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seacatsmew's mind [Nightmare Edition]

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OOC for SCM's minds.


WARNING! Read this ALL of this first.

Number One: This is the DARKER side of my mind. It's a very small space, and also I, um, changed it a bit. It's not as evil...

Number Two: You have nine lives. It's very generous. I only have nine lives, too, so it's perfectly fair.

Number Three: You see, this one is different from the rest, because it's like a dream. A real dream. You'll wake up, but you'll have any wounds you gained. Then you go to school and everything. Everyone lives in the same town and goes to the same school, and you'll figure out who's who. But who am I?

Number Four: You have to rejoin us eventually. You can't stay awake forever. And we might already be gone to the next room, so if you hurry, you can meet up with us.

Number Five: I get really mad if you touch the walls of my brain. It hurts/tickles/itches/makes me dizzy/makes me sleepy/causes something very bad to happen.

Number Six: If people join later on, then read updates to the plot, and you have to get from the start to us... Don't worry, everyone has a magic map that shows all the rooms we've been in, can expand, and shows where everyone is. And it has your name on it. In whatever color you want.

Number Seven: There's only ONE room(I think) that has a bunch of worms/caterpillars(not on the bed!) and more, random stuff. But that's because it isn't my nightmare mind. It's just there. It's like crazy, crazy, crazy, all the time. (I applaud anyone who gets my 'worms on the bed' joke and knows where the 'It's like crazy, crazy, crazy all the time'.)



The characters were normal as can be. Maybe. Well, they weren't involved in any brain things. They went to school, came back from school, etc. But all that changed one day.


A crow flew up to you, carrying a letter in it's talons. It dropped it. It opened in mid-air and floated, and actually spoke.

'Dear Stranger, you may not know me, but if Carrion came to you, then I know you- Or Carri does. I am called many names. Well, mainly, seacatsmew. Something has happened, and you get to join.

This was addressed to many others, too. But you share two things in common; You go to the same school, and live in the same town. I, too, live and go there.

To the point- You have no choice. You may think, when you go there, it's a dream. But it's real. You'll wake up with any injuries.

I'll be waiting in the first room. Don't run. Don't hide. Or else THEY'LL FIND YOU.



P.S. If you hurry, we still have tea left over!



• DC rules apply.

• Keep it somewhat PG 13...

• I control all NPCs, and I will not say who I am for the actual world. You hav to figure that out.

• No Gary Stus, Mary Sues, or perfectly imperfect characters.

• This is my mind, seriously. If you don't obey the rules, or be rude in OoC to someone else your person will die in my mind. Like, drown or something. Yeah, doesn't make sense, but hey, it IS my mind.

• Okay, I could die, but that would mean we'd be stuck in a starry galaxy where a giant dragon watches us. Forever. So my survival means survival for all, my death means death for all.

• No super strong characters.

• Password is 'S, E, and A'



Personality: (Optional)
Looks: (Mind)
Actual Looks: (Reality?)
Powers: (Up to three, max)
History: (Oh so very optional)
Password: (Accurate.)


Accepted Forms

Username: SCM

Name: seacatsmew, GhostSombra, S.

Age: For RPing purposes, let's say I'm 17.

Gender: Female

Personality: I can't answer that. xd.png

Species: Magical Talking Russian Blue Shapeshifting Cat

Looks: Humanoid, I look like a Russian Blue cat with two tails for cat. I always have two tails.

Actual Looks: <CLASSIFIED>

Powers: Flight without wings, mirror magic, eating things bigger then myself.

History: ...Meow?

Password: *throws table*

Other: The ruler of her own mind. I hope.


Username: SCM

Name: Ealis, or E

Age: 17 I guess?

Gender: Female

Personality: She acts sweet. But loves seeing other people in pain.

Species: Magical Talking Russian White Shapeshifting Cat

Looks: Human. As a cat, she's a Russian Black cat with red eyes and two tails.

Actual Looks: Technically, she has no real form, but I guess for this she does. Eh. She looks the same.

Powers: Flying without wings, teleportation, turning invisible.

History: *throws metal table*

Password: *throws paper table*

Other: Ea--s. Li.


Username: SCM

Name: Alise, or A

Age: 17?

Gender: Female

Personality: Rather violent and a short temper.

Species: Magical Talking Russian White Shapeshifting Cat

Looks: Human, as a cat, Russian White with whit eyes and two tails.

Actual Looks: Same as above.

Powers: Flying without wings, teleportation, breathing fire.

History: HAHAHA no.

Password: *takes out flamethrower and burns paper table*

Other: A--se. Li.


Username: SCM

Name: 'Carrion' (Real name: Unknown)

Age: About 17.

Gender: Female

Personality: She has tables. D:

Species: Crow hybrid

Looks: With black crow wings. She's a plain and simple crow otherwise, minus red eyes.

Actual Looks: Carrion

Powers: Turning into a crow, pulling tables out of nowhere. Controlling those tables.

History: Heh.

Password: *hits seacatsmew with a table*

Other: Tables... She's a thief.


Username: SCM

Name: 'King' (Real name: Unknown)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: ...Questionable.

Species: Gold wolf hybrid?

Looks: Human, as a wolf, he has gold fur and green eyes.

Actual Looks: Doesn't change much...

Powers: Turning into a wolf. Opening portals.

History: King's weird.

Password: *breaks tables*

Other: He's kind of childish. But that's what makes him adorable.


Username: SCM

Name: "The name's Felixandra Blaze Capriette, but you can call me Felix."

Age: "Now why would you want to know that...? Well, either way, I'm 18."

Gender: "Female. Can't you tell?"

Personality: "I'm afraid you'll have to ask someone else."

Species: "I'm a mix of things. Mainly bird and fox, but I look more human then anything."

Looks: "Well, cant you see?"

Actual Looks: "I guess like this."

Powers: "Well, I can summon a blade that doubles as a gun. That's about it."

History: "Now why would I tell you that...?"

Password: "Ah? We need a password?"

Other: "I have no living relatives. I didn't know any of them, either- Not even my parents."


Username: ArchiosLukos

Name: Alexa Carter

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Species: Human

Looks: (Id)

-sex: male

-eyes: stormy blue

-hair: short, black, curly

-skin: pale

-height: variable

-weight: --

-build: lightly toned, strong shoulders and chest, thin chiseled features

-overview: the Id is an imposing figure with shadows cast over many of his features, most especially his eyes. When a person looks at him, they will get the impression that he is a tall man with very pale skin, a sharp jaw and cheekbones, and sheets of dark ringlets coming just past his ears and into his face at places. A person would usually describe him as wearing a long black trench coat or a robe, but there are some additional features that don't seem to stay put. Example: the shadowy form of wings, and/or a scythe. If concentrated on too hard, he seems to loose more and more definition on his features and the sharpness of his figure blurs. He usually appears to be frowning, smirking, neutral, or on occasion grinning. He is a very possessive and jealous creature and his expressions display that.

Looks: (Super-ego)

-sex: neuter

-eyes: stormy blue

-hair: long, brown, wavy

-skin: pale

-height: variable

-weight: --

-build: light

-overview: the super-ego is a gentle looking creature. 'She' as most people deign to call her, is an older feminine looking entity. She appears to be in her twenties or early thirties and appears to wear modest white and blue clothing of various sorts, but it's all in the eye of the beholder. She has long brown hair that's tied back in a loose spiral lace braid. In general she seems kind, but she is very easily replaced with the Id, so oftentimes her hair will appear darker with little curls like his. Most times, she appears to be as tall as the other people that she is with, but it may change with mood. She is never depicted with any sort of weapon, but on occasion it may seem like she has wings or feathers. She too looses more definition the more she is concentrated on, but in general she doesn't appear to have much anyway. Others just seem to instinctively know what she should look like and more often than not she reflects someone they would like to see.

Looks: (Reality)

-eyes: stormy blue

-hair: reddish brown, wavy, pixie cut, parted on left or middle with two large cowlicks

-skin: pale, yellowish undertones

-height: 5'6"

-weight: 110 lbs

-build: light


-Personality swap: (passive) while in the mindscape, Alexa may swap between any of three distinct personalities, which may sometimes merge. This is dependent on state of mind and oftentimes one of them will be dominant and default in any given timespan. These changes are difficult to control and sometimes impossible

-Id's darkness: The id is usually surrounded in shadow, or at least gives off that impression. This is no coincidence. When angered, and usually only then, he uses this however he likes. The shadow itself seems to move like oil or tar, but it feels as firm as clay when intentionally applied.


-Born a summer baby in a small town and raised on a farm for a few months before moving into the current town

-Family rented in the suburbs until five years old. The family is happy and she is completely oblivious. She enjoys art and music and building.

-Moved to the inner city in a quiet neighborhood with a big yard. She is outgoing and eager to be in the center of attention at family functions.

-Attended public school for two years, moved to private because of bullying. She is still very outgoing and loving towards both of her parents.

-Developed tomboyish traits because of general non-gender distinction in school and summercamp. Played with the boys, enjoyed videogames, developed a disliking for dresses and skirts, etc. She stays inside a lot and plays on the computer

-Extreme stress in later grades because of rigorous grading and expectations. Stress increased because of increasing parental distance. Introverted traits flourish. She stays in the computer room constantly when at home and avoids interacting with anyone. In class, she mostly just doodles in her binder.

-She graduates from the private school. Instead of going to the local private high school like most of her class, she is told by an upperclassman about the city's largest public high school and their great arts program. She convinces her mother to let her go there

-Through freshman and sophomore year, she gains new friends and her confidence levels increase simultaneously with her stress level's decrease. In a mental sense, her Id begins regaining control from the super-ego. She learns about sex, gender, politics, drugs, and all of the other things she's been sheltered from.

-By her junior year, she is almost completely Id and has decided on her career and is interested in art, psychology, writing, acting, singing, etc etc. She still spends all of her time inside, but she is happy with it.

-Current day



-suffers from mild panic attacks

-Id represents primal desires, Super ego represents social norms


Username: Silverphoenixx (Silver if you want)

Name: Caroline

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: You'll see... It usually depends on my mood and changes really quickly.

Species: Human, pretty sure...

Looks: Super duper long black hair she uses to attack people xd.png. She has brown eyes and is kind of tall and skinny. Strong though...and her nails are pretty sharp.

Actual Looks: Long black hair and brown eyes.

Powers: Can be cute phoenix that is silver and blue and have phoenix powers. Phoenix powers still there even when not a phoenix. Like flight and fire control.

History: I once went on a name site and it said I probably was slightly psychic without knowing it. *is completely unrelated to character*




Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Obsidian

Age: A number between minus infinity and infinity

Gender: Female

Personality: Too lazy to describe it.

Species: Human-ish.

Looks: She carries a slightly different version of her real life staff. Just replace the grey with red. She looks like this but she can change her dress when she needs to run. With magic. Magic solves all your traveling problems. Including what to eat.

Actual Looks: She looks like this

Powers: Food. She gets it from places and makes it do stuff for her. Food from places. She's not telling where. Oh, and very rarely she will make the food come alive. DIE TO MY MIGHTY SUSHI ARMY!

History: She moved here from a different land. One with everything from cow magicians to mages with tissue paper staffs.




Username: Dragonhatchling (DH)

Name: Varandil

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Personality: Varandil tends to adapt to the situation at hand. He's known to make smart remarks at times and joke. He loves playing tricks just as much as the next crow but also understands it is not all fun and games every second of the day. He's smart- arguably smarter than your average crow. He's got a temper at times, though he uses his intelligence to insult during those times than actually actively argue with anyone.

Species: Crow

Looks: A normal crow with golden eyes

Actual Looks: A normal crow with golden eyes

Powers: He can speak, is known to be able to use magic and is a master at stealth, second only to Venril.

History: Varandil was traveling along as he normally does, wreaking havoc as well as a crow can. He came upon a certain smallish dragon one day however, and after bothering her to bits about her being small, realized he had made a grave mistake. The two of them ended up here without an explanation as to why. He is actually very excited to be here.


Other: Varandil hides a crow-functional longsword under his feathers without it seeming at all like there is a sword anywhere- causing some to wonder if it is magic. He loves to read and has offered to help Venril with her potions as he knows about poisons and potions to an extent.


Username: Dragonhatchling (DH)

Name: Venril

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Personality: Venril seems cold sometimes. Bubbly and cheerful the next. She deemed crazy by almost anyone she meets. She is mischievous to anyone's degree and will not hesitate to find the most fun in a situation by causing trouble. She is fiercely loyal to friends, though is hard to gain trust from. Her temper is unmatched if threatened, and once wronged she will hunt you down and torture you herself slowly for however long she deems you need it. It is recommended not to wrong her. She loves torture, though that aspect of her is well hidden.

Species: Se'kal (a species of dragon OC I created... see Other)

Looks: 4ft tall at the shoulder, she is olive green colored with spines running down her back. Two pairs of horns adorn her head, one larger set and one slightly smaller set underneath. She is of Western build, with spikes on the end of each 'finger' including the thumb digit on the wings. Her tail ends in an arrow-head spade with three rings before the spade starts. All spikes, claws, wingtips and the spade are silver with gold, creating a permanent shadow- the colors fade into each other making it seem as if there's always a light on her. Her eyes are a rich gold-amber color.

Actual Looks: Same

Powers: The natural abilities of the Se'kal. She has a knack for potion-making (including different poisons aside from her own) and can speak as well as a human can.

History: She unfortunately met Varandil on her travels. They ended up here together without knowing why and is not particularly happy about it.


Other: The powers can be explained here, as well as the entirety about the breed as we know it to date. Venril also speaks to something called The Unknown, and it is debated if she is actually crazy or if something is actually there.


Username: Techno_Elf

Name: Sharvani Casimiro

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: HYPER MODE: Sharvani will often go into HYPER MODE as a sign to show that she is happy. It is a result of feeding her excessive amounts of candy. Signs include giggling fits, collapsing to the ground for no reason, bouncing around in place, and happy (and extremely random) chatter.

DEPRESSED MODE: DEPRESSED MODE is most commonly activated when Sharvani is lonely or doesn't receive what she wants (candy). In the latter case, it is often played in a joking manner. Sharvani will lock herself in silent treatment until DEPRESSED MODE is deactivated.

PISSED MODE: This mode is caused by enraging Sharvani, usually through means of poking and/or ditching. It is sometimes accompanied with DEPRESSED MODE, especially in the case of ditching. She will chase down the one who enraged her, and then she will also try to whack them with a heavy object, only stopping when she thinks she has gotten "even".

TIRED MODE: When in TIRED MODE, Sharvani will act sluggishly and complain about how tired she is. She will sometimes spout random nonsense. Letting Sharvani sleep is the best way to cure this.

PANIC MODE: This mode is activated when Sharvani has too much work and too little time to finish it. Do not disturb her, lest she lapse into PISSED MODE.

Species: Human

Looks: A normal black-haired, black-eyed girl with the occasional “glitch” when her eyes flash amber. The more emotional she gets, the more she starts to glitch. A black aura surrounds her, and her eyes emit black wisps as well. Her destruction powers are limited to spontaneous explosions only.

At a certain point when she gets mad enough, she gains fox ears, a pair of fox tails, and bat wings, all hidden under her robes. Her irises turn red, while the white parts of her eyes become amber. Her clothes change into a tattered black robe with a hood that conceals her face and a pair of combat boots. Her powers are greatly amplified, although she can’t destroy everything just yet.

She still has two more phases as her rage builds up. Her hair is bleached snow white, with the color spreading from the tips of her hair to the roots. Blood pools in her eyes and spills over, rolling down her cheeks. The only color on her entire body is from her blood, as even her animal features and her robe are whitened. In her hyper-aggressive phase, all of her senses are kicked up to a superhuman level, and rage completely clouds her mind. She will rip into anyone that crosses her path, enemies and allies alike. In her hyper-passive phase, she retains the same appearance as her hyper-aggressive stage, except she gains a white blindfold and her lips are seen together with twine. The blood from her eyes seeps through the blindfold, and the only senses she can rely on are hearing and pure animal instinct.

Actual Looks: A normal black-haired, black-eyed girl with fuchsia highlights and a tendency to wear long jeans even in the hottest of temperatures.

Powers: Destruction-- Users with this unlimited power can destroy anything, everything and everyone, beginning with entire areas, buildings, cities, countries, states, continents, words, planets, dimensions, inter-dimensions, parallel worlds, solar systems, suns, stars, star systems, whole entire galaxies, nebulas, and universes and possibly even abstract concepts and/or natural forces/laws. Cosmic and high-level possessors of ability can literally go beyond space-time itself, thus wiping out and destroying all that exists in the entire universe and way beyond.

She also distorts the reality around her when she gets agitated.

History: Nah.

Password: Accurate.




I think we know how this all works.


Also, E and A are actual characters that will appear~ S is, well, me. E and A you could say are my... Other sides. I actually haves lots of other sides of me, but those two are the most common.


Circus le Mydknyght(Pronounced Midnight)

~The Ringleader~


Show Name: Cyamir (Pronounced Kie Am Er)

Gender: Male

Appearance: He normally wears a top hat and a suit to match.

Powers: He can control the darkness and wind. However, he cannot change the wind so that no one can breathe- Though, he has no need to breathe.

Other: ???


~The Beast Tamer~


Show Name: Locket

Gender: Female

Appearance: Minus the gun... She normally uses a Cat O' Nine Tails instead.

Powers: She can speak to and understand any animal, along with change into most types.

Other: ???


~The Fire Breather~


Show Name: Ember

Gender: Female

Appearance: No pupils.

Powers: She can absorb and control fire.

Other ???


~The Snake Boy~


Show Name: Kobra

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has white scales on his neck.

Powers: He can talk to snakes, and summon them.

Other: ???


~The Cloak~



Gender: Male

Appearance: Here.

Powers: He can control the growth of plants.

Other: He's used to keep the circus out of 'trouble'.


~The Circus Animals/Beasts~

[if the pictures are from a anime/manga, it'll say where they're from. For example, Chain's picture had (Pandora Hearts) because that's where the picture is from.]


Name: Chain

Gender: None

Appearance: Eyes are black and blend in. (Pandora Hearts)

Element: Darkness


-The Lion-

Name: Xam

Gender: Male

Appearance: Minus the crown. (Pandora Hearts)

Element: Poison


-The Unicorn-

Name: Shade

Gender: Female

Appearance: Here. (Pandora Hearts)

Element: Fire


-The Mouse-

Name: Tick-tock

Gender: Genderless

Appearance: (Pandora Hearts)

Element: Air


-The Fallen-

Name: Abyss

Gender: Male

Appearance: Human Dragon. Except his feathers are black.

Element: Ice


~The Frozen~


Name: Chill

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her bones look heavy, but are actually quite light. Kind of like bird bones.

Element: Ice

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Was once a bump. Now it's for the map.

user posted image

Guide to the Map

That little thing behind the BR- The entrance.

B.R.- Brain room. A large, pink, dome-shaped room. Walls are sensitive. Don't touch the walls. The beginning of my mind, no matter what edition.

That weird long-ish thing in front of the BR- 'Path of Songs'. Odd melodies play as you head towards the first actual room. The melodies can sometimes dig into your brain and drive you mad.

Final Room- 'Nightmare Apocalypse'. Nothing is known about it except that if you beat this room, you're free.

Edited by seacatsmew

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I groaned as I rolled onto my back. "The ground's so squishy," I muttered, keeping my eyes closed. I rolled one way, then hit a wall. Pain shot through my body and I jumped, landing on the pink ground. I looked around. "...Again?" I said, surprised to see the dome-shaped walls. Everything was pink, minus a door. "HECK YEAH AGAIN!" I yelled, walking around. I was a cat, like normal. "Sea. Shut UP." A table slammed into my head. "Hey!" I yelled. Carrion glared at me. "Be nice, guys," King said, in human form. Carrion was human, too.


Felixandra collapsed into her bed. If I ever have to do that much work again... she thought as she drifted off, unaware of the fact her soul was being sucked into my mind. I mean...

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((As I write this, I find that her in between personalities need some elaboration. I will put a list in the OOC))


It was early in the morning, far past the bedtime of anyone reasonable. Alexa had stayed up the entire night, as usual. Ever since summer when she hat actual time to do stupid things like go to bed past 10, the habit had decided to stick. She ctrl+clicked open all of her bookmarks and went through them 'one last time', as she had been doing for the past hour and, finding nothing new, finally shut down her laptop and set it on the stack of sterilite wheeled containers she called a side table. After several minutes in the dark, she fell easily to sleep.


She opened her eyes, standing with her chin resting lightly on her chest. Or rather, his. Perhaps it. She didn't think much of it, but she was perched on stalkier legs than usual and her pale hands were larger and more clearly veined. She wore a somewhat dated white shirt that billowed around her arms and chest that was tucked into a pair of black slacks. Something felt off. She felt as if she were someone else, or somewhere foreign yet eerily... similar to something she knew. It was the feeling one might get in a planned community when walking from their house into their neighbors'. The layouts were the same, but the wall colors and furnishings were different.


His eyes glittered darkly through a set of dark ashen brown bangs. This place wasn't safe. Tensely, he rested his hand on a sword at his side which he hadn't known was there, and yet instinctively did. The surroundings were greyish-pink, almost brown, and pulsing with almost a heartbeat. He sneered, treading lightly on the disgusting substance. He had a mission here, and if need be, he would destroy this place. It may have been similar to a comforting place he called home, but it most certainly was not and therefore he held no reservation against leaving scars. His current location was an entryway of some sort, high ceilinged and impressive.


Now to see what else there was here.

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"OWWW STOP TOUCHING THE WALLS!" Carrion, being Carrion, was leaning against the wall. Causing pain in my mind and also tickling me. She didn't know that it also made my mind more dangerous. "I... Said... Stop... Touching... The... Walls!" Carrion shot away from the walls in alarm as my fur turned black. There was a blue fire-like aura around me. "****. I think I just ticked her off a bit too much," Carrion said, now fleeing from me. "Probably. Hey, look, someone new!" Ignoring mine and Carrion's battle, King walked over to the girl just beginning to wake up. "Where... Where am I?" "Someone's mind." Felix paused. "...I'm having the weirdest dream ever."

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Flopping on to her bed, Caroline stared at the ceiling. "Soooo boorrrreeedddd..." She mumbled. Rolling around on her bed, she somehow trapped herself in the blanket. "Urgh...need...to...stop...getting...stuck...in...the...BLANKETS!!!" She said as she struggled to free herself. Finally giving up the fight against the oh-so-terrifying monster blanket, she simply lay on her bed. "You know, it's your fault mind. If you hadn't wanted to roll around, I wouldn't be stuck right now. But I did flop on to the bed, so I should have expected to roll around. If only these blankets weren't so evil. So, we shall agree that it is the balnket's fault, ok? Because the blanket is most certainly evil." So, agreeing on this, she set out to attempt to unroll herself once more. She was getting dangerously close to the edge of the bed...

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"CARRION, WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST DO?" "IT'S NOT MY MIND!" King watched as the two looked up at a giant clown/puppet thing watched from the roof. They were freaking out. "Hmm. Nightmare Edition?" King said. Felix raised an eyebrow. She had no idea what was happening. And she wasn't scared of clowns. Puppet clowns are even scarier, because it's moving by itself... "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" I screamed. "...Wait, why am I freaking out about a clown?" "IT'S GOING TO KILL US WITH BALLOON ANIMALS WHILE LAUGHING!" Carrion looked over at King. He just chuckled. "Um... Okay then?"


((Yes, I have a fear of clowns.))

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Caroline rolled just a bit more until...she fell off the bed. 'Great' she thought. 'Now I'll be stuck in a blanket AND be one the ground.' But, as she fell, the blankets unwrapped themselves from around her. And instead of a hard surface...the ground was squishy? Getting up immediately she started screaming "EWWWWW EWWWWW I JUST FELL ON SOMETHING SQUISHY EWWWW!!!" Taking a look around after she ran out of breath she found that she was in a pink dome. "Pink. Ok. Why is everything pink." She said to herself. "And why is the ground squishy." Deciding that she was definitely not in her room anymore, she started exploring.


'Voice. Voice equals person? Maybe the person will know why everything's pink. And squishy." Following the voice, she thought 'But it sounds like there's something dangerous over there...Oh well.'

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"IT'S GOING TO KILL MEEEE-" "Sombra- Er, sea, calm down. It's your mind, correct? If you calm down, maybe it'll disappear," King said. "BUT IT'S A CLOWN." "Stop yelling." I paused. "...But it's a clown." "And you're GhostSombra, seacatsmew, and a weird Russian Blue cat." "Point taken." I calmed down and the clown/puppet vanished. "...Oh. Neat."

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The voice was closer now. The dangerous thing was apparently a clown, but it was gone now. After turning a corner, Caroline finally saw the...people? There was a cat and three kind of human people. Ok. Definitely not her room anymore. They looked to be slightly dangerous, but they didn't seem like they were cereal killers. Or penguin eaters. Saying hi couldn't hurt, could it? And they could know what was happening. So, she cautiously walked over to them and said "Hi. Do you know what's happening? The ground here is squishy, pink, and DEFINITELY not my room. Unless I'm having a dream? But why would I dream right after rolling off my bed? I'd have to be seriously lazy or tired to do that. Weird. I also seem to have lost my blanket somewhere when I fell..." She said, at first to the group, but then mostly to herself.

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"That's because you're in my mind~! Heheheh. The name's seacatsmew. Or GhostSombra. Or any nickname you can think of. Touch the walls and die," I said cheerfully. "This is the brain room. I purposely dragged a bunch of people into my mind with me." This happened all the time, so I was used to this whole explanation junk. "You don't have to believe this is true, but it is." "The name's Carrion." "King!" "...Felixandra. But you can call me Felix."

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Caroline looked at all of them in turn as they spoke. "Sounds good to me. At least you guys aren't in my mind. So, what is there to do? Do we just stand here and have a nice chat?" She asked. She sat down on the oddly squishy ground and looked around herself again. "Seacat, do you by any chance have a sink or a chair in your mind? I like to keep my hands clean and sitting on the squishy ground feels weird. Can you just make things appear? Like a cup of hot chocolate?" Caroline asked. "And can I do random magical stuff?"

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((I was reading her form again. What came to mind: *intense whipping of hair at people*))


"No idea. Most people do. Also, sometimes. Depends. I made that clown. I have a fear of clowns. It's Carri's fault." "Hey! ...That reminds me. Didn't I drop a letter at your house? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did," Carrion said, thinking. "Oh. I didn't read it." King chuckled. Carrion sighed. I tried to summon a sink or a chair or something.

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((She still doesn't notice she looks different xd.png))

"Cool. Magic is awesome. Hmm. Maybe? I remember something about tea. If you're talking to me." Caroline said to Seacat and Carrion. Getting up, she looked around when a chair fell on her head. Falling over, she rubbed her head "Ow...it's raining chairs in here. At least it's not sinks. I have chair to sit on now." Sitting on the wooden chair, she swung her feet around. "Can I pet you?" She asked Seacat.

((I hope you don't mind me making a chair fall on my character's head. You said you tried to summon a sink or a chair, but you didn't say where tongue.gif))

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((Chairs are safer. Sinks can touch the walls. We've already seen what horrors touching the wall summons.

Yeah, it's okay. xd.png ))


"Talkin' to everyone. And yes, I did say we had tea left over." I held up a pot of tea with my tail, then put it down. Only the walls affected me. The ground could be on fire and I wouldn't care as long as the walls were okay. "Sure," I said, walking over and sitting down. "Well, I'm gonna go check out the maps if there are any." King shifted into a wolf and began wandering around, keeping away from the walls. Carrion shifted into a crow and flew over to him, landing on his back. Felix watched, not noticing the bade that was taking form in her hand.

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He hurried through the hall, only briefly investigating the doors scattered around the edges. Doors was, of course, a very broad term for some vaguely door shaped openings in the wall. However, he felt sound brush the edge of his mind and curious, he followed them. They lead through the rest of the room into another more dome shaped one. He glanced around before his gaze settled on a group of mostly girls and several animals, which he found interesting. Cautiously with his hand resting on the pommel of his sword, he stalked towards them, starting to catch bits and pieces of their conversation.

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"I still think it's weird sea has a fear of clowns," King said. "Me, too, but... She is sea, after all." "Point taken." Carrion paused. "...Wait, what if this is a nightmare edition, like you said?" "Twice the fun. And clowns." Edited by seacatsmew

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Caroline stared at the people as they transformed. "I wish I could do that. " she said. Looking at Seacat, she started to pet her. "You're soft." She said. "And we need cups for the tea." Absentmindedly looking around, her gaze landed on another person. "Hey, Seacat. There's another person. Not sure if they're human though. I'm not even sure if I'm still human. They have a sword."

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A table, cups, and multiple teapots appeared. "There we go," I said, purring. "I'm never human, in my mind or in the 'normal' world. Heh... Carrion can take care of them..." My purring grew louder. The room actually began to change slightly, glowing barely enough to notice.


Carrion quickly flew over to the new person, looked at them, then shifted and landed. "Welcome, stranger," she said.

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He pursed his lips as a teaparty began out of seemingly nowhere. Obviously he'd stumbled into a madhouse from which he'd never be allowed to escape. There'd be torture and riddles and his sword would dematerialize into a vat of jelly. The whole thing reminded him very much of Alice in Wonderland except that instead of forests with strange creatures, he was in what was had to be a labyrinth that made the most disgusting squelching noises every time he stepped. He narrowed his grey-blue eyes at the crow, tightening his grip on his sword "Welcome indeed..."

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((I call being Cheshire then!))


"I'd advise you not to draw that sword in here. You could summon something worse then a clown. If sea has any fears worse then that... Anyways. The name's Carrion. Welcome to seacatsmew's mind." Carrion turned away, folding her wings, and spotted King with a bunch of papers. "Found the maps?" she asked as she walked over. King nodded and she took them. "Hmm. Enchanted. They won't show more unless we explore..."

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"I'll draw my sword when and where I like." he huffed. Sea, he caught the name before dismissing everything else the crow said. And who was-he scanned the small party, settling on the two most human. One of those two were she and he supposed he had better find out who exactly he was potentially going to be cutting up from the inside if indeed he did so to anyone. He walked towards them, nose wrinkling in disgust at the continuing schlaps and squishes under his boots. He did not draw his sword, but remained on guard despite the rather innocent appearance of everyone there. "Which one of you am I invading upon?" he asked somberly.

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In response to that, I flopped onto my side. "If by that you mean who's mind you're in, that would be mine," I said cheerfully. "Seacatsmew, or GhostSombra, is the name. I've been called both of them. Normally just seacatsmew." I then stood up and walked over to the table, jumping up and sitting down on it. I poured a cup of tea with my tail(s) and drank it, perfectly normal.

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((I would post that up in the OOC rather than here



"Then I ask that you explain what is going on here." he motioned broadly with his arm to encompass the entirety of the landscape for as far as it went. If he was indeed in someone else's mind, and if felt at this point as if he was, then he wasn't supposed to be here and there would be unforseeable consequences if either he or somebody else were to get hurt. Never having been in such a situation, he couldn't say what would happen. The mind could be tricked into thinking it had been terminated, thus killing the body with it. A person could develop a complex, having unlimited freedom within a lucid mind environment such as this. Assuming a person could control the contents of another's mind, it could become complete sabotage if anything at all were to be touched. "For now I operate under the assumption that you know all, see all, and do all in this environment and therefore it is completely up to you to take responsibility for what happens here."

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((*shrugs* Eh, doesn't really matter where they go- They all end up in here anyways~ Also, Carrion's really creepy and she has more tables... Anyways. Accepted!

Welcome to my mind. Don't get lost.

Yes, it's... Interesting. My fears are so weird they make a rainbow and disappear. I remember those two from a long-ish time ago in Mixture.

Yes, I remember all my RPs by name normally.


Also, Silver said that they have no clue what to do. xd.png ))

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