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Wolf Pack Roleplay


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The land had once been beautiful with plants and animals thriving. Now it is the worst winter in history for the wolf pack, and it is a constant struggle for them to survive. The alphas have grown harsher with their leadership and the omegas find themselves in the midst of their ruling. The pack is in turmoil, years of trouble have built up and released this winter. The pack could split up and go their own ways, or they can work together. Either way, the wolves will struggle. What will they choose?


The History of Midnight and Nuntis:


The pack had been led by Kiki and Sun, who were the parents of Midnight and Nuntis, before everything changed. For years the wolves were well fed and (generally) happy, and one late winter, the alphas mated and Kiki became pregnant with her first litter. Early in summer, her pups were born. She had two females and a male, though her only son was stillborn. She and her mate mourned, but quickly sought out happiness for the two surviving pups, Midnight and Nuntis. Sun and Kiki were surprised to see each of their pups with different colored pelts. Sun had a golden-white pelt, and Kiki had a dark grey pelt. Their stillborn son had been a light grey, creating a mix of their pelts. Midnight took after her mother, though her mother's fur was lighter, being a dark grey. (See this: dark grey: 404040 for Kiki's coat )Nuntis resembles Sun with her golden-white coat. This makes the sisters look like they are not related, as they have drastically different coats.


Midnight was a born leader, and she took action whenever possible. Her parents expected her to be the alpha female one day, leading her pack and making good decisions, though they wouldn't get to see her grow much longer. After two years, the pack was becoming agitated, with less prey and two younger wolves to feed, they were becoming hungrier with each passing day. When Midnight and her sister were two, their parents got sick. At first, they continued with minimal problems, leading the pack like normal, though with more stress from the lack of food. Then the illness suddenly intensified, causing both Kiki and Sun to lay down all day, unable to move without pain. Midnight and Nuntis hunted each day for them, and brought them water daily. Many wolves attempted to attack them while they were weak with sickness, but both Midnight and Nuntis fought them off. The fateful day came, after only two weeks of sickness, when the pack awoke to see Kiki and Sun dead, sleeping together as if they knew their deaths were coming to take them. Midnight took the chance to become alpha female, snapping her dominance to the other wolves. Her sister had been hurt by the actions, and their relationship had been fragile ever since. Midnight ignored her grief for the better of the pack, and she has taken over leadership with some difficulty. She is now seeking her alpha male, and she knows she must choose wisely, so she is being patient to seek out the right wolf. Winter came, and the young leader found herself in a difficult situation.


The wolves disliked her, knowing she was young and inexperienced and they feared they would go hungry within months, or even weeks, if they didn't take action soon. The harsh winter had taken its toll on the pack, proving rough for the new alpha. Midnight has another problem to deal with involving Nuntis. She had been acting even more distant lately, and Midnight assumed she was planning to leave the pack, most likely to create her own. This wasn't her priority, however, and she simply decided to leave her sister be for now. Many of the wolves want to leave the pack with Nuntis, and they have been planning to do so behind their alpha's back. If she were to find out, the pack would be in a frenzy. Midnight would banish the disrespectful wolves, and send them away with her sister to fend for themselves. Is this what the outcome will be? Or will the followers of Nuntis leave her and follow Midnight once more?




The setting takes place in the chilled land of Alaska. In the summer, the pack lives in a cave located in a mountain. The cave is at the base of the mountain so that the pack has easy access to the den. It is wide and notably bigger than the winter den, giving them space to spread out and cool off for the heat. There is a lake nearby their cave, making an easy drinking source available for them. They live without the threat of any nearby packs, making the desperate survival easier in many ways. Although they live in a fairly isolated area, there is still the threat of humans. A forest is about a mile away from the cave, where the wolves hunt. Their prey consists of: squirrels, birds, deer, fish, and rabbits. There is also the occasional treat of bison, caribou, and bear cubs.


In the winter, they move their den to a cave deep inside of the forest with a small stream close by. This forest is a boreal forest in Alaska, with usual climate changes... Though it has taken a turn and now the winters are even colder than usual. The cave opens wider the father you go in, which is a reason Midnight chose the den. The cave entrance is small and narrow, but it opens up deeper in the cave. The smaller entrance allows little of winter's chill to enter the cave and the pack could gather at the back of the den for warmth. The winter den gives them easy access to the available prey, making it easier on them with the food source so scarce. In winter they hunt the same prey, but with less food and none of the summer delicacies available to them. They also have foxes on the menu in winter. Because of their location, there is the occasional threat of humans in both of the dens.

(A good visual for the setting)


Credit goes to 20Mia08 for the lovely map :3

The map


Rank Information:


((Ranks in order from highest to low)


Alphas: The leaders of the pack, alphas have the most dominance and respect. They eat first and are mainly the only wolves who breed. Either of the betas may try to breed with an alpha, unless the other alpha chases them off. Betas may also try to fight for the alpha position. An alpha male may take in a different female one year, though they usually stay bonded with the same female year after year.


Betas: Second in line after alphas, they have a good rank, and when the alphas die they take leadership. (Unless battled with, they could lose and get dropped down to a lower rank) The betas may attempt to mate with an alpha, though most of the time the alphas are the only pair that breed.


Subordinates: Subject to occasional bullying, they are the middle rank of the pack. Subordinates are the main hunters and fighters for the pack.


Mothers/pregnant wolves: They are not exactly respected, but they are a generally good rank and not bullied. The mothers have to care for their pups, but when the pups are grown they return to their previous rank. Pregnant wolves stay in the den and do not hunt, while mothers leave their pups with the omega wolves to hunt with the pack.


Pups: Well.... Pups are pups. The pups are born with an average rank, and when they grow older they are positioned as subordinates.


Omegas: The lowest rank of them all, omegas get constant rough treatment from the higher ranks. They are not respected, and can go without shelter, along with little to no food. The omegas are submissive, and are the babysitters of the pack. They stay behind to watch the pups while the pack is away hunting or exploring. They are the least prioritized for meals, and they always eat last. Although they are not respected, they are important for a pack, and without omegas a pack could drastically change.


(See website links for more information)




• All Dragcave forum rules apply here.

• The limit is 3 characters, unless given permission by me. Later on you can add characters, (up to 5) but you have to be able to handle that amount, and inform me about it.

• You may only have ONE high rank.

• NO god modding, your characters cannot be perfect.

• First come, first serve for higher ranks.

• PM your character sheets to me, and I will have the accepted forms posted.

• Don't kill someone else's wolf without their permission.

• All posts MUST be at least a paragraph long.

• Pictures for appearance must be linked. (Use the http button in the code buttons sections, and paste the link, then enter the name of your wolf where it says "my webpage")

• Keep everything PG-13.

• Make characters realistic, and keep to their personality. (Be the character smile.gif )

• Do not swear.

• No rude comments or negativity is allowed. (OOC)

• You can have romance with your own wolves, but this will be limited and you will have to PM me for acceptance. Please keep in mind that I can decline, and I am not going to accept very many. Have either a good story or reasoning for a better chance at acceptance.

• Post at least once a week. If you do not post for a full week, I have the right to remove your characters from the roleplay. If you have a significant reason, please notify me and your characters will not be removed. If your characters are removed, I will keep them saved for 3 days, and if you do not return before then, they will be deleted permanently. If you do return, I will put them in the roleplay again. If this happens more than one time without notifying me you will be gone, your characters will be removed.

• Keep genders even.

• No text talk at all.

• I will add rules when I see fit, and no complaints should be made about them.


[B]Username: [/B]
[B]Character name: [/B]
[B]Nickname: (optional) [/B]
[B]Age: [/B]
[B]Gender: [/B]
[B]Rank: (Alpha, beta, hunter, omega, pup) [/B]
[B]Family: (Father, mother, siblings... Can be deceased) [/B]
[B]Personality: [/B]
[B]Appearance: (description, picture or both ) 
[B]History: [/B]
[B]Siding with:[/B](is your wolf siding with Midnight or her sister for leadership?) 
[B]Other:[/B] (seeking mate, and other information you want to include)


Available Positions:


3 Subordinates (We need more so these have to be filled first)

Pups (2-4 and any born ones to start off with. More can be added on later, but they have to be born)

2-4 Mothers or pregnant wolves


Taken Positions:



EnchantingMiracle: Midnight

Male (reserved)



0023567467: Faolan



20mia08: Harmony

20mia08: Ace

20mia08: Nuntis (Midnights sister)

20mia08: Avion

redfox: Maxine




MyaMouse: Kieila (Hex: #CC9933)

redfox: Aurora



Rampaging Wyvern: Shrike

EnchantingMiracle: Zyke

MyaMouse: Andrai (Hex:#996600)


Mothers/Pregnant wolves:

None currently


My characters:


Username: EnchantingMiracle

Character name: Midnight

Nickname: Night

Age: 2

Gender: Female

Rank: Alpha

Mate/crush: Alpha male

Family: Midnight's parents were the previous alphas, who died of sickness, causing her to become the new alpha female. She has a sister named Nuntis.

Personality:Midnight is loyal and kind. She can be pretty snappy, and her pack has mixed feelings towards her. She is a new leader, but she was born to be an alpha, and she takes her job seriously. If the omegas make a mistake or irritate her, she snaps at them. The betas she respects, but she can be harsh with any of the lower ranks. Most of the time, she is in a good mood, and she keeps her pack in line; though she isn't the most respected leader... The winter of this year has changed her, and she is much harsher than usual, causing the omegas to get cruel bites and snaps frequently.

Appearance: Midnight

History: Growing up with alphas for parents, a lot was expected of Midnight. Her parents had always known she would be the alpha, and she had been so blind of the fact when she was young. Now Midnights sister hates her, and they fight often. This worries her, as their is a great chance her sister could leave the pack and become a loner.

Siding with: N/A

Other: Although Midnight has been doing fairly well, she is a terrible hunter, and fears that the pack will find out. Midnight knows she is losing the pack, and her lack of organization could cause most of the wolves to leave.


Username: EnchantingMiracle

Character name: Zyke

Nickname: Zy (those close to him or family only)

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Rank: Omega

Mate/crush: Crush: Nuntis

Family: His parents died a few years ago. Zyke's brother and sister left the pack together, and he has no other family. This hurts him, and though Zyke would never leave the pack, he thinks about it sometimes.

Personality: Zyke can be very independent. He dislikes Midnight, and he wants her sister to be the leader. He thinks that she should have been leader all along, and he saw them when they were young. He had been in the pack his whole life, and when he grew it the age of two, Sun decided to drop him down to an omega. Zyke is extremely submissive, and passive as well. The omega position suited him the best, and with his experience he accepts this. Zyke isn't exactly disloyal to Midnight, but he doesn't think she is a good alpha. Because he has been an omega for a while, he is one of the oldest wolves, and he is used to all the bullying from the higher ranks.

Appearance Zyke is scrawny, and the years of being omega haven't been nice to him. He would be quite a stunning wolf if not for his malnourishment. Zyke has dark brown eyes that make other wolves avoid looking into them. This isn't obvious, however, since eye contact is a sign of respect, which Zyke gains none of. Zyke

History: Zyke had the best time of his life when he was younger. He had one brother and a sister, though they left the pack around the time he became an omega. (Two years ago) Ever since, he has been passive with the other wolves, and extremely respectful. This changed when Midnight became alpha, and he has no respect for her. He has been on her sisters side, and is fighting to help her become the leader. Zyke had been a subordinate for a little more than a year, and he misses the freedom of it. He is intelligent for an omega, and if things had been different, he might have been a beta of the pack. Currently, he is extremely loyal to Midnights sister, and he hopes if she leaves with her group of followers she will appoint him as her alpha male, or at least the beta.

Siding with: Nuntis

Other: His crush in Nuntis is a secret, though he wishes he could tell her. Zyke knows he is unable, because he is an omega and she is fit to be an alpha.


Accepted Character Sheets:


20mia08's characters:


Username: 20mia08

Character name: Ace

Nickname: (optional) None

Age: 2.2 Years

Gender: Male

Rank: Sub-Ordinate

Mate/crush: None


His mother and father were alphas of a distant pack that disbanded long ago. He had three sisters, all dying of starvation after the pack broke apart.


Ace is a strict wolf on the outside, one who gets wolves in line. But none see this as a bossy move, for his voice rings clear, and his words are powerful and wise. Ace doesn't let others fool around, and he isn't one to fool around himself.  He thinks before he acts, well-known for being wise. He has learned much through his young life, and plans to learn even more.  Deep down, Ace is peaceful and calm, but he hides this to keep a higher rank, not wanting to be thrown to the Omegas or seen as soft. Ace does show this side to other though, but only to close friends, who keep secrets well.  He's a lady's man, being raised with three, trouble-some sister, which whipped him into shape.


Ace's pelt doesn't have a shine, it's rather fluffy, yet soft to the touch. It's always well-groomed, to make him look neat and healthy. His fur is quite a beautiful color, being black as night, yet flecked with silver. His pelt defines his eyes well, which are a brilliant amber shade. Though his fur is tinged with silver, it doesn't mean he's old, he was just born that color.

Ace has a muscular, tall build, his legs being long, and of course, muscular. His paws are large and blocky, and his toes, wide-spread. Ace's tail is rather fluffy, to his disliking, and is often held down low. His eyes are often narrowed to show mystery and wisdom, and his ears are often pricked.  His bone structure is thick and strong, but he's not a chubby wolf, he's in between. His face is finely shaped, his long muzzle ending in a coal-black nose. Wolves often describe Ace as a "handsome" young fellow, though he doesn't reply to these comments. His teeth are a yellow-white, and are quite sharp, but are an average length. The same goes for his claws.  Ace


Born to two alphas in another pack, Ace lived with his sisters and parents in harmony. Their pack was always well-fed and peaceful, until Ace was chosen as heir to his parent's position. Wolves began to object, believing that his sister was meant to be alpha. Of course, his parents continued to argue, stating that Ace would prove his worth as he grew up.

And prove his worth he did. Ace was one of the strongest wolves in his pack, standing out from the others. The wolves still bickered with him and his parents, but it was coming to a stop. His sisters became rather close to him, but were often snappy and bossy at times. He ignored this, but learned what was right and what was wrong around a lady.

As he became an adult, a sickness gripped his pack, killing his mother and father. He took up their alpha position in the pack, but noticed that it was continuing to fall apart. He didn't choose an alpha female, since he decided the pack was more important. He did his best to help them, but he decided that if they stayed together, they'd all get sick and die. Ace ordered his pack to disband, and disband they did. His sisters begged to tag along with him, and Ace happily agreed. But, they weren't nearly as healthy or strong as Ace, and as they lived as lone-wolves, they grew even weaker. Before long, they died.

Ace has recently came across Midnight's pack and joined as a Subordinate.

Siding with: Midnight 




Username: 20mia08

Character name: Harmony

Nickname: Mony (Close friends only)

Age: 1.7 Years

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/crush: Mate: None Crush: Ace


Parents are deceased (past Subordinates), and her brothers and sister are deceased/missing


Unlike some of her packmates, Harmony is rather soft and gentle. Her voice is often calm and sweet, addressing all as if they're equals. Of course, she is often punished for this, being a higher rank than Omegas. To Harmony, there are no lower rankings, they're all equal, except for the Betas and Alphas. Harmony seems like she'd be a great mother one day, though she never thinks of pups, she thinks only of her packmates.

Harmony is energetic though, she never seems to get her energy out. She can control, unlike some, so she is usually working her day away. Harmony is also well-known for being a caring wolf, as said earlier, treating others equally. She's one of the peacemakers of the pack, being clever in her ways.


Harmony's pelt is soft and silky to the touch, and an unusual scarlet shade. She has a few patches of ginger-gray on her, mostly along her spine. Harmony's legs are rather long, with an average amount of muscle. Though her legs are long, Harmony stands at an average height for a female wolf. She often wears a smile on her face, her chocolate-colored eyes warm and welcoming. Harmony


Harmony didn't have any drama in her life, at least anything significant. She lost her parents at the age of one year, along with her deceased siblings. They all died of Unknown reasons, while the rest of her siblings fled or were banned from the pack.

Siding with:(is your wolf siding with Midnight or her sister for leadership?) She's in between (If that's possible, since she's a peacemaker)

Other: (seeking mate, and other information you want to include)

It is thought that her family members were captured by humans and taken to something like a Zoo, since Red Wolves are rare. As for a mate, she doesn't care, and would settle for any male, but is perfectly fine without one.


Username: 20mia08

Character name: Nuntis

Nickname: Nu or Nun, preferably Nu

Age: 2 Years

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/crush: None


She is the daughter of Sun and Kiki (both deceased), and sister to Midnight.


Nuntis is seen as a sweet and wise wolf, making decisions efficiently and wisely.  She seems to be peaceful to others, but bears her dark side to Midnight and her followers. Nuntis is quite helpful, and is well-known for her hunting skills. She knows to show her dominance, but not be so harsh once she defeats another wolf, so she can keep as many allies as possible. She is often one to volunteer first for something she likes or dislikes.

Nuntis has a dark side, bigger than ever imagined, but only shown to enemies. If there is one thin Nuntis loves more than anything else, it's revenge. She will always find her way, no matter how much it takes. Nuntis can be cruel and sassy towards enemies, her tongue like thorns, and her fangs and claws as sharp as ever. When peacefulness is pushed aside, Nuntis always chooses to fight. When she is disobeyed once, she'll snap slightly, hoping the other wolf will learn their lesson. If they don't, the next conversation will be harsher, and will often result in a few bites. The third time earns the other wolf a full-out attack from Nuntis.


Nuntis has a golden-white pelt, unlike her littermate, Midnight. Her fur is quite soft to the touch, with a fluff to it and no shine. Her legs are long, ending in nimble paws with long claws and rough paw-pads. She's thin, but has a strong jaw and surprisingly strong legs. Nuntis' tail is unusually long, often hanging low and bouncing off her legs as she walks. Nuntis

History: Same as Midnight

Siding with: Herself


She has a strong hatred towards her sister and her followers, though she doesn't speak of it often. When she does, it is to very very close friends, and her words are surprisingly harsh. Nuntis wants to leave and start her own pack, for her own reasons and the sake of her packmates. The only thing that stops her from doing so is that the pack she is currently in is where she was born.


Username: 20mia08

Character name: Avion

Nickname: Av

Age: 1.5 Years

Gender: Male

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/crush: None


His parents were raised and born in the same pack, his mother being a past Beta. Avion's mother died a month after his birth, leaving his father to raise him, as Avion's brothers and sister were killed a few days after birth by subordinates in the pack.


Avion is a rather brave wolf, thought to be noble, and always respected. He's a rather adventurous wolf, and can be quite stubborn. Avion always seems to love a challenge, and he seems to always "take the bull by the horns". He doesn't easily step down from a fight, and he's not afraid to speak his mind. He follows his heart, not his alphas, and will take his punishments honorably, though he can snap back at times. He loves to explore and try new things, and is always willing to take a risk, as he enjoys a rush.

Being brave and adventurous doesn't mean Avion's a serious wolf, he's quite a goof-ball. Avion loves to joke around and pull pranks, especially on older wolves and occasionally on betas. He's a very humorous wolf, and is one to brighten another's day. He's quite friendly, but will show his dominance ever once and a while, just to keep his position in the pack. He usually apologizes afterwards, being quite the "lady's man".

Appearance: Avion's pelt is an odd color, being the same shade as dark mud. His fur is close to a black color on  some markings, but his ears are lighter than the rest of his pelt. His eyes are a bright yellow-amber color, standing out on his face. He's an average height, but good-looking, with a muscular build, and rather large lungs that often show underneath his pelt as he runs. Avion's right ear has v-shaped nick in the side of it, which is often how wolves recognize him.  His paws are well-webbed, and his pelt thick and sleek, making him a natural swimmer. His shoulder are rather broad and strong as well, giving him strong paddles.   [X]


Avion was born to a past Beta female, and a male subordinate, his parents very pleased with him and his strong siblings. A few days after their birth, Avion's brothers and sister were killed by a few subordinates, but his caught them right before they killed Avion. Their parents will loved him dearly, but his mother became majorly depressed with the loss of her other pups.

Avion's mother died a moon/month later from her depression, leaving Avion in the paws of his father and an adopted mother (his father didn't love the adopted mother, she just nursed Avion). After he weaned off the female's milk, Avion's father raised him, giving them an unbreakable bond. Avion followed his father everywhere, and learned everything from him, and was crushed when his father died from starvation.

Siding with: Nuntis

Other: Avion visits pups often, mainly because he doesn't want them to be murdered like his siblings, so he often has trust issues with certain wolves, especially Ace, though he never killed Avion's siblings.


Wyverns characters:


Username: Rampaging Wyvern (aka RWyvern)

Character name: Shrike

Nickname: N/A

Age: Around one and a half years

Gender: Male

Rank: Omega

Crush: Midnight

Family: Hasn't seen them in a long time and only remembers having two siblings and a mother and father.

Personality: Easy-going, lazy and friendly towards most. While he prefers to let others do work, he does at least know when to knuckle down and get serious when the situation demands it (with a single exception). He used to have a hunter rank in his old pack, so he is resistant towards the treatment he gets as an omega, but at the same time does whatever's needed doing for fear of being kicked out again during this harsh winter. He's also quite the reckless canine.

Appearance: Shrike, though his fur is a little more unkempt. He is marginally thinner than an average wolf, as he's doing less and less in the way of physical activity.

History: Shrike used to live in another pack, in which he was a hunter. One late winter, at almost one year of age, he dragged his siblings along on a caribou hunt, purposefully tricking them into entering the den of a bear and her cubs, which, in Shrike's defence, he didn't know was even inhabited until his siblings tore out with an angry mother bear on their tails. Though there were no fatalities or remarkably no injuries by the time the pack drove the ursine away, Shrike's failure to even help out slightly (he spent the entire ordeal cowering behind a snowy drift), leading his own siblings to their near-demise and endangering the entire pack saw him kicked out to fend for himself – at least until he got caught up in Midnight's pack five months later.

Siding with: Midnight (his crush tongue.gif )

Other: Shrike is deathly afraid of bears. He also fears what would happen if the pack found out that he subsequently wouldn't help in such an attack. His laziness and recklessness could be considered a problem, particularly in winter months when the land is arguably more dangerous. He will likely be killed off at some point.


0023567467's characters:


Username: 0023567467

Character name: Faolan

Nickname: Fal (not many wolves call him this, only close friends or relatives)

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Rank: Beta

Mate/crush: None

Family: Faolan’s parents were from another wolf pack. He used to have a younger brother named Seth but unfortunately Seth died when a neighbouring pack killed him along with Faolan's parents and the rest of his pack. Seth and him had a great brotherly relationship and never got into fights. They were always there for each other and were inseparable.

Personality: Faolan is very curious about the world and wishes to know every single thing there is despite the fact that he can be dim-witted and dense at times. Faolan likes to ask many questions but sometimes gets frustrated when he can’t figure out or doesn’t know the answer. He likes the company of others but will wander alone by himself in the forest when he’s feeling frustrated or irritated with the other wolves. Faolan has a short temper and an even shorter patience span, this then leads him to sometimes lash out at the lower ranking wolves within the pack, mainly omegas. He tries his best to help out Midnight as the alpha as he knows that she’s very inexperienced and new to the job. Even though he sometimes disagrees with some of the things Midnight has to say he still remains a loyal wolf to the pack and looks down on others who wish to leave considering them as traitors who should be punished. Faolan is a great hunter and has a liking towards eating rabbits and fish. He’s working on improving his warrior/attacking skills since he’s still quite amateurish at it. Faolan likes to think of himself as the best in the pack, even better than Midnight since she’s quite young and slightly unskilled at being alpha, although he would never admit this to her. Faolan is exceedingly awkward when trying to flirt with female wolves. He makes up for this saying “Love is for wolves who don’t have a life” or “Love is for fools”.

Appearance: Faolan

History: Once upon a time Faolan used to belong to another wolf pack that was known for their exceptional fighters and strict alphas. He was the pup of the beta male and female in his pack and was worshipped and fawned over like a god since the alpha’s didn’t have any children yet. Faolan had to share his attention with his younger brother Seth when he was born although Faolan didn't mind since he was quite lonely being the only pup in the pack and having a younger brother would make playing around more fun. Everyone made sure him and his brother were treated well and didn’t get into trouble. At one year old Faolan was already one of the pack’s best hunters while Seth was a great warrior. He would always do the finishing blow when dealing with large animals such as caribou or bison. His life as a hunter was soon gone as his whole pack was killed by a neighbouring wolf pack, he was the only survivor. For days Faolan mourned for his lost parents, brother and extended family. Finally Kiki and Sun found him chasing after an exceptionally large caribou when they were out on border patrol. They let him join their pack and now Faolan was from hunter to omega. During his time as an omega in Kiki and Sun's pack he began to rise in the ranks. At first he was a hunter and was glad to be back in his old position but when Kiki and Sun unfortunately died, Midnight appointed him as the male beta. Even though he doesn’t show it, Faolan still mourns for his deceased pack and wishes that they were still alive. If he had to choose between his old pack and the one he’s currently in right now then he would definitely go with the former, no hard feelings or anything.

Siding with: Midnight

Other:So you already know that Faolan likes to eat rabbits and fish, he also doesn’t like eating birds as he finds the feathers get in the way and finds it annoying when they get stuck in his teeth. He's currently seeking a mate, preferably someone who is high up in the ranks (definitely not an omega, no hard feelings there). Even though he doesn't believe in love and thinks it's a waste of time he still wishes for someone that would always be there for him and understand what he's thinking, going through etc. I’ll also be role-playing Faolan in lime green


MyaMouse's characters:


Username: MyaMouse

Character name: Kieila- Pronounced Key-aye-eh-lah. 

Nickname: Kia- Like the car.

Age: Well I don't know how wolf ages work, so... maybe 6 Wolf years, which could equal to... about 2-3 human months?

Gender: Female

Rank: Pup

Mate/crush: None.

Family: (Father, mother, siblings... Can be deceased) Andrai-Brother, Chira-Mother-Not In RP, Liara-Sister-Not In RP, Kamen-Brother-Not In RP

Personality: She is shy and gentle. She is very neat and does not eat messily or allow her fur to be messy, but she is not vain about it.

Appearance: Kieila is like this only she has a twisted-ish left hind paw.

History: Kiela was born with a lame paw, the last survivor of her mother Chira's second litter. When the other wolves saw this, they planned to drop her off a cliff. Chira, already having 2 other sons, Andrai and Kamen, and a daughter, Liara, did not oppose, but Andrai cared for his little sister, knowing what it was like to have a disadvantage at everything. He saved her from death, and upon doing so, he was cast out with her, having to fend for their own during the fall months. Upon the last moon-cycle of fall, he found Nuntis and Midnight's pack, and stayed with them. Andrai automatically because a Omega, and she was a pup still.

Siding with: Nuntis

Other: She and Andrai are inseparable. Andrai will not leave her side, nor will she allow him to be taken away. She has a very keen nose, and helps Andrai find food when times get rough. They will normally keep what they find for themselves, because of how meanly they treat Andrai.



Username: MyaMouse

Character name: Andrai

Nickname: None

Age: 1 1/2 human years

Gender: Male

Rank: Omega

Mate/crush: None

Family: Kieila- Sister, Chira-Mother-Not in RP, Brother- Kamen-Not In RP, Liara-Sister-Not In RP

Personality: Andrai is very shy and friendly. He is easily angered and very protective of his little sister. He is smart, but knows he can't reach his full potential with his disability.

Appearance: (description, picture or both ) Andrai looks like this, only he is more goldish.

History: Kiela was born with a lame paw, the last survivor of her mother Chira's second litter. When the other wolves saw this, they planned to drop her off a cliff. Chira, already having 2 other sons, Kamen and himself, and a daughter, Liara, did not oppose, but Andrai cared for his little sister, knowing what it was like to have a disadvantage at everything and not being allowed to survive. He saved her from death, and upon doing so, he was cast out with her, having to fend for their own during the fall months. Upon the last moon-cycle of fall, they found Nuntis and Midnight's pack, and stayed with them. He automatically because a Omega, and Kiela was a pup still.

Siding with:(is your wolf siding with Midnight or her sister for leadership?) Nuntis


He and Kieila are inseparable. Kieila will not leave his side, nor will he allow her to be taken away. Andrai is a very good hunter, and Kieila has a very keen nose. They will normally keep what they find for themselves, because of how meanly they treat him. He is friends with Zyke. He has a mental disorder that no one knows about which causes him to black out and lose some minor memories at certain times of extreme stress. They find food for themselves, going out during winter nights while everyone sleeps to find wild game.


redfox's characters:


Username: redfox (red or rf for short)

Character name: Aurora

Nickname: Aura

Age: 24 days

Gender: Female

Rank: Pup

Mate/crush: None yet

Family: Her parents are deceased and she doesn't have any siblings; is an only pup.

Personality: Sweet and kind around her friends and other wolves that are the same around her, a bit stubborn when she wants to do something but another wolf (mainly an older wolf) tells her she can't and mostly shy, especially around other males in the pack; she's not sure how to act or say around them so she becomes shy.

Appearance: Aura

History: Her parents were killed by rebel wolves when they went out to hunt for them, she was left with an Omega, and wasn't told until after the fact by fellow hunters so she doesn't like to talk about it.

Siding with: Nuntis later when she's older.

Other: n/a for now.


Username: redfox (red or rf)

Character name: Maxine

Nickname: Max

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Rank: Subordinate

Mate/crush: Ace

Family: Her parents are deceased and she doesn't have siblings.

Personality: Kind, stubborn, quiet most of the time and shy at times, especially around males.

Appearance: Max

History: Her perents died from an illness that they got while hunting for them and she was left an orphan. An Omega took care of her as a pup until she was older and could take care of herself but doesn't like to talk about that.

Siding with: Nuntis

Other: Will probably seek a mate later but she's currently not seeking one right now.


Helpful Information:

My confusion..


National Geographic


Wolf Behavior




Interesting Information



I will be adding a OoC post soon. It will be posted when the RP is accepted.

Edited by EnchantingMiracle

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Why not give this a read? I understand that your roleplay is pretty sandbox, but it's quite a bit below standard, and looks like something quickly written and meant to be in Freeforms.

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There's still far from enough information. Give us a history of the wolves. How were they founded, what are their traditions? Were the previous seasons hard, too, which is why they're struggling now? Or were they well fed making this a sudden, hard change? How are the wolves reacting? Why are some wanting to separate? Why don't they live in the forest during winter, when they would NEED more food?


Try reading through it and asking as many questions as you can. Remember, we aren't in your brain, and don't know anything about what you haven't implied or said.


By the way, Omegas are generally the single lowest of the low. They only get scraps of food and generally receive harsh treatment, year-round.

Edited by KoalaNoob

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Take a look at the history


Do you have any feedback in the layout?

Also, would that mean pups rank higher(and get better treatment) than the omegas?


Edit: swapping the den placements right now so that winter js the forest one and summer is the mountain den

Edited by EnchantingMiracle

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That wasn't there before. But it's pretty okay. Still, though, I don't think it's that great. We don't need Midnight's life story. We need the history if the pack, about its beginnings. And, towards the end, it becomes minor plot. Just give us the essentials, and history from much farther back. Midnight is important, but still just a character in the scheme of everything. Be careful not to have the plot focus on her, instead having her drive the plot.


Well, for format, it's a a little annoying to read. The underlining doesn't help too much, I'd recommend adding/changing to bold and making them a bit larger. Also, add a space after each section so they're not all stuck together like the way you do paragraphs.


Yes, of course pups rank higher! Sometimes, they're even higher than the average character. Omegas are the ones that constantly receive bites and punishment, and must do all the dirty work- they oftentimes don't even have a place to sleep.



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I se what you mean with it being annoying to read :3 I will fix that... I don't know how to reduce the history down,mascots of the story does revolve around Midnight; with her being the reason they want to separate, and all that... I will see what I can do



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In that case, the history should be the plot, or at least the last paragraph should be part of it. And, this is kind of making Midnight a Mary Sue, since there's nothing wrong with the cats preferring her sister- she's already quite perfect.

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How is she a Mary Sue? Most if the pack dislikes her, and she is described as a new leader, but doing well for so young... I never described her as perfect...

Edited by EnchantingMiracle

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There should be a rank for "ordinary" wolves. You can't have four high ranking wolves before jumping straight to the omegas.


There easy grammar errors in the plot and instead of using 2, you should use the word two to let the words flow and not break them up.

Edited by Tiga

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Midnight is:

A natural leader

Born to be alpha

Kind and caring

Always takes action


Disliked, and the plot revolves around that


It's not terrible, but she could definitely use a few more flaws.


And Tiga is right, there are quite a few simple grammatical errors. I don't think I can really give critique on that until the sections the information is on gets fixed up, but if you have Microsoft Word, I suggest plugging this in and fixing whatever becomes underlined.

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Thank you for all the criticism :3.


I changed a few things here and there, including midnight to be less perfect

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Wolf pack Roleplay


Since it is the title and to keep every consistent, you should capitalize Pack in the title.


The land had once been beautiful and lush with the growth of plants.


This sentence sounds awkward, the "lush with the growth of plants" seemed to have just been thrown in there. Reword the sentence to make it smoother.


Now is the worst winter in history for the wolves, and it is a constant struggle for them to survive.


Now is -> Now it is

in history for the wolves -> in the history of the wolf pack


The alphas are more snappy than usual, and the lower ranking wolves get rough treatment.


Try this sentence: "The alphas have grown harsher with their leadership and the omegas find themselves in the midst of their ruling."


The pack could split up.... Or work together and survive as one. What will the outcome be?


Try: "The pack is in turmoil, years of trouble has built up and released this winter. The pack could split up and go their own ways, or they can work together. Either way, the wolves will struggle. What will they choose?"



The History isn't really history. Its the history of Midnight and her family. You can try and write it as the history of the pack, perhaps past threats, rival packs, evil alphas...



It has been a few months since the deaths of Sun and Kiki.


Why is that in the territory/setting section?


In the summer the pack lives in a cave, located in a mountain.


In the summer the pack -> In the summer, the pack

in a cave, located -> in a cave located


The cave is on solid ground, so they don't have to climb the mountain to get there.


What does this mean? If it means that the cave is on the base of the mountain, say that instead of what is quoted. It is less confusing that way.


They live solitarily, with no other packs nearby.


Try: "They live without the threat of rival packs nearby."

This shouldn't also be in the middle of the section, put this at the start.


A forest is about a mile away from the cave, where the wolves hunt.


What kind of forest? What kind of trees are there? Put the summer prey here instead of the bottom.


In the winter they move their den to a cave deep inside of the forest, with a small stream close by.


No comma needed. Make this a second paragraph since you are now talking about something else.


The cave opens wider the father you go in, which is a reason Midnight chose the den. With the smaller entrance, less wind would come in, and the wolves could gather in the back of the den with plenty of space.


If Midnight chose this den, where were the previous wolves living for the winter then?


Try: "The cave entrance is small and narrow, but it opens up deeper in the cave. The smaller entrance allows little of winter's chill to enter the cave and the pack could gather at the back of the den for warmth.


The winter den gives them easy access to the available prey, making it easier on them with the food source so scarce.


Actually prey would flee since they were living too close near the den. Just because a den is in a forest, doesn't mean prey would be easier to hunt.


The ruled all need a period at the end of each rule.

Edited by Tiga

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Woah, thanks a lot Tiga :3

I think I got everything you put there, if I didn't, please inform me.

That helped so much



Credit for all the amendments for my roleplay go to Tiga and Koala (so far)

Thank you for all the help



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Enchanting, I still think that your history should be the plot. Change the plot paragraph so it can be the lead, and then create another history, that details more on the pack at their origin. I'll give you some critique like Tiga's after.

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Enchanting, I still think that your history should be the plot. Change the plot paragraph so it can be the lead, and then create another history, that details more on the pack at their origin. I'll give you some critique like Tiga's after.



It's because the history sounds like the history of Midnight, her family and the plot. It's not actually the history of the pack or anything like that.

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It's because the history sounds like the history of Midnight, her family and the plot. It's not actually the history of the pack or anything like that.

But the ending is far more relevant to plot than the plot is. To be honest, I don't think the plot section even needs to be there. It's quite meaningless. Also, if that's so, probably change "History" to "Midnight's History". Or just "Plot". That works great, too.


Honestly, I think you should focus more on the struggles of winter than Midnight's drama. Having a roleplay revolve around one character generally doesn't work out too well.

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I actually have to respectfully disagree with Koala. I think Midnight's history does well at explaining where the pack is at today, what the tension in the pack is, and how the tension came to be. It tells us a little about the leader and sets us up for our own character's relationship with her. I don't particularly think the title of the section matters either. Midnight's History, History, or Plot really all get the same idea across.


I agree RP's shouldn't center around one character, but as the leader of the pack, everyone is going to have to deal with Midnight in some way, so it is good information. I do agree that more should be added on the stress of winter, though.


However, I do have a question about the plot. Why would it create a frenzy in the pack for Midnight to ban some wolves if they want to leave anyway?

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I just wanna say, uh, you might wanna change the title of the RP... It doesn't really match the contents. But that's just my opinion... You don't have to listen to me.


Also, you might wanna explain the ranking system, just in case?

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I just wanna say, uh, you might wanna change the title of the RP... It doesn't really match the contents. But that's just my opinion... You don't have to listen to me.


Also, you might wanna explain the ranking system, just in case?

That's true, it isn't really realistic in how real wolf packs work. wink.gif

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Instead of just hunters you could also have warriors to protect their territory from neighbouring packs and stuff, just a suggestion.

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Or, you could just have an unlimited amount of hunters and call them subordinates, like mid-rankers. They could fight as well.

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O.k, changed the hunters to subordinates and added in rank info.


How do you change the title of the roleplay though?

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Just edit the first post. At least, I'm pretty dang certain the title can be edited that way...

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