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A couple of poems I wrote

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I wrote a couple of peoms for a project at school this past year and I wanted to post them on here s o I can get some opinions on hwat you guys think about it.


the first one is about a friend I have known since the very beginning of my life. I met her on Halloween in 2006. I have now known her for about 8 years.


I moved there in February 2006,

I was at the young age of 2,

Just starting to learn what life is,

I was shy and didn’t know anyone there,


Time flew by

From days, to weeks, then months,

Still not yet a single friend came to me,

Until one Halloween night.


Her name was Bay

We looked so alike,

We may as well have been twins,

Best friends forever we will always be.


As the years flew by, we always got along,

We went through everything together,

We thought we would never have to separate,

However we were wrong.


On a warm spring day,

I had to tell my best friend the worst news,

I had to tell her that I was leaving Alabama and moving away,

I was moving to a whole new state and a whole new place,

I had to tell her I was moving to Tennessee.


Now that I have moved away,

We no longer get to hang out every single day,

We don’t get to hug each other and tell one another that we love them,

We hardly even ever get to hear each other’s voices on the phone anymore,

It’s like our friendship is breaking apart.


I just wanted to say,

That no matter how far apart we are,

No matter whether we’re together or not,

Our friendship continues,

Forever and ever.


The second poem is about a tornado storm that ive experienced. even thoguh i have been through like 6 hurricanes that was the only tornado Ive ever been throuh in my life.



Long, long ago it happened

I was no older than three years old

It dark and scary night,

More like a living nightmare,


I remember it was a Sunday night in 2007,

I was sleeping away one night then I suddenly started to hear noises,

Frightening, loud, and strange,

Not long after,

My dad ran in my room, and carried me down the stairs,

I had no clue what was going on but I knew it wasn’t a good thing.


I was thrown in a closet with no windows,

My two sisters, my mom, my pets, and finally my dad all climbed in,

We stayed there for hours, but it was dreadful enough,

It felt like days.


Even blocked by the closet walls,

I could still hear the noises and possibly see bright flashes,

Howling wind, crashing thunder, hail pounding at the windows,

Suddenly, a loud crashing noise sounds,

Followed by a brief shaking of the earth,


After all the noises and the shaking, everything stopped,

Everyone climbed out of the closet,

A lot of looking around took place,

Seconds later I knew what that loud crashing and the shaking was about,

A big tree had fallen just a few yards away from my house.


It all happened because of a violent, strong, and disastrous storm,

It is known as a tornado,

This one was strong and violent enough,

It was ranked as an F5,

But to me it was more like a living nightmare.

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thank you. smile.gif

oh and s orry for my typos in my posts im not very good at typing. I type faster then average and i seem to make more eerrors when I type fast like this .

anybody else ?

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