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Rocket or Rougue? Its OPEN

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Many years ago, the organization Team rocket was created. It was organized, and took the Pokemon world by storm. They took over the world, and killed the trainers that opposed them. Rocket took control of pokeball manufacturing, the only was to get them was to join. It is illegal to be a trainer. A package is given to you, by a woman in white and gold. She vanishes, and you open the package. It is the pokeball of your dreams. You now have a choice, join team rocket, or become a rouge trainer. The choice is yours.




Keep in mind my trainers have to work for their Pokemon and items as well!

No gary/mary

No Godmodding, that's my job

You have to describe your pokeball

You can have two trainers, Rocket and rogue

You will send me a list of ten pokemon that you would like to be your partner, I will role a die

No killing without asking me first

You do not control team rocket, or wild Pokemon if you have an encounter I will play the Pokemon for you

Starters have all moves up to and including level five, any encountered Pokemon are randomly determined

Encounters are random unless A point is used

Be realistic, there will be night, day, and mealtimes

You can request a Pokemon event or a item event

No Pokemon levels, just moves

If the Pokemon has to moves to evolve you can PM me to request an evolution

Pokemon can learn new moves in four tries, on four different posts. The first MUST be a glorious fail. Do not force a move in a post if it dose not fit the mood

You start the game with two points. A point can be used... To pick your starter. To make an encountered pokemon shiny, or have a chance at a legend. Two points can be used to make your starter a shiny,or a legend off the list. You can earn more points if I am pleased with your RP skills.

You must have fun!


Legend List




















Forum Name:

Pokemon Name:


Species of Pokemon:








Forum Name:

Trainer Name:



Are you a boy or a girl?:





Starter choices (if not using points)












Placeholder please? And critique if wanted?

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Accepted Peoples


Forum Name: Dragonessdown

Trainer Name:Gwin

Alignment: Rouge

Age: 21

Are you a boy or a girl?: Girl

Appearance: 4'9, Long golden hair. Icy blue eyes, delicate features. Ivory skin.

Personality: Loyal, Kind

History: RP out

Other: Pokeball is lilac on top, deep purple on bottom. The button and band are golden.

Starter : Used two points to pick Mewtwo


Forum Name: Dragonessdown

Pokemon Name: Sin (The original was actually male)

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Mewtwo

Ability: Pressures

History: A created Pokemon, picked by the golden woman to be Gwins partner. They share a psychic bond, and the first experience he has is with his trainer.

Other: He literally can NOT be seprate from Gwin, he pines away and loses his powers.

Moves: Confusion, Disable, Safegaurd, Swift, Future Sight


Forum Name: Dragonessdown

Pokemon Name: Kaze

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Dratini

Ability: Shed Skin

History: Unknown


Moves: Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, Twister


Forum Name: Dragonessdown

Pokemon Name: Nora

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Aaron

Ability: Sturdy

History: Unknown


Moves: Tackle, Harden, Mud Slap, Headbutt


Forum Name: seacatsmew

Trainer Name: Storm Lotus

Alignment: Rouge

Age: 18

Are you a boy or a girl?: Female

Appearance: Here. Her eyes are grey, if you can't see them properly.

Personality: She's rather quiet, but she has other ways of speaking- Mainly movements. People say because of this that she's cold, but she's actually quite kind. She'd never break a promise, but she would find a way to get around it if needed. Another thing about Storm is that she dislikes big groups.

History: Storm has always been quiet for as long as anyone can remember. Even when she was a baby, she barely cried or anything. But even then, she wasn't as quiet as she is now.

It changed when she was seven. Her mother died in a car crash. Her father... She didn't even remember him. He was gone before she was born. He had actually died, but... She didn't find that out until she was nine. But after her mother died, she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle- The only two that were alive, known, and related to her.

They were kind. But she had already become quieter. They didn't mind, though it worried them. Even back then she spoke more.

When she found out her dad was dead, too, was when she stopped talking. Nothing changed it.

Until she was twelve.

She began speaking again, if only quietly. Her voice was hoarse from lack of use, but it soon returned. She still didn't speak much.

When she was fifteen, her uncle passed away.

She began speaking less and less, until now. Her aunt is still alive, but Storm is normally away from home. Her past is nothing strange, but her silence is.

Other: Pokemon can understand her movements and whatnot.


Forum Name: seacatsmew

Pokemon Name: Safe

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Eevee

Ability: Adaptability

History: He's the Pokemon the golden woman gave Lotus. In the short amount of time that he knew Lotus, they've become really close, and Safe understood her movements as soon as she let him out.

Other: He understands Lotus better then basically anyone. His Pokeball is midnight blue, minus the top, which is a light, transparent aqua. Instead of the band around it being black, it's evergreen, and the button remains white.

Moves: Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack


Forum Name: seacatsmew

Pokemon Name: Aureus

Gender: Female

Species of Pokemon: Meowth

Ability: Technician

History: The first Pokemon Lotus caught. Unknown history before that.

Other: In a Premier ball.

Moves: Scratch, Growl


Forum Name: ArchiosLukos

Trainer Name: Archios Kanin

Alignment: Rogue

Age: 17

Are you a boy or a girl?: Girl

Appearance: http://oi61.tinypic.com/2qas1om.jpg

-eyes: grey-blue

-hair: dark brown, short, double ponytail

-skin: pale, almost translucent, yellowish undertone

-height: 5'6"

-weight: 110 lbs

-build: light

Personality: As with many people, Kanin loves pokemon to the death. She won't stand for pokemon cruelty by individual trainers (though she's not brave enough to confront big organizations about it). All in all she is your average determined trainer who gets a little 'quirky' at times. She most likes dog and fox pokemon and often values them for their looks over power (though a healthy mix of the two is not amiss)

History: Archios came to the region aboard the S.S Darkrai, a passenger ship renowned for it's speed and the long round-trips it made through the various regions, most famously hoenn. Her mother was a high-ranking pokemon coordinator who used her prized Arcanine and Mightyena to soar to the top and her father was a powerful trainer. He never challenged the elite four in any of the regions, but in the past he did make a trip to the orange islands and other self-made 'unbeatable' trainers.

As a child, she was raised to appreciate pokemon but since the Team Rocket ban had fallen so quickly into place, Archios never got to go out and try her hand at knocking out both the elite four and contests in her region. However, she did have a large part in running the now illegal in-home breeding operation her mother owns. The pokemon do not go to team rocket, but rather homes around the world, which makes it a threat.


Pokeball: What looks to be a green version of the cherish ball. It is a dark foresty green in color with white in the ribbed 'divots' of the ball and two small red ridges at the top like would be found on a great ball. It has a strange white signature on the front of the ball near the button.


Forum Name: ArchiosLukos

Pokemon Name: Raoul de Chagney

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Ralts>Kirlia>Gallade?


normal: Synchronize- all status afflictions are bestowed in return upon the opponent unless the opponent cannot have that affliction

hidden: Telepathy- Prevents damage from team-mates during battle

History: Raoul was hatched not long before being given to Archios, so he doesn't yet have any notable history. He was raised (by the lady I presume) until he was strong enough for real training and then put in his current pokeball and given away.


-his name comes from the prestiged 'Haunter of the Opera' (Haha, puns are puns. But I could so imagine a pokemon movie made with a Meloetta and Haunter. I'm actually pulling out a notepad to write this down)





Forum Name: RoD

Trainer Name: Zoey Smith

Alignment: Rogue

Age: 19

Are you a boy or a girl?: Girl

Appearance: Zoey

Personality: Zoey is mysterious, as she found dark types to be her specialty.

History: I'm going to RP it out

Other: She has a twin named Theo and she's solely going to be a drak type trainer

Pokeball: Her Pokeball coloring is black on top and blue on the bottom with the band and the button are red.


Forum Name: RoD

Pokemon Name: Bubble

Gender: Female

Species of Pokemon: Froakie

Ability: Protean

History: She's the Pokemon the golden woman gave Zoey. This Pokemon is trying to be one of the Pokemon alive

Other: She's shiny

Moves: Pound, Growl


Forum Name: RoD

Pokemon Name: Tangles

Gender: Female

Species of Pokemon: Tangela

Ability: Leaf Guard

History: Unknown

Other: Appearently, we've been spelling Tangela wrong

Moves: Ingrain, Constrict, Sleep Powder


Forum Name: RoD

Trainer Name: Theo Smith

Alignment: Rocket

Age: 19

Are you a boy or a girl?: Boy

Appearance: Theo

Personality: Cold and uncaring, Theo is deciding to be a loyal member to Team Rocket

History: Going to RP it out

Other: His Pokeball is going to be red on top and black on bottom with the band and button being midnight blue


Forum Name: RoD

Pokemon Name: Howler

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Growlithe

Ability: Flash Fire

History: RP'd


Moves: Bite and Roar


Forum Name: Backup77

Trainer Name: Lisa Mason

Alignment: Rouge, most likely.

Age: 19

Are you a boy or a girl?: Female

Appearance: Lily has light brown hair, cut to about shoulder length. It is usually tied up in a ponytail and hidden under the dark red baseball cap that she wears. Her eyes are a bright blue, and her nose is coated by a splash of freckles. Her height is average, and she has a slim, athletic build. She often wears a red backpack that matches her hat, and she likes to wear casual clothes such as t-shirts and jeans.

Personality: Lily is, in a word, determined. She's not the type to give up just because she has a stupid Feebas who doesn't even have any useful moves for a pokemon. She's still pretty annoyed that the woman gave her a Feebas, of all things, though. If Lily ever meets her again, she's going to have a few pretty rude things to say to her. Mostly to be RP'ed.

History: Growing up in Saffron City, Lisa hasn't had much exposure to pokemon since Team Rocket took over. She read a few books on them, but she doesn't like reading books all that much. Rather, she would climb trees and play outside and such.

Pokeball: Her pokeball is quite beautiful, despite the pokemon that it contains. Shards of color are split up by thin bands of iridescent black, which shimmers with purple. The shards of color are mostly iridescent blue, but a few of them are iridescent red. The button is plain white. (It's a Milotic themed pokeball, basically.)



Forum Name: Backup77

Pokemon Name: Feeble

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Feebas

Ability: Oblivious

History: Nothing, really. He's just the pokemon that the women wearing white and gold gave Lisa.

Other: Maybe it's a pretty Feebas...? No, wait, it's just an ugly Feebas.

Moves: Splash


Forum Name: Backup77

Pokemon Name: Char

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Charmander

Ability: Blaze

History: As a newly-hatched pokemon, Char met Lisa. When she offered him an oran berry, he decided that she was his mother and allowed himself to be capture.

Other: Nope.

Moves: Scratch, Growl


Forum Name: LD

Trainer Name: Merek Adams

Alignment: Rocket


Are you a boy or a girl?: Boy

Appearance: Merek wears a stock blue zipper hoodie with the rocket R on the back along with Camo colored cargo shorts. He keeps his short brown hair under a black and yellow hat that always faces backwards. (As it should)

Personality: Merek's outward attitude never gives any light to how much information he actually takes in. He seems extremely disconnected from the world giving people the blankest of stares but behind those dead eyes is a brain that never stops working to memorize faces and the world around him. "What now" has become his unofficial catch phrase by his friends and teammates. Though he never disappoints to supply the necessary info should anyone need it. He has an extreme dislike for Team Rocket and as such formed a plan to destroy them from the inside out by gaining rank within the Team until he has enough power within to dissolve the group forever. When out on his missions he will try his best to not hurt innocent people or Pokemon as much as possible without blowing his cover.

History: When the rocket's took the world by storm Merek was barely able to speak and he doesn't remember much about how the whole story went down. Though he does remember one day when his older brother and father returned home battered and beaten closely followed by Rocket grunts who forced themselves into the house seized them. It took a while for them to come home again maybe a week or two and he clung to his distraught mother's legs the whole time. Once he was older his father told him the truth about what happened that day and why he and Merek's brother were forced to leave. When the Organization took power he like many other trainers rebelled against them but were unlucky enough to change anything or at the very least escape imprisonment. They started by forcing them to swear loyalty and stripped the two of their Pokemon before eventually letting them return home. Once Merek grew to the right age he formed his plan and set out to get revenge for his families pride and the Pokemon his family loved.

Other: The Team Rocket symbol on his back faces the wrong way as a subtle middle finger to the organization. Though if he is ever asked about it he will ether give a shrug, say something about being too tired to fix it, or that the workers messed up making it and that it was his favor jacket before the R was put on.

Pokeball: Ultraball


Forum Name: LD

Pokemon Name: Gastly (Never was very creative with my Pokemon names)

Gender: Male

Species of Pokemon: Gastly

Ability: Levitate

History: The Lady in White and Gold couldn't wait to give Gastly away as the Pokemon like others of its kind loved to joke around playing tricks on her. Though unfortunately for her Gastly didn't stay away long. He and Merek got along nicely when they first met as they both planned to torment Team Rocket in their own special ways.


Moves: Hypnosis, Lick, and Spite


Forum Name: Mima

Trainer Name: Rory "Nyx" North

Alignment: Rocket

Age: 21

Are you a boy or a girl?: Male

Appearance: http://www.ezimba.com/work/140711C/ezimba13253092649400.png

- He suffers from albinism, which means he's very fair and as such sunburns quite easily.

- His right leg is prosthetic.

- Very androgynous- could pass for a girl if he wasn't almost 6 feet tall.

- Usually wears formal clothing, unless he's in his uniform.

- He's a bit clumsy on his feet, and occasionally needs crutches to get around. Because of this, he's often seen injured.

- He hasn't cut his hair since the second grade.


Personality: Rory is a fairly kind young man, and is often considered a voice of reason amongst his peers. Despite the fact he's a Rocket member, he's been known to let people slide if they make their case well enough. He's fairly chatty, and has a problem knowing when to shut up and actually get to battling sometimes. He dislikes being taken lightly, and can get a bit bratty if people don't take his suggestions or such seriously. He's a little bit judgmental of other people, and tends to make his opinions of them the moment he meets them. He can be a little bit manipulative if he needs to get what he wants done. First and foremost, he cares immensely for his Pokemon and the people he states that he "protects".


History: Born in Goldenrod City, Johto, Rory grew up in poverty. His father walked out on his mother before he was born, so his mother raised him alone. He was never all too interested in the public schooling offered, and was kicked out and forced back in many times. He was eventually expelled permanently for suspected gang affiliation. Regretting his life having a negative effect on his single mother, he began to work with the illegal Pokemon-smuggling gangs, the only real source that would accept him. He was merely a newbie, but the work was still highly dangerous. He spent his days stealing Pokemon from Rocket grunts and bringing them back to sell on the black market. The only reason his profession was overlooked by his mother was that he was providing for both of them. This did not always work out for him, however. In the process, one day, he got his right leg bitten off by a Garchomp. Ever since then, he's worked to try to clean up his life. Becoming a low-wage government worker, taking care of himself and leaving the fortune he made on his illegal activities to his mother. That sort of thing. He doesn't resent Team Rocket for stopping people from having Pokemon, anyway, so joining them made sense to him. Upon being gifted a "Legendary" Pokemon by a woman in white and gold, he began to rethink his goals in life. Instead of focusing on himself, he now chooses to focus on helping his little one, assisting the young Lugia to regain its territory in the sea.


Other: He prefers training flying-type Pokemon.

Starter: I'll slap him those 2 points to grab Lugia.

Pokeball: http://www.ezimba.com/work/140711C/ezimba13253033904400.png (p obvs. inspired by XD001)


Forum Name: Mima

Pokemon Name: Unmei (運命 - Fate, destiny)

Gender: Agender

Species of Pokemon: Lugia

Ability: Multiscale


History: Called the "Little Lord of the Seas", Unmei is in fact about half the size of many other Lugia... And not quite as strong. Chased out of their territory by larger, stronger Lugia, Unmei found themself under the care of a woman clad in gold and white. After a short while, they were given to another human, this one pale and immensely caring. Pleased with their trainer's drive to assist them to become a strong protector of the oceans, Unmei gladly followed this new human.


Other: Unmei is capable of basic human speech through telepathy, but thinks and speaks at around the level of a human six year old.

Moves: Whirlwind, Weather Ball

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Trainer Items


Gwin: 465

Sleeping Bag

12 Oran Berries

4 Pecha Berries

4 Cheri Berrys

0 Points


Storm Lotus: 500

Sleeping Bag

Pokemon Egg

Heal Ball

1 Point


Archios Kanin: 480

Sleeping Bag

Repel (used)

Points 3


Zoey Smith: 500

Sleeping Bag

Points 0


Theo Smith: 500

Sleeping Bag

Points 2


Lisa Mason: 500

Sleeping Bag

1 Pokeball

3 Oran Berries

Points 1


Merek Adams: 500

Sleeping Bag

Points 2


Rory "Nyx" North: 500

Sleeping Bag

Points 0




General Shop Items(Basic Shop)

Berry Juice 50$

Cherri Berry 10$

Cesto Berry 10$

Oran Berry 10$

Pecha Berry 10$

Lum Berry 15$

Repel (days supply) 20$

Lemonade 100$

Soda Pop 80$

Fresh Water 50$

Weeks travel rations 25$

Tent for team 400$ (Folds up GameCube size)

Deluxe Travel Bag 1,000$ (bigger on the inside, I swear)

Collapsible Bike 2,000$

If you have any shop suggestions PM me


Rocket Shop

Poke Ball 200$

Antidote 40$

Awakening 40$

Burn Heal 40$

Potion 60$



Black Market

Item Finder 1,000$

Pokemon Dictionary 100$





This is a WIP, and subject to change as I make things run smoother.


Pokeballs 20%

Poke Ball 50%

Heal Ball 20%

Premier Ball 25%

Timer Ball 5%



Medicine 25%

Antidote 10%

Awakening 10%

Burn Heal 10%

Potion 60%

Rare Candy (Pokemon learns its next move) 10%


TMs 10%

TMs all are an equal chance




Rare Items 10%

Strange stone 50%

Nugget 50%


Trash 35%


Money 50% of the time, from 1-100


There will be a dark market.... soon


Event Colors


Time advance/events that affect everything: Bold

Dragonessdown: Purple

Seacat: Blue

Archious: Green

Mima: Red

Edited by Dragonessdown

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((Oh, okay.

Also, because I forgot to mention, Safe knows: Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack(You gave me a level and Helping Hand won't do much).

...I think that's about it for information about my characters for now...))

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((Ill start, others can jump in as needed))


Pallet town. The starting place for beginning trainers. Or it was. She had just turned ten when the rockets took over. She never got to become a trainer. Until now.


Gwin stepped out of her house for the last time, her pokeball hidden in her shoulder bag. People where getting suspicious about the black robed "man" living with her, they had to leave for their safety. The woman and the black robed person walked out into the route, now overgrown into a forest. They had no fear of the forests wild pokemon. They where violent now, after the rockets had attacked them. Many of them where released Pokemon owned pallets trainer Red before he was killed. He refused to give them into slavery, and he died with the secrets of their location.


((Maybe later we can come back for some of them))

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Archios Kanin, aspiring pokemon trainer and contest winner. Those dreams had been dashed some time ago when the rocket mafia took over and for the past few years of her life, she had been helping out at her mother's 'safe house' taking care of baby growlithe, poochyena, electrike, and lillipup. Otherwise, she had a volunteer job at the local pokemon center in Celadon city. It was one of the only places where non-rocket members were able to interact with pokemon and though there were always grunts stationed outside, the nurses had been allowed to keep their Chanseys and Audinos.


That's where she had been when the mysterious stranger had shown up and given her the package. It had been her lunch break and she was up in the PC loft enjoying a sandwich when a woman in strange white and gold attire came by her table, set down a small box, and left. Without time for so much as a thank you or a question of who it was from, the woman was out the door. Curiously, she turned it over, looking for a signature or tag, but she found none. Well, she did find something scribbled on the wrapping paper in black sharpie, but it was illegible.


Archios had opened it right then and there, undoing the brown packaging string and brown paper casing. Underneath was a simple white box, just barely too large to fit in the hand. She wondered for a moment if she was supposed to deliver this to nurse joy seeing as there was no way the woman could have known a package for 'Archios Kanin' could mean her. Or perhaps it was from her mom who had told her to look for the brown-haired girl working at the Cerulean center. More pantyhose or some sort of homemade confections she guessed. Oh! Or pictures of the newborn pups!


She lifted the lid off the box eagerly to find... A pokeball. She stared at it in awe, shock, and horror. What was this? Citizens weren't supposed to have pokemon, much less pokeballs! Did it have something already in it? Was it a well-made food item. She pressed her finger against one of the ridges and found that the ball shivered in response rather than letting her finger sink past frosting or fondant. Biting her lip, she replaced the lid, tucked the package and paper into her bag, and hurried outside.

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((...So it's Kanto, hmm...))


Lotus Storm sat in Viridian Forest. Few came in; It was easy to get lost, and the Pokemon had become violent. But Safe and her were fine there. It was where they normally could be found. And the Pokemon knew that, and avoided them... Normally.

Lotus's grey eyes were closed. She wasn't moving; Just sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree. Safe was on her right shoulder. Then she opened her eyes and moved slightly. Safe jumped down, understanding what wasn't spoken, and Lotus stood up. The small Eevee looked up at his trainer, and she nodded. Safe let out a quiet cry, and the girl allowed a faint, barely noticeable smile appear. The two began walking, side-by-side.

Lotus looked up. She could see the sky. Barely, but... In this forest, right now, it was like nothing ever changed. She barely had memories of when she was six and Team Rocket wasn't in charge. Funny, though; The year they took over was the same year her mother died. C'mon, Safe. We better move. Safe nodded.


((Putting it in italics means that's what her movements say, instead of her thoughts.))

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As Archous was walking down a dark ally, she bumped into a rocket! He was obviously new die to the badly fitting uniform. "How dare you! Go Ducklett! Teach that girl a lesson" The little Pokemon popped out, and growled at her!

((I rolled a derp xd.png))


After a few hours on travel, duo had arrived in Viridian. "Should we rest" The hooded one asked, in a deep masculine voice. "No, we keep going, come on" They walked straight through the city, into the forest.

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((HAHAHA I GET IT the hooded one is... Heheheh...))


Safe froze and let out a high-pitched cry of surprise. Lotus stopped, understanding what he meant, and spotted the duo. She reached into her pocket, but if they were Team Rocket, then it would be too late to hide Safe. She paused as she touched the cold Pokeball, then pulled it out. She wouldn't recall Safe unless there was no other choice.

Safe froze, and looked up at his trainer. ...You're joking. Safe shook his head. Lotus looked at the cloaked 'man'. If her Eevee was right... Then repeat my message. 'Who are you and what is your business here?' The Evolution Pokemon repeated her message.

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Sin turned to his master They know! I do not believe they are rockets, just afraid. The trainer stepped forward and held out her hand "Hello, I am Gwin" She took out her pokeball, and showed it. Sin stood behind her, ready to attack at a moments notice.


((itskinda a pokemn anime joke))

Edited by Dragonessdown

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Lotus stared at the girl's hand warily. She waved instead, and showed her own Pokeball. She put it back in her pocket. She pulled out a Trainer Card. Her Grandpa had made her one before he died. It was forbidden, but... She showed Gwin. It was her way of introducing herself, since it said her name on it. She then put it back in her pocket and paused. Then she pointed at Sin, then Gwin's Pokeball. It was a simple question she hoped Gwin would understand: Is he your Pokemon? Lotus awaited a response.

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Zoey Smith stared up at the sky with Bubbles sitting nearby. It had been strange. She had gotten the tiny frog Pokemon from a woman dressed in white and gold. She had given her a present and inside was a Pokeball. She couldn't believe her luck! What was even more incredible was the fact that it had sparkled when it came out. She wondered what it meant. She couldn't wait to get a Greninja. Then she would get other dark types and fix this mess out. Right now, she was in Virdian Forest. She was lucky enough just to be out here. She then thought about her twin brother, Theo. Would he team up with her later, or would he forever be corrupted by Team Rocket?


Theo stared at his new Pokeball, shocked that he actually got one. He chuckled slightly before tossing it out. A little orange dog shook its head before looking around. He got a Growlithe? He smiled slightly. Well this was certainly a surprise, seeing how a Growlithe could evolve into an Arcanine, which are highly rare to find. Maybe life in Team Rocket wouldn't be so bad.



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The hooded figure glanced at his trainer sadly. She is broken, she dose not talk. Gwin put her hand down "Lotus? That's a pretty name. Yes, Sin is my partner". She said proudly.


((I request a item event for the two of us on my next post!!))

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((I second that.))


A faint smile appeared on Lotus's face. She gestured to Safe. "I'm called Safe," he said, knowing Sin could understand him. Lotus crouched down, and Safe climbed onto her left shoulder. She stood back up. What are you two doing in the Viridian Forest? Lotus asked, using movements. She wasn't sure if they'd understand her.

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She growled right back, almost feeling bad for the grunt. Ducklett was a terrible pokemon for battle and even the semi-cool Swanna was pretty bad compared to something like a growlithe or, Arceus above, a riolu with brilliant evolutions. She huffed. As much as the trainer in her itched to grab the pokeball out of her bag and throw it down, she didn't know the pokemon inside, if there was a pokemon inside, or what it was. It would be extremely irresponsible to introduce her partner in such a way. er, a pokemon that didn't belong to her. Not her partner.

She skirted forwards, picking up the small blue water bird pokemon She looked at both it and its trainer with disinterest. "How about this? Go Pokemon Center staff member that ranks higher than battle happy grunts! Let's report your ass straight up to the Celadon division leader?" she glared

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((Heyheyhey you can pick it up, but you can't make it thrash.))


Sin translater for his master She wants to know why we are here he said, his eyes glowing faintly. "The rockets where getting suspicious of me and my "partner" in my home town, so we left". The cloaked form moved over to a tree, eyes glowing.



Behind the tree, a bag could be seen. Over the tree was carved a name. Red. In the bag there was two potions, and two white pokeballs.


((I got primer ball.))

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((This will be good))


The duck billed the trainer hard, then let loos a surprisingly powerful water gun in her face! The rocket snickered.

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((Random fact: I was running out of ideas so I kind of based Lotus off gameverse Red, since he doesn't speak. (I think. I haven't beat him in Soul Silver yet.) The two aren't that similar overall, however.))


Lotus nodded in understanding and watched Sin, curious. Safe nudged her gently and she followed cautiously. She froze as she saw the name and the bag, but didn't make a sound. Safe followed her. Unlike Lotus, he let out a quiet cry of surprise at the name carved in. Lotus lifted a finger to her lips, and Safe was silent. She moved slightly closer, pausing to look at Sin warily, then bent down beside the bag. Two Premier balls and Two Potions. Safe tilted his head, surprised. Lotus thought for a moment. Well... It can't hurt, right? She pulled out one Premier ball and one Potion, placing both in her pockets, then moved away, looking over at Gwin. It was only fair.

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((Yes it will))


She coughed out the water that went in her nose and clamped her hands over the duck's bill, holding it none to gently against her chest. Both embarassment and anger smoldered in her chest. Her face turned to that of rage. "Oh... you think this is funny, rocket?" She roared, tossing the captive pokemon in his face and charging him, not even caring if he tried to beat her up or reported her when he got back to base. She... She'd just go back to her mom's house, borrow one of the electrike, and kick his butt when she saw him again. The teen lobbed her whole body, petite as is was onto that of the new recruit.

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"Thank you... Red. He was... a wonderful person" She said softly, looking sad.


The rocket grunted, and sent out another pokemon to attack. A Pichu. It charged into the fighting humans and shocked them boath!


((The randomness xd.png))

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((I just realized that I kept calling Lisa 'Lily' in her form. *facepalm*))


Lisa pedaled her silver bike west along Route 7, on her way to Celadon City. She didn't really have much of a reason- she was unemployed, after all. Really, she was just bored and wanted to get out of Saffron City. Maybe she'd get some lemonade at the vending machines in the department store. Not that there was much else at the department store, now, but the lemonade was still good.


She slowed her bike as she reached the gate, then got off and started to walk. It turned out that the Team Rocket grunts who guarded the gates didn't like it when you sped through at top speed. Other people walking through the gate probably didn't like it either, come to think of it. In any case, Lisa didn't like people telling her what to do, but, well... after being shocked by electric-types several times you sort of had to learn. It wasn't a pleasant experience, being shocked, so now Lisa walked her bike.


Today, however, something was different. A woman, wearing white and gold, was standing in the gate. She held out a small package to Lisa. Perplexed, Lisa held out her hand and took it. She looked down at the package, wondering why the woman had given it to her. A delivery of some sort? Sent by whom? Lisa had never seen the woman before in her life, not that she could remember at least, and she wasn't expecting any packages. If someone wanted to give her something they would have sent it to her parents' house, anyway. Was the woman just wandering around and handing out the packages to random people? Hopefully it wasn't dangerous. "Wha-" Lisa started, looking up.


The woman was gone.


Lisa hurried outside, looking around for the woman. She hadn't passed her in the gate, had she? She was distracted from her search by a flash of light. A Pichu was shocking both a Rocket grunt and non-Rocket person. It would probably get her in trouble, but she had to help. She climbed back onto her bike, holding the package between her handlebars and her hand (fortunately the package was rigid), and pedaled as hard and she could towards them. "Hey!" she yelled. She didn't have a plan, exactly, but... she'd think of something.



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((I hear you thought this was going to be a pokemon battle X3))


The electric shock stung at the point where it struck, rippling out under her skin like thick searing water. She tensed. It didn't hurt really, not much, but she wanted free of it with the frantic beating of her heart and the bursting pressure under her skin. It was a barely comprehensible feeling. She siezed up against him, trying not to fall flat on her face. censorkip.gif. She didn't expect some grunt to have more than one pokemon. Stupid stupid stupid! She gasped as her breath and limbs came back to her, still shivering from the residuals. Biting her bottom lip, Kanin righted herself and rose her hand shakily, slapping him and (attempting to at least?) fled, narrowly avoiding being run over by a girl on a bike.

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