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Hetalia - The Rains of Castamere

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OOC is here!


Credit for everything other than the story goes to TwilightMoonDragon.




This RP will revolve around the countries of the world as they go through the turmoil of being themselves. It is set in the general present and reality, although there are a couple of differences that will be addressed in-RP. Much of the RP will involve 'Arcs,' that are short periods of time where strange things happen to the countries. Wars will be scheduled by the roleplayers as a group.


Types of Playable Characters


Countries: taking on a humanoid shape and able to live for eternity, countries are the strongest beings in the world. They represent their nation’s people by brandishing several stereotypes—for instance, England is a gentleman who loves tea and France is a romantic man who chases after women. How countries are born remains a mystery to everyone; all that is known about their birthing process is that they randomly appear as children roaming around their land. Countries stop aging visibly after a certain amount of time, appearing as twenty or thirty year olds while they are really hundreds or thousands of years old. They are five or six times stronger than a human being—thus, they are not able to die easily. A random person wielding a gun cannot murder a nation unless they are a part of a powerful organization, such as the mafia or the government. Nations also cannot die of old age—they can only die if they are killed, of disease, or if they cannot function anymore. If they die, they have a high probability of being reborn as a child, but only if their country is being rebuilt. Countries reflect what is going on in their land as well—they undergo severe pain and/or illness if a natural disaster struck, an attack occurred in their land, etc. This may range to throwing up blood, ash, and shrapnel in response to a nuclear attack, or a simple cold if their economy is having trouble. Before, nations were thought to be barren and could not reproduce. This has been proved wrong, however, due to the proof of micronations successfully marrying humans and nations alike and having children with them. Though, most countries avoid relationships with humans and even other nations, as this causes too much strife. Humans last too short of a time and the country they love may be their enemy one day. Nations fall under the command of their Boss, or whoever runs the nation (such as the President, Dictator, etc).


Micronations: they are almost exactly like nations, but much weaker as they are smaller. They are younger than other nations and, more often than not, are ignored by them as well since they are not taken literally.


Cities and States: [NOT YET AVAILABLE] cities are, again, just like nations, but weaker than them and micronations. However, they are around the age of their nation, and are considered like brothers to them.


List of Available Countries and Micronations


Australia [claimed by Marcus Phoenix]






Canada [claimed by SoiledLove]

China [claimed by Opium]



Czech Republic

Denmark [claimed by Chicogal]




France [claimed by Chicogal]

Germany [claimed by shadow]

Greece [claimed by Opium]

Hong Kong [soiledLove]


Hutt River

Iceland [claimed by Pudding]


Italy (North) [claimed by Neutual Demon]

Italy (South)

Japan [claimed by Vang]







Macau [claimed by Opium]






New Zealand

Nikko Nikko Republic

North Korea


Poland [claimed by Raptor]

Portugal [claimed by Opium]

Prussia [claimed by Pudding]


Russia [claimed by Doctortear]

Scotland - Please PM pudding in regards to this!





South Korea [claimed by SoiledLove]

Spain [claimed by Neutual Demon]








Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


United Kingdom [claimed by Pudding]

United States of America [claimed by shadow]

Vatican City [claimed by Neutual Demon]






- Basic RPG rules apply. This means no flaming, godmodding, etc.

- Keep this PG-13—a little bit of gore and extreme violence is allowed, but please skip over the sexy times.

- This is semi-lit, thus one paragraph should be written per character. Please try for at least 4 sentences, and a quality post. It makes it much more fun when there is more to reply to.

- Use good grammar and no chat speak.

- I make and thus can change the rules.

- Players can only play cities and states that belong to the countries they play.

- Put your character’s catchphrase in the “Other” part of your form as the pass phrase!

- History is left out of the forms because of obvious reasons. History will be mentioned as time goes on.

- Meetings and conferences will be held every so often.

- I will consider countries who aren't on the list. Please PM me if you would like to apply for one!

- Please post forms on the OOC

- Have fun!


Form Username:

Country Name: [America, etc]

Human Name: [Their real name; you can make it up, but do not use “Tsuna Ubetashi” for a character who is not Japanese, and so on]

Age: [How old they look like]


Birthday: [When they declared independence or have appeared in history]

Appearance: [Link or description, keep stereotypes in mind!]

Personality: [Again, keep stereotypes in mind!]

Weaknesses: [No less than three]

Strengths: [No more than two]


Dislikes: Other: [Anything else you would like to add, and the pass phrase]

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Username: Chicogal

Country Name: Denmark

Human Name: Daiana Madsen

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Birthday: 871

Appearance: Denmark is a woman with quite pale skin. Her eyes are a deep blue much like the ocean surrounding most of her, and her face is attractive. Slightly curly brown hair reaches mid-back which she leaves loose and flowing for most of the time. She stands at 5,6. Her build is not muscular and she is slight, reflecting her weak military power. As is typical, she has a large bust - D. A faint scent of strawberries wafts about her, reflective of her most picked fruit. This was kindly drawn for me a while back - it is exactly her.

Personality: Denmark is generally quite a soft and sweet person, who dislikes war unless necessary. She can be made to cry easily by some, so long as they find the right place to attack. When forced to engage in battle, however, she does summon some Viking strength and personality, despite her military being quite small.


- Weak military

- She is quite sensitive

- Small land (easily occupied)


- Strong economy

- Generally liked or considered neutral by most countries

Likes: Rainy days, the coast, everything about Vikings, Danish music and movies, ABBA (despite them not being Danish), strawberries, her Scandinavian siblings, Germany

Dislikes: Aggressive countries, bullies, war, Canada when they argue over Greenland.

Other: For now, simply, "Hej!" Later on, it shall become, "...COPENHAGEN!"


Username: Chicogal

Country Name: France

Human Name: Louis Martin

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Birthday: 843

Appearance: France stands at 6 foot, with wavy brown hair that falls to his soft jawline. He carries a typical French nose - a smooth curve that lifts up at the tip, and his eyes are deep brown in colour. France is muscular, and dresses himself very well - he usually looks quite stylish. He has an even light tan over his whole body. France's delicate hands have often been referred to as, 'girly,' but he claims them to be the hands of a sophisticated lover of art, food and people. He almost always has a red rose tucked behind his ear, and usually wears a navy and white striped jumper with skinny-jeans - c'est designer, of course!

Personality: France is a romantic. His dark eyes are constantly appreciating the shape of other people, and he speaks with a French accent that makes him sound like he is perpetually flirting - except for when he is angry. Then he just sounds like an angry French man. He is often too flirtatious, and makes people uncomfortable with his loving gestures of kisses and hugs. France can become arrogant when speaking of other countries' achievements in art or cooking - he believes that no-one is as good as him. He can also be very rude when he feels like it, and does so with covered up insults.


- He is disliked by (and dislikes) both Germany and England (although he often has to work with them)

- He can easily offend nations with his overly-affectionate ways or rudeness

- He can be too harsh on his enemies (e.g Treaty of Versailles) and make situations worse, or make more enemies


- Has a fairly strong military

- His country is made up of beauty - art, cooking and the language of love.

Likes: Cooking, art, French, beautiful people, fashion, croissants, roses, baguette, arty films, stripes, berets

Dislikes: England, Germany, bad food, tourists who don't try to speak French, not getting his own way Other: "Je t'aime."


Username: Pudding

Country Name: Iceland

Human Name: Óliver Aaronsson

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 17, 1944 (Icelandic National Day)

Appearance: Iceland is, in a word, beautiful. His light, curly hair is usually at least somewhat covered by a hat or earmuffs at the very least, depending on the season. The ever-changing fashions of Iceland are not lost on the nation as he is known to sport every manner of odd and unusual clothing that makes countries with more stable fashion trends cringe. But, more often than not, he prefers to wear one of the wool sweaters that his country is practically known for. When it comes to body structure, Iceland is naturally lean yet muscular. His skin is paler than most with light, grey-blue eyes. He's only around 5'9", however, making him appear shorter next to some of the other, much taller nations. Since he's always out fishing or helping with sheep or anything along that line, he has a very natural smell to him.

Personality: Iceland has a bit of a small nation complex. By that, he likes and will point out that he is technically the best at everything… per capita. Aside from that, he is blunt and right to the point. The idea of beating around the bush is lost on him and, further more, he is impatient and rarely likes to stay in one place for long. He's bad with putting on airs and if he doesn't like someone, they will absolutely know. He doesn't see much of a problem with this since it means everything is efficient but, generally, it seems to be considered rude. He's fascinated with other countries and their cultures and always wants to visit other places to forge close relationships with other countries. However, at the first sign of war, he has a tendency to hole up and let larger nations take the brunt of the attacks so other nations don't invade or attack him.


-No standing army (generally small military)

-Small population with small workforce means Iceland relies heavily on other nations for exports and imports

-Iceland is not a member of the EU and has a rather unstable economy subject to sharp ups and downs

-Iceland himself can be considered rude due to his nature of getting straight to the point and is also very sensitive about people disrespecting his culture and food.


-Iceland is used to navigating harsher terrains like mountains

-Usually manages to remove himself from conflicts that aren't directly centered around him

Likes: Fishing, Sheep, his history, his close and tight-knit community, being the 'best' at everything

Dislikes: Countries that deliberately start fights, people who don't respect human rights, people who get blame him when one of his volcanoes erupts

Other: "Per capita!" (From his small nation complex)


Username: pudding

Country Name: United Kingdom, UK or "Britain" (Really, she's just England)

Human Name: Abigail Smith

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Birthday: 927 AD

Appearance: England looks rather like the personification of Britannia in the traditional drawing, only with a modern twist. Her hair has been dyed black cut short so it can easily be gelled backwards for a much more refined and classy look. Dresses have long since been exchanged for tailored suits with tails and pressed collared shirts. While only around 5'4", she makes it a point to wear shoes with a heel to them so that she gains a bit of height. Her skin is light and clear and she is rarely seen without some makeup or her hair done up properly. Her eyes are light green. One of the most interesting things about England is the lasting effect tight lacing has had on her. While it has improved since when she actively wore corsets, she does have a thinner waist than average and the decades of tight lacing has had a negative result on her body. While she doesn't talk about it, she does have problems with eating and breathing but is slowly recovering from this.

Personality: England is a very charismatic lady and a lady she is. She's confident in her actions and is able to hold a room in the palm of her hand with soft-spoken, patient words. But this side of her does not manifest so much when she's not dealing with important people like world leaders or trying to impress others. The other nations of the world have long since lost her respect and the reserve she has is abandoned the moment she steps into the door. Her sharp mind and tongue are like a stereotypical villain in an American film and she's not afraid to step up and beat some sense into the other nations around her with a good, old-fashioned bit of brute force. While her current power is diminished compared to the past, she has still left a mark on other nations of the world and continues to try to prove herself to be still on par as a superpower. As such, she tends to be a bit more Imperialistic, especially in times of war. England has always had a bit of a motherly side to her, possibly from the old days when she had more younger nations running about than she really cared to look after. As such, she tends to treat those nations differently than the others and act as if they are still children despite most of them being grown up.


-She's very stubborn

-She has a tendency to underestimate people and their actions

-She does have a smaller space to work with than other super-powered nations, giving her a disadvantage when it comes to space and army size when it comes to places like America and Russia

-Despite accelerated healing, her body has not completely recovered from the effects of tight lacing. and she has some difficulty breathing and eating large amounts of food.


-She's had influence on many nations across the globe, resulting in quite a few strong allies now.

-She's used to wars since she gets involved in them constantly and kind of knows her way around them.

Likes: Gardening, people who aren't idiots, the Chap Olympiad

Dislikes: People mucking around, America's "disfiguration" of her language, the saying "British accent", people who disrespect her food

Other: "Dammit America, stop butchering my language!"


Username: pudding

Country Name: Prussia

Human Name: Luther Schwartz

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Birthday: 1190 (As the Teutonic knights)

Appearance: Prussia actually has albinism of the type OCA1a, which means he cannot develop any pigment in his body. This gives him a very unique look among nations and people alike, as he has very pale skin and translucent hair. In the past, Prussia kept his hair tied back in a pony tail and allowed it to stay somewhat long but in recent times, he has taken to cutting it off himself. This has given him a messy look as his hair falls in various lengths between his chin and shoulders. He's shorter than Germany despite being his older brother, being only 5'7" and not nearly as muscular. In fact, Prussia is very thin and not nearly as muscular as Germany with a generally bony body. He usually just steals Germany's clothes since all of his are old uniforms from when he was still a country. He actually needs to wear glasses since he has bad vision but he doesn't really care for them so he doesn't wear them. Instead, he just squints a lot.

Personality: Prussia is a bloodlust-filled solider. He was raised on fighting and still craves the rush of fighting against a good, strong opponent. But, unfortunately, he is also dated. Ever since he was officially dissolved, Prussia found himself in a state of depression with no actual purpose. He's become lethargic with little self esteem. From this, he began his rebellious stage, trying to cover his negative feelings and loneliness with acts of mischief and mayhem. He's easy to anger and tends to act haughty and arrogant to cover up how he really feels. He's very defensive about his real emotions and doesn't confide in others very often since he views it as a sign of weakness. Usually, in an attempt to hide this, he just boasts about himself and how impressive and amazing he is. He does have a small caring side and looks out for his 'little' brother, Germany. He's taken to trying to 'modernize' himself by spending long periods of time on the Internet and, as a result, has adopted many modern phases and speaks in memes.


-He was technically abolished and lacks the physical strength an actual nation has

-As a nation without an actual area to call his own, he has trouble seeing why he should even get out of bed

-He fears injuries since he isn't sure if he'll be reborn again.


-He is very good at using Maneuver warfare and has been fighting since his early years

-He's got tons of free time on his hands to do whatever he wants.

Likes: Germany, France, Spain, adventures, fighting, the Internet

Dislikes: The fact he isn't a nation anymore, Russia, people who look down at him.

Other: He's been avoiding World Meetings since he's no longer a nation and 'Doesn't feel like attending'. He still waits outside for his friends, though. His catchphrase is constantly changing but, at the moment, he's really taken to "Yo, censorkip.gif that"


Username: The Opium Lady

Country Name: Portugal

Human Name: João Santos do Francisco

Age: Looks to be in his Mid 30s

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 24, 1128

Appearance: Medium tanned skin, with long, unwashed brown hair and a stubbly beard. Joao has lightly hazel eyes that lean towards green, and he stands at a meager 5' 2". He is not too physically imposing, with a rather slender build and mediocre strength.

Personality: Joao loves to sail, and will spend most of his time sailing in open water, going on long vacations to far away places that most people have never even heard the names of. However, his is not a fun traveling partner, as Joao will bring along his Fado guitar and tell morose and depressing stories about his longing for home and a for love. He is pretty generally depressing and sad, only to spring into happyness and become a wild partier, only to go back to his morose depression. Joao likes to play as a ladies man, but most avoid him due to his abusive and violent tendencies with women. However, if one can get him in a good mood, Joao is very romantic, and plays up the part to a rediculous degree. He can be very meticulous with his money as well, and will often aquire large amounts of wealth by running many shops, selling just what the other countries need.

Weaknesses: Depressing personality, abusive relationships, leaves on his ship for months to years at a time, cheap ass

Strengths: Rich, Fun to Party when he's happy

Likes: The Ocean, Fado Music, Tropical Islands, Travel, Poetry, Literature, Exploring

Dislikes: The fruitless pursuit of happiness, being tied to one spot, comittment, not having money, Land Locked Areas

Other: Has Many Children, and is on fairly good terms with all of them, particularly Brazil. His catchphrase is "But it's all for this meaningless game we call life"


Username: The Opium Lady

Country Name: Greece

Human Name: Constantine Papidakas

Age: 22

Gender: Male (Transgender)

Birthday: 1 January 1822

Appearance: Greece keeps his hair cut to a short length as to distract from his more feminine traits. He stands around 5' 7" in height and has a very athletic build, with strong muscles and a lean body. He keeps himself wrapped up in a tan long coat and a simple off white wool cap.

Personality: Greece is very paranoid about judgement. He has been notorious as a voracious spender and his tendency to socially withdraw from all contact. As of now, Greece's mood swings seem to have settled down, and he's becoming more willing to socialise. Greece also wants to make more contact with his cousins in Italy.

Weaknesses: Fear of Judgement, Spending Problems, Violent Streak

Strengths: Comes From a well respected, influential family

Likes: Cheese, Goats, Mountains, the Sea, her History

Dislikes: Turkey, Being called Female, dangerous work.

Other: The current Greece is actually the third nation to bear the title. Before that, two women took the name of Greece. They were Hellas and Byzantium. This Greece feels a bit intimidated to live up to his ancestors' legacies. Catchphrase: "Damn you all!"


Username: Nerevarine

Country Name: Macau

Human Name: Amalia Wei Santos

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthday: 1847

Appearance: Macau has a very defined heritage, with her portuguese, and her chinese traits clearly there. Macau inherited her father's short height, standing at only 5 feet, with pale skin, and long reddish brown hair. Her eyes are dark brown, and show off her chinese heritage. Macau tends to wear lavish dresses in Portuguese and Chinese fashions. When not showing off, Macau usually has her hair up in a on tail, and she is dressed in loose fitting clothes, suited for a sea bound individuals.

Personality: Macau does not share her father's somber and dreary personaliy. She did, however, inherit his skill at shipbuilding and seafairing. She is a little bit curious as to who her mother is (Portugal was never more specific than "a Cantonese woman I had a one night stand with"). She has mixed feelings towards her father, and believes that he loves her, but used her for territorial claim none the less. She has abandonment issues, and often seeks comfort in China or Hong Kong. This often leads to her being easily manipulated by China. Macau likes to speak in Chinese, despite having a very thick portuguese accent, but she never stops trying. Some have called her babling in Chinese and Portuguese a mixed language, called Macanese.

Weaknesses: Cries easily, not taken seriously, mostly at the mercy of China, Gambling Problem

Strengths: Strong Economy, Access to chinese trade routes.

Likes: China, Portugal, Hong Kong, Gambling, Sailing, pretty dresses

Dislikes: not being taken seriously, being called a little girl, getting laughed at for speaking bad chinese/macanese

Other: She is Portugal's Youngest Daughter, and she often makes a "squee", when she's excited. Her catchphrase is "another Macau original"


Username: Nerevarine

Country Name: China

Human Name: Long Xiu (Long is the family name)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Birthday: 2100 BC

Appearance: Despite being thousands of years old, China's mastery of alchemy has allowed her to maintain the body of a twenty year old. In her current age, China has abandoned her traditional, imperial garb in favor of the authoritarian styling of military uniforms. She is almost always clad in a thick, dark grey uniform with hints of red. China herself is very thin and elegant looking, with milky white skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair that she wears long, hanging out of her military cap. China is remarkably short, on par with Spain and Macau.

Personality: China seems like a deep contradition at first. One gets an air of elegance and beauty when they see her, only for her deep, authoritarian voice to instill the fear she is known for. China keeps herself elevated high above all other nations, as she is the oldest of them all. She is very proper, and quick to criticize even little faults in the nations around her. She has a particular animosity towards Russia, who she considers a weakling who couldn't even stand by his own devotion to socialism and communism, and with England, for the times when she used her and manipulated her by getting her addicted to Opium. When China speaks, most everyone feels dominated by her strong voice and booming tone.


- Not very well liked

- Underlings often rebel against her, causing disorder

- Very stubborn and ground in traditon


- Ridiculously strong military

- Dominating level of influence

Likes: Vegtables, Communism, Military power, Having Authority, Flaunting her age, Alchemy, Science, Macau, Hong Kong

Dislikes: Being told what to do, Russia, England, Rebellion, too much change

Other: "what I say goes"; China is bisexual, and has had many relationships in her past, including a brief encounter with Rome.


Username: Neutual Demon

Country Name: Vatican City

Human Name: Varinius Valerian

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 11

Appearance: One look at Vatican and it is impossible to tell that he is Italian. His hair falls in small waves about his head with the sides in front of his ears longer, reaching down to the bottom of his jaw where they curl up on either side, yet the color a that of dark, smudged charcoal. His eyes matched the hue of the strands on top of his head, both a stark contrast to his pale flesh. Vatican is a thin man on his good days, while on his worse, he could be described as gaunt, underfed. One could probably count each rib, if he wasn't always wearing at least a buttoned shirt and a black jacket with the cuffs only slightly tattered. He tends to wear darker, business casual clothing, occasionally something less-so dressy if any of the other Italians had a say about it, like that bright scarlet turtleneck sweater Italy forced upon him one day and Vatican hadn't had the heart to try to force it back onto him. Nevertheless, he is rarely, if never, seem without a silver chain around his neck, where he keeps two keys: one gold, one silver. It's usually out of sight, tucked under the folds of his clothes, but it tends to sneak out, where it'll clink gently about his chest.

Personality: Vatican would be considered a recluse if he isn't always being dragged out of the house. He shies away from people, never approaching , and rarely speaks his mind in fear of being lashed out upon. The timid city-state can count his friends, family, and/or aquaintences on one hand, yet they mean everything to him, even if he doesn't express it, but he doesn't express himself very well to begin with, so they would understand, or so he hopes. Vatican is curious about the world around him even though he tries to avoid stepping one foot in it, and so topics involving cooking local foods and speaking in the national language will get him inching out of his dark dreary corner and closer to the conversation. This quiet, shy personality does not mean he cannot defend himself. He has a patience of a saint, rarely defending himself, yet when that one handful of people close to his heart is threatened, a dark, aggressive side that very few know about rushes to the surface and refuses to leave until the threat is neutralized.

Weaknesses: Social anxiety, dependent on both Italys for everything, very weak unless provoked

Strengths: Book-smart, is usually regarded as neutral if he happens to show up. L

Likes: North and South Italy, baking sweets and pastries, languages, art and music of various forms, books, being alone, unless he's with people he knows, then that's okay too.

Dislikes: Crowds, flying, coffee, fighting, himself is also a possibility.

Other: "S-sorry...I'll...I'll get out of your way..."


Username: Neutual Demon

Country Name: N. Italy

Human Name: Lodovico Basile

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 17th

Appearance: Northern Italy, standing about 5'8'', is a man of many colors, colors meaning clothes. His outfits are always changing, yet never hideous, choosing tasteful, yet colorful clothing that are never go out of fashion. His skin is on the lighter end of tan, although still dark in comparison to any northern countries. A curl spirals out of control from the rest of his shoulder length, dark auburn hair that is usually tied back in some fashion. From his hair to his honey-gold eyes to right down to his polished leather shoes, Northern Italy seems to always be picture perfect.

Personality: Northern Italy is considered the balm for Southern Italy. He is calm and friendly, always eager to make a new friend. Seeing people happy is when Northern Italy is the happiest, especially if he's the one who made them that way. He is passive for the most part, stepping into fights only to break them up, but his attempts various in degree of helpfulness, which tends to lead to him being on the receiving end from time to time. He has been known to set his foot down, though, but most days he just laughs off the bruises. He is also easily distracted, and will flutter off and forget what he was doing previously, often getting himself lost in the process.

Weaknesses: Generally weak, forgetful.

Strengths: Very friendly, excellent at gathering information (and phone numbers).

Likes: His sibling, pasta, pizza, fish, food in general, music, art, clothes, anyone who spends more than five minutes talking to him, gossip, cute fluffy animals.

Dislikes: Fighting, wars, mean bully countries who need to chill. Other: "Ciao! You look magnifico!"


Username: Neutual Demon

Country Name: Spain

Human Name: Itzal Basajuan

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 30

Appearance: Standing at 5' precisely, Spain doesn't look intimidating at all. No, her wild cocoa colored, chopped short hair that sticks up all over the place, her round face, holding wide, emerald eyes and colorful shirts make her the least intimidating person around. Not even when she puts on dark tinted sunglasses and a fedora and pulls her dark-toned face into an impressive scowl, her cheeks puff out and it's just too to resist not laughing. After all, it's easy to not take a woman who barely looks over the drinking age and at least a good foot shorter than everyone else very seriously.

Personality: Despite her cute appearance, Spain can and will kick people in the shins or higher if she gets annoyed. Or embarrassed. Or really, she'll smack anyone for just about any reason, if she feels they deserve it. Her excuse is that it's discipline. On the other hand she hugs just about anyone as well, and can be very clingy. She always seems happy, even when punching someone in the stomach, because that's how she is- smile in the face of the enemy and then give them a good, sound kick to the back of the knees. Despite this little flaw, she loves people, loves being a part of a party, and will laugh and joke and drink merry with everyone and anyone, including her enemies, because with a drink in hand everyone's a friend, no?

Weaknesses: Not taken very seriously, economically struggling, just a tad alcoholic.

Strengths: Her short stature aids her in keeping out of sight (to sneak up on people, of course), and she returns beatings with equal ferocity.

Likes: Churros, chocolate, pastries, olives, ham, fruit, food in general, alcohol of any sort, the ocean, boats, snow, Italians (they're fun to bother!).

Dislikes: Annoying tourists, the English, civil unrest.

Other: "The advantage of me being short is that I can punch you in the nuts with little effort involved. Olive?"


Username: SoiledLove

Country Name: Hong Kong

Human Name: Xiao Tian Feng

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Birthday: August 29, 1842

Appearance: Hong Kong is average height, about 5"10, and has a rather slender build. He has long, dark brown hair that goes a bit past his shoulders. He usually ties his hair in a loose ponytail. He has dark brown eyes and always wears a rather deadpan expression. He actually looks exceedingly alike to China despite their differences in gender and is sometimes mistaken to be female. Really, the major difference between him and China is the fact that a part of his fringe sweeps over his face, covering his right eye. He's known to wear Browns and blacks, mainly.

Personality: Xiao Tian is known for being stoic and wearing a deadpan expression. He's socially awkward and, when talked to, doesn't answer unless being directly asked a question. He rarely initiates a conversation and usually just listens and observes. This leads to those around him feeling awkward or uneasy. When he does speak, he talks in a monotone voice and is usually very blunt and truthful. He is often unsure of if his words are offensive so he tags a "no offense" onto his sentences when he feels he might be a bit too blunt. However, this doesn't mean that he's emotionless. In fact, Hong Kong has a rather short temper and is easily stressed. When this happens, his answers to questions become clipped and curt and he loses the signature "no offense". Hong Kong also holds grudges easily and has one against China for the Milk Powder incidents and other things. He looks down on the other Asian countries, actually, and is rather prideful of being who he is. He prefers to express himself through actions more than facial expressions, but never to the point of being obvious. He's very logical and analytical as well as objective. Of course, he does everything with a deadpan expression.


-Not a country, so not as strong as one

-He's very blunt and overly truthful at times, often unsure of if he's being hurtful and he has a hard time expressing himself. Socially awkward

-He holds grudges and refuses to let go of them sometimes

-He's prideful and looks down on some of the other Asian countries, especially China (although that's more because he has a grudge against China...)


-Strong economy

-Even though he looks down on some countries, he isn't arrogant and is very logical, never letting his emotions blind his logic

Likes: Cantonese, wealth, brownies, coffee, tea, knowledge

Dislikes: 'Main landers' attitude, England's food, every Chinese dialect except his, idiots

Other: Although he holds a grudge against China, it's a grudge from long, long ago, and he actually respects China a lot.

"No offense..."


Username: SoiledLove

Country Name: South Korea

Human Name: Min Ki Suh

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Birthday: August 15, 1945

Appearance: Minki is one of the shorter and cuter male nations. He's only 5"6 tall and he looks rather thin despite all the junk food and snacks he consumes on a daily basis. He has short, straight black hair that just sweeps his shoulders. It's very neat except for this one stray bang that rests on the right side of his nose. He has dark eyes and, well, cute-ish Korean facial features. He is often seen with a pair of blue and white headphones and a smartphone of some sort. He wears a mix of modern and traditional clothing. For a top, South Korea wears a blue and white Jeogori, but he wears a pair of rather casual jeans with it. He only wears the full Hanbok in his own country.

Personality: Minki is a very optimistic nation, usually seen smiling or laughing. He enjoys having fun and playing around and is a rather childish nation. His favorite games are tag (in which you chase after people, get things throw at you in an attempt to slow you down, throw things at others in an attempt to slow them down and tackle the person you're trying to catch in order to tag them), and play fighting. He's loud, boisterous and acts somewhat like America. He's usually seen with food and an iPod or iPhone, either playing games or listening to music. He hates work and rules and things like that, however, he does obey Korean traditions and respects the elderly and Confucian teachings. He's stubborn and prideful, though, always wanting to do things his way and he's also a little reckless. Minki highly enjoys proving that he's right and what sounds like mindless rambling is often an educated guess or observation, but the other nations don't take him seriously when he rambles. Luckily, that is good for South Korean which means he can go ahead and insult them, subtly, of course, and then feel gleeful that no one noticed him insulting them. Although, he acts like a game and food obsessed idiot, he's actually a genius underneath that. He's great with technology and maths, but he loathes studying in general. He rarely takes things seriously and dislikes preparing for things. He's a little overconfident and believes he will always come out on top, often complimenting himself. Minji rarely loses his temper though, unless North Korea provokes him. But, he is impatient and will pout or sulk when he has to wait for something or has someone wait for him. He hates long lines (even the ones drawn on paper) because they remind him of the day it became hard to buy Korean Fried chicken in China due to a popular Korean drama having fried chicken in it.


-Relatively small in size

-He's rather stubborn and prideful, often times refusing to accept the ideas of other countries/people, preferring to do it his way

-He's childish, at times, and prefers play over work, not taking things seriously. Also, he likes blowing things out of proportion and, occasionally, using something very 'big' to solve a small issue


-The best at ICT and innovation

-High HDI

Likes: Fried chicken, kimchi, play fighting, dancing/singing, k-pop, winning, pranks, being correct, gaming, technology!

Dislikes: Waiting, having people wait for him, sore losers, people who are too strict or uptight, classic music, North Korea, lines

Other: "Of course, I'm right!" Or something like that. The adjective can range from 'awesome' to 'brilliant' to correct


Username: SL

Country Name: Canada

Human Name: Angela Lawrence

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 1, 1867

Appearance: Angela is a pale petit girl, standing at about 5"2. She has strawberry blonde hair which is in a bob-cut. Her hair curls at the tips and is rather messy. Her eyes are sky blue in color, framed by rather long lashes. She usually wears a pair of red glasses and a small, red bow in her hair for accessories. Angela looks rather cute and innocent, if a bit nerdish, with a small nose and large eyes. However, due to her stature, posture and glasses, she's easily overlooked. Her hands and feet are both small and she would look child-like if not for the fact that her facial structure makes her look mature. Angela dresses modestly, usually going for a blouse and a pink hoodie, along with a short-ish skirt that ends at her knees. Her looks are sort of based on this

Personality: If you were to use a single word to describe Angela, it would be meek. Easily overlooked and often times going unnoticed, Angela appears to be a shy person who usually keeps to herself. She's also often mistaken for America or being part of America. She let's go of most things with ease and is quiet most of the time. Preferring to listen rather than talk, many would think of Angela as someone who honestly doesn't care if she's noticed or not, forgives and forgets, and is too shy to be noticed. However, none of that is true. In fact, Angela is rather easily irritated ave angered. When she does speak up, she will try her best to not lose her temper, attempting to kindly insert her opinion. Unfortunately for her and others, she usually goes ignored and not listened to. Being ignored or interrupted while speaking is one of the few things that Angela hates with a passion, the others being mistaken for America or part of America, and things that hurt her country pride. When she loses her temper, she takes out her megaphone and pretty much screams into it, which gets people's attention, and also becomes very, very assertive. She becomes somewhat violent, throwing things at people when they try to interrupt the enraged!Angela. She also has a lot of pride for her country, not to the point of boasting, but to the point where he will defend her country with a vigor like none other when insulted. She appears very calm when enraged, except when she's shouting, and will state her opinion clearly and loudly before going back to being her usual quiet self without much embarrassment or shame for losing her temper. In fact, she rather enjoys surprising people and being the center of attention.


-Often overlooked and hard to notice

-She gets irritated and loses her temper rather easily when people do things she hates, becoming violent or exceptionally loud at times when that happens. She's also very impatient

-She's unapologetic when losing her temper, but allows people to walk all over her otherwise


-Often overlooked and hard to notice, thus being great at infiltration

-Seen as generally unbiased/likable. It makes it easier for Canada to gain diplomatic relations with other countries

Likes: Her megaphone, animals, her country, hockey, attention from people, being noticed, people who listen to her, America (despite hating being mistaken as (part of) America), Maple trees and leaves and syrup, pancakes, France, England

Dislikes: Being overlooked, being mistaken for America or part of America, bullies, Denmark when they argue over Greenland, rudeness, being interrupted, insults towards her and her country



Username: Evangeline

Country Name: Japan

Human Name: Honda Kiku

Age: That is a secret. It is rumored that he is around 2,750 years old. He appears to be around 19.

Gender: Male.

Birthday: February 11th [National Foundation Day]

Appearance: Japan is a small, 5'5 man with black anime hair hanging down over his forehead that nearly hides his eyes. During his more creative streaks, he has been known to dye his hair. The Country has small chocolate brown eyes and he appears to be in his late teens despite the fact he is nearly three millennial old. Most of the time, he will wear a simple grey, blackish uniform. Sometimes he will be seen in a white suit with ornate golden decorations on the sleeves and shoulders. He always caries a katana at his side and there is a fan tucked into his oriental belt.

Personality: Japan is a shy, quiet, hard-working figure. He's often only watching others, wanting to learn more about them but not being too talkative. If a peep is ever heard from the mysterious country, it is short, sweet, and to the point, though he is extremely polite. He can be sadistic if provoked.


-Socially awkward.

-Petite and not as strong as other countries.

-High blood pressure.

-Easily influenced.

-Stickler for tradition.


-Good at fighting, especially using samurai arts and his katana.

-Amazing stamina and tolerance for pain. Heals at high rate.

Likes: He has a great love for manga, and will often be seen sitting somewhere reading through his books. Japan is absolutely in love with sushi and hibachi and will give most anything to enjoy his favorite food.

Dislikes: Japan hates other people invading his personal space.

Other: "...Why is America so loud?"


Username: Doctortear

Country Name: Russia

Human Name: Catherine Pajitnov

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Birthday: 862, but the exact day is unknown

Appearance: After centuries of portraying the Olga stereotype, an older looking Russian female who is unattractive and tough, Russia has begun to take up the new commonplace version of female Russians. As one of the taller countries, Russia stands 6'2", allowing her to loom over the shorter countries both figuratively and literally. Her platinum blonde hair has been grown out to reach mid-way down her back and has been tied up in a Russian braid normally used for brides. Her face is round and is without a single blemish with a rather childish look to it. Her sharp grey eyes prove to be a noticeable feature with their heavily contrasting hues and saturation of gray grasping the faint ice blue swirling within her irises. Russia has pale skin with old scars maiming her in various locations on her body. When not wearing formal clothing, military outfits, or whatever her siblings put on her, Russia wears a distinct set of casual clothing. She normally wears a lavish white fur coat that shrouds her body which is made from mink. A pair of light grey valenki adorn her feet while two black felt gloves cover her hands. She has a plain brown pants with a white undershirt to keep her warm if the case that her coat fails her. A protracted flora patterned scarf that is far too long for Russia to wear without wrapping around herself several times latches onto her neck and dangles from her sides. No matter what Russia is wearing, she'll always find a way to include this scarf into her outfit. She highly values said scarf as it was a gift from one of her siblings and she'll only take it off if she absolutely has it. Although she rarely allows anyone to see it, Russia has a brand on her left shoulder. It is the Soviet Union symbol which was branded onto her as a reminder of what she once was.

Personality: Russia, formerly known as Mother Russia, is probably the most terrifying and one of the most mentally ill countries out there. At first glance, she may appear to be rather childish with her tendency to misinterpret a threat as something gentle and her generally polite nature towards others. However, once interacted with, one can realize that Russia is not sweet and innocent and rather the complete opposite. Along with her childlike behavior, Russia is cruel beyond any limitations. She will not hesitate to take action for the most minor of offenses and is not above torture. Her eerie youthful nature can prove to be ominous when she is giving sinister threats and can result into being downright horrifying in the more serious situations, however, despite being cruel, Russia is completely unaware of how her intentions harm others. She is far to mentally unstable to realize just how much harm she causes others. Russia is blunt and takes every word spoken seriously. She tends to be curt with strangers and only really lets herself unwind with those she truly trusts. With allies, Russia can be more than a creepy country who most people either fear or dislike. She will actively try to be helpful and will go along with any antics her allies participate in. Oddly enough, Russia can even become kind and friendly to allies she has a strong bond with. She'll, most likely, help when she is asked to and respect them for who they are. One of Russia's more interesting and unexpected traits is her maternal complex which is one of the factors leading her to gain the title "Mother Russia". Russia, in her spare time, can be found playing and teaching the children of her country. Being like a big child herself, Russia knows how to treat children and is willing to go out of her way to please both the children of her own country and those of others. She is quite protective of the children of her country and can easily slip into a sour mood when they are threatened. Though her loyalty to allies may be within question, her adherence to her siblings, Ukraine and Belarus, is without a doubt. She will not tolerate any insults thrown at her siblings and will fiercely defend them both verbally and physically.


- After World War II, Russia's power began to falter. She is, without a doubt, still a superpower, but she is not as powerful as she used to be. Countries who would not be use to be able to beat Russia in a fight may not have a chance against her.

- Russia is perhaps the most mentally unstable country in the world. She is traumatized beyond repair and her mind is too warped to be fixed. Her brain is mentally damaged and can lead to her making poor calls on that fact. Enemies can exploit Russia's mental state and allies may be forced to direct her in some cases.

- The cruel tactics Russia uses on her foes does not make her very likable. The ominous aura that Russia has about her, her immunity to black magic and her generally disturbing personality does not help in this matter. Most countries either dislike or fear Russia to some extent. Very few are neutral with her and even less like her, let alone love.

- Although great when combating in the snow, Russia is not so great in hot weather. She cannot handle places that are too humid, dry, or hot for her tastes. She'll be too busy sweating to battle someone who is use to the warm weather.


- Russia is a superpower. With a large and imposing army, nuclear power, weapons of mass destruction, large population, great quantities of natural resources (especially oil and fossil fuels) and great influence over the world, Russia a force to be reckoned with. Though not as strong as she use to be, Russia is one of the strongest countries in the world.

- Living in one of the harshest environments the planet has to offer has made it so Russia can easily maneuver through harsh winters. She has adapted to colder environments and can easily ward off opponents who dare to attack her in the winter.

Likes: Vodka, warmth, being respected, her siblings, the Baltic states, India, children, friendship, exploring, her subordinates, being in charge, government, games, physical contact, bears

Dislikes: Cold, being treated as a subordinate, clothing showing any skin, hearing others insult her siblings, being reminded of the Ukraine "incident", being without her scarf, being alone, Mongol Empire

Other: "Ja?"


Username: Marcus Pheonix

Country Name: Australia

Human Name: Danial "Dazza" Jones

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Birthday: Jan 1, 1901

Appearance: 6'2 with slightly tanned skin and blonde hair. He is also quite well built and covered with hair on his arms, legs and chest but not to excessive amounts. Otherwise refer to this image

Personality: Young and rebellious he takes pride in his seclusion and likes to go out adventuring into other lands. A soft side to all nature he often ends up in dangerous situations without realising the repercussions. However, his almost childish nature can often get him into strife with others and he has a habit of overlooking those who are lesser than him. However, he is ultimately a kind person who just wants to be friends with everyone and enjoy a cold beer with them.


- He can easily be pushed into doing work for England, China and America

- He is unknown of his own physical limits and frequently gets himself into dangerous situations

- The flattest continent and made up of 80% desert he can't handle traversing mountains and cold temperatures


- Central ally to both America and China

- He can easily withstand most injuries due to the highly defensive location

Likes: Animals, people, adventure, the beach, sports, alcohol, parties, New Zealand

Dislikes: Antagonistic behaviour, animal cruelty, cold weather, guns

Other: Considers himself the Son of England and France, though estranged, and can take in a lot of alcohol before getting drunk "G'day mate!"


Username: shadow_claw

Country Name: Germany

Human Name: Axel Schwarts

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Birthday: Febuary 2, 962 (As HRE)

Appearance: Axel is a tall, muscular young man with a chiseled jawline and long face. He is pale, with blond hair and crystal blue eyes. His hair is neatly groomed and spiked, as is his clothing (especially his shoes). His usual attire is either: 1) an olive green, highly-decorated military uniform, or 2) A pair of dark jeans and a tee shirt. He wears other things, of course, but this is often his usuals.

Personality: Although usually quiet and calculating, Axel is an excitable person and can be rather passionate. Be it washing the dishes or leading an army, he always gives it 120%. Axel usually comes off as rather harsh and cruel, with snappy outbursts of conversation. He is shy around women, as his only real appearance he knows how to keep up is a tough, militaristic one. Though, Axel is, apparently, quite the party animal, and is one to be wary of after downing a few drinks.

Weaknesses: His brother Prussia, women, being hospitable, taking care of children, dieting, and he's a massive neat freak

Strengths: Experienced soldier, and is highly organized

Likes: Prussia, Denmark, North Italy, Japan, food, beer, parties, cleaning, march music, sports, Austria, Lichtenstein, dogs

Dislikes: Russia, America, England, France, China, filth, wasted time, disorginization, also Prussia, Spain,

Other: "Pay attention!"

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Descriptions of cities/micronations:




Copenhagen (Denmark) is extremely tall for a city, towering at 6,5 - almost a full foot taller than his country. However, he is a thin beanpole and possesses next to no muscular strength. He reflects the beauty of his city with his face instead. Deep navy blue eyes, a strong jawline, and a straight nose make up his face, along with thin lips. High cheekbones accompany his high hair - it is styled up into gentle spikes that defy gravity itself. He is a smart dresser, usually clothed in a button-up shirt and smart pants with leather shoes. He is quite youthful looking, usually gauged to be about 19.

Copenhagen is boisterous, loud, obnoxious and loves to flirt with the ladies. His laugh is rivalled by no other - loud and hearty, there is no doubt that there is Viking blood in him. He loves to drink beer and party, and also poke fun at people all the time. He has slept around quite often in the past, but he doesn't care what people think of this as it is more risky for one to give his heart to a human. Copenhagen is not eternally happy (although he is most of the time) - certain events can lead him to becoming a pathetic miserable mess for weeks. This has happened before with women he loved who did not love him back in the end. Copenhagen really does possess a heart of gold underneath everything - it just doesn't show very often.


Odense (Denmark) looks about 50 in age. His face is lined and his wavy grey-streaked blond hair is cut just below his ears. He stands at 5,9" which is quite a difference from his brother city Copenhagen. His eyes are pale blue-grey. He dresses as if from a past era, with a waistcoat and jacket over a button-up shirt and smart pants, along with a necktie. These are all in varying shades of brown. He does not walk - he strolls as if in a dream, constantly thinking of new ideas to jot down in his old leather notebook with his fountain pen. Odense was the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, and he has taken traits from the man.

Odense enjoys writing fairytales to tell to young cities and nations, and is very patient and even-tempered. He is often overlooked, but many a troubled young city has come to him for calm words. He is extremely well-read and is happy being alone or with a small group of people. Most of his time is spent dreaming, writing or reading.


Paris (France) is fabulous. She stands at 5,10" with long legs that always end in stilettos. Never seen without a Chanel handbag and diamonds around her neck, she draws attention to herself, just like her city. Her straight (bleached) blonde hair is cut to her bust, and she always has a perfect fake tan. Large glasses usually tend to be perched on her nose. She seems to be about 23 years old.

Paris is also shallow. Just like her city, she is beautiful on the outside, but below that she is ugly. She turns down anyone not good-looking enough in her rather high standards and looks down on any poor country or city not as fashionable as she is. She is rude and nasty, but can turn on the false charm in a moment if need be. A master at operating in social circles, she knows how to deal with people above her very well. She is the essential stereotype of a snobbish Parisian.


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Completed Arcs:


List of Arcs to come:



- Parallel!Arc


Arc Planning:


Stranded Arc Pairs:


England + France

Denmark + Germany

Russia + Prussia

Greece + Vatican

China + Australia

Macau + Hong Kong

Portugal + Canada

South Korea + North Italy

Iceland + Spain + USA

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((And, once again - ALLONS-Y!))


Denmark was quite lost.


Having departed from her hotel in black high heels and a dress - it was a party, for heaven's sake! - she had assumed that it wouldn't take too long to get to South Korea's house on public transport. After all, she had seen buses pass by her taxi. Luckily, the driver had been fluent in English, and explained to her that there was a nearby bus station by her hotel. She walked outside, and waited. And waited. She was starting to feel a bit vulnerable when one finally turned up. The schedule was written in Korean - and it was a whole different alphabet!


Hoping that the map showing the city was correct in displaying the bus route, she sat down and rode it. The bus driver didn't go the way marked out. Denmark began to feel a bit panicky, and jumped off at the next stop. It turned out that she had taken the blue one instead of the orange one... Feeling upset and a bit teary, she looked about the area. Signs were written up in that strange, so different language. She sniffed, pulling at her gentle brown curls. She had no idea where she was. It was getting darker, and she didn't want to be alone with strangers who might not speak English. The other nations would get on with their party, and assume that she wasn't coming. But here she would be, lost and lonely, forever looking over her shoulder to check if someone was going to attack her. She could easily fight off a human - hell, she could take on ten - but stab wounds were not fun. What was the crime rate here? Shivering for reasons other than the drop in temperature, Denmark turned and began to walk, head down and sniffing pitifully every now and then.

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((Oh wow... Poor Denmark...

Oh, and, I can't believe that no one I know at school has heard about Doctor Who... Or, at least, none of the people I asked have))


"I'm so awesome! This party is gonna be brilliant! I hae boja!"


South Korea was almost vibrating on the stop with excitement. He had planned what he was sure was going to be the bestest, coolest ever party in all of history! Also, probably, the wildest party, too. He knew that this was meant to be some high class get together thingy to improve diplomatic relations or something (or, at least, that's what his boss wanted), but what was the fun in that!? No, this wasn't a high class party at all. But at least it was an awesome party!


In order to make sure that this party was awesome, it was going to be held outdoors. He had fitted a stage, disco lights and giant loudspeakers into the garden along with a giant flat screen plasma television and several gaming devices. There were fatty foods and sweets and fried chicken and bottles upon bottles of different alcoholic beverages. Nothing was non-alcoholic. Hidden within the tri-layer cake was hot sauce and some of the beverages had holes in the bottoms of their cups. He just had the outdoors pool cleaned and refilled with fruit punch. There were streamers and balloons and, for some reason that not even Minki himself knew, there was frosting all over the ground, very slippery frosting at that. There were several giant piñatas, as well, in which the cupcakes were hidden, so that if you hit one, cupcakes would go flying everywhere.


He grinned to himself in the mirror as he put on his hanbok. He just hoped that the others didn't keep him waiting. This was going to be a party different from all the others he had planned. Everyone was so serious recently... It was time to have some fun!


((I hae boja - Let's do this

Also, don't ask about the party...))

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Japan sulked as he padded silently down the abandoned streets. He muttered softly in his native tongue as his two hands tugged his neat blue suit coat down. Drinking... South Korea was hosting a drink party. This was a a stupid idea. Drinking parties always ended badly. Eyeing his pants, he mused quietly at the possibility that South Korea would have sushi at his little party. That was the only thing that could make this better. Perhaps he should have been looking up at that instant as a figure wandered aimlessly across the street and into his pass. It was just like foreign countries to wander around without watching where they were going. Japan was clearly walking in a straight line! What was this crazy person doing?


Too late, the elder tilted his head back. Eyes widened as their two bodies crashed together. Japan regained his balance quickly and he jumped back, automatically bowing profusely while shouting apologies.

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Diana yelped when someone suddenly crashed into her. She fell backwards, barely catching herself on her hands. The figure was rapidly speaking and bowing, seemingly in apology. She didn't know what he was actually saying, though... Rising, the woman gestured with a wave of her hands. "Don't worry about it - it was my fault, too," she said on the off-chance that he spoke English. She dusted her bottom off, before pausing and staring at his face. It couldn't be... "Japan?" She exclaimed excitedly, red-rimmed blue eyes brightening. "Japan!"


And, although she would never invade his personal space under normal circumstances, her relieved state overflowed. The Danish woman just about jumped on to him with a warm, slightly Viking-ish hug as she babbled. "I was on the bus, but then I got lost, and it was dark, and people kept on looking at me, and I thought I would be attacked - but now you're here, and we can go to the party together!" Holding him at arms length, she grinned for the first time that evening.

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With one last bow, Japan stood up. His flat brown gaze flickered over the unknown figure. He didn't recognize the country for a moment. It had been a long awhile since he had seen her. Oh...what was her name? He slowly dipped his head yet again in silent greeting.

"Yes?" His tone with filled with caution as he answered the woman's use of his name in what English he knew.

"Can I help you?"


Japan froze as bear-like arms entwined his around his small frame. No, this wasn't America. Definitely not. Who else spoke English? It didn't sound like England. It wasn't that place above America. Awkwardly, he reached over to pat the woman's arm.

"Hi... Er. You are going to party? Here, it is." He mumbled, gesturing to a building across the street.


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Denmark let go of Japan, remembering herself. "Yes, that's me," she said, more softly than her previous exclamations. She was returning to her usual quiet and sensitive self now that she knew that she was safely at her destination. Turning toward the building, she blinked and took out her Samsung Galaxy S20. Glancing down at the screen and back up, she matched the photo to the view before her. "Oh." Putting it back into her bag, she smiled at him. "Thank you," she said politely. "Shall we go?" That said, she stepped out onto the street as it was clear and click-clacked across the street quickly. Was that music...? She waited for Japan - they could go in together.

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The country visibly relaxed as arms retracted away from his slim waist. He clasped his hands behind his back and he dipped his head in a subtle nod. Noting her red and puffy eyes, he reached into his pocket and he pulled out a handkerchief. His eyes focused on the glimmering screen and he gave a firm nod. They were indeed at the right place. Good! Japan placed a foot forward and he made his way across the street cautiously.

"Think he will have fish?" The shorter male murmured as they reached the gravel pathway. He really hoped the country had tasteful music playing too... none of that kpop stuff.

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Denmark took the handkerchief with a 'thank you.' Japan really was polite and quite nice. Apart from being quite reserved. She dabbed at her eyes with the square of material, trying not to smear too much mascara. Looking up, she shrugged. "I don't know," she answered honestly. "I hope he does, though." As a Nordic nation, she naturally loved fish. Especially pickled herring. But other fish was nice, too! She crunched across the gravel to knock on the door, glancing over her shoulder at Japan. "We'll find out soon."

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England glanced down at her watch as she tucked her cane safely under her arm. It had been a while since she had visited South Korea and even more so since she had visited for non-political reasons. With the current issues of the world, she had taken to cutting out most of her play time. After what had transpired, going on to party was not the practical thing to do. Of course, every other nation seemed to forget about that. They were just as ignorant as always and tensions burned while nations slammed their drinks together and cheered. What idiots. But South Korea was an ally. She had enough time to entertain a party and pretend everything was fine, if not to strengthen the bonds between the two nations.


After successfully checking to make sure she wouldn't arrive too earlier, she moved away from the wall she had been leaning against and made her way the short distance over to South Korea's doorstep. Rather surprisingly, two nations were already there. Not that it was a race or anything of that ilk but she hadn't expected anyone to actually arrive on time aside from her. "Hello Japan and Denmark," She called out as she made her way to the doorstep and waited behind them. The art of queuing was one she had mastered and there was no place it did not apply, be it waiting for food or waiting for entrance to a party. If she had to wait, she would do it properly. "How was your trip over? Enjoyable, I should hope."

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Portugal docked his boat not too far from the destination. It had been a long time since he had gone to visit South Korea at his own house. He brushed his long, grimy hair out of his face and tied it back into a pony tail. "Now where was he again..?" the Portuguese nation said to himself, looking around the once familiar territory. God, a lost had changed since he was last here. Korea had gone from feudalism to industrial giant and now it looked so different. So flashy and bright. Portugal sighed and began his trek towards South Korea's house.



China walked tall and proud, eyes straight ahead. She was quite different looking, haiving decided to loosen up for the party and exchange her military uniform for a simple dress. Macau was in stride with her, and couldn't help but giggle at the sight of China in a little dress with her hair all done up. China was a dominating force, a strong woman not to be trifled with. Obviously she thought the theatrics were funny. The people of Korea seemed to eye her with suspicion, but relaxed when they saw Macau was around. Macau fidgeted with her long red hair, trying to get it to stay in place. Macau's red hair always gave her away, for someone who looked so Chinese to have red hair, well it gave away her half European heritage. China arrived at the party, knocking on the door strong and firm.




Greece huffed and puffed as he got off the bus. "Damn, where am I?" He said to himself, sighing and huffing some more. He pulled his long coat closer to himself, and looked around. "Hello? Anyone?" He shouted, first in English than in Greek. No one answered. Seeing the predicament, Greece tumbled about in the streets, looking to find someone. Greece jumped out of an alley, and looked around, finding two figures not too far away. After focusing, he recognized one as Denmark, a fellow European, and the other as Japan. "Hey!" He shouted, hoping to get their attention

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Denmark turned around at the sound of an unmistakeable voice speaking their native language. "Hej, England," she greeted her, nodding in acknowledgement. She paused for a moment before glancing to Japan and chuckling weakly. "I got... lost, I'm afraid. I couldn't read the bus signs. But then I bumped into Japan and it turned out that I was across the road from here!" The ending was considerably more cheery than the beginning. "But you seem to have traveled well then, no?"


It was then that China and Macau arrived. Quite unlike England, they came up right next to Japan and herself to knock. Oh. Well then. That wasn't usually done in her own country. Lines were - generally - respected. She moved out of their way a bit, seeing as the door was becoming a bit crowded. They would all get in eventually. A shouting voice caught her attention, and she peered over the tops of some of the other countries' heads to spot the familiar figure of Greece. "Hej!" she called, waving.

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Spain knew exactly where she was going. Mention the word 'party' and the short woman could sniff the location out in no time. If alcohol was also in the sentence, it would be like she teleported there. Nothing went better with Spain than a bottle in hand and good company to bother.


She was a bit slower at going to the party at South Korea's place, though, not because she was dragging her heels, but rather, someone else was. It was a risk, though, dragging Vatican City, the recluse and unseen by most of the other countries to a party that would most likely result in the man having a mental breakdown and curling up under one of the tables to hide from the rest of the world, but Spain couldn't resist. After all, didn't North Italy say he needed to get out and be acquainted with the other countries?


Of course, said Italian had pulled a fast one on Spain, saying his boss needed something done right away and he would arrive at the party later, leaving the petite woman with a now visibly shaking charcoal-haired Vatican in tow to drag him to the party by herself. However, she was short, not weak, and Vatican was damn lucky he was so timid and let Spain lead him down the streets with little resistance, otherwise she would have picked him up and carried him to the party.


She found the location of the party with no help from the signs with squiggly shapes and lines, and already there were people ahead of her. How come every time she left early with intent of arriving first, something or someone slowed her down and she always arrived later than planned? She stifled a huff, hiding it with a wide grin as she unceremoniously dragged Vatican to the small, but growing group of nations. "Hola!" she called out, waving her free hand wildly, beaming like an idiot. Dios, she missed talking to people that weren't total idiots.

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Canada sighed, looking down the street. Why had she agreed to this again? The last time South Korea had a party... Let's just say no one walked out of his house until two days later since they were all too hung over. South Korea sure was scary when he was trying to get his guests to drink. Looking up, Canada realized that she had already arrived. "Hello..." She quietly greeted the rest of the countries, but no one seemed to notice her.


South Korea opened the door rather abruptly with a huge smile on his face. "Annyeonghaseyo!" He greeted, talking rapidly, "I saw all of ya walking down the street so as soon as you got close, I rushed down! The party's in the back yard, everyone! Oh yeah, by the way, ni hao, China!" He greeted the older Asian nation enthusiastically in perfect Chinese. "My boss made me learn Chinese for reason. Something about having a lot of my citizens in your country? Anyhow..." It was then that South Korea slowed down in his speech, darted outside, and began pushing everyone inside. "Let's go, let's go, you guys kept me waiting!"


Canada was pushed along with the rest. She smiled a bit, grateful for being included. It was a pleasant surprise. Usually, she had to shout through her megaphone to get attention.


((The two parts in foreign language are both hello.

I'm a bit rushed, so sorry...))

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Japan dipped his head at Denmark's soft thanks. His attention fell to the door rapidly closing in and he raised a hand to knock when a stuffy voice interrupted his train of thought. More English... With a soft sigh, Japan turned to catch sight of the properly dressed England.

"Konichiwa, England-san." The coutry bowed politely in greeting before a ruffle of fabric caught his attention. There was only one person he had ever seen wearing such a dress though it was quite a rare occasion.

China... His brown gaze softened. Japan had made several tries to make peace with China in the past few centuries. They weren't exactly friends, the their relationship was no longer as rocky as it had once been.


Japan stayed where he was, allowing for the woman with sharp features to knock at the door. As the wooden entrance was pulled away, a decorated bright room met the guests with open arms. Japan bowed to their host as he greeted them rather enthusiastically. Having been raised by China and mistaken for Korea quite often -he wasn't sure how- he spoke both languages rather well. As he tok a step forward, he dipped a hand inside his neatly tailored jacket. From his pocket, he pulled a beautifully wrapped present. It was small box that held a dessert from his lands. "Thank you for inviting us." His monotone voice spoke formally in Korean as he bowed slightly, offering the gift to the other with both hands.

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Denmark stepped inside the room, greeting South Korea with a cheery, "Hej!" He was a rather nice guy. Usually happy and bright, and always eager. It was strange how North was so different from him. That country was still giving them all trouble. Would they ever give it a rest?


She glanced about the inside of his home before walking toward the aforementioned backyard. That was where the party was. She stepped outside and... what. The ground was covered in frosting. The pool was filled with punch. There was certainly no fish that she could see - just chicken and sweets and other fried stuff. "Okay," she muttered to herself. The Dane was not used to such extravagant occasions. At least not extravagant in the amount of sugar and grease here. She had a fat tax...

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Korea blinked at Japan, stepping back into the house himself and closing the door behind the countries. "Ooh, arigato, ilbon!" He chirped cheerfully, accepting the gift eagerly. Korea was rather fluent in both Chinese and Japanese, actually, he just enjoyed pretending to forget how to speak them. He had, after all, Ben under the influence of both countries in the past. He put it on a nearby table and opened it carefully, making sure to not rip the wrapping, and grinned at the contents of the box. "You shouldn't have!" He put the lid back on the box, deciding to savor it later. Usually, he'd have hugged the gift-giver, but he knew it would make Japan uncomfortable so he just grinned at the other Asian country and dashed to the kitchen to put the box in the fridge before coming back.


"I hope you've all brought swimsuits! I did ask you guys to on the invitations. Oh, the backyard is that way, just follow Denmark!" He urged, pointing towards the kitchen which connected the living room to the backyard. "If you wanna change, there are guest rooms and bathrooms on the second floor. Feel free to change there!"


Canada wandered off in the direction of the backyard after greeting Korea and being partially ignored. Korea had nodded in her direction. She didn't feel like swimming or anything. When she got there, she just stared. To be honest, it looked kinda like a five year-old's birthday party, to be honest, except for the frosting and fruit punch swimming pool. South Korea's voice then reached her from the living room. "Oh, about the frosting... I have no idea what happened either!" Suddenly, k-pop began booming from the loudspeakers, making Canada flinch slightly. It wasn't too loud, thank god, but Canada wasn't sure what to do. She stepped onto the frosting covered ground and looked dubiously towards the giant piñatas hanging from the trees. This would be interesting to say the least.


((Arigato - 'thanks' in Japanese

Ilbon - 'Japan' in Korean))

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China stepped in, only to be met with a spatter of frosting underneath her shoe. She snorted at the party around her. It was far too flashy, so childish. What could have made South Korea think that this was apropriate for a major gathering of nations? She wasnt shy about wearing her dissapoinment on her face, sure to make South Korea aware of how dispeased she was with the fact that this childish affair came out of the mind of someone influencec by her legacy.


Macau, however, was amazed and drawn in by every part of the party. Macau then heard mention of swimming. Just like her father, the nation loved anything having to do with boating or swimming. She quickly ran upstairs to go change. China sighed, now she would have to stay for Macau.


Greece looked around. This was certainly, interesting. He knew better than to judge based on first impressions however. "Wow, South Korea. You...really put a lot of work into this, didnt you?" He uttered, he did have to admit, even though it was like concentrated diabetes in that party, it did look and sound fun. Greece then tought about the part of swiming. He panicked a bit, instintivly lookong down at his chest to make sure everything was "concealed". He knew it wasnt that noticable, but there is only so much a shirt can cover when its wet.


Portugal finally arrived at the party, late as usual. He finished up a cigarette and then sraightened out his clothes for the party. Portugal walked in, and greeted the party goers.

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Pleased that South Korea had enjoyed his gift, he stood straight up and he nodded slowly.

"Yoroshiku onegai-shimasu."


The fact that the other could speak decent Japanese brought a small invisible smile to the elder Country's lips. South Korea had indeed come quite a ways. At the mention of a pool, he glanced away and he wandered away into the backyard where the younger male had directed them. There was no way he would be swimming today. There would be far too many people for the shy country to be comfortable with such an act. He kept to himself... until his gaze fell on the China. His flat brown eyes followed her across the room. It had been a long time since he had spoken to her since their conversations of peace treaties. He half wondered how she was doing, but he would never start the conversation.


Japan shook his head and he scolded quietly to himself. He should just go see if there was sushi he could eat.


{{Yoroshiku onegai-shimasu = Please kindly treat me well.}}

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Well, the doors had opened before Spain could reach the other countries, all of them seeming to make their way in. Did anyone even notice her greeting? Oh well, she'll get them back later, perhaps dropping ice cubes down their pants or something. She shrugged it off with a smile, dragging the poor shy Vatican behind him, the others already have gone in.


"Go hide in a corner or whatever your kind of people do," Spain said, finally letting go of Vatican's hand. The man nodded shakily before moving through the house as if the entire floor was covered with tripwires and landmines, not going towards the doors that lead to the backyard (he avoided it like the plague).


Welp, she tried. She brought him to a party, and she couldn't make him socialize. Spain would find him in a library or spare room or someplace else remote later, but she on the other had, was going to enjoy this party. Oh, look, there was Portugal!


"Portugal!" Spain called out to the man, grinning from ear to ear as she approached the man. She and Portugal had a strange relationship- like she being an estrange neighbor who kept trying to deface Portugal's house, with varying results. Well, they technically were neighbors, per say, but that didn't matter right now. Their strange relationship was on more friendlier terms in the last century or so, to which she milked for all its worth- aka bothering him at every chance she had. It was probably on par with bothering Italians, perhaps just a little below that.


"Decided to join us lowly peasants in a few drinks?" Spain smirked as she slide up in front of Portugal. Dios, she was short. He wasn't even that much taller than she was, but still taller than her! Actually she was probably the shortest person in the room- wait, no, there might be someone about her same height, but she'll catch up on that later.

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Denmark glanced over her shoulder at the people following her outside. Swimming...? She did quite like swimming. But in punch? Wouldn't they get all sticky? No, thank you. She was usually up for a laugh, but not for something like that. Heading over to the table, the brunette poured herself a glass of... well, something alcoholic by the smell of it. Fruity. Should be punch. South seemed to like punch quite a lot. Music suddenly blared, and she jumped at the sound. It was quite pop-y. But it was quite catchy... She swayed gently to the music as she sipped at what was now confirmed to be punch.

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China brushed off her dress, looking around at the party guests. None of them were particularly interesting, though she found a few quite attractive. Then, she noticed the flat gaze of Japan. Her eyes narrowed as she walked up behind him. "Nǐ yǒu huà yào duì wǒ shuō, rìběn?" She asked in Chinese


(Nǐ yǒu huà yào duì wǒ shuō, rìběn? - Is there something you want to say to me, Japan?)



Portugal's morose seemed to lift when he saw Spain. There were few nations that Portugal felt as close to as Spain. He knew her since day 1, and while things were always rocky, he felt like they were good friends now.


"Never bad company for drinks," he replied to her. He reached his hand up to ruffle her hair, she always hated that, but it was playful. He smiled at her, once the Iberian Duo got their hands on alcohol, well then the party would really start


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