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The RP


When several superheroes came together and formed the Justice League, the American Government was wary of such a powerful force; especially when the League built a fortress floating above the planet in space. Wanting countermeasures in case Superman or his colleagues went rogue and turned against the world they had promised to protect, a secret project called Cadmus was started to fight against them.


Cadmus had varying degrees of success in their attempts and experiments to provide their own super soldiers, but eventually their efforts proved pointless. The Justice League were heroes, Earth’s defenders, and would always remain so.


When the original Cadmus division was closed down, there were still those who thought having gifted soldiers in the employ of the American Government was a good thing. Even if the Justice League could be trusted, there were still plenty of other enemies in the world, powered and non-powered alike. Within a year of its closure, Cadmus was reborn with the still active funding of its old sponsor, Lex Luthor.


While the original project was focused on providing protection against the Justice League, the new division’s purpose is to find, train, and utilise gifted teens and young adults against threats in ways the League would never dream of; such as theft, torture, and assassination. In order to fully exploit their abilities, these agents no longer officially exist; all records of them are expunged from the outside world.


The Base


Cadmus HQ was moved from Metropolis to a location twenty miles south of Gotham City. While this brings them dangerously close to the attention of one of the most feared Justice League members, a state-of-the-art teleporter system allows agents and staff to come and go without being tracked.


The building is located entirely underground and is five floors deep. Each floor can be accessed by elevators operated by the chips implanted into all personal. Recruits and agents cannot access Floors 1 and 2 unless their chips have been granted permission. Each floor has a teleporter to allow instant access from the outside to those authorised.


The lowest level, Floor 5, consists entirely of training areas and gym rooms.


Floor 4 has the research, development, and medical departments.


Floor 3 is the living quarters for new recruits and active agents.


Floor 2 is for staff members and general resources.


Floor 1 contains offices, meeting rooms, and the living quarters of the Cadmus director.


Each of the recruits, agents, and staff members have their own room and en-suite. Floors 2 and 3 also have social areas where the inhabitants can interact outside of work or training.


Operatives and Staff


Staff: The staff portion of Cadmus covers everyone from the Director to the scientists and doctors to the cleaners and cooks. They keep Cadmus running on a physical level from researching new technologies to mopping the hallways. They rarely leave Cadmus and enter the outside world.


Recruits: Recruits are the new trainees who have just been inducted to the Cadmus project. They spend most of their time in training but may occasionally venture out on a mission under the careful eye of a more experienced agent.


Agents: Agents are what Cadmus is all about. Their job is to locate and eliminate any threat that Cadmus can identify; from serial killers to terrorists to rampaging super humans. They try to stay below the radar, especially that of the Justice League’s, as their methods are often considered less humane.

Agents may help supervise recruits in training and sometimes accompany them out on a mission.




Every operative is sorted and trained in a particular field based on their abilities.


Intelligence: Computer and technology experts, telepaths, seers, anyone with a talent for gathering information, are recruited into the Intelligence division. Their job is to find and monitor potential threats and provide information for other Cadmus agents.

Combat: Heavy hitters and talented fighters are sorted into this category. Their task is to face threats and situations hands-on and to eliminate them as quickly as possible. The brute force option of Cadmus, they are called upon when the only way to solve a problem is to keep punching until it goes away.

Stealth: The thieves and assassins of Cadmus consist of agents who can operate without leaving much of a trace. While they are usually deployed to obtain items of interest or importance, they are occasionally sent after targets that cannot be openly disposed of.


Note: This is not the Suicide Squad. All recruits, agents, and staff members join Cadmus of their own free will. They either agree with what Cadmus is trying to achieve or have been persuaded via offered incentives.


Standard Rules:


1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to.

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more than two weeks without posting (without prior warning), your character/s will be removed or killed off.

5) Respect the other RPers.

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) Every post must be at least four sentences long.

8) OOC must be enclosed in brackets (( )).

9) PM me forms for approval. I'll ignore ones posted in the RP.


RP Specific Rules:


1) Only two characters per person.

2) Only two powers or skills per character.

3) For sake of variation, no power or skill can be duplicated. All powers and skills must be unique.

4) All characters must be at least 16 years old.

5) No more than five characters in Intelligence / Combat / Stealth at any given time.

6) No more than three characters in Cadmus Staff at any given time.

7) I reserve the right to add more rules if/when needed.

8) Use the supplied form below to submit forms for approval. I won't approve unless it is formatted properly.

9) I may put a limit on how many people can be in each division, depending on how many people try to join.

10) No dragons.









Appearance: (Link Pictures)

Division: Intelligence / Combat / Stealth / Cadmus Staff

Rank/Job: (Operatives Agent/Recruit only)

Skill/Power 1:

Skill/Power 2:




[B]Username: [/B]
[B]Name: [/B]
[B]Alias: [/B]
[B]Age: [/B]
[B]Gender: [/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Link Pictures)
[B]Division:[/B] Intelligence / Combat / Stealth / Cadmus Staff
[B]Rank/Job:[/B] (Operatives Agent/Recruit only)
[B]Skill/Power 1:[/B]
[B]Skill/Power 2:[/B]

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Accepted Forms:


Username: Dragon Spirit

Name: Sophia Brightham

Alias: Spirit

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sophia Brightham

Division: Cadmus Staff

Rank/Job: Cadmus Director

Skill/Power 1: Control over electricity.

Sophia can create, control and absorb electricity. She has absolute power of this element and sometimes uses it to regenerate her body after a tiring day, basically if she is tired and can’t afford to sleeps she absorbs electricity and recharges like a battery. This has no healing affect on her.

Skill/Power 2: Spirit Walker.

This power allows Sophia’s spirit to leave her body and appear were ever she wants. She is capable to talk to the people she meets while in this spirit state. When in this spirit form she can’t be hurt or she can’t hurt anyone. She mostly can only observe and talk.

Limitations: The limitations of her Spirit Walking powers only affects her body. When going into a meditating state she is left vulnerable. Someone can easily harm her or kill her when she is spirit walking. Sophia is however aware what is going on around her but someone can still easily sneak up from behind her and kill her. When it comes to her electricity skills she can’t use her own power to recharge herself, it has no effect. If she wishes to recharge herself she has to get it from another electrical source. She can still create her own electricity when tired but it will be slightly weaker.

History: Sophia is the daughter of one of the generals in the military. When she was younger her father allowed her to live a life of a child should have, to play and have fun. When she got older her father started pushing her to do martial arts, learning how to work with weapons and ect.

With a whole lot of skill already behind her name the military recruited her for certain missions. It was on one of these missions that her powers first appeared. Her team was caught in a shoot out with little view of where the enemy was. With fear pumping though her body suddenly fell limp amongst her team mates. When she woke up she was behind the enemy lines having a clear view of her attackers. She wanted to grab her weapon and take them out except she was different. Before they could see her she was back in her body amongst her team. She told them where they were and whipped out the whole group.

Soon after the incident the word had gone around and the military decided she needed to learn how to use her powers. Eventually she ended up in Cadmus working as “spy”. When Cadmus closed Sophia returned to the military. It was in this time when she discovered her second power after a live power line fell on her. A year later people of the old Cadmus approached her asking if she would take the roll of the new Cadmus Director. Sophia accepted their offer not wanting to be used as a tool in the military anymore but helping other like herself and stopping those who abuse their powers.


Username: Fortune86

Name: Theodore 'Theo' Ryder

Alias: Ghost

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ghost

Division: Stealth

Rank/Job: Recruit

Skill/Power 1: Teleportation

Ghost can move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between.

Skill/Power 2: Intangibility

He can also move through solid matter and most forms of energy (not magical)

Limitations: Both of Ghost's abilities can be hindered or blocked by sufficiently advanced technology or powerful magic. Excessive use will also rapidly tire him out, so he will be forced to sleep for a considerable length of time to recuperate.


Theo was born in a trailer park near the west coast of America. At first he was just like the other boys there, playing sports, reading comics and doing nothing worse than stealing some of his father’s liquor for a dare. Things changed when he was eleven after discovering he could walk through walls, which quickly lead to bouts of petty thievery and pranks. As he grew more accomplished with his powers and bolder in using them he left his boyhood friends behind and started committing more serious crimes which culminated with a murder.

The police could not prove Theo’s guilt or innocence in the matter and were forced to drop the charges, but his father decided to kick him out anyway. At thirteen Theo was forced onto the streets where he dropped his birth name and adopted the moniker ‘Ghost’. For the next three years little was heard about him.

Ghost was suddenly thrust into the spotlight of the superhero and villain scene after he singlehandedly assaulted the Justice League Watchtower for reasons unknown. After teleporting Superman out of the way he defeated Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern and Hawkgirl one after the over, but could only fight The Flash and Batman to a draw. He was eventually defeated by The Martian Manhunter, who used his own intangibility against him.

While being held in a custom cell at Belle Reve Ghost was approached by the Director of Cadmus and offered training and a job. Seeing it as his only way off the streets, Ghost agreed.


Username: Takhesis

Name: Iris Evans

Alias: Pythia

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Iris

Division: Intelligence

Rank/Job: Recruit

Skill/Power 1: Psychometry - by prolonged contact with an object, Iris can 'read information' pertaining to it.

Skill/Power 2: Precognition - Visions of the future.

Limitations: Iris can not control when her visions occur, and her two powers are too closely linked together. She can't tell whether the information she gets from an item is in the past or the future.

She can try to trigger a more precise reading/vision by placing herself in a trance state - but any disturbance will break her concentration, resulting in a distorted prediction and a very confused Iris.

History: Iris had a relatively normal childhood. She had a very active imagination, and her parents often worried that she spent too much time in her fantasies and not in the real world.

Her powers didn't manifest until she hit puberty - psychometry first and precognition a few years later. She researched her powers and developed a liking for the Greek Myths that dealt with them - the Norse ones being too fatalistic for her. As such, she adopted the style of dress that was used in that time period. Parents found it odd, but were relieved that Iris didn't dabble in anything more dangerous during the dreaded teenage years.

She didn't join the first Cadmus - she still had a naivety about the world. Though not long after its rebirth, Iris had a rather vivid vision of a cataclysm. Not knowing how far away it was, Iris joined Cadmus in the hopes that they could teach her to refine her powers and prevent what she saw from happening.


Username: SoiledLove

Name: Nathaniel Appleton

Alias: Deadly Thorn

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Deadly Thorn

Division: Combat

Rank/Job: Recruit

Skill/Power 1: Plant Minicry - Deadly Thorn is part plant, allowing him to grow a 'coat' of wood around him that acts as armor with the addition of thorns. It's very hard. He can also grow short branches with leaves and pretty cherry blossoms. This also gives him a resistance to diseases/viruses and poison which affect humans/animals.

Skill/Power 2: Stunning Pollen - The flowers Deadly Thorn can grow with his first ability aren't all just a pretty decoration. They can release pollen that have a paralyzing effect.

Limitations: Plant Mimicry is a mostly defensive power. Apart from the thorns, it has no offensive power. The wood isn't impenetrable either. It can be broken. While his wooden armor cannot feel pain, it can burn rather easily, but Deadly Thorn is able to shed parts. The effects of his pollen are rather quick acting, but they must be breathed in to take effect. They begin to lose their effectiveness after around ten minutes in the air and become completely useless after twenty. Also, despite the chance being very low, he may be affected by plant-affecting illnesses.

History: Nathan had a rather normal childhood, really. Well, except for the part where he was something of a genius, but he didn't really utilize his intelligence to his advantage, being very lazy. When he went to middle school, however, his path was already set for him. He wanted to become a botanist. So he studied and studied, his teachers also doing their best to help. Then, when he was running a test one day, he was rather tired and ended up accidentally injecting plant DNA into himself. That resulted in his abilities. Although, the reason Cadmus took notice, was because he had flirted with one of their female agents and grew a Rose right out of his hand.


Username: Fangirl05

Name: Sheila Bright

Alias: Rose, short for Chiaroscuro

Age: 22

Gender: Female


Rose has shoulder-length, tussled-looking black hair and lavender eyes. She wears an intricately embroidered black camisole, white miniskirt, black thigh-high stockings and high-heeled black suede knee-high boots. She wears a simple silver cross necklace with matching earrings, and a white gold bracelet with a large blue topaz stone. It is a family heirloom she was meant to wear on her wedding day. She took it before she left.

Division: Intelligence

Rank/Job: Agent

Skill/Power 1: Lumokinesis/Umbrakinesis - Control over light and shadows. She can make an area brighter or darker and extend shadows by force of will.

Skill/Power 2: Light Redirection - She can direct light away from herself or others, rendering them invisible to the naked eye.

Limitations: Her powers mostly pertain to natural light, so her control over artificial light is shaky. Redirecting light in particular requires intense concentration on her part and is very difficult to maintain in a fight. In general, she has more trouble using her powers the more upset she is.

History: Sheila lived a normal but fairly isolated life. As a child, she was fascinated by fire, which caused her parents some worry and drove them to send her to a therapist, who decided there was nothing out-and-out wrong with her. Her powers first started to manifest when she was about nine, when she noticed that the rooms she was in might brighten or darken with her mood. A few experiments convinced her that she could in fact control light and darkness, but she hid them from even her family out of fear of what might be done to her if she was found out. She began spending more time by herself when she entered middle school, which she spent teaching herself how to control her powers. As a teenager she often used them to get into some harmless mischief, particularly faking hauntings on or around Halloween. She was approached by a Cadmus agent in her senior year of high school and, after assuring that she could explain the situation to her parents, agreed to join.


Username: SoiledLove

Name: Lacie Grace

Alias: Lucky

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lucky

Division: Stealth

Rank/Job: Agent

Skill/Power 1: Luck Manipulation (Curse or Blessing Bestowal) - Lucky is able to control 'luck', for the lack of a better description. She is able to lay jinxes/curses and blessings on people through physical contact. The more physical contact she has with a person the stronger the curse/blessing is. She is able to conduct assassination missions through this, by getting close to someone and killing them in a perfectly innocent train accident or perhaps even with a falling flowerpot, without leaving a tiny inkling of evidence that it was her doing. After all, she wasn't the one who was driving the train, was she?

Skill/Power 2: Charm - This ability allows her to charm people. Not only does her appearance stay appealing with age, but she just seems innocent and trustworthy. It makes sure she has no blemishes on her skin and it can get rid of scars (provided that they are fully healed). It's good for getting her close to her targets.

Limitations: Neither of Lucky's abilities help her in active fighting (unless you count the fact that she'll always get lucky, but even her luck can run out, and some things are inevitable). She cannot make the impossible happen, nor can she avoid the inevitable, only change the chances of different things happening. She won't be able to lay strong curses or blessings without intimate or lasting physical contact. Paranoid people or people with supernatural powers can avoid getting hurt badly by the misfortune she brings. She is unable to retract her curses or blessings unless she comes into physical contact with the victim and lays a blessing/curse strong enough to negate her previous one. The curses and blessings, while long lasting, may fade over time if she forgets about them. While neither takes much energy to employ or sustain, her second ability prevents her from getting bulky physically and limits her physical prowess as it makes sure she's skinny and delicate due to that being the meaning of beauty to the general populace. She's also sensitive, because she can't get calluses, nor is her skin thick, but baby soft instead. The ability also increases her metabolism, if only slightly.

History: Lacie has always been lucky. Being born into a rich family as the one and only treasured daughter among several older brothers. She has never had to work for what she wanted and she was always treasured and protected. And she hated it. Lacie was someone who loved thrills and action. She wanted to go out and risk her neck, live her life to the fullest. However, she was also somewhat cautious, a contradiction in her personality. She found out early on that she was unnaturally lucky from several accidents in her childhood. She grew confident in her ability's protection and, wanting to try out the plebeian life, had her family enroll her in a public school. She tried out everything, from guessing through her entire test to skydiving. She taught herself, to the best of her own ability, to control her power after her boyfriend passed away due to an unfortunate accident after the two got into a fight. However, by the age of eighteen, Lacie was bored. She had gotten her driver's license at sixteen and done a lot of things, but she wanted more. More excitement, more action. And then she stumbled upon Cadmus. Literally. She had tripped one day and, that being the first time she had EVER tripped, she was rather surprised. Even more so when she was teleported to some weird place by the guy she tripped into. And what were the chances of that being a Cadmus agent reporting to headquarters? Really low. And yet, she still managed to join that way.


Username: Chicogal

Name: Alice Karol

Alias: Hellfire

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Alice has straight light brown hair to her waist and dark blue eyes. She stands at 5,4, and has a thin build. Her face is gaunt, and her skin still possesses a ghostly pallor that hasn't quite faded away yet. She has bruises and cuts adorning her face and body, and there is a bandage around her left leg.

Division: Combat

Rank/Job: Student

Skill/Power 1: Alice can control and produce fire with the movement of her body.

Skill/Power 2: When extremely angry, upset or desperate, her body has a defense mechanism of short, very sharp metal claws that grow from her fingernails.

Limitations: She is still weak from her previous ordeals. Alice has trust issues, and so can be hot-headed in battle. She can be very possessive over both people and objects.

History: Alice grew up in a strictly Christian family along the Bible Belt. Her nights were often spent at Church with her mother, father and three siblings. When her powers came into being, she knew that it was wrong. Surely this was a sign of Satan? She hid her talents, but eventually they were discovered. As she predicted, her parents thought her to be influenced by the Devil. She was locked up in her bedroom from then on, and quietly disappeared from the public. She was served three cold meals a day, and chained to the bed so that she could not use her powers. This went on for a month, and she became weak from lack of exercise and poor meals.

Her kindest brother helped her to escape, and she hitchhiked to the faceless city of Gotham. Here, she started to mug people using her powers, and got into fights with gangs. She was limping away from a particularly bad encounter with a man who probably had some strength powers of his own, with a flame in her hand. Next thing she knew, someone drew up in a car without a license plate. They gave her a time and a place for an opporunity, and she made sure to be there. Alice knew this to be a chance that she might not get again, and signed the contract. At the least, she would learn how to use her powers.


Username: TotallyDrow

Name: Seth Kreuger

Alias: Fenrir

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Seth's Appearence a ring he always wears

Division: Combat

Rank/Job: Agent

Skill/Power 1: Ice Manipulation - The ability to freely manipulate the water vapor present in the air, freezing it into snow or solid ice and using it to deliver a variety of super powered combinations.

Skill/Power 2: "Half-Canine" {He does not transform), Seth has inherited various canine like traits, gaining an enhanced sense of smell, enhanced hearing and enhanced eye sight in the darkness as well as a boost in his physical abilities. Likewise his canines and nails are slightly longer/sharper.

Limitations: Ice has its obvious weaknesses, it can melt and it can shatter. Also dryer climates reduce the effectiveness of this ability. His enhanced senses also means that foul smells and irritating sounds (i.e. nails on a chalkboard *cringe*) have a much greater effect on him then that of an average person.


Seth is the result of a government funded program designated with the creation of 'super soldiers' through the fusion of human and animal DNA. The government as well as the group of scientist that led this project had very high hopes for this, the idea of soldiers capable of regenerating lost limbs like Lizards do with their tails or having the ability to breath underwater like fishes was only the beginning. The possibilities were endless and it was that very idea which led to the programs downfall. Years went by with very little success, yet with that one thought in mind the scientist endured failure after failure and in desperation resorted to child experimentation and thus Seth was created. The scientist hypothesized that Seth's 'mutation' (his ability to manipulate Ice) was a major factor in his body accepting the foreign DNA and adapting to it, theorizing that the part of the brain which granted him such gift was more advanced than the average human and due to not being fully developed at the time, had incorporated the foreign DNA into Seth's very being. Having published their results to the government, the program was soon shut down. The government saw no future in this program citing the requirements for success as being too costly and overall redundant. The objective of the program was to grant ordinary humans with superhuman abilities, not enhance already super powered beings further, much less conduct such experiments on them as children.

With the closure of the program, Seth was soon taken into custody by the government and sent into solitary confinement in a secret location that many never new existed. If the public were to know about his existence and the government funding human experimentation, there would be a public backlash. It was only years later that he was released, under the condition that he worked for Cadmus.

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Director: Spirit (DragonSpirit009)




Intelligence: Rose (Fangirl05)

Stealth: Lucky (SoiledLove)

Combat: Fenrir (TotallyDrow)




Stealth: Ghost (Fortune86)

Intelligence: Pythia (Takhesis)

Combat: Deadly Thorn (SoiledLove)

Combat: Hellfire (Chicogal)

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Location: Floor Five, Gym


Ghost stepped off the elevator and as the doors swished shut behind him looked up at the floor plan on the wall opposite. According to the map, he need to go left and take the first door on the right. As Ghost turned to follow the instructions he took in the aesthetics of the corridor, or rather the lack of them. Just like all the other corridors he had seen here, its floor and walls were laid with simple white tiles. There were no other features, not a picture, pot plant or window anywhere. Even the doors were not much better, being identical to the floors and walls around them you hardly noticed them until you approached.


Finding the one meant for him Ghost stood in front of the door and allowed unseen sensors to check his access. Mere seconds later the doors slid open with the faintest of sounds and revealed the training room that lay beyond.


Ghost had already been informed that due to the nature of Cadmus trainees, agents and staff members came and went all the time. There was no single training session for all, but rather each member of personnel followed whatever unique regimen had been laid out for them, including diet and exercise.


In this room full of exercise equipment Dr Sheffield was waiting for him. The man looked to be in his mid twenties, but had pepper gray hair. There was also something about his eyes, which had a constant calculating look.


"Good morning Ghost" said the doctor. "I trust your breakfast was satisfactory?"


"It was edible" admitted Ghost. "Better than the stuff I'm used to anyway."


Sheffield nodded in agreement.


"Yes, a street diet has left you rather malnourished. We aim to fix that though, the director wants you capable of field missions as soon as possible. For now, I'd like you to spend some time on the treadmill. I'm going to the control room where I can monitor your condition. When we would like you to stop running, I'll let you know via the communicator on the machine."


The two of them passed each other, Ghost walking towards the indicated treadmill and Sheffield towards the door. When the doctor had left Ghost alone in the gym he stepped onto the running belt, saw that the machine had already been programmed, set it going and began to run.


So was this how it was going to be from now on? Some kind of trick animal that would run or attack on command? Well he had signed up for it, so he supposed he'd have to stick with it for now. It wasn't like he had many other options.


As he ran Ghost kept glancing to his left at the door, wondering if anyone else was going to come in or if he was going to be left alone.

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Location: Floor Five, Meditation Room.


Walking into the chamber, Pythia looked around the rather sparsely furnished area. There was a woven mat on the floor, a chest in the far corner contained candles, candle holders, matches and incense. Pretty much anything small that could be used to create a more relaxing atmosphere.


Closing the door, she considered the current aim. The goal here, at least according to her schedule, was to attain the necessary frame of mind to achieve a state of trance, enter and maintain it. Not to trigger any visions.


The design of the room was meant to cut down any outside distractions, only things within could disrupt the occupier. Unless an emergency occurred - or she was required elsewhere - then the intercom system could interrupt.


Selecting a single lavender-scented candle, Pythia lit it and placed it in a holder in front of the mat. Then she settled on the mat in a comfortable position.


Breathing in the scent, Pythia's eyelids slid closed. The candle flame danced as she slowed her breaths down. Once they'd evened out, the next step was to clear her mind. Easier said than done, but that was the reason for this practice.


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Location: Floor five


As Sheila passed down the hall, nursing her cup of honey-with-some-tea-in-it, she looked through the windows to see who if anyone was there.


She smiled at the sight of Ghost running on the treadmill. She liked the kid, even though she was pretty sure he didn't like her; she'd jokingly greeted him with 'Hey, Kasper' once and earned herself the mother of all death glares. They hadn't spoken much after that.


She didn't really react to the meditating Pythia. She herself was nice enough, but her rainbow motif felt hippie-ish and made her uncomfortable. She was sure it was ironic that she with her light-based powers found rainbows off-putting, but the heart doesn't want what the heart doesn't want.


She sealed herself into her training room, one of those blindingly-white boxes you might see in a horror film. They would probably be unbearable without her pulling the minuscule shadows under her eyelids into a makeshift second set. She frowned at the overhead fluorescents; trying to make these things do what she wanted was like trying to have a meaningful conversation with a block of wood. She sat cross-legged on the floor and placed her empty styrofoam cup in front of her with the intent of directing the fake light away from it. It still took too long to do it for her liking.

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Location: Floor five


Steps echoed as a woman in a black tracksuit walked the hallways. Her blue eyes pinned to the floor, watching each step she took. Her mind was buzzing from information she got earlier. Information which could either end one way or another for them. Her mind was also buzzing about the new recruits that joined wondering how they were finding their new home. She knew some of them would feel trapped and some would feel safe in Cadmus but she worried more on who she could trust. Having been in battle several times the one thing she fought most with was about who to trust.


With a sigh she paused before the door that leads into the gym. A good run would clear her mind and she needed the exercise. Having been so busy this past week she haven’t had a chance to blow off some steam. With her hand on the door handle the director of Cadmus stepped into the gym.


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Location: Floor Five, Gym


Ghost was just beginning to think he ws stuck in the gym on his own when the doors swished open again. For a split second he though it was another recruit or agent, but it was none other than the Director of Cadmus herself.


He recalled when he first met her, just a few days ago. When the guards at Belle Reve had said he had a visitor Ghost had thought it was that idiot Bruce Wayne again. The playboy had been to see the young offender twice already, wanting to convince him to join some special program back in Gotham. Ghost hadn't listened to him, he had no intention in being the plaything of some rich fool and thrown away again when they lost interest. He had been surprised to find that this time his visitor was a woman.


Brightham had been different. She didn't harp on about a fresh start or making friends. She had got right to the point about his options for the future. Either spend the rest of his life in Belle Reve, or go and work for her. She had pointed out that his reputation would always be against him, even if he got out of Belle Reve he'd never be able to live a normal one, but at Cadmus it could be a comfortable one. Ghost had weighed his options and agreed.


If Brightham had been just another recruit, Ghost probably would have ignored them, but his future depended on her good will. Perhaps it would be best to show some display of manners.


"Good morning" he ventured, trying to sound like he meant it.

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Location: Floor Five


Deadly Thorn, or Thorn just for short (because having Dead or Deadly as a nickname wasn't very appealing), sighed as he took in his surroundings. It had been a couple of months since he had come here and he was still uncomfortable with everything. Mostly, what made him uncomfortable was the lack of decor. It was irritating for him. Especially the lack of plant life. Honestly, places so sparsely decorated gave him the creeps and he'd much more comfortable being in a kindergarten, surrounded by idiotic children and bright yellow walls.


It was still rather surreal to him, how his powers had been discovered by this group because he had flirted with one of their agents. And how he had been out into the Combat division once he had agreed to join out of curiosity. He was kind of miffed about that, having expected he would be a scientist or something, but he couldn't really argue with the decision, considering the fact that specialized in plants and plants only. He wouldn't have been much help.


Although he had to admit that placing him in the combat division had merit, considering the fact that he was quite a good strategist and his smarts could be more used on the battlefield than on some dull science experiment.


He hummed a little at that. He was getting used to his training and all and fighting was rather exhilarating, he had to admit. He was just glad he was allowed to have his own plans for his diet and had more free reign than the others in training; he had to enjoy the freedom while it lasted. He didn't dislike his training and the people who had set it up for him, but he liked knowing that it was him who knew his own body best. Due to his rather unique biology (he had plant DNA and was pretty sure that some of his cells could do photosynthesis, though it wasn't confirmed), the scientists had to do many tests and told him that a schedule would be created once they were done with the tests. For now, what he did was mostly up to him, as long as he did what was expected of him.


He snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head, ridding himself of the leaves that had began to appear in his hair, as he watched the door to the gym open. If he recalled correctly, Ghost would be here at this time of the day. He placed a smiling on his face as he walked through the doorway.


"Good morning," he said cheerfully to Ghost and then proceeded to give the unexpected other a similar greetings. Wasn't that Brightham, the director? Yes, it was. Or, at least, he was pretty sure it was. He gave both of then a bright smile.

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“Morning recruits.” Sophia spoke to the two boys. Her words seemed cold and her stare just as chilly. She wasn’t rude but in her position she had to let them know she was in charge here. Besides this was the gym for exercise and not a place to chit chat.


The director eventually made her way to one of the treadmills unzipping her jacket of her track suite along the way. She then took it off and hanged it over one of the handle bars of the machine. Climbing on the treadmill Sophia pressed a couple buttons and soon the machine came to live allowing her to start off with jog. As she warmed up with the jog she started to increase the speed until she was fully running a steady pace.

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Location: Floor Five, Gym


Just moments after Brightham entered the Gym someone else did. This time it was one of the other recruits, Deadly Thorn. Ghost wondered about that name, had he picked it himself or had it been chosen for him, like his own? He hadn't been too happy about the alias. It sounded like someone trying to make themselves sound cool, even one of the agents had made a lame crack about it when they had been introduced to Ghost the day before. However, the more Ghost thought about the more apt the name was. Ghosts were lingering manifestations of a life that had gone before and in the past fews years that was pretty much all he had ever done, try and hang on.


He didn't bother replying to Thorn's greeting and understood the tone in Brightham's voice that she wasn't here to chitchat, so he just kept running. To his surprise the intercom on his machine beeped into life.


"Okay Ghost, that's enough. You can stop now."


Ghost switched off the machine but kept walking on the belt as it slowed down. It wasn't until it stopped and he could stand still that he spoke.


"Okay then doc, how did I do?"


"Better than we thought but worse than we would have liked. We're going to have to improve your condition before we can start any serious training."


Ghost scowled. Okay, so he was feeling out of breath and he could feel his heart thumping badly, but he was sure he wasn't as weak as Sheffield made out.

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Thorn shrugged off the cold greeting from the director and the lack of greeting from his fellow recruit. Instead, he hummed quietly as he walked towards the treadmill. He had always had thick skin, and not just figuratively either, considering the fact that he could grow a second, wooden skin.


Switching the machine on, he stepped up and began walking with it. He steadily increased the speed until he was at a light jog. Thorn knew that if he had one weakness, it was his stamina. So, he had dedicated these few, short months at Cadmus to improving it, with other exercises shoved in here and there. He was rather confident on his ability to control and utilize his power, he was only really lacking in physical aspects. He wasn't much for exercise beyond a half hour of speed walking every now and then, so compared to other recruits, he wasn't the greatest at anything like strength or speed or stamina.


Feeling comfortable with upping the pace, Thorn slowly increased the speed once more, not wanting to overdo it. He was part plant, after all, and plants weren't known for their movement.

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Sheila tapped her cup with her foot to knock it over in annoyance; she'd been intent on trimming her time to achieve total invisability down to five seconds, but it stuck stubbornly at ten. Stupid robot light...


She picked up her cup and crushed it when she was out of the room. She put the bigger pieces in the still-intact bottom but left whatever teeny bits had just flaked off on the floor. She tossed it in a trash can outside the gym and considered going in for a brief workout, but ultimately decided against it. She had a pull-up bar in her own room for that, and she was Intelligence anyway. Any working out she did was purely to keep herself good-looking.


Speaking of Intelligence, she didn't feel like getting to work right away. She headed back down to the Common Area on the third floor. Maybe she could find somebody to chat with there.

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“Straighten your back Thorn.” Sophia spoke. Sweat was already dripping from the side of her face but physically she didn’t even look like if she had been running for a few minutes. “Steady your breathing while you jog. Deep breathes is the key. And you should do the same Ghost. You may be a good runner but they way your run will exhaust you a lot faster. You main problem is that you don’t run with a straight back.”


Sophia eyed the boys from the corner out of her eye as she spoke. When she was done talking to them she closed her eyes and continued to run now that she was in a steady pace. She tried not to zone out to much because then she would go in a state of spirit walking and that wouldn’t be a good idea while running.


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Location: Third Floor


Lucky threw herself into a couch gracelessly. Well, actually, her graceless movement was actually rather graceful, since her ability wouldn't let her be anything but attractive. She heaved a sigh. She had just come back from an assassination mission. She had been ordered to assassinate some guy who was making a big fuss in the underworld. Something about drugs or another. She didn't care too much for the details as long as she completed her mission. It was really horrible and these kinds of people were the kinds of people that Lucky hated dealing with, but always had to deal with. She always felt icky at having to seduce her target into being close to her to lay her curse and this time, her target had been particularly repulsive. She had already taken a bath and given her report, now, she just wanted to relax. She took a sip of the tea she had gotten early and sunk back into the couch.




Thorn blinked in surprise at being addressed by the director and it took a second to register what she had said. When he did, he followed her suggestion and straightened, regulating his breathing. He wasn't yet sweating much because he had kept his pace very light, not wanting to over exert himself. As he took deep breaths, he found that it sort of, well, felt easier to run this way. "Er... Thank you?" He offered to the director, feeling awkward since he wasn't sure how to interact with her. Realizing he might sound disrespectful, he hastily tacked a 'ma'am' to the end of his sentence.

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Location: Floor Five, Gym ~ Floor Three, Common Room


Ghost bit back a retort. Anyone else and he would have let them know exactly what he was thinking, but Brightham was too dangerous to annoy. So he wasn't the best runner around, but that wasn't why they had recruited him. They'd recruited him because he could reach into a man's chest and stop his heart without leaving a single mark.


Besides, he'd managed for long enough running the way he did. He'd only started having problems when the Justice League got on his tail, and who here was going to blame him for not being able to out run The Flash? Then again, this place was all about improvement. They'd want to make sure they got their money's worth.


He gave a small nod to show he had heard Brightham's remark, but his attention returned to Sheffield when the doctor spoke again.


"Ghost, I want you to return to the common room for the time being. Get some water and rest for a bit. I'll let you know when it is time for you to head to the examination room. Perhaps you'd like to freshen up."


The examination room. In other words they wanted to see what his body did when he used his powers. He wondered how long it would take for them to get around to that. Oh they had built a system that mimicked his teleportation, but it was limited and could only be used between defined points. He knew they could learn a lot from studying him.


Ghost stepped off the treadmill and left the Gym. Finding the elevator he rode it up to the third floor and stepped out to find the agent who had made the oh-so-funny comment about his alias.

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Sheila looked up from her magazine at the sound of the elevator. Even when Ghost gave her a less-than-pleased look, she still smiled and nodded at him. "Morning" she greeted him.

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Location: Floor Three, Common Room


"So it is" replied Ghost.


He walked past the agent towards the water cooler. Grabbing a cup he put it under the tap and poured himself a drink. He took a sip before turning back to look around at the common room. Despite the books, tv and pool table, there wasn't anything he really felt like doing. Maybe he should just go back to his own quarters for now.

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Sheila giggled at Ghost's sarcasm and went back to her reading. Again, she knew she wasn't the kid's favorite person; that bit of snark was probably the best she was going to get.

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Location: Floor Three, Common Room


Ghost ignored the agent's reaction. If they found such things humorous then they probably didn't have much of a sense of humor. He wondered if she was from Gotham, what with it being so close by. They had a real bunch of nutters there, one of the reasons he always tried to avoid it.


He started walking across the common room towards his quarters when the intercom on the wall buzzed into life.


"Agent Rose and Recruit Pythia to report to the Briefing room. Agent Rose and Recruit Pythia to report to the Briefing room.


The Briefing room? That was on the first floor right? You needed special permission to go up there. Sheffield had told Ghost that the chip they had implanted into his arm stopped him from taking the elevator up there unless it had been granted access. There would be no point in trying to teleport or phase his way up either, unless he wanted to experience something deeply unpleasant.


Ghost took another sip from his cup, wondering what kind of mission the two requested operatives were about to be placed on.

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Sheila sighed and flipped her magazine shut. "Duty calls."


She replaced said magazine in the rack she'd found it and headed toward the elevator. As the doors slid open, she twisted around at the waist, smiled at Ghost and raised her hand in a wave.


"I'll see ya later, Ghost" she said pleasantly, then hit the Close Door button and stared thoughtfully at her slowly-tapping right toes as it started down.

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Floor Five: Mediation moving to Floor One: Briefing Room


Pythia's meditation cycle was interrupted by a summons. Unfolding her legs from her pose, she blew out the scented candle as she brought herself out of the trance.


Her exercise had been both a success and a failure. Successful in that she'd achieved the base goal of entering and maintaining a trance - at least til the announcement. A failure in the fact she hadn't managed to clarify the vision that led her to join Cadmus - a personal aim of hers.


Pausing only long enough to move the smoking candle to a corner of the room, Pythia made her way to the elevator.


When the doors opened, she wasn't surprised to find Agent Rose already waiting inside.


[seeing floor 5 is below 3, I assumed the elevator that Sheila was in is picking Iris up before heading upward to briefing.]

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((Yes, the floors in Cadmus are in reverse order (being underground). So Floor 1 is the 'highest' floor.))


Location: Floor Three, Common Room


Ghost raised an eyebrow as the agent left the common room. So as she had responded to the summons, that would make her 'Rose'. And she had made fun of his alias. He shook his head with a smirk and dumped his now empty cup in the nearby waste basket.




In the Briefing room sat a lone Cadmus staff member. She hoped Rose and Pythia would arrive soon. Time was of the essence.

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((Whoops, my bad. Well, Sheila's a sweetheart, so this isn't too OOC for her.))


"Hi" Sheila smiled and raised her hand, "I thought I'd check to see if you were down here first, save ya some time." She sniffed the air curiously. "What is that, lavender?"

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[ Easy mistake. At least you don't mind/can work with it smile.gif ]




At the greeting, Pythia joined Shelia in the elevator as she replied:

"Hi. Yes - I was using a lavender candle in the mediation chamber."


A thought occurred to her; not everyone found lavender relaxing and in some cases claimed it gave them headaches.


"It's not too strong for you is it?" Though she wasn't certain what she'd be able to do about it if it was.


[i noticed that Iris and Shelia are relatively similar ages. Iris being only a year younger than Shelia... Its possible that they already know each other from outside Cadmus.]

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