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Clandestine Rhymes

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♪♫♪ Clandestine Rhymes ♪♫♪


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What's this about?


Let me tell you a story.


It's a good one, I promise.



Long ago, in prehistoric times, it was not, as many believe, the dinosaurs that ruled the earth. It was instead the mighty and mystical dragons that reigned supreme. They carved their way of life into and out of the earth and organized their different breeds into “clans.” Even though they were an incredibly successful civilization, even while their council between the dragon clans condensed and crystallized their power, their reign was destined to come to an abrupt stop…


A male Whiptail dragon flew through the red sky, clenching the woven tube tied to his neck tightly. He soared on, floating on the thermals, until a high cliff above the sea rose up before him. He dove into a shadowed cave entrance, his wings folding against his heaving flanks as his claws touched cold stone. Tired but relieved, the Whiptail sucked in a breath before limping down the long and dimly lit corridor. The hallway stretched before him, twisting and turning in labyrinthine like coils. The Whiptail never faltered, pausing for no longer than a heartbeat and a quick breath at every fork. He knew the way. Eventually, gasping for air, he found his destination: a large, circular, terraced room echoing with the rushing noise of conversation and the rustle of scales. On each ledge, a male and female representative of a clan stood and chatted. The Whiptail ran into the room, feet pounding on the cave floor, and the noise ceased. A male Purple spotted him, glanced at his companion, and flew to the messenger.

”What news do you bring for us?”

”I’m s-sorry to say... no good news, sir.” The Whiptail sighed, taking the basket from his neck. He handed the Purple several scrolls, some faded and crumbling, some spattered with blood and ink. The Purple took the package gingerly and started to read. The crowd behind him whispered and hissed, gasps and strangled screams hung, unsaid, in the air. The Purple sagged visibly, his features growing more grim and dark with every word he read. Suddenly, he stopped reading and crushed the scrolls in his claws. He rubbed a paw over his face. After a drawn-out sigh, he cleared his throat, turned, and faced the hushed assembly.

”Dragon Council! You all know what this means. Civil wars, plagues, famine, vicious weather! Everything! It’s just as the Magi Clan predicted!”

Murmurs broke out again, louder and more urgent.

”This is why we should have listened to that representative from the start instead of forcing him to step down!” a voice cried out.

Another clan leader hissed at the speaker, and barked out,

”Everything will be fine, it’ll all pass soon! We've gone through worse! That damned Magi has always been a raving lunatic, no matter how hard his clan tried to hide it! Its all just coincidence!”

Arguments and shouting filled the cave with noise. A Magi, lost in the confusion, stepped out of the shadows. The Purple dragon looked shocked and confused, nearly dropping the scrolls in his hands. He looked up to the Magi representative ledge and saw that it was filled. He looked back at the male Magi in front of him. He reached out with his mind, and spoke to the orange dragon telepathically.

“You’re not supposed to be here, friend. The Council does not need another reason to dislike you!”

The Magi dragon glanced at the Purple, and offered a sad smile in response.


The Magi expanded his own mind to the mob of dragons in the ledges above him, quieting their thoughts with his heavy presence in their heads. It was an ability he was gifted with, and he knew it was needed now more than ever. He waited calmly for the last dissenting voice to silence itself, then spoke in a smooth, firm voice, a voice that was just loud enough for all to acknowledge.

”Hear me, brothers and sisters of the Dragon Council! I know many did and do not trust my words, and I know I have dishonored the entire Magi Clan for appearing in this sacred place. I must! We are running out of time. I will say it again, in the hopes that you will believe me now. The world as we know it will soon end!” Before anyone could raise an objection the Magi projected the burning images of his future sight to each Council member: The final phase of the nightmare, when everything was crushed by a fiery meteor storm, shook by an earthquake, drowned in boiling sea-

”Please, for the sake of our race, listen to me! We can save some of our own. I have a spell that I have prepared, but it is extremely limited. Along with that spell I have found a safe place that will remain untouched by this.. disaster! We can send dragons there to wait for the world to be reborn! Listen, please! This is my plan...”



A thousand years have passed. A thousand years since that fateful council meeting. Countless of lives, not just including the lives of the dragons, perished in the fiery apocalypse, but the world did not stay dead for long. Nature was kept busy, building itself into a different, more sustainable planet. The children of the dragons grew up in frozen sleep in a hand-carved cave, nestled in the pocket of a mountain range high on the slopes of an island.

This is the chosen place. It is green, lush and lively. One day a dragon will awake, blinking in the sunlight of a new world. One by one more dragons will follow, but all will be unable to remember their past. In the end, the dragons will decide to simply live life on their diverse island, making relationships and figuring out who they really are.


What do we do?


You play as an adult dragon, or several adult dragons, that live on an island.

This is the island. The red star is the location of the cave where your dragon(s) first woke up. The island is rather large, shown in by the fact that it requires a week to get from one side to the other. However, this is only if few stops are made and the traveling is done by flight. Travel by foot will add half a week to the destination travel time. The characters will have no memory of their past lives, their parents, and what was done to save them. They don't know about their past powers, and if they did, they wouldn't know how to use them. All they will know is that they woke up, fully grown, surrounded only by each other. Your dragon may choose to explore the island, hunt, fish, talk, or sulk. This is a story, and you are a part of it. Write your character into the heart of it, or keep them on the outskirts. What you do with your characters is (almost) entirely up to you. There are no major disasters coming to kill your characters. No volcano will erupt, no plague will run rampant, no hellish army is sent to kill anyone. This is really a story about relationships. Survival, too.


Memory Abilities:

(Notice: At this time, no trials may take place. All trials sent to the admins will be rejected.)


None of the characters will be able to use the powers in the power section part of their character sheets as soon as they wake up. They will be forced to go through two specific trials before their memories can be unlocked. Once a character's memory is restored, they'll be able to use all the abilities in the power section of their character sheets. In order for a trial to occur, the owner of a character must PM an admin and ask them if a certain trial can take place. Once the trial is approved, then it may happen in story. The following is the list of trials they must overcome in order to unlock their memories.


Trial of Self Remembrance:


Who are you? What is your purpose? What are you supposed to do?


These questions, and many more, will be asked and answered in the Trial of Self Remembrance. This trial isn't one you can plan for. An event on the island will force a character to make a life changing decision. Once the decision is made, the character will realize who they are and overcome the trial. This trial occurs at random. No one really knows when it will happen, and the results... may be catastrophic. In order for this trial to happen, a writer must PM a mod a situation in which their character will realize their purpose and who they are. The admins will decide if the character deserves it, and if it is appropriate or not. If it is deemed inappropriate for the situation or if it just doesn't make sense, the admins will work together with the writer to find a situation that will work.


Trial of Lineage:


Where did you come from? Who are your ancestors? Who were your parents? What are you?


These questions, and many more, will be asked and answered in the Trial of Lineage. In this trial, characters will be required to find a place on their island where their old house, clan, tribe, family, etc was located. They must go alone, and on their journey they will contacted by one of their ancestors. From there, the ancestor will give them tests designed to help them regain their memory. The Trial of Lineage, just like the Trial of Self Remembrance, must be PM'ed to an admin before they occur. However, unlike the first trial, a writer only needs to inform the admins that they wish to partake in the Trial of Lineage. From there, an admin will play as the ancestor and make up tests for the character at hand to partake. Since this is the last trial, completion will result in a character regaining their memories and any powers and abilities they have in their power section.




How do we make a character?


Simple! Fill out this sheet. You'll need to add the codeword hidden in the rules onto your sheet, so you should read the rules to find it C;

[b]Username:[/b] (Your username. Simple enough.)
[b]Name:[/b] (Your character's name.)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male/Female. Strictly biological.)
[b]Breed:[/b] (What breed is your dragon?)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (What does your character look like?)
[b]Picture:[/b] (Post the sprite of your dragon. You can get the image codes from the wiki. If you have a problem doing this properly, contact one of the mods.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (How does your character act? What do they like? What drives them? Please be detailed.)
[b]Crush/Mate:[/b] (Who does your character like? Not at ALL necessary.)
[b]Power:[/b] (What can your dragon do? Don't write something overpowered. Your sheet will be shot down immediately.)
[b]Other:[/b] (Anything else? *cough* codeword.)



  • All Dragoncave forum rules apply.
  • No Mary Sues/Gary Stus, powerplaying, god-modding, or speaking in l33t.
  • You may only use accepted Dragoncave dragons. In other words, no dragons outside of Dragon Cave, dragons from the completed requests section, Guardian of Natures, any of the creation trio, and made-up hybrids. Drakes will be considered sapient, but not as intelligent as other clans.
  • Keep mating, romance, gore, and anything in that context subtle. Your character can have eggs and or hatchlings, which is actually encouraged, but don't allow anything to become explicit.
  • All posts must be five sentences long and keep grammar and punctuation in mind with writing. Anything less than five sentences is unacceptable. If you need assistance in making your posts longer, don't be shy to ask for help. We are more than happy to help.
  • You may not use any of the abilities you put in your character sheet's power section until your character unlocks them. In order to unlock a character's powers, please look at the memory section in the IC.
  • You may only have four characters total.
  • When posting an OOC message, or Out of Character, in the IC thread, or In Character, use parentheses. Avoid posting an OOC message in the IC if you do not have a post to go with it and keep OOC messages that are outside of the OOC thread to a minimum.
  • When fighting, don't have your dragon kill every foe he/she meets. That does not mean your dragon cannot be a great fighter, nor does it mean he/she cannot kill. Just don't have your dragon kill everything in sight and not get a single scratch.
  • Since breed names are now classified as clan names, it is required for all breed names to be capitalized. It isn't a big deal if there are a few posts here and there with magi instead of Magi, but do try and adjust to this. You won't get banned for not capitalizing clan names, but it will help you get more immersed into the story if you do so.
  • While this is a mythical world that bends how the universe works in a mild manner, do try to be reasonable. We know magic users aren't the most logical thing in the world, but do refrain from having your characters miraculously figure out a plot point that no one should know, find some sort of fantastic time cave in the middle of the woods, or break character just because you're upset with another writer. Seriously, don't do that. We know you're better than that.
  • If you are planning for your dragon to kill, harm, or get romantic with another person's dragon, PM them to make sure they are okay with you doing so.
  • Respect other people in the RP. Try to avoid being crude and remember that they are actual people, not text on the computer screen.
  • PM character sheets to the admins, currently Taleena Fuka, Doctortear and Ayesthine, or post them on the OOC thread. Be aware that if you post your sheet on the OOC thread, everyone is free to openly critique on it. If you are uncomfortably with multiple people critiquing you at a single time, it would probably be best if you PM your sheet. However, if you want to get your character sheet accepted quicker, it's probably best to post it in the OOC thread. Under no circumstances should you post your sheet into the IC thread. All sheets posted in the IC will be rejected until PM'ed or posted in the OOC thread.
  • If someone claims a text color for a certain character, then you may not use that text color. You don't have to post in color, but if you do, do not use a claimed color. If you do, you will be given a warning every time you post in that color. Your posts will be ignored until you change that color. If you persist to use the claimed color, then you will be banned permanently. To claim a text color, post the wanted color in the "other" section of the character sheet.

    (Example: Person 1 claims purple as their text color and therefore Person 2 may not use purple as their text color.)

  • Don't use colors as bright or brighter than this.
  • Do not name your character after your username. In addition, do not give your characters "Warrior Cat names". These names being "Bloodvein" or "Poisonstar" or anything on those lines. Anything else is acceptable. If you wanted to name your character "Bob" you could.
  • All characters must start out as adults. You may not play as a hatchling until further notice.
  • When it comes to accepting and rejecting sheets, do not argue with our decisions. Be professional and do not lose your temper. Making rude and snarky comments will only hinder your chances of being accepted.
  • Cursing is allowed, however please bleep the more vulgar words with "****".
  • No chatting in the OOC thread. Remember, its only purpose is to allow writers to communicate with each other about the roleplay. Conversing about other matters is absolutely taboo.
  • Refrain from having your characters mate with each other.
  • Your characters may not regain any of their memories until the second trial is complete. No foggy memories of being hatched or memories of their parents speaking to them. We're starting on a clean slate.
  • Only two characters that are the opposite gender of each breed. For example, there may be two characters of the same breed, but only one of them can be female while the other must be male. The exception to this rule are breeds with multiple alts or different types such as Ridgewings. This exception may be repealed if too many characters of a single breed are made.

    (Example: There may be two blue Nebulas and two red Nebulas unless there are too many Nebulas. If that is the case, then the exception will be removed and no more Nebulas will be allowed to be made.)

  • Don't be lazy with your form. Although the expectations to join are not high, it is expected of you to write a decent sheet. Don't put down a single sentence for the personality and a OP power and then expect us to accept your sheet. You don't have to be the best writer in the world to join, but you are expected to put some effort into your sheet.
  • Refrain from turning this RP into a 1x1. If you notice that only you and one other person are posting back and forth between a single interaction, stop and wait for others to post. If you see someone else doing this, remind them of this rule. If they ignore your warning, feel free to contact an admin.
  • If there is ever a problem between you and other writer, PM an admin. We are here to stop unnecessary skirmishes. If you feel like someone is causing trouble or if someone is making you uncomfortable, notify us. Do not​ under any circumstances let the situation go on. Letting a problem continue will only let it grow and manifest. It will matters much more difficult if a problem is not solved before it gets too far.
  • The codeword is Mordor.
  • People who have not posted for weeks on end or have given a notification that they will be absent will be put on the inactive list. Your characters will stay on this list until you post. If you continue to log onto the forum and never PM us or send us some sort of message explaining why you are not posting, then your characters may be deleted without your permission. If your character is deleted and you wish to rejoin the RP, then PM one of the admins.
  • Anyone who breaks the rules will be given a warning. If they ignore that warning they will be given yet another warning. If they ignore that warning, then they will be put on the gray list. When on the gray list you will be watched by the admins closely. Aside from minor grammatical errors and small mishaps, if you break any rules, you will be put on the black list and banned from the roleplay.
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Our chatroom is located here. If you want the password, PM one of the admins.


Taken Breeds:


Blue-Banded - Female

Blusang Lindwurm - Female

Bright Breasted Wyvern - Female

Brute - Male

Daydream - Female

Fever Wyvern - Male

Ice - Male

Magi - Female

Magma - Male

Misfit Pygmy - Male

Moonstone - Male

Nocturne - Male

Purple - Female

Pygmy - Male

Pyralspite (Spessartine) - Male

Radiant Angel - Male

Red - Male

Red-finned Tidal - Female

Rosebud - Female

Royal Blue - Female

Seawyrm Pygmy - Female

Speckle -Throated - Female

Spitfire- Male

Stone - Male

Stripe (White) - Female

Sunrise - Male

Swallowtail - Female

Terrae - Female

Tri-Horn Wyvern - Male

Undine (Green) - Male

Vampire - Male


Taken Colors:



Cornflower Blue


Dark Slate Blue

Fire Brick



Lime Green

Medium Sea Green

Navy blue


Pumpkin Orange


Royal Blue

Sea Green

Slate Blue








Size Chart:

If you are unhappy with what the chart says, please contact an admin.


Visual Size Chart


Numerical Size Chart


Accepted Characters:


♪♫♪ Talenna Fuka ♪♫♪


Username: Taleena Fuka

Name: Anu Oshun

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrae

Appearance: As with all Terrae females, Anu is quite large and can sometimes use her size to her advantage while other times it gets in her way. Her body is mostly light green with a cream colored underbelly and wavy patches of green on her back. In addition she also has a green patch over her right eye and green patches covering her front paws instead of them being cream colored like her back paws. Adorning her head are a set of bluish purplish eyes, a set of small antlers that she doesn’t use often and her tail ends with a set of 3 leaves. When in good health her scales will have a slight glossy shine and will feel soft and warm to nuzzle against. When in poor health or when she doesn’t get to sun bathe long enough per day, her scales may gradually dull causing her “coat” to progress from green, to yellow green and finally grayish brown. Her coat can also progressively become prickly and rough if she begins to approach her mental limit.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: A kind dragon, Anu likes to look after others often leading her to assume responsibility. Anu has high tolerance levels so she rarely gets offended by others and tries to believe in the good in all dragons whenever possible. She is always concerned to the point of stubbornness about the welfare and feelings of others that she forgets to take care of herself. This can occasionally lead Anu to depression or becoming physically ill in some way. When this occurs she tries her best to hide her condition in order not to burden or worry others, although her physical appearance can give her away in the most stressful of times.

Crush/Mate: None at the moment

Power: The ability to turn her feelings into songs and turn those songs into magic. She uses accumulated energy from sun bathing to increase the output or the quality of her magical ability. Defensive magic however is her specialty. After a few uses, she must sun bathe twice as much as usual or get lots more nutrients than usual or she’ll get sick.

Other: When possible she loves to take long sun bathes, describes it as “drinking the sweetest nectar” or the like. She also like fruit, particularly bananas but prefers not to have meat other than special occasions. Her color is #8f9b2f.


Username: Taleena Fuka

Name: Reshon Kioku

Gender: Male

Breed: Spitfire

Appearance: He has a dull brown body with spikes lining the top of his head and neck, as well as turquoise markings all over his body that glow intensely in the heat of battle. Along with his turquoise markings are numerous battle scars. Among the most notable are the claw marks on his underbelly and the bite marks dotted on both sides of his neck. Although the edges of his wings are tattered assumedly from all the battles he’s fought, Reshon’s wings are still well enough to fly with. Lastly, he has an average height for his species and a spade at the end of his tail.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Reshon Kioku loves the adrenaline of a fight and tries to strength his body as much as possible through hard work. Unfortunately he believes that he can’t make relationships work out as well as he does with fighting. Because of this he distances himself from others and is especially wary of females for reasons unknown to himself. A loner, most will only see his outside personality: his impulsive behavior, his insensitivity and his general hostility to those trying to befriend him. However when others do somehow manage to break through his barriers, he can be a klutz and will reveal that his insensitivity is actually just him being honest with others- just that he doesn’t know how to put it in better terms. He will also become over protective, unquestionably loyal, more gentle, and may give away gifts that he has made.

Crush/Mate: None at the moment. Possibly can become romantically involved with another if the female always tries her best and is adamant towards her goals despite any obstacles including his own attitude.

Power: Although it frustrates him that his blue flame breath is incapable of any battle damage, he is proud of the fact that he can create big to small glass objects out of sand. He can also create intricate caves with his skillful breath and claws. Finally unlike most dragons, he knows how to read and write inscriptions.

Other: He prefers the heat, but can't stand the cold. His favorite food is strangely enough, deer. His color is #b67a2b


♪♫♪ Doctortear ♪♫♪


Username: Doctortear

Name: Zofia Tharros

Gender: Female

Breed: Purple

Appearance: Zofia's body, unlike other Purples, is a dark shade of eminence. Her body is molted in an even darker color, but these molts are semi-translucent and not easy to spot from far away, but can be easily seen up close. These "spots" of Zofia's grow darker as she ages and will even turn gray as more stress piles upon her. Zofia has exceptionally long, yellow, tendrils sprouting out of her head with wisps of green coiling down the ends of them. Brilliant blue eyes radiant from under a mask of purple and contrasts from icy blue highlight out from Zofia's pupil and grip towards the cobalt blue pooling in the center and edges of her eyes. Zofia is much larger than any other female Purple. Her size may be outmatched by males of her species that are exceptionally broad, but she surely beats the grandness of that of any females of her breed. Unlike most others, Zofia only has three limbs. Where her hind right leg would be is only smooth muscle. Thanks to the absence of this fourth leg, Zofia has a distinct limp.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Zofia is a curious soul who seeks to learn all she can from the fruits of knowledge. Her crave to learn pushes her to suck out all the information she can whenever she is speaking to someone. This crave can even make her to go as far as to endanger her own life to learn the smallest of details. Zofia heavily cares for those around her. She will do everything in her power to keep those around her safe, even if she can't stand to look at some of them. Zofia is one of the most mature people in any group. She can face dire situations with a calm composure and isn't afraid to speak her mind when she knows someone is spilling out a horrid idea. Zofia can be considered slightly naive. She likes to believe the better of people and will happily grab onto any chance she gets to not yell at someone.


Although it is easy to get on Zofia's good side, it isn't so easy to be a good friend of hers. A single person would have to chase after Zofia and prove to be level-headed before they can even think about befriending her. Zofia easily gets stressed by the unruly behaviors of others and will often act as a medium to balance out others' chaotic ways. Because of her stress, Zofia can get crabby and grumpy towards her troublesome peers. It isn't a surprise to see her snap at someone and lecture them for committing an act that others would consider a "minor mistake".


Zofia tries not to pick sides when it comes to an argument. She will try to go through situations and settle arguments using the logical point of view. However, this does not mean Zofia is heartless. She does have a sense of morale and humanity. She prefers logic over morale, but knows when the logical route isn't the best trail to tread on. Zofia, while willing to let certain things slide by, is not kind when it comes to major matters. If someone needs to be disciplined, then she will dish out punishment. If someone is bringing more harm than good and is threatening the lives of the group, Zofia will make sure their voice is silenced.

Crush/Mate: None yet

Power: Like the rest of her breed, Zofia has the ability to influence the chances of a pair producing an egg. Though Zofia can increase the chances of an egg being laid, she cannot force partners to breed with each other. She has no influence over others emotions and cannot make two people randomly fall in love out of nowhere. Zofia also possess Eidetic memory, or, formally known as photographic memory and total recall. This "ability" of hers allows her to recall the sounds, images, objects, places, and people in her memory with great precision. Zofia can remember everything she has ever seen, heard, smelled, touched, and tasted. Zofia's great intellect, along with her photographic memory, allows her to comprehend things and understand the world in a way no one else can.


However, despite this, Zofia is a horrid fighter. Although bigger than any other female Purple, Zofia is physically weak. She can easily be beaten in a fight and lacks good, if at all any, hunting skills. This is partially due to her inability to consume meat and her just being generally bad at fighting and hunting. However, being so worried about the others, Zofia tends to hunt for their sakes and has learned some basic self-defense skills because of this.

Other: Zofia's favorite meal to consume is watermelons. She has a tendency to break a whole watermelon open and stuff her entire head into it. Her color is purple, her least favorite color.


Username: Doctortear

Name: Lucifer Iustitia

Gender: Male

Breed: Undine

Appearance: With a long muscular build, Lucifer may appear menacing at first glance. His muscles are stretched across his body and are coated in shining marine green scales. His head protrudes off of a long curving neck and is finely pointed. His muzzle ends at a smooth curve and his cheekbones are raised every so slightly. Two dully colored horns emerge from Lucifer's head and curve backwards and reaching upwards all the while. Scruffs of purple hair grip Lucifer's cheek bones and hug the sides of his face. A long luscious deep violet mane ripples along from his spine and reaches down to the beginning of his tail. From there, it whittles down into small patches before blooming once more at the end of his tail. Four long limbs connect to Lucifer's muscular body. The khaki under plating on his stomach reaches up towards his neck. Two large and opposing wings cling to Lucifer's sides at all times. The leathery membrane is thick and provides for a warm area for one to settle into. Lucifer's tail is thick and meaty, making it a good club, but a poor whip and not as near as good weapon as his sharpened claws. Unlike most of his kind, Lucifer has deep pink eyes tinted french rose.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: If there was anyone who had the generic traits of a Templar, it is Lucifer. Being the complete opposite of his namesake, Lucifer is a noble being who acts only in good intentions. He will refuse to do anything he deems "incorrect" and will be disgusted by those who meddle around and cause harm. He is quite honest and will tell the truth no matter the circumstances. He expects others to meet his high expectations and will go out of his way to make sure they follow them. Lucifer is not a merciful creature. Although he is willing to sacrifice everything he has to do the right thing, he is not willing to allow others to get away with misdeeds. He is harsh when dishing out punishment and will often have to be convinced not to permanently harm someone. He is open to being reasoned with, but will absolutely refuse to negotiate with his victims and must be addressed by a third party.


Though deeply religious, Lucifer is quite logical when it comes to decisions and will very rarely result to emotional answers. Generally, Lucifer is outwardly friendly to others and tends to give respect to both those who do and don't deserve it. He is courteous to others, but isn't afraid to lash out to those who anger him and scold those who misbehave. Lucifer doesn't have many close friends, but isn't hard to befriend. He is caring to some extent and may even prove to be skittish and flustered when it comes to romantic advances.

Crush/Mate: None yet

Power: Like most of his kind, Lucifer can call upon the spirits that dwell in the waters he visits often. In exchange for respecting the spirits and protecting the freshwater they live in, Lucifer has been granted powers by the spirits. He has the ability to control water to some extent. He can reroute raindrops, form pools from underground water, and cause the ground to steam or frost over under his claws when he is enraged. This is the extent of his special ability. Beyond that, Lucifer has no power. He cannot lift an entire lake into the sky, nor can he cause the sea to obey his command. The worst Lucifer can do is cause a minor water source to steam or freeze over. The best he can do is provide a clean water source during a drought.


Lucifer also happens to be superb fighter. He is naturally inclined to settle disputes and will not hesitate to use force in order to stop said arguments. He is not the best fighter in the world, but he is certainly not someone to be taken lightly. Though his muscles and sheer size do help, he does not rely on brute strength alone to take down foes. Lucifer relies on skill and practicality it order to defeat his opponents. He is honor bound and will not use low blows unless it is absolutely necessary. Lucifer's tendency to hone his skills often and inner peace granted by his hours spent by meditating make him a unique fighter among his peers.

Other: Lucifer, oddly enough, is found of sweets. He fancies the color sea green as it reminds him of water coursing through a stream.


Username: Doctortear

Name: Yedda Espion

Gender: Female

Breed: Seawyrm Pygmy

Appearance: There is nothing peculiar about Yedda when compared to the rest of her breed. She is smaller than her male counterpart height wise, but she is much longer than any male Seawyrm could hope to be. Her long narrow body makes her seem all the more smaller. Tiny silver scales cover Yedda's body and sparkle brilliantly in the sunlight. Two large, semi-translucent, curved wings sprout out of Yedda's back. Sunlight can faintly shine through the leathery turquoise, membrane. A short neck supports 's head. Above her short nuzzle are two flapping fins that stand behind Yedda's bright cyan eyes. Nubby front arms with surprisingly sharp talons protrude out from Yedda's shoulders. HeYeddar tail is long and whip like and can easily be used as a weapon if necessary. The fins that sprout from along the ridge of Tedda's tail and the tip of it help her catch the drafts in the wind.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: "Laid back" is just the first word to come to mind when describing Yedda. She is a very easy going person and rides life with the flow of time. She is very passive and avoids arguments and confrontations with a twirl. She acts as though she doesn't understand why everyone gets into fights or dislikes others. It would be so much easy to just, you know, stoke their arm, man. She'd much prefer to lay down and watch the clouds than to worry herself with needless problems. In Yedda's mind, no one would have so many issues if they'd just lower their standards and appreciate life for what it is.


However, just because Yedda is "chill", that doesn't mean she isn't active. She has absolutely no problem with stating her mind and rather enjoys doing so. If she disagrees with something, she'll bluntly state so, but she'll still respect the opinion she finds poorly crafted. It isn't uncommon for Yedda to exaggerate her opinion to the point of extremities. Yedda relies heavily on first impressions, but she can easily forgive someone. She judges someone at first glance, however, that judgement does not affect how she treats a person. Yedda is the kind of person to treat everyone equally; Yedda will treat someone who loathes her with all their being the same way she'd treat a friend. She is relatively easy to befriend and she generally considers herself to be good terms with just about everyone unless said otherwise.


One should not let their guard down near Yedda. She is far smarter than she appears. The way she acts is both an act and a way of life. On one hand, Yedda enjoys acting as she does, but on the other, she doesn't wish for people to see her as threat. If absolutely necessary, Yedda can get serious. She is a great candidate for a spy as she can gather information that many do not wish to part with. What she does with said information depends on the situation. In most cases, Yedda keeps it to herself and locks it in the back of her mind. If someone somehow manages to employ her then she might just tell them some rather interesting things for a price, of course.

Crush/Mate: None yet

Power: Yedda doesn't really have a special ability. She is a superb flyer and swimmer much like the rest of her breed. She is no stranger to diving from the sky into the ocean depths in order to catch prey. She has great maneuverability and has great aerial tactics. Thanks to her small size, Yedda can fit into holes and crevices that larger beings could only dream of fitting into.

Other: Yedda can sometimes be seen daydreaming and she happens to be an inverse vegetarian. Her favorite color is dark cyan because it reminds her of the sea.


♪♫♪ Ayesthine ♪♫♪


Username: Ayesthine

Name: Radovan (Rad-OH-van)

Gender: Male

Breed: Vampire

Appearance:Radovan is tall and muscular, but his lanky limbs and prominent bone structure give him an air of acute thinness. His dark scales are dull and without shine, and his large wings are patterned with dusky red swirls. His teeth, horns, and claws are all long and sharp, and he takes great pains to keep them that way. His red eyes are slitted and hawk-like.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Radovan has somewhat of a dual nature. He is aggressive and gruff, and he isn't afraid of getting physical with other dragons if the need arises. He is a brutal and morally bankrupt fighter and will not hesitate to take cheap shots or kick someone when they're down. He prefers to keep to himself, rarely talking or acknowledging other dragons. In general, he despises the company of others and will scorn any attempt at friendship. His temper is short and he is quick to judge and hate. If someone should befriend him, though, they will find that he is fiercely loyal and is the first to step forward to end arguments. He hates fights and prefers to get them over and done with as soon as possible, provided he can't prevent them. His emotions are always strong, and he can never feel halfway about anything.


Radovan is, at best, conflicted with his vampirism. He revels in the pleasure he receives when he feeds, and he has hardly any qualms about hurting his victims, but he hates that the cravings he feels can't be controlled. He wants desperately to have a handle of his emotions, but his anger and his bloodlust send him spinning out of control. It's easy for him to beat up on himself for failing someone or for losing himself, and his anger and bitterness only seem to fuel his negative feelings.

Crush/Mate: None yet

Power: Radovan is physically very powerful. His large size and muscular strength, coupled with his steely resolve, make him a frightening opponent.

Camouflage comes naturally to him, and he is adept at hiding in shadows.

His senses of smell, hearing, and sight are finely tuned.

Other: Rusty brown, the color of old blood, is his favorite.


Username: Ayesthine

Name: Porcia Chalchiuhtlicue

Gender: Female

Breed: Blue-Banded

Appearance: In terms of her body structure, Porcia is a typical Blue-Banded dragon. Her hind legs are long and powerful, enabling her to take a semi bipedal stance. Her neck is long and slender, and her small pointed head has large, pale-blue frills flaring out from her jaw. Lots of thick diagonal stripes zig-zag across her body. Her eyes are large and piercingly yellow.

Picture:user posted image

Personality: Porcia is so laid back she's practically lying down. She is incredibly informal and flexible, and she's perfectly willing to sleep through an entire day. Her patience and calm attitude are nearly infinite. Crying children and hyperactive animals hardly make her bat an eye, but she has little to no tolerance for blatant ignorance. No matter who it is or where they are, she will always take the time to correct someone. She hates people who are intentionally annoying and confrontational and will frequently go out of her way to take them down a peg.

While she may not realize it, Porcia is insufferably curious and loves to poke her nose into everything. She has a deep love of mechanical projects, and enjoys nothing more than studying working systems, be they natural or artificial. Her creative streak is wide and well-developed, and her dexterous hands and fine motor skills enable her to tinker and invent. Biology and primitive bio-mechanics fascinate her.

Porcia has a tendency to arm herself with a thick layer of sarcasm, and when she's in a bad mood it takes effort to tease a proper answer out of her. Excitement is not a common feeling for her. She has a hard time forcing herself to care about certain things, and when she catches her shortcomings she berates herself mercilessly. Genuine excitement makes her smile, but she can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. In general, her world view is a little pessimistic and defeatist.

Crush/Mate: None yet.

Power: Porcia is an excellent swimmer and fisher. Her strong hind legs allow her to run quickly, and her ability to move from a quadrupedal stance to a bipedal one gives her a range of mobility that most dragons don't have.

Like most dragons, Porcia has some form of fire-breathing ability. Her breath is similar to Greek fire. It's an oily liquid substance that can burn on water and is difficult to extinguish. The nature of the liquid is such that she can't project it very far or in large amounts.

Other: She loves fish and is rather fond of dark slate blue.


♪♫♪ MasterWeavile898 ♪♫♪


Username: MasterWeavile898

Name: Cordilia Aciem

Gender: Male

Breed: Radiant Angel

Appearance: Cordilia appears perfectly normal for one of her kind in terms of color and general shape. However, she is a bit on the scrawny side. Her wings are a bit small and she struggles with sustained flights. This affects her little, as she prefers the ground anyways, but does make it harder for her to flee dangers as she will struggle to get aloft

Picture:user posted image

Personality: Cordilia is quite smart and discerning, capable of spotting minute differences with relative ease. Her analytical skills make her good at problem solving and finding things. She thinks well on her feet and can make tough decisions with relative ease. Solving problems so swiftly often causes her to become impatient with others, so she tends to tell them the answer. This can also lead to her simply avoiding providing reasoning and just bossing people around


Despite her being a very analytical dragon, Cordi is actually quite emotionally driven. She struggles to connect to others, and tends to latch on to the few who show her kindness. Most of the time this poses little problem, but she can get clingy. She also has a tendency to shut down entirely when faced with a problem she can't solve, especially when this problem involves an important relationship [Not necessarily a romantic relationship]


All in all, Cordilia is a smart dragon who struggles to connect with others on a social level

Crush/Mate: Favian None yet

Power: Cordilia is capable of sensing how others feel about her. If they're angry with her, she feels that they are angry with her. If they are happy to see her, she feels that they are happy to see her. However, she has a tendency to misinterpret these feelings in an exaggerated manner, meaning that she may think someone angry with her absolutely hates her, or someone happy to see her is madly in love with her. This is furthered by her inability to properly understand emotions in the first place

Other: Yes, Cordi is a female with male parts. Also, she's a fairly good herbalist. Her ability to spot differences quickly and easily lets her find exactly what she needs with relative ease. Her color is fire brick.


Username: MasterWeavile898

Name: Irawyr Ceirfrudd

Gender: Male

Breed: Brute

Appearance: Irawyr is large even for his already massive species, his towering bulk dwarfs most any dragon with little exception. His wings are well muscled and large, as are his claws. His horns are angled a bit farther forward than would be considered normal, but not to the point of being debilitating

Picture:user posted image

Personality: Irawyr's personality appears to match his appearance. He's extremely blunt, stating his opinion with absolutely no regard for what anyone else thinks. He often states how idiotic he feels the other dragons are and will not hesitate to verbally bash them. Despite this, he rarely hesitates to help anyone who asks. He may grumble a bit for show, but he's really quite willing to assist


In truth, he really cares for the others, but feels he needs to keep up some kind of image. His ruse goes deep enough that he almost believes it himself, but he knows in his heart that he doesn't really dislike the others as much as he pretends to. That isn't to say it's all a ruse. He is still quite blunt. And while willing to help, he tends to do so under his own conditions with little regard to how others think he should

Crush/Mate: Oh he likely gets plenty of crushes, he just shoves them in a dark pit behind his heart and tries to pretend they don't exist

Power: Irawyr has moderate control of his metabolism, allowing him to speed it up or slow it as needed. When faster he gains strength and speed, but tears through energy and must eat extreme amounts of food. He can slow to a point where he barely needs to eat or drink, but he will be nearly incapable of moving. A more moderate approach to this can allow him to survive long periods with little sustenance while still being able to travel great distances, albeit at a slower speed than normal

Other: Due to his large and powerful wings, Irawyr has a very high air speed and maneuverability. He also has his breeds natural magic resistance working to his advantage in combat. Overall, a direct 1-on-1 fight with him is generally not a good idea. However, he struggles to focus on more than one thing at once, so he can usually be subdued at least temporarily by a pair of dragons working together. His color is indigo.


♪♫♪ KoalaNoob ♪♫♪


Username: KoalaNoob

Name: Kalana

Gender: Female

Breed: White Striped

Appearance: Average in terms of height, but thinner than most, Kalana doesn't look threatening at all- not that she is, of course. She has bright orange stripes across her back, and along with her equally bright white scales, she has a coloration that can almost be described as "happy". Her ears are usually perked up, making her look excited, and her cheerful expression only adds to this. Just by appearance, she seems like a pleasant dragon to be around, because she is.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Kalana is a young, energetic mother, in many ways. She feels natural affinity with hatchlings, or dragons younger than her. She's pleased by watching them play and have fun, and she sometimes joins in as well. Taking care of others simply brings her joy. Because she lacks talent in both physical and mental departments, she's just doing what her skill set lets her do, and succeeding brings her waves of dopamine.

Outside of younger dragons, Kalana loves to forge deep bonds with others, anyone at all. She often tries to move friendships on too quickly, but her mistakes are genuine. She's not social, merely liking to think that there are many who have her back. When she realizes that she's ruined a relationship, or someone she cares about abandons her, she'll become more protective towards everyone else she knows, wanting to pull them close and never let go. Being betrayed terrifies her, too much for her to ever think of betraying someone else- even if she knows they're wrong.

Crush/Mate: N/A

Power: With great natural compassion and empathy, Kalana is able to soothe upset dragons that she meets. This doesn't work if the target doesn't want her help, and much of the comfort given is through words and actions, not some unexplained magic. Unfortunately, it's almost like the negative feeling is absorbed by Kalana, since she often feels depressed and less energetic after she helps someone else. She doesn't mind though, happiness often overdriven any sadness in her, and things as tiny as a pretty butterfly can make her happy.

Other: Kalana's color is orange


♪♫♪ Draconic29 ♪♫♪


Username: Draconic29

Name: Loki Sommer

Gender: Male

Breed: Misfit Pygmy

Appearance: Loki, for the most part, heavily falls into the description of his race. However, instead of orange, his eyes are a pale-blue, something that tends to be quite easily noticeable. His body is made for speed and quick maneuvers in flight, and combined with his size this makes it easy for him to go places many other dragons can’t.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Loki is hyperactive and hard to get serious at times, making it difficult to make him sit still. A jokester and trickster at heart, Loki loves a good laugh. Clever and actually quite intelligent, he has a mouth full of jokes, taunts and teases that can pull him out of many a trouble. He is skilled at traps, tricks, storytelling and riddles, and is good at observing his surroundings and using them to his advantage quickly. Although at times his jokes can go a ‘little’ too far, and when they do, he must be willing to listen when someone puts their foot down.

Although a bit hard to tolerate at times, he is loyal to his friends and will greatly laugh, and shake his rear, in the face of danger for them. However, his antics sometimes require someone to be quite tolerant of different and odd personalities. Although he won’t admit it, he at times grows lonely, and will cherish every moment he spends with his friends, having his own odd little ways of showing that he cares. In the end, just like everybody else, all he truly wants is to have someone listen to him and be at his side to share the joys, and laughs, of life.

Crush/Mate: None as of yet.

Power: Loki’s power is quite useful, though also quite limited, being capable of turning himself invisible. While active, he is completely invisible to the naked eye and doesn’t cast a shadow, though he can still be physically touched and heard. If something like flour were to be poured on him, he would be very easy to see. The greatest limit of this ability is time: he only has a total of ten minutes to use it, though if, for example, he suddenly stops using during five minutes, he can access the last five later. After using up all ten minutes, it takes about 30 minutes for his ability to ‘recharge’. During the time he is invisible, Loki’s energy also depletes, leaving him tired and weaker, causing risks if he overuses it.

Other: Named after the Norse God of Trickery.


Username: Draconic29

Character Name: Lupin Grey

Gender: Male

Breed: Tri-Horn Wyvern

Appearance: Lupin easily fits into the appearance of a hunter, being well-built and athletic, ideal for the mountainous terrain his race hailed from. Although not the largest dragon, he is still one of the more intimidating ones by appearance: He has rows of sharp teeth, a fairly powerful looking pair of wings, and a blue, three-horned crest ideal for messing someone up very badly. He seems to have multiple scars all over his body, though only two are especially easy to see, the first one dragging down the right side of his torso, while the other is a slash mark right in front of his left eye.

Picture: user posted image


Personality: Lupin is a quiet and stoic dragon, and while he does talk quite easily, his hunter nature causes him to only talk when he feels it is right. He is observant and analytical, capable of deducing past events and seeing important details in his surroundings.

A skilled hunter and survivalist, he seems to adapt to nearly any environment, though he tends to feel a particular draw to mountains, and deserts seem to be fairly out of the question for him. A lone wolf, Lupin prefers the isolation of more distant and extreme territories, such as cold, snowy mountains in high altitudes and jungle islands far off oversea. However, he seems to heavily dislike deserts.

He carries a deep respect for nature and the creatures of the world, and while he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, he only takes what he sees as necessary, leaving enough game in his territory to repopulate for years to come. In order to not disrupt the local ecosystem of his territory, he does not choose to kill or drive out the other large predators large bears and wolves unless completely necessary, and seems to be able to come to some sort of unseen agreement with them. His love of nature and the world especially extends to the moon, which he can be found watching on clear nights.

Although his antisocial tendencies, he won’t deny help or aid to those who find him or he finds in a predicament, holding his morals over personal comfort. Still, he will most likely part with them when he is no longer needed, though to those he is truly friends with, he is more than willing to leave his territory to aid them with incredible loyalty. On some occasions, he does feel lonely, yet denies this fact to a great extent, having never truly grabbed onto his love and care for those close to him.

Crush/Mate: None as of yet.

Power: Lupin has all the natural traits his race has: Enhanced senses that make hunting and tracking all the more easy and an athletic body built for endurance, necessary in order to withstand the cold and high altitude habitat his species had evolved and hunted in, and also making him really good in a fight. His eyesight and hearing are well-trained to pierce through things that would commonly dampen them, yet his sense of smell is his most notable sense, as he is incredibly good at finding trails even in conditions such as snow and rain. He is a skilled tracker, capable of reading the signs left behind by his quarry, even when they have been somewhat obscured by time. He is also very capable of moving through the toughest of weathers and terrains, regardless of it being by foot or by flight.


His deduction and analysis skills allow him to piece together signs and clues he finds in order to determine things such as past events. As he is incredibly observative, he notices even the smallest, most minor details. This makes running from him very hard to put up with.


Part of Lupin’s concept is inspired by Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton from Assassins Creed 3.

He occasionally has issues falling asleep, and likes to fly on quiet nights to calm himself.

His chosen color is #98817B.

Edited by Doctortear

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♪♫♪ Psycho Cat ♪♫♪


Username: Psycho Cat

Name: Enid

Gender: Female

Breed: Speckle-Throated Dragon

Appearance: Enid is takes pride in her shimmery scales. She tells others they are more shiny than normal dragon's, but whether they are genuinely more shiny or she just sees them with a tinted view because of the placebo effect isn't fully clear. Her throat is a slightly brighter than normal, but not by much. Her eyes are more purple than blue, unlike most of her kinds'. When she sleeps she rolls up in her wings like a sleeping bag, causing them to involuntarily curl when they are spread out and she's not flying (and this curl is still faintly visible even when she is flying). She spends more time than she needs to grooming the fur on her tail tip, giving it a lustrous sheen. She is generally more lithe compared to most Speckle-Throateds. She makes up for this lack of muscle with slightly above average speed and agility.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Enid is slightly more regressive and irritable than normal Speckle-Throateds. While not outright aggressive, she has the tendency to shy away from large groups and, when she finds herself with company, likes to be only with one or two others at a time. When found in a large crowd, it is possible for her to adapt and become more social, but it usually takes a few minutes for her to adjust and in the small window of time she will shoo potential minglers away, telling them, "I just needs some me time." This behavioral pattern is probably due to her slight dissociative identity disorder. Enid doesn't show many extreme symptoms, and often it takes a sharper eye to notice any malfunctions in her actions, but this mental problem can be seen when she is: talking to herself when no one else is around; narrating her thoughts for no apparent reason; debating over things more than she probably should; occasionally disliking things she would have been fine with a couple days ago; and going through phases of relations with others (for example she may be simple friends with someone one minute and then suddenly find herself craving their presence the next). This embarrases her and Enid tries to avoid talking about it, especially because she prides herself on her intellect and these bouts can cause her to feel self conscious about how smart she appears to others.


These problems apply mostly to loose acquaintances and strangers though. She feels much more comfortable around friends and family and she becomes much more stable when someone she trusts is near. When she feels okay Enid can become much more interactive, even a bit more talkative than the average dragon. Nothing pleases her more than when someone tells her something she never knew before, even if it's just useless trivia she will likely never use. She hopes one day to have children she can pass all of her knowledge to and, hopefully, finally have someone to confide her problems with.


She also loves grapes. Enid is, like, crazy for grapes. She will eat them vine and all if she finds them. This is likely a byproduct of her DID, but she doesn't mind. What's wrong with loving nature's delicious candy?

Crush/Mate: No mate picked yet, but she leans toward a guy with brains or someone who will listen to her.

Power: She has mild light bending powers, and if she concentrates enough she can produce a white-blue laser from her forehead. When enough effort is applied these lasers can ignite trees, but overuse tends to slow down Enid's general thought process and lead to a state of mental befuddlement. If she tries too hard she can even go through periods of amnesia and disorientation. She also can breath blue fire. This fire is brighter than normal and is the same color as her light beams, but doesn't possess any more magical qualities than normal fire.

Other: Her color is #AD7580.


Username: Psycho Cat

Name: Apollo Osibal

Gender: Male

Breed: Sunrise

Appearance: Apollo is abnormally large for Sunrise dragon standards. He is muscular and proud of his strength. His wings, due to their purpose, are also exceptionally vibrant, nearly to a reflective point. Though, they are also fragile and have been torn a few times. These tears have mended like natural stitches, but rough lines where the rips were can still be seen, particularly a large horizontal one on his left wing where he maimed himself on a rock. For a few years he was crippled because of this, and one can still see a bit of a gait while he flies. Because of its length, Apollo wraps his tail around his feet while he sits, much like a cat would. The tail is slightly prehensile, and while not limber enough to support his full weight while dangling from something, it can perform minor tasks such as sweeping things toward him, grabbing large and easy objects (such as small boulders and sometimes wrapping other dragons up), and being generally more flexible. His horns are a little shorter than most Sunrises', but not by too much. He wears a gem encrusted silver bracelet on his right arm with a large emerald adorning the center. What arm he wears is on depends on what arm he's training, though when he's idle it is usually on his right arm. His eyes are a similar green color and are almond shaped.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: One word to describe Apollo would likely be narcissistic. He loves to brag about his strength and can be especially showy around females. Often, if his pride feels threatened, he will even take on much bigger dragons than himself only to prove what is usually a silly and superficial point. Unlike most egocentrics, though, he actually cares very little about his appearance. His biggest priority is his brawn and he loves to train, particularly with a crowd nearby to watch him. He brags that his bracelet is the source of his "unbelievable" and "amazing" strength, though it is likely that this is a lie he made up to look good. It is, however, quite heavy, and arguably gives him at least slightly more power due to the effort the wearer must put into carrying it.


Apollo is by no means heartless, though. While not always showing it, he cares deeply for his friends and when the time comes he will be there. He's not entirely all bark and no bite, either, very rarely showing any kind of cowardice when a threat or rival approaches. In fact, he is probably more reckless than he should be, picking his battles unwisely and jumping to conclusions. This is the main reason for the scars and roughness of his wings, which are used by Apollo for intimidation purposes and often go unprotected during fights. This kind of hot headed attitude makes it so that he can sometimes be slow to make new friends, as both parties will likely have a mutual dislike for each other until they get less wary of the other dragon in question. After this social hump, though, any sort of relationship is a downhill ride and one will find he is actually a pretty cool companion.


He loves people who compliment him. Commenting on Apollo's strength would be akin to giving a puppy a chunk of steak for no reason. Another thing he loves is when others offer him squirrels. He loves squirrel meat, even if they are barely a bite of food for a dragon.

Crush/Mate: None yet.

Power: Apollo can shoot high concentrate beams of energy from his mouth, like Hyper Beam from Pokemon. These beams follow star rules color wise: more cool beams are small and range from red to yellow and hot, intense beams are white to blue. His wings act pretty much like a giant solar panel. He spreads them out to gather energy before spending it on his beams later. The most energy possible can be absorbed in the morning, growing weaker and weaker until night finally comes and he cannot absorb any at all. He is entirely incapable of absorbing the moon's light. NOTE, Apollo's ability to absorb sunlight has nothing to do with his metabolism, and no matter how much light he takes in he still must eat regular food. He cannot process light like Terraes.

Other: His color is #C03ED2.


♪♫♪ Lumikkja ♪♫♪


Username: Lumikkja

Name: Chorus Tu Brando

Gender: Female

Breed: Blusang Lindwurm

Appearance: Like most blusangs, Chorus is a vibrant mix of turquoise and beige, but the beige patches on her wings are speckled with a much deeper shade of blue, giving her a darker color than most blusangs. Her large, deep purple eyes are framed by almost-black raccoon patches, which extend down the back of her neck and coil around to her underbelly. She bears a black reticulated pattern along her back and on her hind set of wings, while her primary wings are bright, almost neon turquoise. She is rather large for a blusang, which makes it difficult for her to move on the ground, but she is very well muscled and can keep flying for several days if she needs to. Her legs are completely black, tipped with long, serrated talons.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Chorus is very analytically minded, preferring to observe a situation before making judgments. She is prone to noticing details but not the whole picture, and if she sees something that she can't immediately explain she becomes suspicious. She is somewhat paranoid and is often leery of other dragons when they show an interest in her. She is not very talkative, unless she wants something. She refuses to ever lower herself to begging, but she is not above bargaining her considerable mental skills in exchange for some service. She maintains a sense of quiet dignity, and views other dragons with general condescension. She is very socially and emotionally reserved, but she is not verbally disdainful. She maintains a calm, gracious demeanor in the presence of other dragons, and it is very difficult to provoke her to violence. She will fight if threatened, but she prefers her words over her talons. Making friends is difficult for her, as she will only even consider the casual company of another dragon if they are respectful to her, intelligent, and if they do her some kind of favor. She is willing to ally herself with other dragons out of necessity-she does understand her limits and knows that she can't handle everything by herself.

Crush/Mate: None

Power: Aside from her mental acuity and ability to remain calm and rational in times of stress, Chorus is exceptionally agile in both the air and the water, being a very good swimmer who can hold her breath for up to two hours underwater. With her increased lung capacity comes another ability-she can make high-pitched, disorienting shrieks. These screams are not fatal or even harmful unless she screams directly into a dragon's ear, she just does it to startle attackers.

Other: She thinks dolphins are really, really delicious. And her favorite color is navy blue, like her shadow as she flies over the sea.


Username: Lumikkja

Name: Azazel

Gender: Male

Breed: Magma Dragon

Appearance: Azazel looks much like your typical Magma dragon, but is significantly broader, especially around the shoulders. The spikes on top of his head are thicker and longer than most other Magmas, and his 'scales' are pure black rather than dark gray. His orange lava coloring is more red than orange, but still glows brightly. His eyes are pure white and also have a bit of a glow to them.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Despite Azazel's bulky appearance, he is a rather shy dragon with a shockingly deep yet soft voice. He isn't terribly comfortable around other dragons, and he tries to keep his distance until he knows them better. When around smaller dragons, he's afraid of hurting them, and when around larger or equal-sized dragons, he is afraid of being hurt. This presents a bit of a problem in certain situations, as while Azazel is nervous around strangers, he also hates being alone. He has absolutely no confidence when it comes to fighting, and therefor tries to either avoid fights or find someone who can fight alongside him. For the most part, he keeps his emotions and opinions to himself, partially because he is nervous about seeming imposing with his ideas, but mostly because he doesn't know how to communicate his feelings tactfully. If the situation is extreme, and someone asks directly for his thoughts, he will speak his mind, after a little stuttering at the beginning. And while he keeps it a closely guarded secret, he is extremely envious of winged dragons, as being without wings himself he can't enjoy the freedom of flight. If he could trade his size and strength for a pair of wings, he would, even if it was just for a single day.

Crush/Mate: He'll probably have one, but be too shy to say anything about it.

Power: Invulnerability against heat, and if he actually worked up the nerve to fight, he would be a very powerful opponent. He is physically strong and very durable, able to withstand what would otherwise be crippling hits. Azazel can also modify his body temperature, usually keeping it rather cool in the presence of other dragons, but he can increase it and burn others just by touching them.

Other: His color is #580000. He's also bisexual with male preference, and females in general tend to unnerve him. Sending or receiving telepathic messages also gives him headaches.


Inactive Character List


♪♫♪ Tiga ♪♫♪


Username: Tiga

Name: Rhaegon

Gender: Male

Breed: Pyralspite (Spessartine)

Appearance: Rhaegon is a bit bigger than normal dragons of his species, his body is slim and hard packed with muscle. His limbs are long, goving him height over other dragons. His scales are a vibrant orange with noticeable darker orange on his paws, tail tip and wing tips. Rhaegon's patterns are obvious, bright orange against a duller shade. His wingspan is large and when he closes them, they seem to camouflage into his scales. His tail is longer than his body and his neck is long and his face is slim and narrow. He has two dull horns from behind his eyes and two ears behind the horns. Rhaegon's eyes are a sharp golden with green flecks.

Picture:user posted image

Personality: Once you give Rhaegon a task, he will carry it out to the letter. Nothing will stop him once he has been told to do something. He is extremely loyal and may often become like a lost puppy clinging to another dragon. However he is incredibly observant and anything you say will become lodged in his memory. While listening or eavesdropping, he always fidgets, his eyes on the ground and playing with the ground with a claw or just staring ahead and not at who is speaking. This makes him look like he has zoned out of the real world. Rhaegon has trouble seeing empathy of others and finds himself wanting to complete the task at hand, even if he has to offend or injure others. He always get straight to the point, he doesn't want to mess around when someones asks for his opinion. Rhaegon does it so suddenly some think he is lying, but he is always dead serious about his opinions. He is quite blunt towards others and will always voice his thoughts and opinions. He will happily argue amongst others to allow his opinion be heard, even if it should be rude or incorrect. Rhaegon's mind is wild, ideas popping out of the blue and strange words slipping out of his mouth. He often thinks about what a dragon has said previously and overthinks about it. He will often say strange sentences in the middle of a conversation, making him look like he wasn't concentrating. But no matter how he looks when being talked to, he is always listening. If you see past his blunt thoughts and sudden opinions, you can see how loyal and how protective he actually is of his friends.

Crush/Mate: I don't think he can handle a relationship.

Power: Rhaegon had breathe an intense hot flame form his jaws. He can use it in short bursts or shots, but he can fire it for longer. This however will tire him out very fast and his body will begin to overheat. Once his body temperature begins to rise, he needs to cool down fast or his body will shut down from the heat. Therefor he tries to limit the use of his flame.

Other: His color is #F87217 or Pumpkin Orange


♪♫♪ Silverphoenixx ♪♫♪


Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Sierra Myontai

Gender: Female

Breed: Bright Breasted Wyvern

Appearance: Sierra, being a wyvern, is a very elastic and athletic dragon. Thin lithe limbs support her slim body, propelling her forwards quickly and easily. Spatterings of charcoal black markings contrast with the delicate spring green of her scales, making them seem even more vivid. Her chest is a bright grapefruit red, adding a splash of contrast to her green scales when paired with the aqua markings on her wings. The only dull color on her is the muted olive green present on her underbelly and tail. Three sharp, short, obsidian black claws tip the ends of her toes. These claws have a strong grip, and are slightly curved inwards, making them almost invisible but easily felt.

Picture: user posted image

Crush/Mate: None yet, but open

Personality: Sierra is a very forward dragon. She is not shy around her fellow dragons, but until she gets to know someone she might be a little serious and distant. This is due to her being more suspicious of strangers and sometimes reading too much into their actions, especially during embarrassing moments. Tending to over think when under pressure doesn't help this either. She has a lot of energy and is not always able to control herself, following her impulses with little question, even when they are illogical. She does have a sense of logic that isn't weak, but she allows her emotions to win over her decisions. When she does something wrong, she finds it hard to apologize or even apologize at all. Placing high value on honesty and loyalty, she despises others who manipulate dragons to cause pain and get away with it. However, she believes others easily, often giving the benefit of doubt a little too much. The most effective story to get her to believe you is a pity one. She believes that all bad guys can be "saved" and that they always have a good side, although deep down she knows that isn't true. Even though she may make bad decisions and follow her friends a bit too much, her heart is in the right place.

Power: She is fast and agile, able to stop or avoid slow and heavy attacks. She can use her mind to invade another dragon's body and force them to do something, but the cost can be enormous. Her own body is left undefended and she can use up her body's store of energy, incapacitating her for hours, days or even weeks. She also has the poison barbs of her species. However, she doesn't have much strength in her hits, instead using a continuous system of hit-and-run plus poison to wear her opponents down.

Other: The original Sierra returns! Her color is lime green.


♪♫♪ Skiddajane ♪♫♪


Username: Skiddajane

Name: Evelyn (Eve)

Gender: Female

Breed: Royal Blue

Appearance: Eve is around the average size for a dragon of her species. Her scales are a bit of a duller blue, making her seem more of a slate grey color. She has bright, contrasting white swirls that begin at the pads of her feet, and continue up to her head, where they seem to merge into her white head spikes. Her spikes are very sharp due to not fighting or participating in any activities that could wear them down. In the right sunlight, they look to be a glittering silver color. Eve's body shape is one that is often considered "desirable" by other dragons. Her tail is rather long compared to the rest of her species, thus increasing her balance during flight. Her body is very slim, allowing her to fly, run, and swim faster. Very useful, since her preferred method of dealing with threats is flight, rather than fight. Her perfectly-proportioned muscles also aid with speed, but are not quite strong enough to win a battle against another dragon. Perhaps the most striking of her features, are the eyes that have been passed down in her family for generations. Brilliant golden irises hinted with multitudes of other colors, resting inside oval-shaped eyes that slant up and come to delicate points at the ends.

Picture:user posted image

Personality: Eve isn't one to take charge, but is full of good ideas and advice. She is a very smart dragon, who always looks for the opportunity to learn. Eve can come up with solutions to many difficult problems, as long as she is left unbothered for long enough to think. Despite her eagerness to share her vast knowledge, she is neither very good, nor comfortable with speaking in front of large groups. Eve prefers to indirectly lead, by privately explaining her ideas and plans to one who is more charismatic than her. Said charismatic dragon may then convey it to others. She is excellent at sympathizing with others, and understands them on a personal level. She loves the idea of life, and sees nearly everything as beautiful. Eve believe that everything and everyone has a purpose. She gives great encouragement, mostly because she truly does believe that others can succeed. She speaks with confidence, and treats others with respect. If someone has not done her any wrong, she will treat them like a good friend- even if they just met. Although she may seem like the kind of dragon to love everything, she has no tolerance towards physical violence. Eve longs to become a parent, but still wants a lifelong mate whom she can trust and feel equal to, and is willing to wait for that special someone.

Crush/Mate: Looking for someone to truly connect with.

Power: The ability to generate colors in air. The colors start out as a soft glow wherever she wishes to place them. Then, light little streams of color start swirling around. They can touch you- and they feel like whatever she wants them to feel like. It's as if her colors were dye, diluting in water. They can feel like water, or silk, or like nothing at all. The colors can be thin like a whiff of a cloud, or as saturated as if you were looking at a bright ribbon floating around you. Eve can even make them glow. Just a little bit. At nighttime, if she chooses, she can send out all shades and hues of colors. She makes them move through the air, as if they were dancing to a melody. Sometimes, you can even hear the melody. You think that you can hear familiar sounds or instruments, but you can't quite decipher one from another. And the rhythm is faint. As if it were inside your mind. Because it is. If you happen to hear the melody, it's never the same. If one is lucky enough to hear the melody at the same time, it's what their own mind creates. You sit there, and listen, and watch. These dancing ribbons of color all around you. And just when you think that it can't get any more serene, things start to appear within the mass of beautiful light. Gradient horses, or silent waterfalls. Maybe a shooting star or two. Or ten. Dragons of all shapes and sizes and colors, flying. Misty fish, jumping out of a pond that you might swear is real. And then, as it gets later into the night, the things slowly start to disappear. They may melt, or disintegrate, or vanish with a small puff of cloud behind. And the ribbons seem to dance away into the sky, or the woods. And the music gently fades. And just as you feel the sadness creeping in, Eve is right there to gently assure you that they will be back in due time.


Favorite colors: Silver and Gold

Voice is soft and gentle

Biggest fear: Death

She hums to herself, and surprisingly- she doesn't even realize it.

Good at poetry and stories.

Her favorite spot/place to be is the mountains.

She has a soft spot for guys who are good with children, or have a good sense of humor. Props if he has both.

Her color is royal blue.


Username: Skiddajane

Name: Marco

Gender: Male

Breed: Fever Wyvern

Appearance: Marco’s scales are a more vibrant green, with slight variations throughout his body. His head is darker than the back part of his body, with similar colorings on his feet.This helps him blend into the trees during the spring and summer. His wings are huge, which help while gliding. Each wing ends in small sharp spikes, and are tinted yellow-orange. He has a lean build, making him less physically powerful, but a faster runner. His body shape allows him to fly slightly faster as well. The barbs at the end of his tail are of normal size for a Fever Wyvern.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Marco is a socially withdrawn dragon with a violent attitude. He likes destruction, and the pain of others. He doesn’t talk much, and prefers to do things away from everyone else on his own. He hates the idea of “friends” and thinks that everyone else is basically a hippie. He fends for himself, and doesn’t like the company of others. He is easily annoyed by other dragons, regardless of what they’re doing. He tends to pick fights and act rude. He has his own idea of what’s right and wrong, and thinks that everyone else isn’t as smart as he is.

Crush/mate: No one, but might find one eventually.

Power: Ability to generate poison from the spikes on his tail. While he does not get weak, or feel any repercussions from this, if he uses the poison, it does take a few hours to build up enough for him to use it again. His poison specifically targets the nervous system. An average dose of the poison in his tail can trigger seizures and loss of consciousness. Other acute effects of the poison include muscle paralysis, cardiorespiratory depression, massive secretion from mucous membranes, eye irritation, and blurry or dim vision. In small doses, the muscles become weak, but not paralyzed. There is also mild eye irritation that can vary. In large doses, death is imminent. The poison quickly paralyzes the entire body, until the target's lungs and heart cease to function, resulting in either suffocation, and/or fatal cardiac arrest.

Other:Marco’s color is MediumSeagreen.


♪♫♪ Avialae ♪♫♪


Username: Avialae

Name: Kalu

Gender: Male

Breed: Moonstone

Appearance: Kalu's appearance is largely typical for a male dragon of his breed, with his small head, long neck and tail, and slender body giving him a graceful and delicate appearance. The feathers on his wings are luxuriantly soft and make almost no sound when he moves them. The scales on both his navy blue back and his pale blue belly are extremely small and unusually soft, almost seeming to be covered in a thin layer of velour. The semi-circular bulb at the end of his tail characteristic of all Moonstones is the only part of his body that actually seems hard, and in fact consists of a mineral substance that appears similar to blue quartz. Unlike most other dragons of the Moonstone breed, Kalu's dark blue back is covered in a thick dusting of light blue speckles that are the same shade as his underbelly, and his eyes are a bright, sparkling spring green. Whenever Kalu moves, he is gentle, deliberate, and almost languid - he seems incapable of darting around rapidly like some other dragon breeds often do.

Picture user posted image

Personality: Kalu tends to have a laid-back disposition, preferring to sit and consider a situation before jumping right into it. He is very kind-hearted and considerate, and likes those around him to be happy; if he senses something is bothering someone, he'll do his best to cheer them up. This is made easier for him by the fact that he is very good at reading the emotions of those around him and can usually tell when doing so is necessary. He is very good at putting himself in someone else's metaphorical shoes and can deeply sympathize with the struggles of others - perhaps a bit too well, as if a good friend is having an emotional crisis this can lead to him he can find himself getting upset or depressed on their behalf. Others generally feel that Kalu understands them well, though obviously this isn't always the case. His outlook can be described as optimism tempered with realism - he will generally believe the best of people and believe things will get better in the future, but will still take someone's past behavior into account and plan for the worst when he makes decisions.


Kalu enjoys conversation on any variety of topics and is happy to socialize with others, though if the location becomes extremely crowded he will get somewhat stressed out. He is a very good conversationalist, since although it doesn't necessarily appear that way, he is a curious dragon and loves to learn the hows and whys of things, which lead to him becoming very well-read in his previous life, some of which inevitably spreads over into his current one in the way of background information. He also likes exploring, but he is not as powerful as many other breeds of dragons and is well aware of his physical limits.


While Kalu can easily make casual friends, there are a relative few that he will form a special connection with and hold dear to his heart, and if he feels these loved ones are knowingly being wronged, he will fly into a rage on their behalf, which may suprise others due to the sheer unexpectedness of it, as he is hardly ever angry otherwise. However, these special friends may never know how much they mean to Kalu, as he is somewhat insecure and shy - though certainly not timid - and doesn't have a great deal of confidence in himself, especially when it comes to relationships with others.

Crush/Mate: Available

Power: When his abilities are awakened, Kalu will be able to absorb moonlight into his body and use it as an energy source, decreasing the amount of food he will need to eat. This will also cause his body and especially the orb at the end of his tail, where a large part of the energy is concentrated, to glow with an almost otherworldly silvery light that grows stronger as it accumulates. He will also be able to use this energy to sate the hunger of others, and to replenish any magical abilities other dragons have if it is necessary, or briefly strengthen them if it is not. After fully replenishing the magical strength of one large dragon, he will need to rest himself.

Other: Although as a Moonstone Kalu is a nocturnal breed, his internal clock has been disrupted due to his long sleep and for now at least will be able to follow the daytime routines of the majority of dragons. While he is primarily a herbivore, he can eat meat without becoming ill and particularly likes eggs and fish. His color is blue.


Username: Avialae

Name: Celandine

Gender: Female

Breed: Swallowtail

Appearance: Celandine has very delicate features, even by the standards of her breed. The irises of her large eyes are light violet, flecked with black, and easily grab the attention of others. Although Celandine's build is slender and graceful, as is typical for her species, she is nonetheless quite athletic, with much of her body covered in lean muscle. This is due to the swift flying and precise aerial maneuvering that her breed is known for, activities Celandine is particularly skilled at, or at least used to be. Although they are small, Celandine's teeth and claws are extremely sharp, and that fact combined with her being able to strike so swiftly means she can cause a surprising amount of pain when she attacks. Celandine's wings are very fragile due to being thin and semi-transparent, and she must be very careful with them in order to avoid accidentally injuring them. The spots on her tail membranes(?) that are usually light blue in other female Swallowtails are instead a bright yellow on Celandine, but otherwise her coloring is normal for a Swallowtail of her gender.

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Celandine is a somewhat vain dragon with a superior attitude, and usually acts in a refined and cultured manner. She is very conscious of social standing, even in the situation that she currently finds herself in, and will try to surround herself with and befriend the dragons that are popular and well-thought of. This is partially because she thinks she should be included in those groups as well, but also because in a place she buries deep down inside herself she is insecure, and feels the need to feel secure socially. Somewhat paradoxically, her belief that she is an exceptional dragon, somehow intrinsically better than most others, seems to be quite genuine, and she has a tendency to look down on those she views as lesser than herself.


Celandine has difficulty handling criticism, even when it is gently worded, and tends to lash out at its source, verbally or, in extreme cases, physically. This doesn't mean she'll get angry, but you can definitely tell she's not happy with what you said. She usually tries to act nice, but that's what it usually is - an act. When she thinks it will not reflect badly on her reputation with others, she will not hesitate to insult or berate someone else for a perceived flaw. It is difficult for her to trust others, and she takes a slightly paranoid view of others' actions, being quick to assume the worst of them. In the extremely unlikely event somewhat manages to win her trust, she will be an incredibly loyal friend and supporter.


Romance is extremely important to Celandine, both personally and in the abstract. She keeps a mental list of everyone she knows of both genders ranked from most desirable to least desirable, and keeps close track of who is involved with who. She is of course also searching for a mate for herself, however her standards are very high and for her a relationship may not always be about love.

Crush/Mate: Available

Power She is surprisingly skilled at combat due to her speed and agility, which allows her to swoop in, deal damage, and dart back out again before the enemy can retaliate, though she cannot match the capabilities of the more combat-oriented breeds. She can't stand up to too much actual damage, however, due to her breed's innate fragility.

Other: Her color is gray.

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user posted image

Her eyes jolted open. Before her mind could register her surroundings her body jumped up from her peaceful sleeping position as if she was reacting to something. But nothing happened. Confused, she shook her body to help wake herself up and found that she felt very stiff and groggy. Blinking around her cavern surroundings she saw many other adult dragons in their sleeping positions. "How long was I asleep..?" She wanted to get a drink of water, but didn't want to move too far away from the sleeping dragons. For if one of them wake up she could ask them where they were and prevent herself from getting lost. To compromise, she'd just take a long sun bath just outside the entrance of the cave. That way she could recover her energy and look out for the others when they wake to ask them questions. She was still quite wobbly when she attempted to walk as if she hadn't walked for centuries so she walked along the cavern's walls to the entrance. If she was more awake, she would have noticed that the cave was hand carved by someone or somebody with precise claws. No natural cave could be so beautiful or intricately carved like the one they were all in.


When she reached the entrance her scales hungrily drank the warmth of the sun into her body. Oh- how it felt so good to feel that energy fill her body! Happily and contently she stretched out her limbs. Although her mind has mostly recovered her body still felt a little stiff and the only real thing that would help would be some good exercise. At least she could think with a clearer mind now. She sat down as if on guard for the others as she thought to herself. "Now lets see what's the last thing I can remember..?" But all she could draw up was a void save for the few minutes that just happened. "H-Huh? That can't be right. Okay lets start from the beginning. I know my name is Anu and that my last name is Oshun. And the next thing I remember is... Waking up in the cave filled with adult dragons. Is this what's known as amnesia?"

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There was absolutely nothing. There was no scents to be smelled, to sights to be seen, no noises to be heard, to objects to be felt, no food to be tasted, and no thoughts to occupy a mind. At first, there was only silence, no conscience, and no intelligence. It was a complete absence of anything and everything. It was the complete abyss. Then, in a split second, all of that changed. Rushing out of nowhere where emotions, thoughts, senses, and so much more. The female now could think. She could taste the fragment scent of the outdoors wafting into the cave. Her claws extended forward, feeling the smooth and oddly warm cave floor beneath her. Two blue eyes swung open and widened in both fear and confusion. The female's brain was overloading for she could not handle the sudden burst of information. For just a moment, her mind was overloaded and she could not form a single thought. It was as though she had just woken up for the first time and such an idea would not be far from the truth.


Just as quickly as the burst of knowledge came, it faded. The female's head that had shot up now began to relax. Short, heavy breaths escaped from the female's mouth and, as she gasped, her eyes began to glance around the room uneasily. The peculiar warmth that emitted from the floor was not created by the cave but the large bodies of other creatures similar to her laying about on the floor. They didn't seem to have registered the female's sudden jolt of movement. In fact, none of them seemed to have stirred even the slightest at the female's outburst. Where they, perhaps, not alive or in a deep slumber? With curiosity getting the better of her, the female gently prodded the nearest body near her. She clenched her claws together and carefully poked the green beast beside her. It did not stir. She pressed against it's side again, this time harder. Still, no movement was made. She repeated the process several times, each time pressing harder than the last. After the fifth attempt, the female heaved a sigh of defeat and gave her head a shake. Her experiment wasn't getting anywhere. It would be best to stop now and try again later.


Looking up, the female began to fully comprehend her surroundings. She appeared to be in some sort of cave, but yet, there was something off about it. She had never seen a cave before to her knowledge, but yet she knew that this was no ordinary cave. The way it acted as a bowl, or a dome to be more precise, was... unnatural. The way it was smoothed out and how it seemed to completely lack any dents or cracks was astonishing. Heaving herself upward, the female soon learned that her legs were not willing to obey her so easily. Grunting with frustration, the female pulled herself forward only to walk a few steps before falling flat on her face. A growl of annoyance rumbled through her throat. Why was there more weight on the left side of her body? Shifting her neck around, the female found a rather curious thing. Where there was another leg on the other dragons there was but smooth muscle. It appeared as though the female lacked a right hind leg entirely! It caused the female to cock her head to the side, but prompted no further investigation. She had something more intriguing to view next.


Struggling with keeping herself upright, the female hobbled over the far left side of the cave. Keeping balance wasn't as tricky as the female initially thought, but moving her legs was another issue. It felt as though her legs would fall over on themselves at any moment. It was hard enough to move over the other side of the cave with three legs, but she had to dodge the bodies scatted about on the floor. It was absolutely ridiculous! Once the female reached her destination, she sat herself down with relief flooding over her. Sitting was by far much easier than walking. Tilting her head to the side, the female began to look over the intricate designs carved into the cave. With every passing second, they seem to get more and more complex and as they became more complex the female's awe grew. The carvings were... hand drawn, where they not? It was completely and utterly fascinating! Who could of crafted such a marvel? Who formed the large cave? Who put all of the strange beings inside of it? Such questions began to swirl in the female's mind as she tentatively placed her claw on the wall and slowly drag it down, all the while doing her best not to gape in wonder.


(Lucifer will either be added to this post tomorrow or will get his own post tomorrow after someone else has posted.)

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She couldn't explain the feeling. It was as if.....she wasn't. But then she was. If that explained anything. Information flowed into her fully developed, yet experience-deprived mind. With the thoughts and feelings of a newborn, she slowly opened her eyes. Everything was blurry, and not in the right positions, as if her eyes had not worked in hundreds of years. She didn't know where she was. She didn't even know WHO she was. She was completely confused. She didn't know anything. It was as if her mind had been wiped clean. She blinked a few times, and the world became clearer. She closed her opened mouth, breathing through her nostrils. She was hit by a wave of knowledge. Different scents flowed through the air. They were the scents of other living things. Her instincts told her that they were related to her. Family, but distant. She moved her eyes around, catching glimpses of the other living, breathing things.


There were so many colors... This made her smile. Every one of them was so beautiful. Each unique, not one like another. She raised her head. She was also a beautiful color. There were different colors in a funny pattern on her legs. She wanted to know more. By this time, she was sitting up, not quite standing. Her eyes were completely clear now. Her nose was being filled with the smell of the other creatures. After a few minutes, she could tell exactly which scent belonged to which creature. She wanted to get a closer look at one of them. It had a level of smell that matched half of the creatures in the cave. A male. He was a shimmery green, with a blue mane and tail. Just the look of him made her curious. He was lying on the ground, as she had just been. She slowly stood up, getting used to her legs. She cautiously made her way over to him, head low as if she were sneaking up on him. Upon closer inspection, she noticed two large, wrinkled things on his back. She wanted to know if she had them too. She turned her head around, looking at herself once more. She did! The discovery of these things filled her with such excitement that she let out a small squeak.

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"I wonder if anyone else is awake yet?" Picking herself up, she walked back inside the cave and saw a purple dragon marveling at the cave markings. Oh! Cave... Markings..! Realizing that the cave was in fact a sight to behold her breath was taken away. Why she didn't see it before was beyond her. As much as she wanted to appreciate her surroundings more... The depth of the carvings, the shiny smooth parts, the parts she couldn't see from a distance... The most important thing right now was she needed to get information as to where she was and how she got to this place. Why was she sleeping? Why are there so many others sleeping? What's going on! Speaking of what's going on, something about that purple dragon seemed somehow... Different than the others who were sleeping. "Hrm... Who do I talk to though? I don't want to bother the purple one for she looks too deep in thought, and the blue one seems to um... Be preoccupied by her... Wings? I guess they're wings right? W-well, I guess I'll just introduce myself, see whats up and let them go back to their business as soon as possible!" She sat down again in plain sight for the two to see, took a deep breath and said, "Excuse me, my name is Anu Oshun. I'm terribly sorry for interrupting you two, but might you be so kind as to tell me where we are? I seem to have no previous memory save for the few moments ago when I woke up and then sunbathed in the morning sun." Anu herself was surprised at how polite she could sound when she spoke those lines. Maybe her previous up bring had something to do with how she spoke, or some previous event had? Once again she tried to think hard, to dig up the vaults of her memory. But it was no good, she couldn't even get a wisp of a single memory or feeling of her past, like there was some sort of invisible and unbreakable wall denying her access.

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Gray. A blurred, murky, gray. That was the only way she could describe her consciousness.


Everything was uncertain, swirling and twisting ominously with no end in sight. And then, the her eyes blinked open- not fluttering, but not all at once, either. Just slowly, carefully, taking every second needed, until the dark orange irises were glimmering in the light. And even then, everything was gray, smooth, and confusing. Silent. Cold. Empty. Yet, there was no more stirring, or dizzying spinning. Everything was - mostly - still. And they made sense now, too. A smooth, flat, floor beneath her. An elegantly rounded wall, with seemingly similar consistency to the ground she lay upon. And everything was perfectly gray, and dim with only touches of light. But there was more than enough light to see. With the slightest of movements, she stared emotionlessly at her surroundings. They confused her. This was so real, and yet, so lifeless. Her eyes shifted this way and that, glancing at the large faces of storm before moving on. Everything remained motionless and dead.


But, despite the stillness of what she found herself staring at, there were sounds to be heard. Not before, but slowly, growing until they were barely audible.


And they were amazing.


Her ears immediately perked up, and the rest of her body twitched, wanting to follow. Her limbs jerked downwards, with little power. As she strained to stand, she felt something resisting her. She pushed against the ground, harder, and felt herself rising. Only then did she notice a stiff ache in her muscles, but the movements felt luxurious- just as luxurious as the sounds she was hearing. She could only make out a few words, about morning and sun, but as soon as the sounds entered her ears, she was hungry for more of the soft, comforting voices that told her she wasn't alone, and there were others that might want to be with her. She was feeling awfully lonely, with all this gray.


Quickly, she struggled to think of someone she could seek for some companionship. Nothing. Not even something foggy, or something veiled. Just nothing. She had an empty well of information, and as soon as she realized this, she gave up the fight. Nothing would be reaped from trying to retrieve something non-existent, so she stopped and returned to the matters at hand. The voice.


Awkwardly, she twisted around, still getting the feel for how her body moved. Clunkily, her legs stepped sideways and turned. And then it was there. Colorful shapes at the edge of her vision. Purple, blue and green, and orange, to be exact. Only three moved, though, and the orange remained sprawled and still on the ground. She was in joy. Immediately, she repeated the odd, mechanical motions she had used to turn, staggering and pulling more of the colors into her sight as a result. Her neck bent to see them more clearly, much more easily than her body and limbs had moved. Appreciating the simpler actions, she stared at the other moving things, eating in the the brightness and warmth they gave off. There didn't seem to be anything malicious about them. They might make wonderful friends. All she would have to do was say hi, meet them, and everything would be alright. Maybe the ones still motionless would wake as well, and they could all figure everything out together. Opening her mouth, than closing it, she fretted about making a fool of herself, or spouting out utter nonsense, but swallowed her fear. Then, she tried again. "Hello. Be friends? Like sunlight morning too, like others. Like friends." The sounds came out naturally, with little to no thought. But, something seemed off about her own words, though she wasn't too sure. They would have to make do for now, though. Hopefully, the others would accept them.

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Radovan hissed to himself, slivers of light breaking through the warm misty redness that covered his vision. Cold air bit at his nose, and faint scents long undisturbed swirled through the dusty air. Dust motes ticked his nose, and he sneezed loudly. Satisfied, he turned over, smacking his lips. A rush of air passed his lips as his lungs settled. Grumbling, he scrabbled his long claws over the cold floor of the cave. His skin rolled over his bones, pebbles sticking uncomfortably into his side. His brow wrinkled, giving his cruel features a comical air of confusion.

Why... why am I waking up? It's so cold. I just want to sleep.

The heavy shapes pressed on top of him shifted as he squirmed. An errant tail tickled his face. Hissing again, he smacked it away.

Hey, leave me alone. I was dreaming.

He heaved in a breath and let it squeeze out of his lungs in a drawn-out whine.

This isn't fun.

As his mind slowly swam to the surface of the pool of his consciousness, sounds and smells trickled through his nostrils. Warm, fresh, lively blood trickled through veins. Hearts pumped in endless rhythm; some slow, some fast. Delicious copper life surrounded him. His stomach grumbled.

"Mmmnnngh," he groaned. Feebly Radovan pushed at the pile of dragons sleeping around him. The smell was overpowering. He had to.. he had to... "Let me up," he said, his tone muffled but urgent. He kicked out against the darkness. His breathing, once soft and slow in the peace of his sleep, was ragged and labored. The air around him felt damp and close. He had to move, he had to get out! The walls of scale and flesh around him closed in, crushing the life from his body. Frantically he pushed out with his legs, his wings, his back, but the heavy bodies around him wouldn't budge. He could hear his heart thumping against his chest.

What the hell is going on?


(ahaha ha ha what)

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It seemed as though that either a single mind of brilliance had carved the exquisitely baroque designs with the walls or a workforce of, most likely, menial workers were guided by the excellence of another. There was a story imbedded into ancient cavern walls, but what story exactly? When did it begin? Who started writing it? Why was it written? The female paused her through process as he claws gently slide off of the smooth walls. She blinked, suddenly perplexed by all the unanswered questions she had yet to ask. Why where there so many dragons in the cave anyhow? Why were they all in some form of a coma? What was the purpose of keeping them in the cave?


The line of questioning, that had suddenly became so broad, narrowed down once more. Why couldn't she remember anything? Why was she in the cave with the others? What was she? Who was she? The sheer deepness of her thoughts brought a shiver down the female's spine. She knew little to nothing. She was not more but a empty shell lacking any knowledge. She needed to know what was going on. She had to know. She needed to be aware of her situation. The fact that she knew nothing was terrifying and she did not want to face that.

I need to understand everything I can.


"Excuse me, my name is Anu Oshun. I'm terribly sorry for interrupting you two, but might you be so kind as to tell me where we are? I seem to have no previous memory save for the few moments ago when I woke up and then sunbathed in the morning sun."


The sound of a light but concerned voice drew the female's attention away from the marvelous cave walls and towards the entrance of the cavern. A lone green shape was seated in plain sight. Beams of sunlight pressed against her figure, making her outline seemingly glow. Had her voice not been so amiable, the female might of just found her large size and horns intimidating. Turning herself body away to face the other female, the Purple noticed just how many others were regaining their consciousnesses as well. Another female coated in blue and lined with silver was examining her wings with joy washing over her face. Close next to her, the green male that the female herself had poked when she woke up had lifted his head. The female could see his head turning around every once and a while as his pink eyes gazed around the cavern. A few moments after the green female had spoken, another voice had spoken up, this time from a white female striped in yellow who was sprawled against the floor.


"My, my, we seem to have found ourselves in a rather peculiar situation," the female chimed as she turned her blue eyes towards the larger green female near the entrance. "I'm afraid I am as knowledgeable as you at the current moment. We are inside of a cave of old which should give us some help in our investigation, but yet there is no indication of where we are or why we are here. Fascinatingly terrifying, isn't it?" The female turned her head back to the beautiful characters etched in the wall for a moment. All the answers could be staring her in the face. Why couldn't she understand any of it? Realization sudden smacked the female right upside the head.


"Oh! I am dreadfully sorry!" she exclaimed as he turned towards her acquaintances and dipped her head respectfully. "Zofia Tharros at your service, Anu Oshun and company. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Zofia was startled by her own words. When did she get that name from? Somehow, it felt as though that Zofia was her name. The knowledge of that fact came from nowhere and prompted Zofia to try and search deeper into the reaches of her mind, however, no matter how hard she dug, she only found emptiness where memories should be. Trying to contain her sigh, Zofia flickered her gaze over to the side. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw movement come from within a pile of bodies. Zofia looked more closely and, within a matter of seconds, she saw another flicker of movement. It only took her a moment to realize what was going on.

"There appears to be someone trapped from within that pile over there," Zofia said anxiously. "Perhaps one of us should go over and assist whoever is in-"


In a flash, the green male who was near the blue and silver one suddenly leaped up from where he was laying and began to sprint over to where the pile was. He moved faster than Zofia could in her current state, but he did not do so without falter. Though someone who wasn't as observant as herself would not notice, Zofia could see the male tripping over himself. It was rather subtle and the male caught himself each time, but it was still there. Either way, it was rather impressive to see him move much such haste, even if it was not perfect.


user posted image

The male, who had not known his own name until a few moments ago, was running was fast as he could to the pile the one who called herself Zofia pointed out. He had not seen the flicker of movement from said pile until she had pointed it out. Now that he knew that someone was in trouble, he knew he had to help, None of the others seemed to be moving as quickly as he was and they didn't need to. He could solve the problem easily so there was no need for them to get up and worry themselves with such trivial matters.


Bounding forwards, Lucifer caught himself once more before continuing. He was continuously tripping over himself and it was beginning to get rather annoying. He felt faint and his limbs felt like noodles. It was as though he was going to fall flat on his face at any moment. However, despite being in a poor condition, Lucifer did not stop. Such a small matter would not hold him back. Nothing would stop him from helping whoever was in need of his help! He'd get over to that pile and he'd help whoever was in harm's way, no matter what condition his body was in.


Now within a foot or two of the pile, Lucifer skidded to a sudden halt. His feet attempted to fall from underneath him, but he dug them into the cave. Pain shot from his claws, causing a huff of surprise from Lucifer. He did not expect to experience such a radical reaction from this claws. Now stopped, Lucifer quickly examined his paws. Blood in the smallest quantity was smeared on his front right claw. Lucifer let out a snort of annoyance. Such a small amount of blood was nothing to worry about, he had bigger things to worry about.


Turning his attention to the pile, Lucifer began to observe it. There was about seven or so dragons piled onto each other. They ranged from different sizes, colors, genders, and body structures. They were placed upon one another in an erratic fashion, as though they were not originally placed in such a way. From within the within the pile, there appeared to be someone squirming around uncomfortably. Alarm suddenly coursed through Lucifer. Was someone suffocating in there? How long did they have to endure such pain? Almost immediately after that thought registered, Lucifer moved towards the nearest dragon, ready to fling them off of the pile.


No, wait, I can't do that. I'd hurt the others as well.

Stopping himself just in time, Lucifer paused and glanced at the dragons that were creating the pile. As much as he wanted to help whoever was being crushed under the weight of the others, knew he couldn't just throw the other dragons off. They weren't actively trying to squish whoever was underneath them. They were in the same situation as Lucifer was and for that he to assume they were innocent. As such, Lucifer had to treat them as though they were innocent. Carefully, Lucifer began to pull each dragon off of the pile and place them gently on the floor. By the time he had pulled the fourth dragon off, the victim in question became visible. It was a male from Lucifer could tell and he was coated in dusky brown scales accompanied by swirls of sheer white and scarlet ovals.

"Are you okay?" Lucifer asked, his deep voice rumbling in his throat. "Do you need any assistance?" Pulling off the fifth dragon, Lucifer took a few steps back. The male now had enough room to squirm himself out of the pile and free himself. Lucifer didn't want to startle the male. After all, waking up had been a shock to himself. Lucifer expected the other male to experience the same shock.

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Bile rose in Radovan's throat. He felt trapped, and was trapped. The air around him was uncomfortably warm and stale, and the scent of blood and life that was so tantalizing now made his stomach turn. He could hear conversations, probably from dragons, since he couldn't smell anything other than the rank stench of scales and sulphur. He could feel and hear heavy footsteps running his way. He hissed, pressing his hindquarters into the cavity he had made. Someone was moving the bodies stacked on top of him. Uncertainty fluttered in his chest. It wasn't a feeling he relished, but he was in no position to be picky.

"Are you okay? Do you need any assistance?"

He could hear the male dragon's voice before he could see him. Light, white and searing, pressed against his eyes. It stabbed into his scales, and the Vampire felt a sudden, pressing need to hide, to melt into the darkness, to run away. He growled in his throat, the dry rattling sound echoing in the cave. He could feel rather than see the space around him, his nose and ears painting a picture of a cave, carved out of cold stone, filled with dirt and dragons and smells. Hissing, he opened his eyes.

"I'm fine. he said, slowly. His voice matched the green dragon's in pitch, but his grated and scraped. For a moment he wondered how he knew how to speak, how he knew the meanings of these strange syllables, but he dismissed it. The gap in his knowledge was like the ragged hole a loose tooth leaves when it falls out, and it bothered him. This whole situation was weird and uncomfortable and foreign, but the vampire suppressed his curiosity. He had to move, he had to feed, he had to clear his nose of the odor that clung to it. He resisted the urge to claw at his nostrils, and instead stiffly nodded. "I'm fine." He stopped, paused a moment, and grudgingly added "Thank you." Formalities taken care of, he rose to his feet. With a careful, precise leap, he cleared the rest of the dragons around him. Hoping for an exit, he glanced around the cave.

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She was taken aback. Another one like herself who didn't know what was going on? "If both Zofia and me don't have any memories, is it possible that..!" She cleared her voice. She wanted to ask the question to everyone in the cave to confirm her suspicion but before she could Zofia pointed out someone was in need of help. She sprang up to her feet as if something frightened her and was about to sprint over to the pile of dragons but a male had already jumped up to help. She heaved a sigh of relief as the green male did his best not to wake the other sleeping dragons while still helping out that one dragon that was in trouble. She wanted to walk over to double check that the previously buried dragon was alright but she refrained from doing so and sat down again, turning her attention back to Zofia. "If both Zofia and I can't seem to remember anything other than our names and the now before us, then I suppose that could mean everyone who is sleeping here in this cave have the same problem?" Her eyes trailed over to the white dragon whom she was rudely ignoring. She turned her body and bowed low in apology to the white dragon. Rising from her bow she showed the deepest regret in her eyes, and made sure to make eye contact to help relay her feelings. "Oh! I'm so sorry I didn't reply to you earlier. Yes, I'd love to be friends with you and everyone else in the cave!" She then turned herself so that she could address the current dragons that were awake. "Would those that are awake and able to please come to the entrance so that we may all get to know each other and formulate a plan to know what to do next? If you aren't able to, I'm sure any of us will help you as the generous male dragon helping another has demonstrated."

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Clawed paws gently pushed Sierra aside, but she barely felt it, still being asleep. Flopping over onto her back, she went still again. Suddenly, she leapt up, nearly tripping due to being unused to her legs. Her sparkling red eyes were open before she could register seeing. This wasn't right. It was too...new. What was happening? What had happened? A whoosh of air passed overhead, startling her. Why was she here? There had only been a feeling of peaceful nothing before this, and now she was being assaulted by experiences. What if those dragons surrounding her were dangerous? Dangerous. The word echoed in her head, threatening her, and refusing to let her stay still. Moving her arm, a gust surprised her. The membrane on her arm had caused that. If her own two arms were dangerous, what else was? There were questions, but there were no answers. A frustrated growl was let out by her, reverberating throughout the cave. No. She would not just stand here and be endangered. Crying out ferociously, she lunged towards the closest dragon, a green one with a mane.




She could get answers from them. They likely would know what was happening. Attacking them would give her the element of surprise, but would guarantee hostility. Meanwhile, asking questions would give her answers, and possibly reveal them to be nice. She could still awkwardly trip outside if it didn't work, though she would probably get caught anyway. Still, her need for answers ruled over her threatened feeling, and she stopped an inch away from the dragon with the mane. Her first attempt at speaking, only produced an odd whistling croaking, but she managed to get words out the second time. "What. Is. Happening." She said slowly, getting used to the feeling of words. She retreated a few steps towards the entrance of the cave, stumbling slightly before catching herself. Walking backwards when you were just starting to walk normally wasn't a good idea. Lesson learned. Steadying herself, she tensed slightly in case the dragon would attack her. Very likely, considering she had just almost attacked him. 'Should have though it out better...'

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Not too soon after Lucifer had asked if the male was okay, he, rather grumpily, protested that he was fine, stood up, and began to walk away. He paused to offer a quick thanks before heading off on his own with his eyes glancing around suspiciously. Lucifer gave the other male a nod of understanding before turning his back towards him. If the other male wanted to be alone, then so be it. There was no reason for Lucifer to pry into the other male's business. Lucifer had done what he needed to do and that was all that mattered. He did not expect a reward, but the "thanks" was appreciated.


A jolt of movement caught Lucifer's attention. The third dragon that he removed from the pile was now standing upwards. She looked confused and rather frustrated. Unlike the others, this female appeared to be quite upset. She was not looking around curiously but rather snarling in contempt. The word dangerous came to mind. The female looked like a cornered animal and that in itself was worrying. Something about the way the female was looking around was troubling Lucifer. It appeared as though she was not taking the situation as well as the others. She was reacting violently as opposed to stopping and thinking about the situation. If she got violent...

"Madam," Lucifer began as he took a step back and tensed his muscles. "Are you al-"


Lucifer was caught off by the female leaping towards him with a screech of anger. Letting out a roar of surprise, Lucifer's wings swung out from his sides and opened up wide. He changed into an aggressive stance and let out a growl of his own. Just as he was about to swipe his attacker away, she stopped. She was literally an inch away from his face when suddenly stopped. He could feel her warmth breath breathing into his face. Lucifer had to hold himself steady in order to not lash out at the female.


"What. Is. Happening."


The female's voice sounded raspy and strained as though she hadn't spoken in a while. Confused by her sudden words, Lucifer simply blinked and watched as attempted to back away from him. When she stumbled, Lucifer could not stop himself from taking a step forward.


Looking up from where he was standing, Lucifer could see Zofia, now a yard or so away from Anu giving him a hard look. When Anu had called everyone to the entrance, Zofia must of complied to her demand and made her way towards the entrance.

"She's confused just like the rest of us," Zofia explained as she glanced over at the vividly colored female before turning her gaze to Lucifer once more. "Don't push your luck, she doesn't understand what's going on."


Of course, the female was just confused like the rest of them. The only difference was that she was acting violently. Planting his feet onto the ground, Lucifer turned his eyes towards the other female, his pink gaze settled onto her and only her.

"We don't know what's going on either," he began slowly. "All of us have woken up, just as you have, not knowing what's going on. We're all just as confused as you are and don't understand what's going on. None of us are going to hurt you. Please, try and calm yourself." Ever so slowly, Lucifer began to take a step forward. If he moved too suddenly, he could cause the female to attack again and he definitely didn't want that.

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Sierra narrowed her eyes at the green dragon, taking a step backwards, this time steadier. The other dragon had helped her, but she was irritated. She acted as if she knew exactly what Sierra was thinking, and that bothered Sierra. Their story was convincing, but how would she know it wasn't a well rehearsed plan? Deciding to trust them since she didn't really have much of a choice, she took a deep breath and relaxed ever so slightly. "Names." She demanded, still not fully trusting them. Her voice was smoother this time, her mind getting used to giving the commands that would form speech. "My name is Sierra. Sierra Myontai." She added the last part as an afterthought, as she had only realized it when her name flowed out of her mouth. Keeping an eye out for the green dragon, she flashed a quick glance towards the cave entrance. There was a giant dragon, and a a purple, one of which must have spoken. If she were to fight them, the big dragon would probably be easy to dart around. 'Calm down. Stop treating this like a war zone.' Sierra mentally scolded herself. She couldn't help it, her mind was still slowly coming out of combat mode, as if she had just been pulled out of a demanding fight to have a nap. It was asking what was happening, and adjusting slowly in surprise.


Taking an interest on the membranes, she gave them experimental flaps. The gust managed to lift her an inch, but the actions felt familiar, as if she had performed them countless times before. Trying again, this time she cleared the ground, lifting off for a split second. Landing now, she experimented with how the gusts would affect her movement. A flap could help steady herself, and a quick downwards motion would give her jumping a boost. Suddenly realizing she looked childish, she abruptly stopped and turned her attention towards the green dragon. Her face reddened slightly, though it was hardly noticeable past her bright scales. 'This is a great way to meet others. Attack them, then stop and say hello. Great planning, Sierra. Make sure you almost get yourself attacked back next time.'

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She watched the small scuffle happen between the sea green dragon and the tiny light green dragon. She was definitely concerned that someone would get hurt, but her gut told her to stay there and observe first. It turns out she was right. The scuffle was just that- a scuffle. She didn't want to leave her spot anymore since she did ask everyone to pretty much go towards her, plus it'd be rude. "Hrm I wonder if I can reach her mind from here... She closed her eyes and pushed everything out of her mind: The situation at hand, the dragons coming up to her, the thoughts about wanting a drink, even the thoughts about why they all had amnesia and why they were there or how they got there. She cleared her mind because she felt if she didn't, her telepathic connection would have been terrible and none of what she wanted to say would have made any coherent sense. <Are you okay? Everything's fine now. No one will come to harm you as long as you don't harm them. We're all trying to figure out whats going on, just as much as you are. So don't be afraid. I'm not your enemy. None of us are.> Finished with her transmission she opened her eyes again, looked in the direction of the dragon she was speaking with, and gave her an encouraging smile.


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The first thing he became aware of was the feeling of discomfort. There was something pressing down on top of him, and his body just felt heavy and unwieldy in general. When he tried to stretch to try to relieve the feeling, he discovered that he couldn't. Something was corralling him in, preventing him from moving. His first instinct was to ignore it, seeing as he wasn't uncomfortable enough yet to want to wake up, but then he started to hear voices speaking nearby him, and although he wasn't awake enough to understand what they were saying, it was impossible for him to sink back into the bliss of unconsciousness with all the noise distracting him.


He decided to push whatever was pressing against him out of the way so he could get up. The object didn't move at first, but as he slowly rose into a sitting position it slid off of him. He tried to stretch again, and this time he was able to do so without being hindered. As he did so, he felt two large, heavy objects extend reflexively from his back along with his other extremities, and, opening his eyes for the first time, he swung his neck behind him to observe two large feathery wings spread out wide. He flapped one tentatively, not completely sure at first that the appendages belonged to him. He hadn't been able to feel them earlier, since they had been pressed so tightly against his back.


He noticed a flash of color out of the corner of his eye, and turned his head to the side to see two green dragons standing near him, one smaller and brighter than the other. "Oh, good evening," he said to them, yawning quietly as he did so. He was still a bit drowsy, and as such didn't fully comprehend the circumstances that they were in, or the emptiness of his mind. "Sorry if I interrupted you."


((OOC: In case anyone needs clarification, Kalu was in the pile of dragons that Lucifer didn't move when he helped Radovan up, but was close enough to the top to still be able to get up himself.))

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Hearing a response to her statements, she lumbered clumsily to stand beside where the creamy green one who had replied to her was, her movements still odd and uncoordinated. Doing the best she could to stay balanced, she lifted each of her legs in cycling pattern, holding them one at a time and kicking forwards to walk. The motions were slow and strange, much worse than everyone else's, but she was pleased with them. Despite having seen others move much more smoothly, she decided not to push herself, hoping the easy steps of others would come to her soon, too. After all, they all seemed to have found themselves in a similar state, so she should be capable of what they could do, too.


After a few more footsteps, she was made aware of an aggressive confrontation not much behind her, and craned her neck to see what had happened. Two greenish dragons were standing face-to-face, not in a friendly conversational way, either. Scared, she attempted to hurry away to seek the help of others, but only succeeded in flopping over in an unspectacular loss of balance. The side of her face collided with cool, hard stone, and she whimpered in terror. As quickly as she could, the female pulled her legs apart and flailed them about, hoping to right herself. Her frantic actions were meaningless, however, and her extremities soon drooped over, completely exhausted of any strength after the brief episode of panic. She stared at the gray wall, a bit upset from the failure, and closed her eyes for several moments. When they reopened, she scrambled crazily again, and managed to push a couple limbs beneath herself. Joyously, she shoved downwards, recognizing the brilliant, airy feel of standing up. And then, she began her stiff walking, mildly proud and amused with herself.


She felt her legs begin to ache as she approached the pale dragon she aimed to stand beside, but continued on her way, eyes set with determination. She focused on a single spot on the dull cave floor, and eventually, she placed a paw somewhere around the area, though her uncoordinated gait was a bit off. Still, she was victorious and ecstatic, and raised her head proudly as she congratulated herself mentally.


And then she collapsed.


But she was still happy, and her eyes shone brightly. She writhed and twisted to turn herself, scratching many scales in the process, but was eventually able to see the the hollow cavern where she knew she had lay upon not long ago. Instantly, she felt blessed with luck- most of the others were buried under piles of their own kind, and generally motionless. She must have been one of the few to be alone, and though she like the company of others, being in a pile of friends was likely less than fun. It might be cozy, but the weight would be quite painful. Deciding not to dwell on the misfortune of others, she gently turned her neck again, not wanting to spend effort twisting her body to move. Staring tiredly at the face of the green dragon, she blinked and smiled gratefully. "Thank you, friend. What we need do? I help, I help others. No enemies, friends, work together. Why nothing. Find out why together." Contradicting her seemingly weak and vulnerable state, she nodded with firm determination, as if to assure the other that everything would be okay. And then, she allows her head to fall back to the ground, enjoying the ease on her muscles. Still aware of the fluency that she seemed to lack, the female turned her head so an ear was facing the other female. Everyone else was capable of speaking well, so she would just have to learn from them.

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The female was clearly not going to calm herself anytime soon. She began to visibly relax, but only ever so slightly. Lucifer could see her eyes narrowing and her muscles tensing. She did not trust him and nor did he her. They were at an unspoken mutually disagreement. The tension in the air was palpable; it felt so tangible that Lucifer wouldn't be surprised if he could reach out and touch it. Halting his advance, Lucifer locked his gaze upon the female.Before he could speak, the female cut him off with a few sharp questions.


"Names. My name is Sierra. Sierra Myontai."


Name? For a moment, Lucifer's mind was blank. Sierra gave two names, not just one. How could she have two at the same time? For a moment, Lucifer's mind went blank and became absent of any thoughts. He had to respond, but the sheer fact that Sierra gave two names instead of one was startling in the least.

"I am called Lucifer... Iustitia." Lucifer rumbled in reply. He almost gasped at the realization that he himself had given a second name as well. Where had that come from? Though he searched ravenously in the depths of his mind, Lucifer obtained no answer to his sudden question. A quick glance from Sierra towards the cave entrance brought Lucifer's own pink gaze towards the large green female and the purple female. Ah, what were their names again? Anu Oshun and... what was the purple one's name? Sofia Ferris? Cofia Tharris?? It took a moment or so for Lucifer to gather his thoughts and produce the name Zofia Tharros. Oddly enough, Anu, the green one, was looking over towards Sierra. Lucifer glanced over at Sierra, did a double take, and turned his eyes back towards Anu. Was she... smiling? What could have possibly happen to cause her to register such an expression? There was nothing joyful about the situation in Lucifer's mind. Perhaps she could see something he could not?


"Oh, good evening. Sorry if I interrupted you."

Yet another unfamiliar voice pierced Lucifer's ears. He was tempted to spin around in order to face the new acquaintance, but Sierra was still on edge and demanded Lucifer's attention. To assure he could keep his eyes on both the newcomer and Sierra, Lucifer turned himself sides and took several steps backward. To the left of him, was the source of the new voice, a yawning male with varying shades of blue on him with feathered wings as opposed to leathery ones. He appeared to be one of the few people Lucifer had not dragged out of the pile that contained the dusky colored male. On Lucifer's right was Sierra who seemed to be testing out her wings. She did not seem as though she was paying any heed to the other male currently and she probably wasn't going to answer him in her current state. If that was so, then Lucifer had no choice but to exchange formalities with the other male as it was accustom.

"You have not interrupted us, dear sir," Lucifer replied as he turned his gaze towards the blue male momentarily. "Do not worry yourself with such a matter. You've become no disturbance to us." Quickly, Lucifer reverted his gaze back to Sierra.

"I'm afraid one of us may not be as permissive to advances as others. Do watch your step."

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Radovan watched with something approaching amusement as several dragons woke up and walked around. He had scooted into the closest thing he could find to a corner, quickly realizing that the entrance to the cave was occupied by a very large and very loud dragon. If he could stand his hunger, he'd wait until all these strange dragons left. If they didn't leave, he'd just have to escape. Something made him feel like he didn't belong, or he couldn't belong. He felt... self-conscious. Part of him wanted to take charge, to try and sort this out, but the majority didn't know why he should care. No one here seemed at all competent or capable of handling leadership. He was confused, frustrated and hungry, and his mind felt numb and sluggish. He couldn't shake the feeling that he'd been cheated out of something. Shivering, he hugged his wings to his emaciated body and anxiously watched the scene before him unfold.


A bright green dragon, a wyvern, woke up and nearly mauled the male that had helped him. For a moment, Radovan thought about getting up and intervening, but it was clear the situation was defused without his help. Still, the fight unnerved him. He felt completely out of his depth, alone, without any shred of memory to guide him. His stomach growled and stuck painfully to his ribs. He didn't know why, but he longed to sink his fangs deep in the flesh of a sleeping dragon. He wanted to draw its sticky, warm, coppery blood into his mouth, tasting it, savoring it. The sound of hundreds of pulsing hearts was achingly tantalizing.



((bad bad bad. shouldn't post at 1:30 in the morning))



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Eve momentarily forgot about her wings, and looked over to where she heard a voice. The voice was coming from a rather large, green splotched dragon. The dragon expressed that she had just woken up, and was rather confused. She started talking to a nearby purple dragon that she had not previously seen. Eve watched their conversation, not making any effort to join in. A few moments later, the green dragon spoke, in general, once more. She wanted everyone to come to the entrance of the cave. Eve hesitated before moving. What if they're not nice? They seem to be...But I still don't know anything about anyone yet... She thought. After thinking about her decision for a few moments, she slowly walked over to the large green dragon and introduced herself. Eve came up with a name for herself on the spot. "Umm..Hello. You expressed that you wanted everyone to come near the entrance of the cave? My name is Evelyn. Just Evelyn. But you may call me Eve if you prefer..." She shrunk back slightly, not knowing if she said the right thing.

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Seeing that she was getting the dragons to gather as she wanted to and getting lots of responses, she couldn't completely wait for the small green dragon known as Sierra to respond to her. She didn't want to come off as rude or that she only briefly care however. She didn't know why but there was a feeling in her chest that wanted to bind everyone together as a... Family? "What's a.. family? I don't remember. But it feels like something I need to forge with the others and to protect and strengthen as much as possible." They didn't necessarily have to all get along, or always be together. It was just some intangible thing that she knew existed. Something she felt needed to happen. Hoping that the reassuring words she said earlier had calmed Sierra at least in someway she closed her eyes once more, reached out with her mind and said, <You can join all of us in the front of the cave, I've invited all to come. There we will figure out what to do next.>


With that disconnected her mind from Sierra's and opened her eyes to direct her attention to the white striped one who she found struggling to walk. She found it partially amusing but also was partially worried if the white female was going to be okay or not, especially when she collapsed. Gently she spoke to the white female, "We're going to figure that out soon. We need more dragons to come to the entrance to introduce and get to know each other better first. What's your name?" Almost immediately after she asked that question as if to answer her she heard the voice of a another female,


"Umm..Hello. You expressed that you wanted everyone to come near the entrance of the cave? My name is Evelyn. Just Evelyn. But you may call me Eve if you prefer..."


Anu turned her head slightly and saw the blue dragon that she saw earlier playing with her wing. She also noticed how- Eve was it? No she said Evelyn- how she suddenly backed off slightly. "I guess there must be a handful of others who are more scared than curious about the situation here..." She laid down attempting to level with Eve's height although there was nothing she could really do about how high her neck was compared to everyone else in the cave. She couldn't lower her neck to the ground or level her neck with Eve- that is, Evelyn. It might do the opposite and frighten or intimidate her instead. And if she were to lower her neck she might be mistaken for going back to sleep! So she just left her neck erect as it was. "Evelyn is a beautiful name, I think I'll call you by that. Do you think you can check on that white dragon over there as she introduces herself to us?" She turned her head slightly to point over to the white striped dragon she had spoken to earlier.

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"He-hello?" No response. The dragon, a shimmery pale salmon, flailed in the darkness. "Someone, please!" Again, her voice was lost in the abyss. It was as if she was caught in a thick, black fog, and there was nothing she could do. She wanted to reach out, to find something tangible—anything to prove she wasn't entirely lost and the smoky and suffocating atmosphere. But as her paws swung wildly around, they found no grip. She wasn't even sure if her eyes were open or not it was so endlessly black. Nothing but shadows and darkness all around her. She felt herself falling, almost in slow motion. Like she was a leaf, plucked from a dying tree and cast to the wind. But there was no way to get back up. She would just keep descending until she met whatever was at the bottom of the cruel void she found herself trapped in.


And then, she felt it. Sudden acceleration. It startled her and made her stomach flop inside of her. She tried and tried but there was no way to slow her careening dive. She sensed her fate was drawing near. She would be gone from this world, suffice it could even be called a world, in matter of moments. She closed her eyes in assumption that they had been opened in the first place and held her breath. This was it, the end.




The dragon jumped awake, startled and not quite fully conscious. In a panicked frenzy she looked around, instincts taking over as she rolled around. Still not fully awake, her muddled brain jumped to the conclusion that she was trapped and was being assaulted by some brutal creature. She rolled around like a beetle stuck on it's back before hitting a nearby wall with a hard blow. "Ow!" She yipped. Her side ached, but the collision must've knocked some sense into her because she finally stopped her feverish antics and looked down to find that it was, in fact, not some terrifying carnivore trying to eat her but her own flesh wrapped around her like a cocoon. Wings were what it looked like. She furrowed her brow in part frustration and part confusion. The dragon wriggled around a bit, but it took a moment before she managed to effectively use her muscles to get the big, scaley appendages out of the way. It felt like she hadn't moved in an eternity. Maybe she hadn't. She couldn't... quite, remember. All she knew was that her body wasn't being the most cooperative at the moment. "Oh bother, this isn't going to do at all," she said angrily. "I can wish and wish and wish for mobility but it looks like movement is going to be a struggle for now." She sighed, rolling her eyes to no one in particular. Slowly she tested her limbs, first waving her toes around, then moving her legs, and finally getting her whole body in motion, trying to align her actions in a way that let her get up. As the dragon shook on the floor awkwardly, it came as a surprise to her how smooth the floor was. It was as if hundreds of claws had reached in at once and whittled the earth away. It was oddly comforting, as if she had been a part of this mysterious, rock clearing force. She couldn't remember, though. Perhaps she was just imagining things, unable to grasp what was happening around her and making things up to keep her mind from caving in entirely.


Eventually she stopped trying to get up. She decided that was an endeavor best saved for later. For now, she was taking baby steps. Step one: remembering things. The dragon found that this part was extremely tricky. She felt like someone had her memory, dangling it in front of her with a stick and yanking it away every time she almost had it. "I, oh, um... what happened? What sort of event would render me so feeble minded?" She said in a worried tone. "I couldn't even guess right now. Just that I can't remember, and that's that. I hope I haven't been the victim of some kind of malice driven hex. I know I'm not a newborn, because I know how to talk. And I know I'm not dead because that wall was pretty painful. So that makes me... well, that would leave me as me, and I'm... who am I?" The dragon paused, once again furrowing her brow in agitation. Now, certainly she could remember her name, couldn't she? It seemed simple enough. It started with... an E! Yes, E sounded right. And it was short, only four or five letters long. Ethan? Erin? E-Enid? "Yes, that's it!" She cried out. "Enid! I knew I could remember at least my name." A smile split on Enid's face, even though she still couldn't even get up. That, of, course, was next on her agenda seeing as admitting defeat was all she could do in terms of the rest of her memory. She turned her head, where her ears picked up chatter of other dragons. They weren't shiny or pretty, like her, though. They certainly boasted variety, however, because she could see what was practically a rainbow of other breeds. One was green and very, very big. The big green one intimidated her. She squeaked a little at the sight. Now was the time for mustering her courage, though, not for cowering like a rat. Besides, she didn't have a bucket of options, anyways.


"Excuse me," Enid called out, "but I'm a little, well, stuck. Could one of you help me? I'm Enid. You shouldn't be afraid of me, if you are. I couldn't hurt you if I tried..."

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