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The RP


On the surface Brookwood is a sleepy mountain town like any other of the modern age. The main income of the town is the nearby mine where the majority of the locals work. The thick woods surrounding Brookwood are dark and unappealing and coupled together with the almost permanently overcast skies; they give the town a dour and sluggish atmosphere. All in all, Brookwood is mostly considered a dull place to live.


However, not everything is as it seems in Brookwood. Unknown to the human population, they do not live alone in this quiet little town. Six supernatural races have made their home in Brookwood, as they consider the town to be the ideal location. For nearly a hundred years they have lived side by side with their unsuspecting human neighbours, working together to keep their existence secret.


But now their idyllic home is under threat, as well as their lives. A sect of Slayers, humans who are not only aware of the existence of Supes, but sworn to eliminate them, have become aware of their presence in Brookwood and have started to infiltrate the town. The Supes must now battle not only to keep themselves hidden, but to stay alive as well.




Physical ~



Werewolves are the strongest and most durable of the six supernatural races in Brookwood, being able to shrug off and survive practically anything, as well as one of the fastest. Unlike what folklore says, they shift into their wolf forms whenever the moon appears in the night sky, when the last rays of sunlight have faded, not just during the full moon. Their only night of respite is the night of the new moon, when it does not appear at all.

For all their strength werewolves are not completely indestructible, when they transform into the wolf they lose their human minds and become little more than a savage beast, intent on slaughtering anything in their path, save for fellow werewolves with whom they form a pack mentality. This decrease in intelligence can make them easier to manipulate and trap, leaving them vulnerable to their one weakness, silver.

Werewolves are a bit like harpies, they can look like whatever as long as they look wolfish. Either full wolf, furry biped or just a really hairy humans with pointed ears and claws.

Werewolves are physical species only, unable to use magic of any kind. In order to become a werewolf, a human must be bitten but not killed under the light of a full moon. They age at the same rate as humans.



Harpies are the second strongest species and are as durable as werewolves, but they are the fastest and are capable of flight. They are also very intelligent and have adapted to human life quite easily, making them one of the hardest species to uncover. While they can stomach a normal human diet, they still favour a traditional meal of raw flesh, preferably human.

Harpies are humanoid creatures with wings, but I don't mind too much about exact appearance. They can be birdlike or batlike, covered in feathers, fur or skin, have full wings instead of arms or just a partial transformation, as long as the wings can lift them.

A harpy’s only weakness is fire. It burns them faster than they can heal and may even completely destroy their wings, leaving them crippled and unable to fly.

Like werewolves harpies can not use magic, but are born as harpies and not turned. They age slightly slower than humans, giving them up to three or four decades of additional life.


Mixed ~



Vampires are former humans who have been transformed into blood drinking revenants. They are stronger and faster than humans, although not to the extent of werewolves or harpies, and can use mind based magic, such as telekinesis, mind control, empathy and memory manipulation.

Vampires are one of the easiest supernatural species to uncover, as they are effectively dead humans, meaning they lack pulses and body heat. Older vampires, fifty years of age or more, start to lose their human features and must rely on glamour to disguise themselves. Direct sunlight can destroy them in just a few minutes.

Vampires don't really need to feed every day and even if they do, there are ways around it. They could supplement their diet with animal blood or blood bags. They don't always have to kill their prey either. It's easy enough to take a small drink from a target and mind-wipe them into forgetting the whole thing.

Vampires do not physically age after being turned, so it is taboo to turn anyone under the age of sixteen.



Demons are creatures that have crawled up from the pits of hell itself into the mortal plane. Like vampires they have both physical strengths and magic ability, but excel at neither. They are much better at disguising their true nature than vampires, and come in a vast array of shapes and forms.

Anything that is holy, from blessed water to holy relics, causes a great deal of pain to a demon, and if trapped a ritual can be performed to permanently ban them from the mortal realm. The items must have a tie to a saint or have been blessed by a senior priest.

Demons age very slowly, one year to every human ten. Their magic is mostly destructive in nature, allowing them to cause things to rot and decay, become contaminated, inflict sicknesses and plagues or just be outright destroyed. They may also alter their shape to provide additional armor or weaponry.


Magic ~



Witches are unusual amongst the supernatural races as they are, strictly speaking, human. Their magic, which tends to be elementally based, is passed down via family bloodlines. Some witches can also learn curses, allowing them to temporarily change the form or nature of themselves or another.

In order to use their magic, a witch must be able to speak the magic words or make the required motion. Binding and gagging them renders them helpless.

As witches are human they age normally and are just as easy to injure.



Faeries are physically the weakest of all supernatural creatures, but are the most tricky and devious. Their magic allows them power over light and shadow, illusions, healing and gives them minor control over animals. They have many similarities to demons; age at the same rate, come from another realm and are born the way they are. In order to stay in the mortal plane they need to feed off the spiritual energy, the soul, of a human. They will choose one victim at a time and will slowly drain them over a period of two to three years.

Faeries hate iron, as it dampens their ability to drain spiritual energy and may even make it impossible for them to do so. Like witches they are very easy to hurt and as they lack physical strength, are rarely able to hold their own against even normal humans.




Most humans are just ordinary creatures, with no particular aptitude for magic or physical skill. However, for the last five hundred years a secret group of humans, called Slayers, have been doing everything in their power to track down and destroy any supernatural creature that they believe may pose a threat to humanity.

Slayers are chosen at a young age, usually as orphans or from families of Slayers, and trained to recognise and kill Supes. For a long time their supernatural foes held the advantage, but in the last twenty years a special formula was developed, known as KA19, that temporarily gives them increased attributes, making them stronger and faster than ordinary humans. Some Slayers refuse to use the formula though, due to rumours about its manufacture.

All Slayers are trained in the use of a weapon or two and taught the weaknesses of every known Supe. Slayers going out on a mission are also surgically implanted in the arm with a special talisman, the size of a microchip, which makes them immune to a particular brand of magic or prevents them from being turned into a werewolf or vampire.


Brookwood Town


Brookwood is a medium sized mining town with a moderate population. It has a town hall, a sheriff’s office, a medical clinic/mortuary, a fire department and a school. The general store, diner, bar, clothing store and pet depot make up the shopping district in the centre of the town, which is separated by the small stream that cuts through. There is a graveyard on the eastern edge of the town, which is surprisingly small given the town’s size.


Many Supes have taken on positions of note throughout Brookwood, which not only gives them power over the human population but makes it easier to cover up their activities, allowing them to feed and live without detection.


The mines that support the town are extensive and cut right through the mountain, although several shafts have been blocked off. Some say that this is because the veins that were being harvested are exhausted, while others blame the strange accidents and animal attacks that have taken place there.


The woods that surround the town are dense and dark. Because of the animal attacks that have taken place there people have been forbidden from entering without due consent. However, many teenagers like to sneak into the woods to hold late night parties.


The nearest populated place to Brookwood is Selwest, a city twenty miles from the base of the mountain. The younger people like to make the hour’s drive to visit the cinema, bowling alley, clubs and larger stores. Many of the Supes, the harpies, vampires and faeries in particular, also prefer to hunt their prey there, in order to keep suspicion off Brookwood.


Other information


Free Actions:

Any Supe that shifts between a human and non-human form (werewolf, harpy, demon) does not need to list that as one of their powers. The same goes for any that need to disguise their true form (vampire, demon, faerie), as that will be classed as natural glamour.

Any Supe that has wings (harpy, demon, fae) may also be able to fly for free if their wings are reasonable. Damaged wings will not be able to lift them. Vampires who list telekinesis as a skill or witches who use wind may also be able to fly.


Size Limits and True Forms:

While the Supes vary in size and shape, demons and faeries especially, there is a limit in just how large they can be. If your Supe character can not pass through a standard doorway, in any shape, without causing damage to the frame then they will not be allowed.

There is no lower size limit for a true form, but please try and keep it sensible.

Demons and fae have no set limit for appearance either. Since both creatures are from another plane of existence, their true forms do not have to resemble anything even remotely human.


Supes vs Supes

Sometimes a power may be listed that gives a character an advantage over another Supe. A werewolf in wolf form is naturally strong enough to kill a fae in seconds, but if that fae has a gift with wolves or dogs they may instead be able to control them. A witch who has fire based spells could seriously hurt a harpie. While there is no official rule against fighting each other, since Brookwood is supposed to be a place where Supes can live in peace, any Supe causing trouble for the others may be 'dealt with'.

While a witch can be targeted by a fae or vampire for food, or a werewolf or witch who has turned themselves into a animal be can controlled by a fae, it is considered amongst the Supes of Brookwood to be impolite unless given permission or in a dire situation.


Other Supernatural Creatures:

In the world of Brookwood there are several other supernatural beings. There are good ones, (angels, brownies), harmless ones (ghosts, banshees) and distant ones (mermaids). For the purposes of this RP none of them live in or near Brookwood, although they may be mentioned in passing. The Slayers also tend to ignore these other Supes for the above reasons.


Species Rule:

There are no hybrid species, meaning your character can not be a werewolf witch or a demon faerie. If parents are two different kinds of Supe, then children will take after one of them, but not both. All supernatural creatures are also immune to the transformational magic that changes them from one Supe to another, so once they have been transformed or turned into one kind of Supe, they can not become another.

While it is possible for a human or Slayer to be turned into a werewolf or vampire, only do so if you have both my permission and that of the Slayer’s player.


Standard Rules:


1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

3) You may only kill another person's character if they allow you to.

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more than two weeks without posting (without prior warning), your character/s will be put removed or killed off.

5) Respect the other RPers.

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) Every post must be at least four sentences long.

8) OOC must be enclosed in brackets (( )).

9) PM me forms for approval. I'll ignore ones posted in the RP.


RP Specific Rules:


1) Only two characters per person.

2) Only four powers per character.

3) Only two of each Supe at a time.

4) Only six Slayers at a time.

5) All characters must have a true/visual age of at least 15.

6) I reserve the right to add more rules if/when needed.

7) Use the supplied form below to submit forms for approval. I won't approve unless it is formatted properly.






Character Name:


Visual Age & True Age:

Appearance: (Pictures must be linked)

True Form: (Pictures must be linked)







History: (No more than 600 words.)


[B]Character Name:[/B]
[B]Species: [/B]
[B]Visual Age & True Age:[/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Pictures must be linked)
[B]True Form:[/B] (Pictures must be linked)
[B]History:[/B] (No more than 600 words.)




Character Name:


Appearance: (Pictures must be linked)


Weapons: (‘Hybrid’ weapons are classed as two)

1) (Pictures must be linked)

2) (Pictures must be linked)

Talisman Effect: (Immune to werewolf or vampire bite? Mind control? Burned by fire magic? Demon magic? Witches curses? Choose one or make up your own.)

Uses KA19: (Yes/No)

History: (No more than 600 words.)


[B]Character Name:[/B]
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Pictures must be linked)
[B]Weapons:[/B] (‘Hybrid’ weapons are classed as two)
1) (Pictures must be linked)
2) (Pictures must be linked)
[B]Talisman Effect:[/B] (Immune to werewolf or vampire bite? Mind control? Burned by fire magic? Demon magic? Witches curses? Choose one or make up your own.)
[B]Uses KA19:[/B] (Yes/No)
[B]History:[/B] (No more than 600 words.)

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Accepted Forms


Brookwood Positions ~ Must be filled by supernatural creatures.

Mayor: Damien (Spirit)


Doctor: Kathy (Fortune)




Werewolf: Kathy (Fortune)

Werewolf: Damien (Spirit)

Harpy: Jeanette (Fangirl05)


Vampire: Odette (Fortune)






Fae: Jacquelina (Evangeline)




1) Jeremiah (Marcus Pheonix)

2) Namina (shadow_claw)

3) Choi WooJoo (Evangeline)









Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Dr Katherine Grey aka Kathy

Species: Werewolf

Visual Age & True Age: 26/26

Appearance: Doctor

True Form: Werewolf

Job/Student: Doctor/Coroner at Medical Clinic


1) Strength: As a werewolf, Kathy's strength increases to the point where she can tear steel and smash through most obstacles.

2) Speed: Has the natural speed of a ordinary grey wolf (45mph) when in werewolf form.

3) Senses: Kathy's senses of smell and hearing are far beyond that of a human's, regardless of what shape she is in.

4) Durability: In human form Kathy is quite hard to hurt and can shake off minor to medium injuries. In her werewolf form she is near invulnerable, susceptible only to silver.


When Kathy was eight years old her home town of Marlin was attacked by a strange animal. She was in a nativity play at school when the beast struck and was one of many children injured. While most of the werewolf’s victims died Kathy survived with a minor bite wound and was sent home with her parents after receiving medical care. The strange animal escaped after being repeatedly shot by the police and was believed to be some kind of rabid wolf.

The next day Kathy had developed a terrible fever and her parents were just in the process of driving her to the hospital when night fell and she turned for the first time. Despite their shock and horror Kathy’s parents were able to restrain their daughter and trap her in the boot of their car. Badly scratched and bitten Kathy’s parents worked out what had happened and the truth about the rabid wolf. Realising that the stories were true and that Kathy was now a werewolf they vowed to protect their daughter no matter the cost.

For the next four years the family lived on the road, never staying in one place for longer than a few days. As Kathy became older and stronger it became harder and harder to keep her locked up when she turned. Reaching breaking point Kathy’s mother decided to end it all and tried to poison the three of them during the new moon. Regrettably the poison she chose was too weak for Kathy’s advanced natural defences and at the age of twelve Kathy was left orphaned. Her attempts to live in the wild on her own were futile as the werewolf kept being drawn to populated areas. It wasn’t long before she drew the attention of a pair of Slayers, who had been tracking the family since the events at Marlin.

Fortunately for Kathy she also alerted a passing vampire called Joseph. He killed the Slayers in a brutal fight and took Kathy in. Together they travelled to Brookwood where the supernatural inhabitants welcomed the two of them with open arms. For several years Kathy lived with Joseph and lived a somewhat normal life. She made friends, studied and with careful timing was able to go to many parties. Showing an aptitude for medicine the local doctor, a Fae going by the name of Mary Roberts, took Kathy in as an assistant. When Kathy received her own qualifications she took over the practise, allowing Dr Roberts to retire.

At this point Joseph also decided to move on. He was an adventurer at heart and had only stayed in Brookwood for Kathy’s benefit. Seeing that she could now survive on her own the two said their goodbyes and parted, Joseph promising to drop in every now and again.

As the town’s new doctor Kathy uses her position to help cover up suspicious deaths or injuries inflicted by the supernatural creatures of Brookwood, her side duty as coroner making this much easier. Everyone knows not to disturb her at night, the local humans believing she takes very strong sleeping pills, and to call on her assistant instead.


Username: DragonSpirit009

Character Name: Damien Neelson

Species: Werewolf

Visual Age & True Age: 30/30

Appearance: Damien

True Form: Werewolf

Job/Student: Mayor


1) Strength: As a werewolf, Damien’s strength increases to the point where he can tear steel and smash through most obstacles.

2) Howl: Apart from a normal werewolf howl Damien has a very high pitched howl which causes his enemies ears and head to ring with pain. To those who isn’t a werewolf can receive quite a bit of damage but to another werewolf it’s a call for help or a gathering.

3) Senses: Damien’s senses of smell and hearing are far beyond that of a human's, regardless of what shape he is in.

4) Durability: In human form Damien is quite hard to hurt and can shake off minor to medium injuries. In his werewolf form he is near invulnerable, susceptible only to silver.

History: Being abandoned at birth Damien went from foster home to foster home. He never really fitted in any of these homes and was occasionally punished for his actions. One day when he was about the age of seven he ran away from his current foster home after he had received a beating for skipping school. He didn’t really know where he was going but before he could realise it he was in a dark forest. Something strange happened in the forest and before he could make his escape he was attacked and left for dead. When the next morning rays fell on young Damien he could feel in his unconscious state that he was carried somewhere and the whisper of a woman telling him not to worry.

As the day passed Damien woke up only to see he was in a small cottage with woman caring for him. Around about the afternoon her husband returned and wasn’t pleased with the boy being there. The woman pleaded and told him the she had bitten him the night before. Being the alpha of their clan the man felt threatened but his wife talked a little bit sense into him. The man reluctant agreed to let the boy stay only to teach him what it means to be a werewolf.

As the years past the man grew attached to Damien and eventually let him join their family. They adopted him officially so that no one would really question why he was there. Damien was for the first time happy and glad to find a place he could call home. With his new family he got the chance to go to school, learn all there was needed and with all this got into politics. He then decided to start his own campaign and to his surprise he had a lot of people who backed him up. His adoptive father was very proud and promised him he could be one day be alpha of the clan but for now he had to tend to his duties as mayor.


Username: Fangirl05

Character name: Jeanette Harvelle

Species: Harpy

Visual/true age: 24-27/80's

Appearance: Jeanette has brown eyes, red hair she usually keeps in a ponytail, and pale skin. Her typical outfit consists of a white camisole, black pencil skirt and heels and different colored jackets or blazers. She is 5'9", but she stands about 6' in her shoes.

True form: Her true harpy self has ashy-grey skin and bright red eyes, yellow bird feet and longer, sharper teeth. Her arms are also a few inches longer and double as feathered wings, with human hands where a bat might have hooks. She stands at about six-and-a-half feet tall.

Job: Journalist


1: Flight

2: Endurance: She can remain airborne for over an hour at a time, with or without carrying something.

3: Enhanced strength: Although she boasts greater strength than is typical for a woman in her "plainclothes form" as she likes to call it, her harpy form can pick up and throw a motorcycle without breaking a sweat.

4: Hyponotism (dubious): Whether or not she is simply charismatic is debatable, but she can easily talk people into doing or saying something she wants.

History: Jeanette was born to a nondescript harpy and boread in the mountains surrounding Brookwood. Although her mother was fearful of humans and her father was hateful of them and her father was hateful of them, she always found them and their "strange" behaviors fascinating. She began studying journalism as a way to investigate further "human weirdness."

She is very stoic and speaks in a low, monotonous voice, so it is difficult to know exactly what she is thinking.


Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Odette Durant

Species: Vampire

Visual Age & True Age: 25 & 2800+

Appearance: Teacher

True Form: Vampire

Job/Student: Substitute Teacher


1) Manipulative Hypnosis: Through eye contact Odette can will humans into unconsciously following her commands. She can even give someone a task which they will be compelled to carry out until completed or freed from her control.

2) Thrall: Once caught in her Manipulative Hypnosis Odette can take her control over a human a step further and turn them into a loyal and willing servant by kissing them. This level of control is much harder to break and allows her Thrall to act and think as normal, albeit in her service. A Thrall will remain loyal until freed or a new one is created.

3) Mental Crush: Through eye contact Odette can 'crush' a human mind and force her victim to blackout for several minutes. Anything that happens to them in this period of time will not be remembered when they awaken.

4) Strength: While as strong as a werewolf or harpy, Odette can hit harder and jump higher than any human.

(Note: Manipulative hypnosis can be broken by knocking the victim out and letting them sleep it off.

Thralls will need a special ritual to be cleansed.)


Odette is one of the oldest known vampires and has gone by many names throughout the millennia. She does not remember much about when she was first turned, or anything that happened during her first few centuries as a vampire, but she can be found in many history books under various aliases.

For a long time Odette has wandered alone around the world. Sometimes her presence is marked by the violent slaughter of dozens while at other times she is content to pass through without bloodshed. Occasionally, should she find someone of interest, she will turn them into a vampire and sit back to watch their rampages, earning her a nickname amongst the slayer community as 'The Mother of Monsters'.

Odette is currently going through one of her more peaceful periods and has been drawn back to Brookwood, which she last visited many years ago. She has taken a job as a substitute teacher as she finds young humans particularly amusing.



Username: Evangeline

Character Name: Jacquelina

Species: Fae

Visual Age & True Age: Human form: 18 ; 127

Appearance: Human

True Form: Fae

Job/Student: Student.


1) Illusion Casting - Jacquelina can create and manipulate small illusions, causing people to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist. The bigger the illusion, the harder it is to hold it. Small images are easy, while illusions of people could be difficult. She can cast images of herself with more ease because she knows herself, but it would take a lot out of her. An illusion of another person will always have flaws.

2) Darkness Healing - The Fae can heal herself or others by adsorbing the darkness around her. The wound has to be minor. The bigger it is, the longer it could take if she is able to heal it at all.

3) Animal Manipulation - The user can control animals. In this case, Jacquelina can whisper mentally to simple beasts of flight{birds) and ask them to do things for her. They may or may not do as she wishes.

4) Shadow Camouflage The user is able to become undetectable as long as they are in darkness or shadow.

History: Jacquelina belongs to a race of Fae that come from the Twisted Land of Tales. One day, she wandered outside the protective walls of her coven due to her curiosity. The girl grew up with an insatiable curiosity. After losing her way, she came into this realm through the Shattered Mirror and she landed in the humble town of Brookwood. She quickly discovered that if she stayed in this realm without energy to aid her, she would become very sick.

Quickly, she disguised herself as a little girl and she was eventually taken into an orphanage where she lived happily for some time. Her mischievous little nature thrived and she was able to cause all sorts of untraceable trouble, along with the plus of having a constant source of souls to feed on. As she "grew" older, she was sent to school where she began to learn more about the human world she had come to admire.







Username: Marcus Pheonix

Character Name: Jeremiah Kururugi

Age: 17

Appearance: Jeremiah and his sister/ Slayer Outfit

Job/Student: Student


1) A silver lined rapier with an inbuilt 6-shot revolver

Talisman Effect: Night Vision

Uses KA19: No

History: At a young age Jeremiah could have been called an average kid, born to a Japanese salesmen gentlemen and his European wife, he adored and studied fencing. He lived with his mother and sister, his father had been terminally ill most of his life and died shortly after his sisters birth. Together he and his family lived a fairly average life of a family with a single parent. However, when he was 13, his sister Mayumi (9) was attacked by a werewolf. Their family had been traveling home after a dinner party at a family friends and little Mayumi had been trailing behind. The wolf baying for blood sought out the weakest and if it weren’t for their mother she would have been taken. In return for her daughter Jeremiahs mother was taken by the beast. The beast may not have bitten Mayumi (and transferred lycanthropy) but the impact from its charge had knocked her backwards and into a fence and consequentially caused major damage to her brain functions. Years later without his sisters knowledge Jeremiah had trained to slay the monsters that had taken his mothers’ life and his sisters’ legs. His sister became a paraplegic, unable to even feel her legs and if not for quick surgery she would have lost her eyesight as well (now forced to wear glasses). Jeremiahs main goal is to protect his sister from any further harm, his 2nd is to find the beast that did this to her and kill it, his 3rd is to abolish the world of such creatures. As a young Slayer Jeremiah was not trusted to successfully manage his own area but was assigned to a small town Brookwood, where rumours of supernatural beings had been spreading and several others of their group were stationed.


Username: shadow_claw

Character Name: Namina waltz

Age: 32

Appearance: Namina Slayer armor

Job/Student: Barkeep/waitress

Weapons: (‘Hybrid’ weapons are classed as two)

1) A silver machete, usually kept at her hip

2) A compound bow

Talisman Effect: harder to detect in the darkness

Uses KA19: Yes

History: Unlike most slayers, Namina actually grew up in a family with direct members of her bloodline. The Waltz family was Matriarchal when it came to the line of slayers, so naturally she was selected out of her group of brothers. Plucked from the family by her mother, she grew up with her aunts and cousins to learn the art of Slaying. Because of this, she is a master of stealth and seduction, and will use both to her advantage.


Username: Evangeline

Character Name: 최우주 - Choi WooJoo

Age: 27

Appearance: WooJoo - Slayer outfit with mask.

Job/Student: Business man.


1) Mesh glove with a blade attached to the underside.

2) Crossbow

Talisman Effect: Toxin Absorption - Any foreign toxin induced into his body will be cleansed and expelled. This can include blood as well as poison.

Uses KA19: No.

History: Woojoo's parents met when they were young. His mother, a fae, sought his father out as a lifesource to keep her going. Over time, she ended up falling for the amazing man who treated her like she was a royal queen. The mother, Amaria, ended up admitting what she truly was, but the father still stayed devoted to her despite the dangers. They lived together happily for many years until one day when Ameria became with child. With Slayers constantly closing on them, the Fae's safety was slowly fading. When their small son was born, they decided it was far too dangerous to stay in the big city of Seoul. They moved to a small village in Brazil where they could never be bothered or put in danger.

Unfortunately, when Woojoo was roughly two, the couple were oh so very wrong. Slayers did come for them after them in the dead of night.

There was a long fight that ended up with Amaria cornered and defenseless. At the last moment, the father fought free of his captures and he jumped in front of her, taking the single silver bullet meant for his beloved wife. He died in her arms and then she too was shot short after killing two of the attackers in a violent rage.

The sullen Slayers were about to leave when the desperate terrified cries of a child caught their ears. They found Woojoo, a small human baby, laying in his crib. There was no way they could leave him, especially after the human father had been killed by their blood-covered hands. After preforming a burial for the couple, they left with the child.

Woojoo has been raised by a clan of Slayers at a training center in the forgotten woods of Brazil. He has learned the arts of survival in the battle against the growing number of Supes around the world, along with schooling by private teachers in the complex. Quickly, he became one of the best at Capoeira, an art of fighting passed down from the Brazilian slaves. WooJoo became one of the best and most competitive in his class. Arrangements were made to have a rich business man adopt the promising young male, and when he turned nineteen, he was sponsored by his adoptive father to go to a school in the Americas to receive the best schooling money could buy. He has become a deadly pawn, and unaware to his life before the Slayers, he has served as one of the best for his age while working under the pretense of being a reckless spoiled rich child.

Now, rumors have reached the Slayers of Brookwood's infestation, and WooJoo has been sent.


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((Alrighty, now that the RP is open can I have the final edits of all forms please? Once it has been approved you may post smile.gif))


“I don’t know what’s worse” she said looking down at the paperwork in front of her. “That their name is Roe Humpton Deacon or that their name is Roe Humpton Deacon the Fifth. The fifth. And his mother wonders why the other children keeping picking on him. Poor kid.”


Kathy stood up and walked across the room to the filing cabinet and put away the client details. Apart than treating a young school boy for a Chinese burn inflicted the day before she had had no other appointments. She didn’t even have anyone booked in until the afternoon. She returned to her desk and sat down to look outside the window. It was cloudy, as per the norm, but it was also quite hot today. Kathy’s assistant, the room’s only other occupant, was fanning themselves with the day’s newspaper.


“Anything good?” she inquired, but her assistant just shook their head. It had been a quiet few days. The local editor had nothing more interesting to print than a sale at the pet market. For such a small town Brookwood went through a lot of dog meat.


Kathy sighed and sat back, lifting her feet to rest them on the edge of her desk.

“Why don’t you nip out and grab us a couple of iced teas? Try and keep us awake for the next few hours.”


The assistant nodded and left, propping the outer door open to let some cool air flow in. Kathy opened up her emails and started to check through them, deleting all the spam as she went.


((Kathy's assistant is just a random NPC at the moment, but it can be filled by a player character if someone wishes to apply.))

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Riley sat in his chair gazing outside the window, once more it was a cloudy day in Brookwood so he was perfectly fine to have the blinds open in his office.

He heard the door creak open and spinning in his chair his eyes lay on the young man in front of him. Riley smiled at the boy and gestured towards the opposing chair, which the boy slowly sat in. On the desk in front of Riley sat a small folder containing information on the boy, named Kevin, including all past deeds he'd done that had brought him to this very room.

The air was silent as Riley ran his finger down the files, the last insurrection towards school rules was before he had been given the job, however, there were a fair few prior to that. Riley carefully slid the file back into the manilla folder and leaned back on his chair looking at the boy, a slight grin on his face.

His appearance was decidedly young when one learned of his true age, but to the boy he looked like a teacher with inexperience, the newest staff member at the school and likely without much experience, thusly the boy assumed a cheeky grin of his own.

Riley saw the movement and his own smile widened slightly, his hands were classed in front of his face preventing it from being seen.

The two sat in silence for some time and slowly Kevin's sense of self confidence began to dwindle as he looked at the teacher seated in front of him, he had no idea what it was but this endless silence seemed to carry notes of dread. He lost his grin and averted his eyes from the Headmaster, Riley's grin grew wider and he dropped his hands.

"Kevin, Kevin. What ever shall I do with you," He asked quietly shaking his head. Kevin looked up with shock at the sudden noise and finally saw the smile plastered on his teachers face, but he still felt that same sense of dread. Riley tapped on the folder and clicked his tongue.

"I've only been the headmaster at this school for little over a month and already I've had a student sent to my office for misbehaviour, you understand my predicament. I don't want the students to hate me, I like to think of myself as the teacher you could happily have a quick chat to if we met out of school, but I don't want the students to assume that, that means they can do whatever they want. Therefore I have to find a way to punish you that will set a suitable example for my tolerance of bullying but a way that will maintain my positive image," Riley finished, sitting back in his char. From Kevin's perspective Riley represented zero positive image, while the headmaster was quite young and had a bright smile on his face Kevin felt horror listening to the teacher. Slowly he replied.

"So. What do you intend to do to me. Sir?" He asked, his gaze still averted. Riley smiled at the boy and took a sip of his tea.

"Nothing. At the moment," He said cheerfully.

"As I said, you've put me in quite the predicament. As such I still haven't devised an idea on how to punish you yet, perhaps I could recreate the injury you provided poor young Mr. Deacon? Perhaps I could give you fifty lashings with the cane! Or I could simply put you on detention, but in my career I've found detention works much less nowadays then it used to, with phones and even smart calculators people can find ways to amuse themselves during their 'punishment' without a teachers notice. So I've decided I shall let you off with a warning, for now. Until such a time as I can think of a suitable punishment". Riley smiled and stood up motioning Kevin towards the door. The boy quickly stood up and hurried forward.

"But Kevin, should I find you in my office for anything of a similar nature, I shall have most definitely made up my mind on how to punish you for your misconduct" Riley said, smiling. Kevin quickly hurried out of the office and Riley stopped manifesting his intimidating aura. He smiled and sat down at his desk, taking a sip of tea, he licked his lips in appreciation and gently ran his tongue against his teeth.

"What punishment indeed," He said quietly.


((I hope that's okay?))

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Oz sat towards the back of the public bus, his hands tapping away to the beat of the music that resonated from the headphones he wore around his neck, his gaze focused upwards at the cloudy sky. It had been the usual treatment back at home, his overprotective mother making sure that the 'baby' of the family looked well presented before he left the house and had everything he needed for the day. A routine that Oz would simply never get used to, now that he was older then 5. Of course, the moment he left her sight, he would revert back to his usual desired appearance, ruining the nice comb over his mother had done for him.


As usual, he had been silenced throughout the painful ordeal by one of her more advanced spells over sound and was thus unable to protest against her. The only respite was that his older siblings were no longer around the house to watch the hellish torture that Oz had to go through each and every day before he left. Oz sighed, just thinking about his mornings was enough to give him a painful migraine and the fact that he still could not break free from her spells was another cause of annoyance. In the current hierarchy of 'power' within their family, he was rooted firmly at the bottom and was reminded of it time and time again.




The Bus stops suddenly, causing Oz's body to jerk forward ever so slightly with the momentum of the bus. Turning to face the front door, he watched as other kids scrambled onto the bus, each of them busy discussing with one another about the tv series they watched last night or a game they had just played. Conversations that Oz seldom took part in, nor showed any interest in. In an act of self satisfaction, Oz motioned with his finger as if moving an invisible dial, increasing the volume of his music well beyond the limits of what his MP3 would allow, blocking out their incessant chatter. Several of the newcomers looked back at Oz, as well as the driver taking a look in his rear view mirror, but none of them approached Oz, would continued to tap away with his fingers.

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It was another boring drive from the mine back to town and being mayor means to go up there every now and then and sort things out. Even with a town this small there was always something that kept Damien busy. It was either someone from the city who wanted to do something to the town or it was one or more of the departments that needed his attention. One thing for sure during the day he had a lot to do. Luckily when night fall came he gave his assistant the reins and hoped that nothing too serious would happen when he was “out”.


A small ringing sound filled the car which caused the man to pull over. As he stopped the car he dug within his suite to find his cell phone while scolding at himself for not having brought the ear piece to talk wireless.


“Neelson speaking.” Damien said in calming voice. “Yes I know they are working on the main road leading out of town. I have placed an article in the newspaper stating it would cause a bit of traffic delay.” Damien sighed as he could hear the man getting nervous for he informed him of a bigger problem. “Mr. Leopoldt just calm down. It is something they can fix, just switch of the towns water and announce over the radio the situation that the water will be or for a hour or two. Just don’t panic so much. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”


With that the phone call ended and Damien started the car once again heading towards the road works was with the broken pipe.

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Now that she had cleared out and sorted through all of her emails Kathy set to work on sending a few of her own. The first was to Riley Matthews up at the school concerning her report of Roe Humpton Deacon the Fifth's injury. He had asked to be kept informed so that he could accurately punish those involved. Normally this would be a detention or even a suspension, although it seemed Riley tended to resort to his own 'unique' methods. Kathy didn't know what these were and wasn't going to ask as long as it kept her embalming table free.


The second was to the mayor, reminding him of his appointment later that day. It was just a general check up and strictly speaking it wasn't her job to sort his diary, but he was a busy man and a little reminder never hurt anyone.


The third and last email was to the local newspaper editor, asking them to print a article to remind people to get their seasonal shots. The people of Brookwood sometimes came down with anemia or other tiredness related conditions. Not many of them knew why of course.


Emails written and sent Kathy got up to stretch her legs and walked out to her porch. She stood leaning against the wall and looked out at the road in front of her, watching the cars drive past and feeling the breeze on her skin.

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Riley looked over as he heard the tone indicating a new message. Placing his cup down on the saucer he dragged his chair forward and opened up the inbox. He smiled as he read through the report, as he suspected it wasn't that serious an injury, mainly psychological trauma... which he felt he dealt back to Kevin in a rather similar manner.

His hands danced across the keypad, being around since typewriters were the popular choice and maintaining the dexterity in his digits allowed one to type fairly fluidly.

He grinned at his reply, he'd seen an image of the good doctor in the paper and he had to say he would appreciate the chance to see her in person. He clicked reply and then spun back around on his chair, resting his feat up on the small cabinet behind him and took another sip of his tea.

Ordinarily the headmaster would be overloaded with non-stop work to do but as one relatively new to the job Riley's superiors had only laid a small payload on him, and with his far greater experience than one his supposed age would have he completed it all relatively quickly... and then shipped the remainder off to his assistant.

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Kathy looked down the road towards the store where she had sent her assisstant. Where the hell were they? It didn't take this long to buy two iced teas. Maybe they were caught up chatting to someone.


She heard the ping of an email from her computer and reluctantly went back inside the warmer office. When she saw it was the Headmaster up at the school she opened it right away, wondering if there was a problem, but to her surprise it was a request for a lunch get-together. The way he had worded it left no doubt it was simply a friendly 'get-to-know-you' deal.


Kathy sighed but smiled. Vampires. All they ever thought about was their stomach. Well, it could make for an interesting diversion to an otherwise boring day. She could also teach him something interesting about some of the people in this town.


She clicked reply and quickly started to type.

Sure I'd love to get a bite with you. There is a cafe not too far away from the school, at the bottom of the road. I'll meet you there at about twelve and you can tell me all about your hair-raising experiences teaching. : )


Grinning she hit send and sat back.

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Zeditha clawed her way up a tree. She was in the dark forest, a few miles away from Brookwood. She had climbed this tree every day for a few weeks now, and it was nearly time... Pausing on a branch, she realised she felt weak. She would have to find a new 'owner' within the next few days. Resuming her climb, her scaly wings flapped on her back. She soon reached the top. Yes, she thought. It'll rain tonight, and there'll be a nice moon. Perfect for looking like a starving fox and appearing on a doorstep... With a satisfied smile, she made herself look like a fox and curled up among the leaves. The first hint of the rain that would darken the night would wake her.


((If there's nobody who offers to become Zeditha's 'owner' {Coming at a risk - she's Fae} I'll make them an NPC.))

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Jin stood before his balcony door, his forearm pressed against the window panel as he stared along the long and winding road towards Brookwood. It had been two weeks since he had first been sent to Selwest and he had yet to make the journey up there, instead choosing to take a more subtle approach towards his mission, focusing on intelligence gathering before making any moves. To the outside world, he was the simple rich boys son sent to Uni, however that was not the case.


Turning around and walking back towards his dining table, he rifled through the morning newspaper for any tidbits of interesting news before tossing it aside, in the process knocking over one of the bullets he had been fiddling around with earlier. A new type of bullet was in development back at the Black Knights headquarters and he had been sent a trial pack of ammunition to field test, a request made by his mother who currently led the research division of their organization.


He knelt over, picking up the stray bullet and quickly pocketed it as he turned to head into his room. He had a lecture on 'Lean Manufacturing today' that he could not miss, a price to pay for maintaining his cover as a University student.

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Damien stopped his car on the side of the road near the road works. He had a feeling that these road workers from the city were going to take chances with him today.


“Mr. Leopoldt.” Damien called out to the older man who had been supervising. “I’m here. Now what is the problem?”

The elder man quickly hurried towards their mayor and took his cap off and extended his hand for a shake.


“These city folk said we gave them the wrong information on what is under this road.” Mr. Leopoldt spoke once he finished shaking Damien’s hand. “They said they were supposed to fix the sewerage pipes but the only came upon the water pipes. Now they demand more pay to fix it and doing their job.”


“That’s pure rubbish.” Damien spoke still in his calm voice. “I’ve gone over the layout of these pipes a hundred times and gave them the right information. Where is the man in charge of this operation?”


Mr. Leopoldt slightly took a step to the side and pointed at a man near one of the digging machines clearly waiting for his request.

Damien gave a small smile and patted Mr. Leopoldt on his back. “Don’t worry my dear man. I won’t let these city men walk over us.” With those words he started walking towards the man.


“Hello there. I’m Damien Neelson. Mayor of this town.” He spoke extending his hand to the chief of this operation. “I believe we have a situation?”


“Samual Lee.” The man spoke shaking Damien’s hand. “Yeah we have. Your people gave the wrong information and now we’ve hit a water pipe instead of the sewerage pipe.”


“Oh I doubt that sir. See I’ve personally checked everything and I believe you have made the mistake.” Damien spoke tilting his head slightly. His eyes were piercing through the man which caused him to feel a bit uneasy.


“Listen I’ve got the papers right here on where to dig and this is the spot. So you’re quite wrong.”


“Then let me see these papers then?”


“Fine.” The man quickly turned around climbing in to the digger behind him. Inside he searched for the papers he received for the job. Climbing back out he handed it to Damien to see.


Damien started to read through the papers taking mentally notes. He compared it with his own from what he remembered. There was indeed a mistake but not by this man, by the man how gave him the orders.


“Well look here. This map is completely upside down.” He spoke handing the papers back at Mr. Lee. “Whoever your superior is made a big mistake and because of that the city will have to cover all the costs.”


“What? That is impossible?” The man scanned the papers over and over not seeing the problem until Damien pointed out certain key elements that suggested the map was upside down. “Dammit!” The man continued to curse under his breath.


“Now I would like the name of the man responsible for this and I will contact him with this issue. But for now you WILL do your work. Fix our water pipes and that of the sewerage pipes. I know it will most likely take a day or two more but I believe that won’t be a problem.”


The man just nodded and gave Damien the information he needed and returned to his work with the rest of his team. Damien in turn retreated to his car followed by a very happy Mr. Leopoldt.


“Well I’m going to the office for now to sort this out. You keep an eye on these fellas please and make sure they do their job right.”


Mr. Leopoldt just nodded and returned to his work. Just as Damien was about to start his car he heard a familiar sound. His phone received an email. Quickly checking from who it was he was glad to see it wasn’t a mayor duty related email.


I’ll see you after lunch. Have a rather unnecessary issue at the moment. See you later Katherine.

With that message sent Damien started his car and went to his office.


((I have a bad feeling I'm going to have a lot of these posts x.x))

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The next email Kathy recieved wasn't a confirmation from the Headmaster as she had been expecting, but from Damien. By the looks of it he had a full day on his hands already. Something to do with all the roadworks perhaps? They were causing a bit of trouble with the traffic and Damien took the smooth running of Brookwood very seriously.


There wasn't really any need to reply, Damien probably had better things to do than keep checking his phone, so Kathy left the email unanswered. Instead she sat back and only righted herself when her assistant finally returned with their iced teas.


She gave her thanks and took her cup gratefully, opened the lid and took a sip. Oh that was much better. It was far too warm for coffee but this just hit the spot. Since it was still quiet her assistant asked if they could pop back out and run a few errands. Seeing as there was little point in keeping them there when there was nothing to do Kathy gave her permission and was soon left on her own again.


((If Zeditha wants to wander into the practise (the door is open) she can. Kathy may be able to point them in the direction of a 'suitable' owner.))

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The sound of her iPod nudged Jeanette out of sleep. Smiling, she spent the first couple verses just nodding along to the tune, then sat up and stretched the stiffness out of her limbs. She didn't care what her father said, humans could churn out some decent music.


She tied the belt on her bathrobe and saw herself into the kitchen for a breakfast of uncooked steak. Maybe she was strange for it, but she sort of prefered animal meat to human. But maybe that was just because the humans she ate were the dregs of their society; the killers, the rapists, the drug peddlers. The peddlers especially often tasted off.


She rinsed the blood off her hands in the kitchen sink and made her way into the bathroom, where she gave her feathers a quick preen, then shifted into her human form and stepped into her shower. There was something deeply wrong with the idea that she felt more comfortable in her plainclothes body than her true form. She told herself it was for practical reasons: at least in her home, it was easier to navigate than her six-and-a-half-foot, three-feet-long-armed body.


She wrapped her head in a towel and went to look over her notes of what her sources thought were the most important local issues. She herself agreed that the road work was something to keep an eye on, so people could know what was happening when and adjust their schedules accordingly. Some rich pervert had tried to talk her into doing a "public interest" story about some new gigolo working the nightclub scene; she was ashamed to admit that there had been enough alcohol ingested that she'd agreed. Not one to back out of commitments, she and her people had done everything she could think of to score an interview with him, but they'd all been rather brutally shot down. She'd had to resort to talking to his clients and wasting her money on an hour of his company herself. For somebody as popular as his reputation made him sound, he'd been very dodgy and vague in his answers to her questions. She decided that she didn't like him; there was just something... Off about that kid.


She quickly ran a brush through her hair and a toothbrush over her teeth, tied her hair up and pulled on her clothes, scanning her closet for a coat. She decided on a single-breasted light blue number and checked herself in the mirror, giving her reflection a somewhat distant smile.


She slung her purse, a satin-y black clutch on a thin silver chain, over her shoulder and tossed in her digital recorder, grabbed her press pass and headed out to get the interviews about the road work she needed: one with the workmen, and one with the mayor.

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"Alright Lads! this is your stop isn't it?" called out the driver, as he stopped the bus at the closest bus stop to the school. The other kids on the bus quickly got up from their seats and hurried out the door, none of them even bothering to look back at Oz, who was also on his feet walking towards the door.He repeated the motion with his hands, simulating turning down the volume on a dial and stepped off, his music back at its original 'max' volume that the headphones he wore would allow.


Ahead of him, he could already see other students heading through the gates of the school, some of them on bikes that they rode from home, others walking alongside with their friends parallel to the school fence, the one thing they all had in common with one another was that they were not alone as they headed towards first class. Adjusting his bag Oz began walking towards the school, his music still a bit audible to everyone else but not as loud as before.


It was only when he reached the gates of the school that he finally removed the headphones from around his neck, placing them in the back of his bag alongside the 2 or three textbooks he had remembered to bring in today. He didnt need to have another lecture from one of the teachers about his headphones and proper school attire, four was four too many for him. For obvious reasons, he couldn't just mute them either, like his mother did to him.






As Jin stepped through the doorway to his bedroom, a small light radiated from the top of his bedside table and a soft vibrating sound broke the tranquil silence of the morning day. Heading over, he picked up his mobile phone and read the contents of the message,


"I really enjoyed dinner... wink.gif See you again for lunch sometime this week? wub.gif " was the message displayed across his screen, nothing of real importance; just some businesswoman whom supposedly was attacked a few months ago in a dark alley. The doctors notes and photos, which his fathers organization had gathered through 'special' means had stated 'Anaemia' as one of the main symptoms for her condition and that she had simply passed out from the lack of blood, rather then having been attacked.


Jin closed the message and tossed the phone onto his bed before falling onto it himself, his arms splayed out on both sides as he stared at the ceiling. She had been a dead end, having no memory of the actual incident, any information that she did manage to provide was stuff that he had already assumed or nothing of use in determining who it was that had 'attacked her'.



((@Fangirl, Is Jin the gigolo boy? (Marvel Needs to make this a Superhero) xd.png he hasn't left his house yet tho ;x))

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((Thanks, Fortune smile.gif))


Zeditha wandered into the town, deciding she was too hungry to wait until night. She spotted an open door, and wandered inside. She didn't bother with an illusion this time; instead, she simply changed her colours to match the wall, therefore becoming invisible.

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Kathy was half way through a game of Solitare when she detected the scent. Most people probably wouldn't notice it, but then again she wasn't most people. She sat upright and closed her eyes, taking another breath through her nose.


"Hmm" she said opening her eyes and looking around the room. "It seems I have a visitor."


She stood up to get a better view of the office. She couldn't see anything, but that didn't mean much in this town.


"Why don't you show yourself? I won't bite. Promise."

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Damien opened a door that lead to his office only to find his assistant almost jumping out of his seat with surprise. He just shook his head and smiled. He himself had worked alone for quite some time being frightened when the door opened every now and then when he wasn’t suspecting it.


“Contact this man’s superior and sends the call through to me. There is a problem at road works and I want to sort it out before the send the billings to Brookwood.” Damien spoke as he handed the information to his assistant.


“Oh sir here is the documents from the sport and agricultural department.” His assistants spoke handing him a couple of files. “Also I have received information about a new headmaster at the high school. I know you like to introduce yourself.”


Damien quickly skimmed through the files when his attention was drawn back to his assistant. This was a bit of interesting news. He wondered if there is anything “special” about this new headmaster.

“Well if thats the case what does my schedule look like?”

“Oh um, let’s see. Well if you sort out everything with the road works and went to see the doctor then you have lunch open and an hour or two after that. Then there is a phone meeting at three there is a meeting with the chief of the hospital.”


“Mmm... I’ve changed my meeting with Dr. Grey to after lunch. So I will go to the school before then. That is if I can sort this mess with the road works. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll let you know.” With that Damien walked down the hall towards his own office, skimping the files he had in his hands.

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Riley grinned as he read through the reply from the doctor. His hands moving quickly he composed a reply simply stating he'd look forward to their meeting. Sighing as he pressed send he leaned back in his chair and lifted up his cup. Feeling the weight he looked in and saw only dregs remaining.

What a pity, ill have to remember to bring a kettle tomorrow He thought to himself. There was a knock on the door and he looked up, placing the empty teacup back on the saucer.

His assistant stepped in nervously looking at him. Riley waved his hand, in indication for the assistant to proceed.

"Sorry sir but I just received a notice that the mayor will be stopping by to visit you later. It's presumed to be sometime before lunch," He said. Riley rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Very well, I hope that he doesn't take too much of my time, as of now I have prior engagements for lunch," Riley said, flashing his assistant a knowing smile. The assistant raised his eyebrow slightly, unsure how to respond. Riley stood up and moved towards him grasping a sheet of paper, he handed it to the assistant.

"When class starts make sure to read out these, as well as the usual announcements if you wouldn't mind," He said, smiling. The assistant nodded and left the room. Riley walked back over to his chair and leaned forward to look at his computer, if the mayor was going to be visiting he should probably know a bit more about the school he was now head of. He opened up several documents and began to thoroughly read through them, luckily apart from the incident with Kevin he didn't have too many jobs at the moment and could afford to spend his time on other matters.


((Sorry if it's not very good))

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Well, this was encouraging. Most of the workmen opined that the road work would be finished by tomorrow at the latest. Sure, some people would probably find it annoying that the water would be shut off for a couple hours, but to them she had only "tough nuts" to say. Having gathered all the information she thought she could gather at that point, she found a bench a short ways off from the construction site, connected her recorder to her smart phone to email the audio file to her editor, and lit up a cigarette to wait for the mayor.

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((Wait you're waiting for the mayor to come to you?))

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((She'll wait around for a little while, but she'll move on if he doesn't show like she assumes he will. At that point she'll probably hit up his office.))

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