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Silent Hill: Awakening

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Somewhere in Maine, there is a small, desolate, broken town with cold winds and unforgiving earth. It sits, idly, in a stasis between timelines. Dense fog shrouds the town like a blanket, coating it in a picturesque image of melancholy.

This is the place where men and women are judged for their crimes. Where a person's own mind plays tricks on them and claws at their flesh. Where everything is both an illusion and yet frighteningly real. It does not discriminate. Whether your crime was committed justifiably or without motive, the town will reach for you.

And your crime? No one knows. Yet it's everyone's personal hell to overcome. You will die. You will also watch others die as you come to terms with what you've done.

Should you atone for your sin, then the grasp of Silent Hill may release you. Of course, you could always continue as a wretched sinner, unable to redeem yourself. You will walk the streets of Silent Hill forever until the end of days.

It begins, of course, when you commit your heinous crime. Was it murder? Rape? Assault? Whatever it was, if Silent Hill deems it worthy of its notice, then it will be brought to attention. The secrets you hide buried in your soul, the dark taint that burns you when you consider it... that is what it feeds upon.

It is said that it has been this way since a group of Cultists attempted to resurrect their god in this aged town. Since then, the town feeds on misery.

Now, it's all about what you do. Do you help others and atone for your sin or do you wallow in confusion and grief?


What will you do?




Maps of note:


user posted image


user posted image


More may be added as they are discovered. These are found in your character's pockets, slightly damp from the fog but otherwise legible.




All characters begin with (unless you ask for something else or I tell you personally..):


1. A flashlight with one battery. It requires two.

2. Maps that resembles those above.

3. Keys to their respective homes, such as master bedroom keys, bathroom keys, and back door keys. The front door requires two. However, one key does not fit any lock, and one of the other keys doesn't look like a key at all. It resembles a skull token.

4. A weapon nearby. This weapon depends on your crime. I will tell you what it is.

5. Roughly 75 dollars in cash. Some may have more or less than others. Again, this depends on your crime.

6. Two extra batteries. Your flashlight uses three. You will not randomly discover batteries. Don't worry... I'll tell you when you have found them. Just don't have your character find them laying on the ground unless specified.

7. A blood draw kit.

8. Bandages.

9. A random item based on your crime.

10. A small, black book filled with unintelligible writing. The only sentence that is legible is the one on the first page, which reads, "Hello friend. How's the weather?"

11. A tape, like one seen from a tape recorder.



The Black Book:


This book is small and bound in leather. As the RP progresses, more sentences will be revealed to the individual characters.



The setting is Silent Hill, a town settled in Maine with mysterious origins. All that is known is that the town challenges those within to best their inner demons in more ways than one. In order to do so, they must either help each other or harm each other in order to relinquish the hold the town has upon them.

Silent Hill has three distinct layers that will be covered during the course of the roleplay, as well as an additional fourth - Nowhere - should it be discovered.

The Fog: It lays upon Silent Hill as a blanket upon a bed, smothering those within in a thick miasma of despair and grief. Should your crime ask for it, the weather also changes based upon what you have done. It's not unheard of it for it to rain blood for a murderer or coins for a robber. This part of the city is where everyone will normally begin and interact in.

The Otherworld: This is the true face of Silent Hill. This world is randomly torn into existence when a person is either reaching critical levels of fear and anxiety or simply when it decides to do so. At any given time, a character can be thrust into the Otherworld. Silent Hill does not wait - your punishment is eternal.

The Overworld: Our original world. Freedom. Sometimes, Silent Hill allows certain individuals freedom. They can still see people who are trapped in The Fog, but to them, Silent Hill looks beautiful and sunny. Those in The Fog are creating The Fog within their own minds, or so it is said. No one is truly sure.

Nowhere: The darkest and most frightening part of Silent Hill. This sector is only reached when the darkness of Silent Hill has become climactic. There is no explanation for it - it is a broken, lost, abyssal plane of Silent Hill. Woe be to those who have to tread here.

There is a fifth and final layer which will not be revealed unless the characters manage to unravel the secrets of Silent Hill...





1. Send me your crime parts via pm. Tell no one else of your character's crime. If I discover you have, I will be forced to remove you from the roleplay. This is to ensure that you are completely unaware of what another person has done and will treat them as such. In fact, it's better that you act as though you don't remember doing anything wrong at all or that Silent Hill is a punishment.

2. Put UFO in the "What Ending?" section of your character sheet if you read this far.

3. There are weapons in this. No, your character does not begin with any. All characters are given access to a flashlight when they first enter. Also, the largest amount of characters starting together will be two. Most of this will be pairs that I find fitting to increase the fear. Perhaps a rapist with a young girl who murdered a man in self-defense? Or a robber who killed someone during a bank robbery matched with a corrupt lawyer who let him get away? Remember - your friends could also be your worst enemies. Memories are fragmented here.

4. Do not suddenly atone for your sin. Only Silent Hill deems you worthy of redemption. Also, you are allowed to stay behind if you redeem yourself but your friends don't. However, you will have to wait for another chance to leave Silent Hill should you stay behind. You can have multiple characters. I will allow up to two per person at the beginning.

5. Hear out the mailman. Should he give you a letter or point you towards your next destination, thank him. Hey... you may need it.

6. I'd appreciate if you didn't make up monsters to fight until I've had a chance to create some for you matching your crimes and such. However, once a monster spawns in Silent Hill, you are free to make as many spawn as you desire, so long as you don't forget your true goal.

7. Each person has their own antagonist whether it's themselves or one of the other characters... or perhaps an embodiment of their inner demons. Only they may face that enemy. Trust me, you'll know what it is when you see it.

8. Above all, remember your manners. Knock before you enter, lest you irritate whatever may lay behind it.




Character Sheets: (POSTED IN TOPIC)



Character Name:





Weapon of choice:(Important as well. There are no limits to what weapons you can use but please be reasonable.)


Crime Sheets: (SEND TO ME)


Crime/Act which caused Silent Hill's imprisonment:

Victims of Crime: (Make up names or backgrounds. Really helps me.)


Relatives: (IMPORTANT. Again, make up names. :3)

Were they caught? Imprisoned?:

Who told on them?:

What Ending?:



The current plan is that everyone will begin in their own individual apartments in separate buildings. Each room will act as a form of Hub. Like in Silent Hill 4, as the RP progresses, the room will change in various ways.

In order to keep it fair between all people, some of the apartments will connect to each other during the course of the Roleplay. Unlike Silent Hill 4, however, you are allowed to leave the apartment. All sectors of Silent Hill are accessible via transportation that will be unlocked as the roleplay progresses. The first available means of transport is a small cab that is driven by an unknown driver. Should you enter the car, your destination is random... or is it?

You are allowed to ask to spawn in another location if you feel it fits your crime, such as a broken prison, marsh, or other area. I welcome any suggestions.




NPCs of note..:


The Mailman: A mysterious character with an unknown past. He wanders the streets of Silent Hill, delivering letters addressed with names that may not even exist. All that is known is that attempts to pull him away from his job or any questions directed at him are both fruitless. He refuses to answer and continues his occupation without fail.

However, sometimes the letters are meant for you.

The Cultist: A black-robed figure seen wandering near the church, praying to an unknown god. He will only speak when he is not praying, and that is pretty much all hours of the day. Maybe, if you were to bring his god a suitable offering, he would look your way for a moment?

Pyramid Head/The Executioner: This dark figure that treks around Silent Hill, moaning and groaning as he goes along. He does not attempt violent actions ... normally. If you see him, it is your choice whether you follow him or not. Attempts to call out to him are fruitless. He carries a large blade.

The Judge: In the empty courthouse, one can hear the sounds of a gavel and an arguing jury. Further investigation reveals a tape-recorder which only one character may possess. This tape recorder details certain aspects of past crimes. However, it is guarded by a hooded individual who calls himself the Judge, who wields a mighty, barbed-wire-covered hammer.

The Smog: A black mist that is deadly to breathe. This black cloud is a denizen of the Otherworld. Do not attempt to fight it. Run.

(More Will be Added as the Rp Progresses)

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