science) first thing in the morning. She pushed her chair back and reached for the pencil. Oh well, that was all behind her now. It was only morning. She could take a break, go shopping, come back home, and still have enough time to get one or two chapters ahead. It was a little overwhelming, really.


When she sat back up with pencil in hand, her Soul Gem glinted innocently at her from the edge of the table. She glared at it and the dark corruption crawling up a quarter of its height. She hadn't been lying when she said that she had another Grief Seed at home, but apparently it had only been good for one more use. Kyubey appeared straight afterward and she handed it to it without much thought. Maybe she'd forgotten having used it, or maybe the witch inside just hatched more easily than the others. Well, there was nothing she could do about it now. She would have to incorporate a witch hunt into her schedule. No matter; She had all the time in the world.


She stood, turning her Soul Gem back into a ring and putting it on. She opened her bedroom door. "Hey dad."


Her father grunted back at her from the computer in the corner of the living room.


"I'm going out."





She selected a brown letter jacket from the rack beside the door and put it on as she walked out, locking the door behind her. She would go to the park, she decided. Maybe looking at trees instead of drawing cross-sections of them would make her feel better.

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Ayano awoke to the warm smell of tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) and sunlight cascading through her blinds. With a stretch she slips out of plush pink covers and to her vanity.

You are awesome! Giving herself a grin and a thumbs up the adolescent trots out of her room, down the hall clad with paintings and photographs. Her bare feet pad soft carpet past her brother’s room(right) and further down, the study(left)eventually ending a few meters from the door. Here she take another left into the small kitchen/dining room/front room combo. Clapping her hands once at the beautiful display and hurrying over to breakfast.


Where is Oniisan? Chopsticks already in her mouth her head turns around peering at the kitchen and bathroom behind her. No not- Looking back at her tray a note rest just behind it at the center of the table.


[“Dear sweet imoutosan, I have gone out for the day and expect to be home late. I sincerely hope this does not worry you and that you have a good day. Do not forget you have lessons tonight at 4:30pm. Make sure you eat plenty. I will restock the fridge on my way home tonight. No need to make me lunch I will still be out, you can order take-out for supper I have left some money on the counter -Oniisan”]


There’s a happy chibi face of her brother scrawled next to his title, it helps to brighten her some. Hmmm brother works awfully hard...I’ll do the shopping


Breakfast is eaten and cleaned, shower has been taken, hair brushed cloths changed.


Knocking her Mary Jane’s on the toe so they fit right Ayano makes for the outside world! Somewhere her brother’s phone blinks with a one missed call. Basket in hand and dark pleated skirt fanning in the wake of her dash the girl hurries her way down the street and into the central markets of town.


(Feel free to find her people. In fact someone please do. Also Maya thank you for the warm welcome! It means a lot.)

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A ray of sunlight broke through the iron clad defense of his bedroom curtains, the stray ray of light managing to locate itself perfectly across Seth's face as he laid there asleep. No matter how hard he had tried the night before to tighten up the curtains, it never failed to let in some light that would ultimately prove a nuisance to him... well not today.. for today was Saturday... a day reserved for rest and relaxation.


A puddle of drool had long since dried on his mattress as he rolled over to the opposite side of the bed, his back now facing the traitorous window. Now that ray of light could only brighten up the back of his head, its futile attempt at stirring Seth from his much deserved slumber short lived. A tiny grin formed across his lips, another victory against his arch-nemesis the sun.




"Seth!!... Are you awake?!" shouted his grandmother from the kitchen below. Seth groaned, one enemy defeated... only for another to appear within seconds. He remained unresponsive, hoping that this new villain would disappear... alas.. like every weekend, that 'wish' would not come true.


"Seth!!... Honey... Wake up!, come down and have some breakfast!" yelled 'The enemy of Morning Sleep'. Seth pulled a pillow over his ears but even that was not enough to render him oblivious to what was to come next.


The creaking of the stairs reverberated through the walls and sent a chill down his spine. With each step, Seth withrew further and further under his blanket.


Perhaps she would finally leave him alone if he looked like he was still asleep.

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"Hope you enjoy it!" A saleswoman's voice rung out in the air, joining the lively street's crowd of voices, as she handed Siena a neatly folded ice cream crêpe that was beautifully decorated with strawberries, chocolate drizzle, and whipped cream. The tall girl licked her lips, walking away and towards the middle of the streets. It was a beautiful morning; even though the air was slightly chilly and a breeze was blowing, this would probably be considered a nice and warm spring day, if she didn't live in Elmbrook; here, it was just a typical winter day. The tall girl was humming along the street, as her crêpe disappeared at an alarming rate; Siena did have a tendency to eat a little too fast. But, it tasted so good! She just had to keep eating. Wiping her chocolate-stained cheek with her jacket's sleeve - one more stain for the collection - the girl was absent-mindedly walking while checking out a store, where a particularly cute printed shirt was on display, when she carelessly bumped into someone. She took a step back, trying to regain her balance. "Whoa." She looked at the other girl; she had pink hair and was wearing a black skirt. She was also significantly shorter than Siena, so the tall girl felt bad for not paying attention where she was going. "Are you OK?"


Other than little kids screaming and bumping into each other - an activity that seemed quite painful; Aria had never seen the attraction in engaging in such idiot things - there was nothing happening at the park that day. Aria wasn't complaining; she could read indoors as much as she could read outdoors, and sitting by the trees in the shade was not that bad. Sure, there were probably bugs crawling in the grass; but having as much of a green thumb as she did, she'd seen a fair share of bugs in her time, and wasn't afraid of them. In fact, it was quite fun to play around with them. The skin of Aria's hands and certain spots of her lower legs had turned from pale white to dark, earthy brown, and tiny grass and flowers were sprouting from it. A bee from a hive built on the tree Aria was sitting under had come buzzing to smell the flower on her knee, and a butterfly had sat on the girl's palm. It was nice; and that spot provided enough shade to avoid being seen by anyone. And if she was, they'd probably think she'd just picked off chunks of grass and rubbed them on her knees. Unless they were Magi; and then she'd get to find Magi. So, overall, it was a very win-win situation for Aria.

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A loud Clang! resonating from the kitchen was enough to rouse Kathea from her slumber. She grumbled and got up, her bed messy and her hair tousled. "Cas..." She grumbled, "If you're trying to make breakfast again I'm going to kill you." She looked in her brother's room. He was half hanging off his loft bed but there was no way he could fall. He had broken a leg from that before and he made sure to tie himself with a scarf to the railing every night. She laughed a bit.


But if the noise wasn't Cas, who made it? Kathea thought as she walked down the stairs and rounded the corner.




"Hey, Kat, dear! Your father's unpacking the van right now, but I decided to make pancakes! Just don't tell your brother. It was supposed to be a surprise."


"Oh! S-sorry, did I spoil the surprise?"


"No, it's fine. You probably thought a burglar was here, huh. I just dropped a pan. No biggie. Sorry for waking you up, sweetie."


"No.. Problem. Need any help?"

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Ashley walked briskly toward the park, eyes fixed on the garishly-coloured rhythm game on her phone but still somehow deftly weaving her way through the crowd. Lots of people were out and about today - not surprising, it was the weekend after all. It occurred to her that she should really be searching for Witch's Kisses instead, but she brushed the idea off. There would be plenty of time for people-watching once she actually reached her destination.


When she finally reached the park's border, she took her eyes off her phone and a deep breath. Ah, oxygen! She'd made the right choice, after all. There weren't any events or anything going on inside, but there were just as many people as there were on the streets. "Should be fun," she mumbled to herself - and then winced at a sudden loud whine from her headphones. She glanced back down. "Ah! The game!" She'd forgotten about it, and now it was displaying a cheerful "YOU LOSE" screen. Damn, and she'd been doing so well, too. She shrugged, pulled her headphones down to her neck, and shoved her phone into her pocket. "Right, I've got to focus on this, now," she reminded herself, left hand fiddling with her Soul Gem in her pocket. She couldn't sense any witches just yet, but she still had all day. Maybe if she found a good, secluded spot she could watch for signs from... over there, near the trees? She quickened her pace, skirting past a gaggle of laughing children. As she approached the nearest tree, though, she could see that someone else was sitting under it already. She paused, then resumed walking at double the speed. Someone just sitting there alone like that had to be up to no good - or just had no friends to hang out with. Either way, she'd have to fix that.


"Hey," she said once she reached the tree, leaning down to look at the other girl. Her legs were a slight greenish colour. Maybe she'd tripped on the grass or something. Or maybe... "Mind if I join you here? What'cha reading?"

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And the central market it WAS. Shoes knocking on an enchanting cobble stone street the short girl look from shop to shop to shop. They are lovely! Truly..... After a moments her brows knit as she chew her lips. But Why must them all loo so similar! It's a mental wail and a fruitless on at that. Her cafe was in a smaller district of town. Here the streets her were lined with shops with light pink shingled rooves. Delicate scalloping decorates on most of their edges. Come On UTA think! Oniisan brought you to it once you.just.have.too.-" Her head whips back and forth helplessly lost when WHAM! Stumbling backward Ayano trips on the uneven cobbles and falls hard backward.


Eyes squeezing with the impact Ayano shakes her head out and blinks up...and up...and up What a magnificent pair of legs. Dazed she doesn't remember to stand, her mouth hangs open. Her basket still dangles around her wrist, bracing her sitting position. "Ah-" MOVE Silly YOU JUST BUMPED INTO THIS WOMAN. Apologies! An Embarrassed blush creeps ruby up her face. "Gomen'nasai!" In rushed anime girl fashion Ayano curls into her knees in what would have been bow had she been standing. The shock of the event sending her back to basics.

Slowly she uncurls and looks up at the woman. "Ummm....You have nice legs." Offering a warm smile it only becomes forced when her mind snaps back. What was that! You crash into the girl and now you compliment her legs?? You are NEVER going to make friend like that! In the bustling yet monotone town the orrurance of a small girl on the ground, new and flustered is something worth staring at and as Ayano takes note of this her head whips around and around at the gathering crowd. People start point and talking some to her others to each other. Anxiety makes her heart beat audible and her vision begins to tunnel down black licking the edges, unconsciously a hand grips the cream colored fabric over heart heart.


"Hey are you okay?"


It's not Ayano's voice that asks and thankfully it helps ground to the physical plane. Quickly, she tries stumbling to her feet, fails because her ankles gives under her. Wincing her free hand goes it. It may be damaged.

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"Aaand... Done." Kathea set the table. On it was a stack of blueberry pancakes and a bottle of maple syrup, as well as an odd other syrup that Mr. and Mrs. James had brought back from their travels. "Hmmm... Guava syrup?" Kathea poured some on a pancake and tried it. "Oh, that's good!" she said, nodding to her mother.


"So what's got you home so soon?" Kathea asked.


"We were going to be caught in a hurricane if we didn't leave then, and we decided that we'd rather go home earlier than later."


"What?! Wow..."


Suddenly the sound of someone walking on the wood floor started on top of the staircase. "Mom go!" Kathea said quietly as she sat down, her mother rushing out the door.


"Morning, Thea... What's the occasion?" Castien asked, having come in right as Mrs. James left.


"Funny you ask..."


"What'd you do this time...?"


"Nothing! Come in!"


Mrs. James came in and hugged Castien tightly. "Mom?" He said, suprised. He shot a glance at Thea, and she nodded, shrugging.


"Come, sit and eat! Dad's in the room. He'll be down in a bit," Mrs. James said, "For now, just have some pancakes."


"Try the Guava syrup. It's good!" Kathea added.




After Mr. James came down and everyone ate, Cas cleaned up and Kathea did her homework. "So are we going out today, Thea?" He asked when Mr and Mrs left the room.


"I suppose we should, as we're low on seeds... But I want to stay with Mom and Dad today."


"But we always go on fridays, and when we don't we go on Saturday!"


"Look, it's not really my fault that they're here earlier than planned ((and you aren't really a character yet)) but we rarely see them and they adopted us which is a lot better than living in the orphanage with a thousand other children. We should be grateful and actually spend time with them rather than ignoring them and going out when we should be home with them. They could always send us back. And God knows we don't want that."


Cas just shook his head and put the plates in the dishwasher, cups in the cupboard, and he left the utensils in the sink to soak so they'd be easier to clean later. "I'm gonna go search for more seeds, see if we have any that we can use." And with that, he went up the stairs. Thea shook her head, packed her math homework in her bag and left the house. It was market day, after all.

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