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Trading, Gifting sub-forum rules and guidelines.

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Due to members continued spam bumping posts/topics, in trading/gifting topics. We will allow one (1) bump every 24 hours. All other bumps/re-posts will be treated as spam, the member will receive a warn.


Member posts trade on the 17th, member can not re-post/bump the same trade until the 18th.

Members need to edit their original post when adding details, unless it is a legal bump.

Every member needs an equal opportunity, for their trade to be seen. Changing wants is not a legal bump, only different "haves' make it legit.

Deleting your post and re-posting is the same thing as bumping, prior to the 24hrs. Members caught deleting and re-posting the same trade will receive a warn. No one members trade is more important then another. If everyone follows the same rules, everyone will have an equal chance at members seeing their trade.


Members are posting extremely long wishlists in their trade posts. These type of posts are off topic/spammy. Please use the existing topic: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455

Your personal profile for these wish lists or take it to pm to discuss trades.


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Bump again so every one is reminded.

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