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Completed List Favourites Tournament

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user posted image >> user posted image ?


They don't look much different? tongue.gif

Well, if you put them side by side, there're some (more or less) obvious differences. However, if you switch from the CL to the thread and back again, it's not that easy to spot.

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Voted on set 1, round 2.


I was thinking, what if instead of having an odd number of dragons to vote between and having to vote for or against a single dragon, you add the last extra dragon to the next set to make them even?

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Hi all, aangs-sister will be out of town for the weekend so I am posting the next set (Set 2, Round 2) up for voting. Set 1, Round 2's poll is frozen until she returns to announce the winners


I'm sending this to let you know that I will be gone his Friday. Here is the list of the next set in advance:


Deja Drake VS Delphinus Lindwurm

Dendrobate Wyvern VS Devil

Diamondback Sandrunner VS Diver Drake

Double-Winged VS Drapewing

Duality VS Dustfur

Dwarf Water VS Earth Dwellers

Eclipse VS Emerld Eastern Pygmy

Empyrean Dolphin Drake VS Erselik

Faerie VS Fantasy

Feathercrest Drake VS Feles

Fey VS Fiery Triline

Firefly VS Flamboyant Pygmy

Flame Quetzal VS Fly Agaric

Fly Dragon VS Forge

Freckled VS Frill-Gill

Frilled Imperial VS Fume

Acai VS Cabbage

Carrots VS Cotton

Leek VS Passionfruit

Brussel Sprouts VS Dwarf Bok Choy

Garlic VS Pea

Geode Alts VS Glacier Dragon

Glaucus Wyvern VS Glorious Maned

* Exipotean gets an odd-one-out free pass


Vote here for Set 2, Round 2!

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Voted on that set smile.gif

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Missed the last round. What a shame, some favorites were on that list.


Thankfully, my absolutely impeccable taste has been used on this round; I voted.

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I voted. Can't wait to see the results for the last poll!

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Voted on Round 2, Set 2 smile.gif.

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Completed List Voting - Set 1, Round 2

Your response has been recorded. Thank you!


Voted. smile.gif


But. So far all my favorites on this round are loosing. T_T

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