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Completed List Favourites Tournament

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Voted, and thanks for the poll form!

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EDIT: Also, angelicdragonpuppy you're votes aren't showing up. You may need to vote again.

I hadn't actually voted yet, just scanned the list on my phone. Thanks for checking though! biggrin.gif


Voted now and resisted the urge to null--so many cuties! Lots of tiny cuties this time especially. biggrin.gif

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I guess the Geodes make it even voting. I just don't like them being there because that's already been released and is a bit different than a totally new dragon. But I guess it could still count. That's just my problem with them, though.

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I voted! I also think that many dragons that are on the completed list need much more work to be relased, imo.

http://forums.dragcave.net/?showtopic=69802 this one that won is definetly too much bright and has very bad shadows, imo. I'll post in its topic to try to improve it.

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I voted! I like the poll, but I kinda miss seeing peoples comments on all the breeds.


There's a spelling error under 'Forum Name' where 'please' is spelled wrong.

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I voted! I like the poll, but I kinda miss seeing peoples comments on all the breeds.

Me too, actually. There was at least a way to leave actual specific comments about what you liked or didn't like.


It's nice, though. I would just like if maybe the "other" box was a text box for an optional comment on why you didn't choose either? Not that it really matters in voting, but it's nice to allow some people to express their opinions in more detail.

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Voted! It was really hard not to null in some places, but I managed to make a choice every time

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Ethereal Drakes are missing.

Sorry about that, forgot the red and the bold originally.

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If it wasn't on the completed list on Jul 11 it isn't going to be included and according to the last post they were moved to completed on the 17th. So, they weren't missed, they didn't make it in time to be included.


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OK, Set 2 Round 1 is OVER smile.gif

Here are the results in pie chart form so you can check for yourself: CLICK ME!


Here are the winners: (Winners in bold, losers crossed out)


Deja Drake VS Delphine Tidedancer

Delphinus Lindwurm VS Demonic

Dendrobate Wyvern VS Desert Bloom Lundwyrm

Devil VS Dewdrop

Diamondback Sandrunner VS Dilute

Diver Drake VS Doomsday

Double-Winged VS Drakenwolf

Drapewing VS Dryadrake

DualaWing VS Duality

Dustfur VS Dustrunner

Dusty VS Dwarf Water

Earth Dwellers VS Earthwyrm

Eastern Thistle VS Eclipse

Elemental Wing VS Emerld Eastern Pygmy

Empyrean Dolphin Drake VS Entwined-Horn

Erselik VS Eve

Ever Flight Ampithere VS Exipotean

Faerie VS Fair

Fantasy VS Fear

Feather Fringed Pygmy VS Feathercrest Drake

Featherstar VS Feles

Feral VS Fey

Fiery Triline VS Firebelly

Firefly VS Fisher

Fishing VS Flamboyant Pygmy

Flame Quetzal VS Flicker Wyvern

Fluff-Earred VS Fly Agaric

Fly Dragon VS Flying Devils

Forge VS Four winged

Foxfire Lindwurm VS Freckled

Frigate VS Frill-Gill

Frilled Imperial VS Frostbite Wyrm

Fume VS Gale

Acai VS Artichoke

Asparagus VS Cabbage

Carrots VS Cherry

Cotton VS Eggplant

Guava VS Leek

Passionfruit VS Radish

Rotten VS Brussel Sprouts

Corn VS Dwarf Bok Choy

Garlic VS Mushroom

Pea VS Pygmy Rotten

Geode Alts VS Giant Pygmy

Gilded VS Glacier Dragon

Glade VS Glaucus Wyvern

Gloom VS Glorious Maned


...And onto Set 3!


Poll HERE! (Thanks to Ponytales for setting up!)

Please make sure to POST that you did the poll! Votes without a post will be deleted from the poll.


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I've voted for Set 3! You have the pictures for Lancewing X Lapis Lazuli in the spot for Lacewing X Laefin votes, and vice versa. And also, in "Eastern Mint VS Mipri Pygmies" there's an option for Mineral but not Mipri. I figured out what they meant, but they threw me off until I double-checked.


By the way, I like how you reported the results from the last poll with the pie charts.


I need Ne'Enden Easterns NOW ;o; <3

I know; they're so cool. Ne'Enden, Lepidoptera, and Lacewing are my favorites from this set... the Lacewings are probably my 2nd favorite thing on the CL after the Antareans.


~Edit: whoops, I guess you want that top bit in red?

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