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Completed List Favourites Tournament

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oh yes, I do like the Charred. But I also think we need more pygmies and I'm usually not fond of them because they're usually rather boring, but the Honeycombs and Chickadees are WONDERFUL and they both lost. :\

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Completed List Voting - Set 1, Round 2

Your response has been recorded. Thank you!


Voted! biggrin.gif

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First time I've voted in this tournament, I'm surprised I didn't do it earlier.

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No results or new poll yet? o: Aww I was looking forward to voting. XD I guess they'll appear soon. c:

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Sorry about the delay folks! Due to a combo of me mixing the days up and a full inbox, I messed up. xd.png All on me this one.


Here's the winners of this week: (winners bold, losers crossed out)


Deja Drake VS Delphinus Lindwurm

Dendrobate Wyvern VS Devil

Diamondback Sandrunner VS Diver Drake

Double-Winged VS Drapewing

Duality VS Dustfur

Dwarf Water VS Earth Dwellers

Eclipse VS Emerld Eastern Pygmy

Empyrean Dolphin Drake VS Erselik

Faerie VS Fantasy

Feathercrest Drake VS Feles

Fey VS Fiery Triline

Firefly VS Flamboyant Pygmy

Flame Quetzal VS Fly Agaric

Fly Dragon VS Forge

Freckled VS Frill-Gill

Frilled Imperial VS Fume

Acai VS Cabbage

Carrots VS Cotton

Leek VS Passionfruit

Brussel Sprouts VS Dwarf Bok Choy

Garlic VS Pea

Geode Alts VS Glacier Dragon

Glaucus Wyvern VS Glorious Maned

* Exipotean got a odd-one-out free pass


See the results in pie form here!


And the next batch:


HERE! (Set up by PonyTales!)


Glowy VS gold-capped pygmies

Goldwing VS Gravedigger

Green-Bellied Ninny VS Guardian Angel/Archangel

Harptail VS Havran Amphithere

Holysong VS Hotspring

Humming VS Ice Stalker

Indigo Fire VS Inferno Amphithere

Jade VS Jellyfish

Kangaroon VS Kite

Lacewing VS Lancewing

Leafwing VS Lepidoptera Dragons

Lilypad VS Lock Wyvern

Longhorn VS Lupine Drake

Lyrisel Drake VS Malaysian

Maple VS Marbled

Mercury Pygmy VS Messenger

Meteor Shower VS Migratory Wyverns

Mipri Pygmies VS Mithril

Morganite Wyvern VS Mossfur

Mountainback Wyverns VS Ne'Enden Easterns

Necromancer VS Neon Crested Wyvern

Neotonous VS Night Glider

~ lotus gets the odd one out pass

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Voted on the current set!


I looooove Indigo Fire and Jade *__*



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Voted! There's a 'Messenger' Dragon! wink.gif


Edit: but I don't understand some people's decisions. Some of my favourites are getting seriously ruled down.

Edited by MessengerDragon

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I voted!


I really hope that the Lacewings, Lepidoptera, and Ne'enden Easterns do well this round. I really like all of those. The Lacewings are my second overall favorite on the whole CL and the Lepidoptera are pretty high up there too...


Lacewings and Lancewings are practically tied at the moment. o_o

Edited by Dimar

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Voted on current set 3 round 2!


I love Indigo Fire, Jade and Lupine Drake. I also really desider Marbled and Mercury Pygmy.


It was difficult to choiche between Necromancer and Neon Crested Wyvern.

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