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Strongest of all dragon breeds

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In this game there is no such thing as fighting so we will probably never see two dragons fight ( if someone can make a 3d video that would be cool though ) Buteach dragon has its description , and while most dragons don't show much interest in fighting , some in fact do :

we have black, bleeding moon,most Wyverns ,sun stone,brute,crimson,guardian of nature,magma,two headed,thunder.... etc and many more


we also have vampires ( they are not described as aggressive or anything but they live off of other dragons blood so .... ) and zombies , zombies according to the drag cave wiki can only be killed by soulpeace so basically they are immortal and undestructable .


my question is simple what dragon is the strongest of all in your opinion based on the looks of that dragon,description,and how much you like it ( you can add lineage to the equation if you want )


I am not trying to start a fighting club or anything or turn this place into another pet site , i am a little bored and this is something that i've been thinking about for a while now and iam sure that many of you have the same question

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GON seems badas enough i mean it takes a while to get it and it has some cool powers but idk if it's truly the strongest , i've always thought the zombie dragon is the strongest of all breeds it can't be killed by anything except for soulpeace ( that's if you have one of those ) and as a zombie it can turn anything it bites into a zombie ( theoritically )

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Well, Zombies are dangerous but they also don't seem particularly smart. It says something about they "mindlessly attack" pretty much anything?


Yeah, Soulpeaces are the only ones that can undo the magic that's basically animating a dragon corpse, but I don't know that this means that's the only way you could destroy one.

I just assumed that you just can't attempt to kill it again because you can't get near it without it attacking, and you usually kill dragons by stabbing them in the heart... which is usually how it became dead in the first place and clearly not a problem for it.




Throwing in another vote for GoNs, though.

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