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Hello! I'd really apprecaite it if you could make me one too? cx


Forum Name— Tani

Links I Need to Put In— scroll, wishlist, daily dragon fix (or DDF for short), and for my dA

What Colors?— Light blue-ish

Any Specific Fonts?— something neat but still looks pretty? that didn't help much xd.png

Size of Signature?— Um, something like the size of yours?

Text Color?— White please!

Decoration Needs?— I'd like an arrow below my name if possible? and some random scribbly flowers around. If you can't add the flowers, I don't mind!


Thank you for taking the time to make one for me. I'll PM you a payment link soon. The Red Dorsal I have still needs some more time to hatch xd.png

edit: will soon be an adult since atala haven't replied in some days ^^; will be looking or breed another dragon once she replies/comes back

Edited by Tani

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Forum Name— Diamonde

Links I Need to Put In— instagram, tumblr, scroll, blog

What Colors?— the dark purple in this poster *click here*

Specific Fonts?— narnia font, if not then either percy jackson or divergent will do

Size of Signature?— just to fit signature space, with enough room for the 'breeder of ... banners'

Text Color?— white

Decoration Needs?— the fandom logo in my avatar and sig scroll link pic


thank you, sory if this going to be compilcated for you


~ diamonde

Edited by Diamonde

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Forum Name— avoralei

Links I Need to Put In— Avoralei's Scroll

What Colors?— i was thinking a soft blue, maybe like the one in that soulpeace one you did before.

Any Specific Fonts?— http://www.1001fonts.com/pecita-font.html

Size of Signature?— midsized please

Text Color?— white

Decoration Needs?— seawyrm pygmies perhaps sitting on different shades of blue placed to look like rocks or something, like the seafront.


idk im sorry this is very specific, ill give you whatever egg i can for this

Edited by avoralei

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Forum Name—NekoArtist

Links I Need to Put In—My scroll



Kitty likes dragons!

What Colors?— Lavender and purple (Purple flowers please)

Any Specific Fonts?— A sweet cursive font would be lovely, all lower case

Size of Signature?— A nice medium sized signature would be great smile.gif

Text Color?— White

Decoration Needs?— A purple female dragon on top of the my scroll link, with a Rosebud dragon beside wishlist. Lastly I would like a Guardian of Nature on top of the Kitty likes dragons!


You can take your time, and I thank you for making these great looking scrolls smile.gif


As for the payment, since I have recently just gotten dragons, I'm going to raise a Magi Dragon. I'll try looking for a dragon that you like, and when I can, will PM you the link biggrin.gif

Edited by NekoArtist

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Forum Name— Meg_752

Links I Need to Put In—


AoND (Allure of Neglected Dragons)

Wishlist (actually, just a space for one)

Breeding List (space for one)

What Colors?— Blue-green with some border that's white

Any Specific Fonts?— Something semi-curly

Size of Signature?— Long and thin, should fit in the space where it is visible.

Text Color?— White

Decoration Needs?— Could you put my Growlithe/Swellow in it, on the part with the scroll link? You could resize it if needed. Could you also put an adult silver Shimmerscale on the "Breeding List", a S2 Neglected on the AoND link, and an adult Thunder on the "Wishlist"?


I'll give you a Red Dorsal hatchling, as this is specific. I'll give you the link for the Growlithe/Swellow as well.


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