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You walk though the forests and stumble upon an old man. He is content and sleeping, when a small winged dragon once lying at his feet, now stands. With her tail, she wraps around his leg, gently awakening the elderly man. He notices you and your stupidly curious look as this elegant blue dragon sits tall next to him, And he asks you if you needed to know anything. You tell him about your curiosity, how you walk by and see this beautiful dragon and some stands with various large egg shaped objects with various markings, You ask him what it is that he does and he tells you. "I am a man of dragons, i raise and breed and teach them what they need to know" You think about the mothers of the dragons, but quickly shoo the thought away as your brain suddenly realizes that you love these animals, mysterious as they are. You ask him how he raises them.

Soon you are informed, All it takes is a little bit of attention, care, and love to make these sometimes fierce animals strong. He gives you four metal nests, which surround themselves with bars of magic, gentle and strong. He points you to six caves, and then points you to a clearing piled with eggs of all sorts. You pick four, one by one and gently bring each to your chosen cave.


Your story has begun.


Your cave is your pride and joy. It is a way to show the hard work you've done to save these dragons.. Or save them as you say. You take them from the start of their existence and you teach them the way of humans and that people are nice. You show these dragons that the world will not harm them.


So you take your beautiful egg, this egg you worked so hard to get, and you place it in a warm place on a neat little stand that cages the egg and cradles it gently within, so that it is safe. All of your eggs are placed this way, meant for the sturdiest of ways to show them off and still keep them safe until they are ready. In doing so, the eggs are displayed for others to see. People from all over, caves and cities, come to see your eggs. They visit the young egged dragons, not yet ready to come out of their shell of safety. They talk to them, sing to them, play music for them, and sometimes tap on the egg if you allow them to, to coax the little baby out. The people of the caves come from far and wide to see your wondrous creature, Not knowing themselves that they are teaching it to trust humans more with each story that they tell. Some people come back to visit your dragon again many times over, and others are new to your caves. The dragon in its shell recognizes the voices of the returned, and slowly begins to open up to new voices, and wills itself to crack the egg so it can hear more, and begin to see more.


The small dragon, still helpless, Looks out from the egg as though it stands on a cliff and watches the people from the gaping hole. After much contemplation, he jumps from the egg, braking the magic seal of the egg's cradle, and lands on the ground at your feet. He is still shy.. And often runs back to the safety of the now cracked shell. But with every unique visitor he falls closer to the belief that it is safe with human beings. He has become tuned to your voice, and cares for you as though you were its mother. He begins to act as you do, the best he can with his dragon form. The dragon, with each visitor becomes stronger. As they now bring variety of foods from the lands far and wide. Your dragon matures. He now presents his most beautiful markings or maybe his wings or new horns, He is an attention-getter. He becomes more stunning every day and soon loses his loving and cuddly face as he becomes an adult. He knows this now and returns to the depths of the caves with his older siblings. He no longer needs the love and songs of the people, though he still holds in his heart that they are there, missing him in his youngest times. He has matured to adulthood and now cares for his own sons and daughters, Now more for finding a mate and continuing on his species, so that they too may hear the songs of the people as he once did. People had made this dragon strong and wise, and will continue to do so for years on out.

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This is beautiful, and amazing. It also fits the scene and explains views perfectly. I love it!

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Wow a reply! I'm a little late with it but thank you!

I wrote this at like 2 in the morning, so pardon any grammar mistakes. I'm too lazy to go back and fix it..


But thank you smile.gif I really appreciate it.

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