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An Evening at Godwin Manor, 1899.

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Sir Gerald Godwin was a man of culture. He enjoyed fine food, classical music, and entertaining guests with fantastic tales of his explorations in the savage lands of Africa. Throughout his years, he amassed a sizable fortune, and a circle of good friends. However, such wealth was bound to attract jealousy, and there were some among his associates who want such fortune for themselves....





Salutations my good friend!


I would be delighted if you would join me this October Thirty-First for a dinner party.

We shall meet at the docks where my boat will be waiting to take us to my private island. We shall cast off at 10 pm sharp; don't be late.

Dress is formal, and I would be delighted if you decide to bring drinks to share with myself and your fellow guests.


Ever your friend;

Sir Gerald Godwin.







What a lovely idea, you think to yourself, This will be a night to remember.


A night to remember indeed, for one among you has been waiting for just such an opportunity.


Tonight, October Thirty First, 1899, Sir Gerald Godwin dies.





Guest list:

Username: Emeraldmay

Name: Elizabeth Vane

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Relation to Sir Gerald Godwin: Elizabeth Vane was a godchild of Sir Gerald’s, as he was in business with her father.

Personality: Elizabeth is a sweet and sociable soul, who was content with her aristocratic life and prefers the traditional role that she plays. Leading a sheltered life has led her to be easily impressed and she tends to be more of a follower. Despite her talkative nature, she is highly observant, and makes sure to act with honor and decorum at all occasions.

Appearance: Elizabeth is of a slim build, with dainty features. Her blonde hair is curled close to her head, and she has almond shaped green eyes which stand out against her pale face. Elizabeth wears a lot of makeup, resulting in her having a smooth complexion. Elizabeth is dressed in a salmon pink gored skirt, with a matching jacket that is tailored to fit her, and is hemmed with white lace as well as having a white lace belt. In one hand she carries a small white clutch, and in the other a lacy white umbrella. She is wearing a straw hat with an arrangement of pink and white flowers.


Username: Takhesis

Name: Grace Magnus

Gender: Female

Age: 40

Relation to Sir Gerald Godwin: His childhood sweetheart.

Personality: Grace Magnus appears strict and serious in initial meetings. Longer acquaintances see a different side, one that's altogether softer and more approachable. Basically a matronly figure.

Absolutely adores her daughter, Helen and will suffer no ill word about her.

Appearance: In public, Grace keeps her black - but visibly greying - hair up in a twisted bun. Hazel eyes on her oval face complete the image of a figure of authority.

She wears full length dresses that are pulled in at the waist, with the skirts wide around the feet. For outdoor activities, a tailored jacket designed to complement the dress along with a suitable hat is worn.

She always wears white gloves, and carries a green parasol along with her black clutch purse.

In private, Grace's hair can be seen in loose waves down her back.


Username: Tiga

Name: Helen Magnus

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Relation to Sir Gerald Godwin: Daughter of his childhood sweetheart (Grace Magnus).

Personality: Helen is soft spoken and gentle, she is almost timid. She hates change in her life, but is quick to adapt. She won't voice thoughts, even when someone angers her. Instead she remembers what that person has done incase she needs it for the future.

Appearance: Helen has beautiful long, wavy raven black hair that falls to her waist. She has warm bronze-hazel eyes and a slim face. She is a few inches taller than her mother, but her appearance isn't of the sharp authority like Grace.

Helen wears a long misty pink skirt that falls to her ankles. She has a tailored jacket in the same color to fit her frame perfectly. She also has a clean cream hat with small white roses. Helen also has a pale pink parasol with white lace, white gloves and a cream clutch.


Username: Anak

Name: Lawrence Godwin

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Relation to Sir Gerald Godwin: His son

Personality: Lawrence is a comforting person to those he calls his friends, however, he has become steeled over time. He can help others out of their shells, but breaking his own cocoon of personal emotions is a lot harder. This is why he chose art as a career. Art is one of the only ways he can express his emotions, sometimes without anyone knowing. People like to look at pretty pictures, and their interpretations can be very wild and so far off from the real meaning.

Appearance: Lawrence is white skinned with grey eyes. His hair is side parted, black and combed back, and his facial hair is styled in a neat and tidy van dyke. On this occasion, he is wearing a cream fur collared overcoat paired with a white shirt, red jumper, grey trousers and brown dress shoes.


Username: Skarx

Name: Raphael Robidoux

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Relation to Sir Gerald Godwin: A casual friend he meet in the plane while returning from Africa.

Personality: Calm and reflected. Raphael likes to enjoy things slowly, nothing is ever worth rushing. He enjoys a good story and will happily discuss near any subjects out of pure curiosity.

Appearance: He is looks in good shape thanks to daily exercise, but still isn’t large or buff in any way. He has light brown hair he keeps attached in a short ponytail and dark brown eyes. He simply wears a white shirt under a black vest and black pants staying clean and proper, but simple at all time.






This will be a different sort of RP. You will interact with fellow players on three levels: House-wide, Single room, and Private actions.

The first, House-wide, is the main RP thread. Posts here are for when everyone is together in the same room, or when something happens that can be heard through the whole house.

Single room is when there are multiple groups of people in different rooms of the manor. Interactions between them will be carried out in personal messages between the players and myself.

Finally, if you are performing a Private action, or an action you don't want other people to see, you send it as a PM to me alone.


This is a game of deception and misinformation. The murderer needs to secure the fortune and remain undetected, or kill everyone else. The rest of the guests need to find out who the murderer is and not get killed. The mystery is for you to experience, and if everyone knew what everyone else is doing, then that would make the point of this RP moot.


Helpful terms:

Keep track of any clues you find. They can be bits of information about who is where at what time, possible motives, or even a murder weapon.


It's important to know if an item you find is concealable or not. You may find an important clue that you want to take with you, but if you can't hide it from the murderer, then you might as well have a sign that says, I know too much, kill me.


I won't always describe everything there is in a scene. It's your job to inspect anything you find interesting. You may discover something if you do. You can even inspect other players to see if they are trying to hide an action or item.


The Manor:

It is a two story building on an island just off the coast. You haven't explored it fully in your visits, so most of its layout is currently unknown.


Known locations:


The docks: These two wooden docks are spaced just right for Godwin's boat to moor between them. However, they don't offer much protection in rough weather.


Main hall: The front door opens into the middle of this oak paneled hallway lit by gas burning lamps. Just opposite the main door is a staircase to the second floor. Doors to other parts of the house line the hall. A golden chandelier hangs above the stairs.


Library: This medium-sized room is beyond the door just to the left of the stairs and spans both floors. The walls are lined with cases filled with books of various sizes. The first floor has plush seating for easy reading, a door to the main hall, a door to the smoking room, and an iron spiral staircase to the second floor of the library. The second floor is a simple balcony ringing the room with a door to the second floor hall. A golden, gas-lit chandelier hangs in the middle of the room.


Smoking room: This is Godwin's private lounge, just to the right of the stairs consisting of a single lounge chair facing a small fireplace. The room also contains a small alcohol cabinet and a door to the library.


Character form: Pm to me please, thread posts will be rejected.



 Username:Name:Gender:Age: (nothing under 20)Relation to Sir Gerald Godwin: (How did you meet him? What does he think of you? What do you think of him?)Personality:Appearance:Potential motive: (even if you are not the murderer, you have to put something here)Do you want to be the murderer?: (you may not get to be the murderer if someone else also wants the role, you might also be the murderer if nobody else wants to.)




This is a semi literate RP.

Be respectful of others.

Accept the fact that you may be killed. This is a Murder Mystery, not an attempted Murder Mystery.

I have final say if someone succeeds in doing something to someone else. (I.e., murder, restraining a murderer, knocking a weapon out of the murderer's hand)

If you are idle for too long, then you are free to be killed; this will keep the RP going.

Once the RP starts, there will be no new characters accepted.



If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me.

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The small boat drifted through the foggy night silently. Gracefully, it slid between the docks of the island, before coming to a stop. It's five passengers, all dressed for an evening of high class living, disembarked one after another.



The shrill cry, slightly muffled from the fog, rang out from the path,


"Please Amelia dear, be reasonable!"


"I shall not stay here tonight, Godwin sir, I don't care if it means me job. There's a storm brewin and I'm not staying on this rock for it,"


The Maid, Amelia, stormed past the guests, and onto the boat.


"Maurie! Let's pull out a here." She barked at the botsman.


"Sorry sir, I can'tkeep the boat docked here overnight, that storm wod scuttle 'er," Maurie apologized.


"Oh very well," Godwin sighed, "I can't very well risk stranding us here, and I know better than to try and budge Amelia when she's set her mind to something, I'll see you in the morning"


"Very well then sir, have a nice evnin," Maurie replied. Slowly, the boat began to back out of the dock, and vanished into the fog.



"I'm sorry you all had to witness that spectacle," Godwin said to his guests, "But let's not let that ruin our evening. Come, let us go to the manor."

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On the wooden docks of Godwin's private manor grounds, Grace Magnus watched the scene unfold. It looked like Sir Gerald's usual charm was failing to convince the maid to stay.


Though, in all truth, she couldn't blame the maid for wanting to leave before the storm arrived. This island location was very exposed to the elements. It seemed that they'd - that is the guests would - be confined to the manor itself for the duration.


Sparing a glance for the boat being swallowed by the fog, Grace then turned her full attention to what Sir Gerald was saying.


"A fine idea, Sir Gerald. It has been too long since we last spent time in each other's company." Her gaze included the others in that statement, though there were a few unknown faces in the group.

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A look of confusion and curiosity was etched in Helena Magnus' face as she watched the dramatic scene evolve in front of her. She stood on the docks as the boat began to leave the island, the fog slowly shrouding the vessel before it fully disappeared from sight. She understood why the maid wanted to leave, storms could very well do extensive damage to the building.


Helena straightened her back and turned to see Sir Godwin, the look of emotions that showed moments before disappeared like the boat in the fog.


"I'm sorry you all had to witness that spectacle," the man was speaking, "But let's not let that ruin our evening. Come, let us go to the manor."


Her mother replied but Helena only nodded gently, before looking over the faces of the rest of the guests. She could recognise his son, Lawrence, and his goddaughter, Elizabeth. She remebered Elizabeth from a few parties ago. However there was another face she could not recognise, as well as her own mother and herself. It was a small party of guests to have an amazing night, but sometimes small evenings were better than big, large crowds.

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Raphael simply observed the scene unfold. He could understand the maid, staying on the island and risk being stranded was a very unpleasant idea. He was in fact happy at least someone on the mainland would know of their location if anything happened to the boat.


He observed the other guests. Most he had only seen their face in paintings or heard about from one of the good sir Godwin's stories. He glanced at the skies, the clouds were getting ever closer.


"I agree, we should get there before the rain catches us."


He gave one last check to the slowly leaving boat then went back to looking at the surrounding. It was a nice place. He was looking forward to what kind of evening Godwin had prepared.

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(I'm so sorry)


Lawrence looked up to the manor. He remembered it fondly, but little of it. He wasn't allowed to explore much of it. The excuse of the restraint was usually something like, "It's a very epensive building. We can't have you breaking things." As if he couldn't be trusted with walking down a corridor.

He soon became awarre of the commotion behind him, and watched as the boat he had only just got off of left the island. A storm? Hopefully it wouldn't affect them, especially when the maid had left with the only boat.

"Yes, that sounds good," Lawrence replied to his father.

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