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Completed List Favourites Tournament

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Voted for set three round two! The indigo fire eastern really caught my eye this round.

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And mannn there are some concepts on the list that are like AMAZING but the art is so old it hurts them a lot. ;___; </3

So then post in their threads and point that out! If some of the artists are still around, maybe they can update them a bit, or at least pass on the rights to someone else. c:


I'm actually thinking about going on a posting spree in Completed to do just that. Point out any anatomy issues, that they need at least some small updates just to spruce them up a bit, that kind of thing. I was going to try to only go after the ones that still had artists around, though.

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Well, if you post in any of mine, crit is completely welcome. All of the concepts I've got on the Completed List need at least some updating. They're on my "TODO" list, but down the list a ways except maybe my glass pygmies.

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OK! Set 3 is done for now! Here are the winners: (as usual, winners are bold and losers are striked)


Glowy VS gold-capped pygmies

Goldwing VS Gravedigger

Green-Bellied Ninny VS Guardian Angel/Archangel

Harptail VS Havran Amphithere

Holysong VS Hotspring

Humming VS Ice Stalker

Indigo Fire VS Inferno Amphithere

Jade VS Jellyfish

Kangaroon VS Kite

Lacewing VS Lancewing

Leafwing VS Lepidoptera Dragons

Lilypad VS Lock Wyvern

Longhorn VS Lupine Drake

Lyrisel Drake VS Malaysian

Maple VS Marbled

Mercury Pygmy VS Messenger

Meteor Shower VS Migratory Wyverns

Mipri Pygmies VS Mithril

Morganite Wyvern VS Mossfur

Mountainback Wyverns VS Ne'Enden Easterns

Necromancer VS Neon Crested Wyvern

Neotonous VS Night Glider

* Lotus got the odd one out pass


See the results for yourself HERE!



And the next set:


Northern Longfur VS Okapi Dragon

Opal VS Orange Dino - Ankylosaurus

Orange Weaver VS Ostrich

Owl VS Paradise

Phantasm Dragon VS Phoenix Pygmy

Phos VS Pied Dragonet

Pitaya VS Poof Pygmy

Porcelain VS Psion

Dark Blue Pygmy Dino VS Light Brown Pygmy Dino

Orange Pygmy Dino VS Purple Pygmy Dino

White Pygmy Dino VS Quilltail

Rain VS RamsHorn

Red Sea Drocan VS Reef Serpent

Regal Diamonds VS Ribbed

Riparian Dipper VS Rogue

Rose Gold VS Saddleback Lindworm

Saevio VS Sand Wyrm

Scorpionfish VS Sea Spear Lindwurm

Sea Spinner VS Seasprite

Seven-Colored VS Shadow Two-Headed

Shadow-winged VS Shellisticus

Shiny Scale VS Silk-tailed

Silver Face VS Silvermane

Skinless VS Skymaster Ampipthere

Smolderfrill VS Sock

Spacewarper VS Spectacled

Pygmy Glass is the odd-pass

and vote Here!

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Round Favorites: Poof Pygmies (YES YES GIMME GIMME), Quilltail, Saevio (such a simple dragon, body wise, but such gorgeous details and colors!), Saddleback Lindworm (interesting idea beautifully executed!)


Sock Dragons are quite cute as well.


I'm really surprised at some of the breeds that have trumped over others in the previous set... (er, like Round 4 Set 1, not Round 3 ;o; )

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Voted! My favorites in this group are definitely Saevio, Spectacled, Silk-Tailed, and Poof Pygmies. o3o

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Oh wait I just remembered the Scorpiontails were eliminated ;n; They were so cool D:


My favorites:



Poof Pygmy



Seven-colored (still wish the yellow version was used because imo it's much prettier)


Spacewarper (c'mon it's a Portal-themed dragon)


lots of favorites. Wish the Opal wasn't soooo pale in certain areas, though. I realize it's white, but I can hardly see it. :\

Edited by edwardelricfreak

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I've voted, some were tough, some neither really spoke to me, and some it was clear one was the winner.

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Completed List Voting - Set 4, Round 2

Your response has been recorded. Thank you!


I want those poof pygmies NOW! *grins* Along with the pygmy glass, the opal, the rain, and the sock, among others.

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Completed List Voting - Set 4, Round 2


Wow, more gorgeous dragons! I hope some of the pygmies make it.

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Completed List Voting - Set 4, Round 2

Your response has been recorded. Thank you!


Voted! smile.gif

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