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Hatchie Hugs

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Hatchie Hugs

Give your hatchie a hug and send it to someone in need!



This was created by DragonLover234 on Sunday August 10th, 2014




If you are gifting or receiving here, please follow the rules.



Gifters Follow These Rules



Please include if you will allow abandonment, freezing, trading, re-gifting or zombie testing when you gift something.


Do not demand your dragon to be returned. You gifted it to someone who needed it when you do not need it.


Please say when your dragon has been taken.


Do not ask for anything in return. You GIFT here, go somewhere else to trade.


Do not gift eggs, this is for hatchling gifting.


Do not complain, argue or report something in a reply.


Adopters Follow These Rules



Please say if you have taken someone's dragon. It may be important to them to know where their dragon is going.


Do not re-gift, abandon, kill, freeze or trade a gift without the gifter's permission.


Do not return the gift if the gifter requests it back.


Do not complain if a dragon is too messy, common, inbred or just not what you like.


Thank the person who gifted you the dragon.


Only take something if you need it. Users with a lower trophy level may need the dragon more than you do.


Do not demand a dragon if someone got it before you did.


Do not complain, argue or report something in a reply.



Report any violations to rules, problems or ask your questions to me.

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Closing as it doesn't appear to be uniquely different from existing departure threads. Hatchlings can be given away in them.

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