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Digimon Adventures

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So growing up, Digimon Adventures was one of the few shows I actually watched on TV. I always thought it'd be cool to own my own digital pet as a kid.


Unfortunately, Digimon changed a lot over the years, and the more recent series weren't the best.


But Digimon Adventures is returning now! Same old original characters, but in their high school years!


That's mostly what I wanted to discuss here, as the original series was a big part of my childhood.


Anyone else hyped up over this!?



For anyone interested, here's a news article, which is where I learned about the return of Digimon Adventures!


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This series helped me grow up. A lot. Digimon Adventure season 1 is the best show made for children ever. Angewomon is forever my favourite digimon, though I love them all. I still cry when I remember how many digimon had died, and it's a river. :'(

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I'm really hoping that this will be as good as the original, because the original is one of my all-time favorite shows. xd.png

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