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Dotz and Raven's Chaotic Cosmic Adventure

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So long before the idea forums came into play, playing pretend OUTSIDE was how we role played. We started off copying Bionicles and using their idea of elemental power control to fight off bad guys (This was before Avatar you fanboys/girls.) the story developed much more adding many different things. In the end, it went from using others ideas, to making our own. The Our has turned into a me now, and I was hoping maybe that this is the place I could continue the story in a way, it's like DBZ, we fight an enemy that come from nowhere, we beat it after hard work, we get stronger. But then again, people (good and bad) died and never came back. Others died numerous times and have returned. Either way, it's a large setting (the entire Cosmos) and a lot to work with. If ANY of this interests you, throw out a question, comment, or other thing that we can talk about. In the end, active people is all I want. Rule abiding helps.

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Characters for the RP



Name: Dotzrus V. Flame (Vorgin is now part of him)


Nickname: Dotz

Species: Alpha (First mammal species to exist, infused with dragon blood

Affiliation if any: Rouge Knight of Chaos; The Dragon Empire.

Relationship status: Single.


Description of Character: Completely Human in appearance. Dark Brown hair and Brown eyes. Wears a blue trench coat with a black Chaos Star on the back and black undershirt. Black pants. Likes to hide his true emotions but is a true team player. Prefers to travel solo for risk of hurting friends (has a lot of enemies). Very knowledgeable and is known for his wisdom in most situations. Likes Root Beer.


Abilities/Skills: Control of the Elements like fire, water, earth, air, light, darkness, etc. Can wield most weapons with ease. Extremely fast, strong, and skilled. Can use many types of magic including summoning. Can transform into a Dragon form increasing all of his skills dramatically. Can fly, survive in the void of space and black holes (his dragon part), transform into any mammal in existence, and control the energy of Chaos itself.


Weapon(s) of choice: Two Chaos Katanas; Back-up weapon, Dragonsbane Sword (Cuts through Dragon scales like flesh); can make weapons out of the different Elements. Soul Crusher (A bladed glove that can rip out soul which he can either modify, fix, or destroy.


Most notable quotes: "I am not a traitor... if I was, you'd be dead..."

"Chaos is not Evil... it is the balance between the struggle between Good and Evil. If one has the advantage, Chaos balances the equation by helping those losing... discreetly of course."




Species: Half Human/Half Demon

Affiliation if any: Dotzrus

Relationship status (cause we wanna know!): Single (for now)

Description of Character, (give some detail but not too much): Dark looking human who wears all black and red. Though he seems like a self-centered censorkip.gifcensorkip.gif***, he really is a nice guy when around people he likes. No one, not even Dotzrus has seen his demon form.


Abilities/Skills (this counts as magic and crafting): Illusion magic and mind magic, pretty good with a sword or gun (prefers a sniper) but is not used to fighting well trained oppenents on 1v1.


Weapon of choice: Sword, pistols, sniper.



Raven (the next post)



SUP3RSPAWN3R: Has one character but needs to give me a character sheet




Name:Kaguya Houraisan

Appearance:The Moon Pincess


Manipulation of eternity and the instantaneous


Buddha's Stone Bowl

The Jewelled Branch of Hourai

Dragon-Jewel Necklace

The Fire-rat's Robe

The Swallow's Cowrie Shell





Raptor of Dragons:

Name: Raptor

Species: a Utahraptor with wings

Gender: Female

Looks: Like a Utahraptor, but has angel wings on her back

Personality: very polite and well spoken. Although she will say random things from time to time

Other: *shrugs*


Name: Lanny

Species: Brown Leopard

Gender: Male

Looks: Lanny although he can turn into This

Personality: He's very determined at stuff

Other: I've had this plushie long since I can remember)




- Name: Roxy Locus

- Gender:female

- Age: 27

- Description: Roxy

- Ability: space manipluation

- Weapon: Warhammer

- Personality: Roxy is a drifter. She used to have a home but that was a long time ago. Since then she has been moving from backwater planet to satellite. She is not afraid of confrontation and does not take any censorkip.gif from anyone. She knows something out there is calling her but she thinks it's just a sense of longing that everyone her age has.

- Other:

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Raven's Characters


Raven (Wolf Shifter)

Looks like this, but older.

- 'Sister' to Rain

What to know: She's extremely sarcastic, a kick-ass fighter. But deep down she's frightened and insecure. Seriously, she is. Manage to her close enough to her and you'll see. Rain knowns it. She won't tell though.

Her backstory thing:

Raven was created in a lab. Literally. She was 'fertilized' synthetically. Now, Raven was actually the first step in a top secret military project. The goal? To design genetically improved soldiers that possesed animal's amazing senses. Such as heightened sense of smell, sight, sound, and so on. The animal of choice was a wolf, given it's shaper, honed senses encrypted into it's DNA. After seven other failed projects, and the experiment itself about to be scraped, Raven came along.

They'd been in a rush to complete the isolated wolf DNA, and rather than pulling out the specific traits they wanted, they injected the DNA into the barley developed egg. It was very meticulous, and they'd have to wait a few months to see if it even took hold. And low and behold, if did. However, not the way they'd expected.

Raven had unstable DNA, which allowed her to mentally input which strands would be read, and therefore, allow her to take the form of wolf or human. This took quite a few years for her to successfully master. But the girl grew up in a lab. She didn't go to school (she was taught by the scientists, and found she was remarkably keen). They also found, because her wolf mentality and human mentality had bonded, she was quick and deadly in fighting. As well as remarkably sarcastic and quite the smart ass.

Anyways, after Raven escaped and before she was caught, she'd run into Rain. And they'd become close friends. And given the fact Rain is quite protective over her friends, when she found Raven had been taken, Rain went to save her. Now Raven is on the lamb, but Rain has her back.


Rain (Warrior Angel)

Looks like this, but has bigger, dark grey wings.

- Protecter of Raven

What to know: She fights with a sword. She's sort of bipolar. She has telepathy, soul sight, telekinesis, and whatever other powers angels seem to have.

Her backstory thing: So far, it's now known she is part angel, and demon.

The rest is still secret.


Jean Grey- The Phoenix (Mutant)

Looks like this.

- Was part of the X-men.

Her backstory thing:



Name: Baek Liadem Adurns

Nickname: ρούνων (roúno̱n or Rune)

Looks like Ra's Al Ghul

- He has runes along his whole body.

What to know: This man is trainer in forms of fighting. He is quite mysterious.

- Other: It seems like he can read minds. He keeps a calm demeanor almost always... And he seems to ignore everyone else except Raven. He acknowledges them, but doesn't initiate conversation with really anyone. More to come?

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Isn't there already a Avengers AND a marvel RP? I'm not against it but I don't want to make a copy.

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Well, yes... But you can still have it in the same genre. You just have to have a different plot. If we are doing romance, well, them it's already different. Like the DC roleplays? They are all dragons, but each has their own plot. Does that make sense?


And if you still don't, I get it. It's all good. xd.png


Edit: How'd you join a year after me but still be a higher level? Hm, maybe it's because I spend 99% of my time here in the freeforms...

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Yeah I guess... I'm all well and good for that, but my Marvel knowledge is all cartoons and movies, and this would be my first romance. I mean, like I said before I'm open to almost anything, but if this is the plan, I'm going to need guidance.



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No problem!


I use the Marvel Wiki when I'm looking into characters. The only comics I've read are Deadpool, so we're in the small boat more or less. I was thinking any Marvel character, then romance? If it works out?


I was thinking Jean Grey, Black Widow, Deadpool... And Captain America?


I don't know how you feel about het relationships amongst them, but there's always that. I'm fine with whatever. As long as there's Loki and Thor....


Would you also want to include OCs at all?

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You people with Loki and Thor... *sigh* I'll roll with it, and it I don't get into it, you wouldn't mind changing the theme. Also, you want a 1x1 or add more people? Still up to anything, and not sure what to do in a romance really...

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We should leave it open? But start as a 1x1 until people join?


And ok, I agree with changing it if it doesn't work out. Did you want to do OCs too?.... I didn't see a reply for that?

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OCs work, and I like the idea of starting 1x1 until more show. Now... For plot ideas!

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Ok, then I'll do Raven, Rain, Jean, and Black widow. There's just not a whole lot of females... And Deadpool... Maybe. biggrin.gif

And if you don't mind... I'll use grey for Rain, maroon for Jean, red for Deadpool, and teal for Black Widow.


Plots... Plots... What if they are just trying to live out life normally? Loki is a prisoner and he escapes?? I was hoping maybe someone and Loki.... Or Thor and someone... *cough* Let's just see how it goes.


What if, a door to another universe (the one with the OCs) opens up and then they merge?

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Alright... So you got Marvel females... And Deadpool... What universe can I eat from... DC is too chilche and I know nothing about Capcom... and I'm not sure if a trust working with Marvel guys but can try. I'm processing... Processing... Processing... Error.

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I don't know rain, and is that Raven the one from DC... I DONT KNOW ANYTHING!! Ugh... I'll think of something... Really wasn't expecting Marvel to be my first request... But hey, first time for everything.

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OC, at least in my terms, means something like 'own character'. I created Rain, and this Raven.


Raven was made in a lab... Wolf shifter.


Rain is an angel... That hangs out on earth.

And ok. We don't have to do Marvel if you don't want to. xd.png

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...oh... I was going with "Other Characters"




Alright. When then I CAN us my OC, or in this case, my persona, Dotzrus. Well then, You got Rain and Raven, I got Dotzrus and my other, Grix. So if we use those we just need a plot to bring them together. If you want a implement any Marvel, feel free, I'm just not feeling confident to do it myself. (I could never be an Iron Man now that RDJ perfected him.)

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Plots... plots... plots... plotholes... plots...


what about...



...maybe... no... how about... no...


I GOT IT! A TOURNAMENT!! Nothing like a good fighting tournament to have people meet up and start a romance!

(Broken logic... I'm crying now...)

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Sure, I'm not in any rush. I'll use the time to set it up. Any planet your guys are bound to? (Unless they have a spaceship)

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It always has to be Earth. Dotzrus will definitely be commenting about that... But alright. Just post here or PM me when your ready or have questions. Also should we put up character sheets?

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Works for me. Let's begin.


((Also, what's your average post length? I'm here and there but I usually go smaller for fight scenes so it's turned based.))


On the planet Earth... well one Earth in the Cosmos that shares that name with hundreds of other Earths... a tournament is taking place for a variety of fighters, spell flingers, and rouges. The grand prize is a very large and valuable gem that may or may not have any magical properties. The tournament is open to all is starts today.


Two figures stand outside the stadium. One is 6' and with an average build. He wears a dark blue trench coak and black pants and shoes. Two katanas are on his belt. He has brown hair and green eyes. The other is shorter and is more slim, he wears mostly black with some red emblazoned on. He has a red katana and a bladed glove. He has black hair, lighter skin, and brown eyes. The one in black turn to the other.


This is pointless you know. This Earth is just like the others, a pushover... can't we just go home Dotz?


Stop whining Grix, it's for the gem, and murdering everyone here is worst than doing it in the arena. We enter, get the gem, and go. If I'm luckily, they all won't be weak...


...well if I'm lucky, they might have some battle girls in skimpy outfits... hehe...


Sometimes I question why I keep you around...


They get in line to sign up for the tournament.

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((Uh.... Varies. xd.png ))


Jean slipped on a t-shirt with her Phoenix emblem spreading across her shoulders. Then followed that with a pair of skinny jeans and tennis shoes. The woman wasn't out saving the world today, so, there wasn't much of a reason to put her suit on. It needed to be modernized anyway. She headed out of her apartment, locking the door behind her. It was supposed to have been an easy day. Simple. But of course, it never was. A flyer scuttled across the pavement in from of her. Nothing out of the ordinary. Glancing around quickly, and seeing no one, the paper stopped in mid-air. The wind still tugged at it, but it went no where, as though an invisible hand grasped it. The flyer then moved towards her, before she finally pulled it from the air. Fighting Tournament? She frowned. Half of her was interested. The other half? Not so much. It would almost be unfair if she participated. So, she pinned the paper back to the old electric pole that it'd come from and continued on her way.


Raven was enjoying herself. How could you when you're being pursued with guns? She always seemed to find a way. The wolf-girl turned if into a game; with her being the 'game master'. She made the rules, but didn't play by them.


The men were pretty far behind. So she took this opportunity to leap into a tree out of sight. And just like in those old cartoons, they ran underneath, none the wiser. The large wolf leapt from the branch, knocking them forward from behind. Shots were fired blindly into the forest, silencing the birds. Raven dispatched one man with the snap of a neck. The other was on his feet before she could do the same. Shots were fired again, these finding their mark. Ow, that hurt, jerk. The black wolf charged.


Rain was doing... What angels do while they are on Earth. Pretty much nothing. There wasn't any demons around. She'd made sure of that. So what more was there to do other than going around and trying to answer a few prayers? The angel had a soft spot for children, and would often spend a majority of her time at hospitals. The kids seemed to know what she was. Perhaps it was her soft features. Dirty blond hair, grey eyes, fading freckles, and her aurora. It was also soft and warm, bringing solace to those around her. And those on the brink of death, would see her 'halo', and her armor, usually masked from human eyes.


But that could flip on a dime.


A raggedy man was strutting down the sidewalk. He spotted Rain, and smirked. The warmth ebbed away, replaced with a more cold attitude. Her eyes became molten silver, burning into the demon. No one was in this part of the park, and that suited the warrior angel just fine.


((I'll start Deadpool later. xd.png ))



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