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I believe that I am supposed to open a new thread for my works please tell me if that isn't correct.


I am looking for constructive reviews, corrections, and advise. I will start off with a poem.



Country Lad


I am but a country lad,

Left the plow in place of my dad.

To fight in the war, leaving all things dear,

Let war not leave a heart full of sears.


Drills and sleepless nights

The emotional shipping out at first light.

Every soldier doubts that he will ever again,

See his homeport, or his kin.


At France, lands the fleet.

Every man glad to have solid ground under his feet,

But, gladness disappears, and sickness replaces,

As doctors run through the cases.


The enemy sighted at the worst time ever,

To carry us away is their endeavor.

We will fight them where the valley bends,

God so help us to the end.


The machine guns scream, and the sabers clash.

Thousands of soldiers, at each other dash.

Whether brave or fearful, tall or small,

The enemy’s guns kill us all.


After the battle, dying soldiers far and near,

Leaving messages for those who are dear.

Then remembering home,

They breathe their last on enemy loam.


Battle after battle,

Not daring to leave the saddle,

Neither winning nor losing this terrible war,

Yet day-by-day men enter death’s door.


Trenches dug, encouraged by,

The enemy’s hail of bullets--you dig or die.

Brother soldiers dying on all sides,

Now, in peace, you hope they’ll abide.


A stray bullet into my chest fate sends.

Life from my body death doth rend.

In my dying words I say,

“God end this bloody war I pray.”



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