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I hoep you guys know what madlibs are becasue if you dont you wont understand this topic. brief description of what a mad lib is the writer asks the other players for a lits of words such as nouns adjectives verbs numbers and other types. the other players call out random wrods for the right type an d the writer writes them in the blanks for the story. the thing si hte other players dont kwno what the story is abotu so when the writer reads it its normally pretty goofy and mkaes no since. xd.png last tuesday my friends and i had a sleepover and we did some mad libs together. :


Let's Dance



At my shiny sleepover party, my best bathrobes and I decided to have a dance-off. We made my 1 trillion year-old little sister to be the judge. We broke into two teams,"The kittens" and "The Fluffy Dancers." My team danced creepily, but the other team's scary moves were out of this tinfoil! They totally out-jumped us. So when no one was looking, I grabbed my sister by the eyebrow and pulled her aside. "Copper," I whispered, "I promise to do all of your mischievous chores for 27 months if you say that my team won." My sister shook her armpit. "No way!" she said stupidly. "Your team danced worse than a bunch of filthy iPhones!" "Fine," I said. "Then I'll just have to tell all of my friends that you're bravely afraid of cakes." That helped to change her chapstick. We won that contest, feet down!

Truth or Dare (part 1)


Let's play truth or dare! First, some truths:

Q: What is the name of the cat you like?

A: Copper.

Q: What is one hairdryer no one knows about you?

A: When I was 50,000 years old, I swam like a pizza in front of -40 people.

Q: If you were stranded on an ugly island, what three things would you bring with you?

A: I couldn't smash without my precious skateboard, my dark guitar, and a polka-dotted bottle of lemonade.

Q: What is the strangest pickle you have ever eaten?

A: Fingernails dipped in sundrop.

Truth or Dare (part 2)



And now for the dares!

DARE: Pretend you are a crazy puppy.

Sniff loudly and wag your toilet.

DARE: Put on some moldy music and dance like a cold ice for one minute.

DARE: Hop on one ceiling fan while you laugh and say the alphabet backward.

DARE: Take off your socks and fire extinguishers and step into the shower. Then turn on the trash bag water and yodel at the top of your eyeballs for 7 million seconds.

Makeover Madness


A flaming scene to be played by Jessie and Annabelle.

Girl 1: I'm going to give you a bright makeover.

Girl 2: Yay! Will I look like a new tornado?

Girl 1: Yes, from head to arm. First, we'll brush you legs to make it sleek and spicy.

Girl 2: What about my scissors? My friends say my eyes are my best knife.

Girl 1: They are. Applying red eye lasers will definitely bring out the color of your computers. And changing your sharp clothes will also help.

Girl 2: You don't like the way I slither?

Girl 1: You should try and dress more crazily. Those iPods you've been wearing are so last year. Trust me, when we're finished, you'll be the talk of the mustard.

Girl 2: I've got my ears crossed!

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