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Scary Stories

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You know, tell scary stories here. It can be something you've heard, something you've made up... It doesn't matter. I saw a mostly dead Creepypasta thread, but this covers all creepy and scary stories, Creepypasta or not.


Oh yeah, and to discuss and comment on them...

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((This is a true story. I suggest people who like cute, fluffy cat dolls to step away))


Once upon a time, there was a Daimiyo who had a wife and two daughters. His oldest daughter was very ugly though, so she was locked away from the world under the Daimiyo and her own insistence. Her only company was a pretty little doll. Over the years, she grew more and more lonely as no one, not even her own mother, visited her in her room, she committed suicide, her arms wrapped around her lovely doll.


No one knew she had died though, because she was always alone. However, one day, her mother went into her room, only to find her rotting inside her room. The mother was so devastated, laden with guilt and thinking that it was because she was so biased in her love for the younger daughter that the older died. She, too, died, but of depression.


As the days passed, no one moved the doll from the room, but they began to hear voices inside the room during the night. The doll was always in the room, smiling, and it was the only thing in the room, so it must have been the doll making those sounds. They were whispers of "I'm so lonely, mother, why don't you love me..." and it creeped out the rest of the people living inside the mansion so much, that the Daimiyo ordered for the doll to have its face carved into cat's, since cats were a sign of fortune. Additionally, the Daimiyo ordered for them not to carve a mouth so that the doll would not speak anymore.


Years passed and so did a war, killing all the remaining members of the Daimiyo's family. The conquers found the doll in the exact same room it used to be in (not that they knew) and decided to sell it. Eventually, it reached a toy shop, and a young girl bought it, taking it home.


One night, while she was looking at the Sakura blooms, she heard a voice. "I'm so lonely," it said, "Mother, why don't you love me?" Spooked, she looked back, and saw the doll.


And it was the one speaking.


Now, I'm sure you've all saw this doll as well. But you should know it as...


Hello Kitty.


That was the origin of Hello Kitty, the mouthless cat doll.

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