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DC Photography Contest #91

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Hey guys!


Thank you for the win! So I have a huge deadline looming and am pretty much chained to my computer for all my waking hours and I'm going a little stir-crazy. So I thought I could live vicariously through you guys!


The theme then for this week is Adventure:

You went on a really long hike and found some pretty flowers.

Visited a new city.

Camped out in the wilderness.

Pretty much anything!


Along with your photo, could you also post a little description of the adventure that led you to it?


Looking forward to your stories!


This is mine: I went on holiday with my sister and her dog to Scotland, where on one of the only days it wasn't raining we hiked up one of the tallest mountains where I got this shot of Heath. When we got to the top we could see for ever until in the space of about 30 seconds it clouded over, the wind pick right up and it started snowing... In the middle of July! That was a fun run back down the mountain!


Deadline: Wednesday, 4th of June.


Previous Themes:

1: Beginning anew

2: Simplicity

3: Summer

4: Wildlife

5: Black & White

6: Food

7: Macro

8: Farewell

9: Light and Shadow

10: Urban

11: In the home

12: Travel Photography

13: Pets

14: Red

15: Coupled Animals

16: Clouds

17: Green

18: Water

19: Scenic views

20: Invertebrates

21: Sunrise/Sunset

22: Purple

23: Out of Context

24: Snow

25: Flowers

26: Mountains

27: Old

28: Birds

29: Inanimate Objects

30: New Life

31: Play

32: Road

33: Leaves

34: People

35. Books

36. Statues

37. Nighttime

38. Candy

39: Fruits

40: Reflection

41: Transportation

42: Trees

43: Happiness

44: Communication

45: Youth

46: Colors

47: New Year

48: Music

49: Contrast

50: Pink

51: Spring

52: The first letter of your username

53: Party!

54. White

55. Weather

56: Buildings

57: Union

58: Doors, gates and windows

59: Texture

60: Pairs

61: Your Favourite

62: Mushrooms

63: Happy holidays

64: Treasure

65: Bells

66: Warmth

67: Blue

68: Center

69: Zoo

70: Memories

71: Chitin

72: Garden

73: Silhouette

74: Darkness

75: W

76: Small

77: Silly

78: Toys

79: Three

80: Autumn

81: Yellow

82: Macro

83. Horizon

84. Winter/Christmas

85: Skies

86: Baked Goods

87: Your Hometown

88: Abandoned places

89: F

90: Fears

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Under the Spreading Tree


Me and my sister had a nice roadtrip chasing some sunset pictures. We always stopped somewhere and walked around, found some interesting places and took some pictures. However in the end, there was no nice sunset, some huge clouds came and it started to rain. We got wet and before we could take pictures of the amazing clouds, our camera battery died. =D

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Forbidden city


This was taken in my travel to Beijing. That day was really hot day, but I looked around inside of forbidden city. After that, I hiked the mountain which back of the forbidden city. And I saw this.

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My friend and I had both wanted to have a closer look at this waterfall, which is situated in a big gorge up in the mountainside. Finally we decided to go for it. It involved some climbing, and balancing back and forth on rocks (..and getting our feet wet when the rocks weren't as stable as they looked), before we got to the inner part of said gorge, and could enjoy the sight close up!


(ETA: The waterfall is definitely far more impressive when it just starts flowing again after the winter, but at that point there is simply too much water to get in there)

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Nice pic, Nim! (Psst, it's gorge... smile.gif )


From October 26th to November 3rd, 2013, I travelled to the Dominican Republic to be part of the Animal Balance team sterilizing animals in and around Cabrera. It was an amazing experience, one I shall not soon forget! We sterilized 428 animals in 5.5 days!

We had a main clinic, and each day set up a secondary clinic somewhere near Cabrera. My second 'outer' clinic day was at a banana plantation in Abreu, down the road from Cabrera.


Entry: Abreu banana plantation bathroom


And just for fun, xd.png for contrast and comparison:

A fancy bathroom at a coffee shop five minutes further down the same road, the hotel bathroom, the main clinic bathroom (it didn't flush properly; a bucket was the best way), and the bathroom at my first 'outer' clinic in Puerto Neuvo, remarkably clean inside!

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Count me in:Adventure to elephants


This was taken in Thailand when we were there for a biology field trip. We went into the forest and was trying to find the trace of elephants. Although THIS track of "adventure" was in an elephant studying institution, we stepped into nearby grass field to track the trace of elephants by counting and analysing their dungs. After that we recorded our "trip" and plotted them in our given paper (as shown in the pic, it was a quite large one). The line on paper was our path. At the end of the line where we marked red, we surprisingly (and astonishing) found a small dead snake, which seemed was trodden by an elephant because its body was flat.

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Thanks, Lagie! ^^ (..and I had a feeling I was getting close to the right word, but no matter how much I stared angrily at the keyboard and scratched my head, it just wouldn't come to me, and I had to go with whatever came to me at the time, going for the "meh, at least I'll be understood"-approach xd.png )


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S.S. Adventure


I've been to the Baltimore Aquarium a few times in my time, although it's been a while since I've gone their. The last time I went, a few years ago, we explored the city and harbor more than I ever had before. I saw some beautiful things, and was lucky enough to get this shot before heading home. It's fun to imagine where the boat has been and what adventures it's been on and will take. Not as exciting a story as some other ones posted here, but I think it fits enough. I wish I had more travel experiences I could have entered with, but I'm only 14, so I haven't had thaaaat much time to travel places, lol.


I wonder what the boat's actual name is xd.png ?

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I have no idea which photo to chose...I'll go for this one.


Ama Dablam watches careful trekkers.


This was taken on the fifth day of my trek to Everest Base Camp (the image in my signature links to my full blog - including some of the other pictures I debated submitting for this round). The previous day was a tough day's walking; if you take away the effects of altitude sickness it was certainly the toughest day, as we had to descend 200m to the valley below before ascending 650m the other side to the local monastery. It was the first time I appreciated fully the idea of the tortoise and the hare; I was shown how a slow walking pace can in fact be much more effective than trying to storm up steep mountainsides in record time.


The fifth day saw us breaking the 4,000m barrier for the first time and ending up in Pheriche - to quote, "It would be harsh to say Pheriche is in the middle of God-forsaken nowhere, a barren and desolate place which seem to permanently windswept. Harsh, but true." But it also led me to the Pheriche First Aid Post, where one day I hope to spend three months working as a volunteer nurse to care for the climbers, Sherpas and local people - the ultimate adventure for me.


The valley on the right of the picture tells an interesting story itself; in the 1970s part of the glacier on the mountain (Ama Dablam) dislodged and crashed into the lake, causing a tsunami to tear down the valley and wiped out four villages and several hundred lives. You can clearly see the damage done to the valley in that photo as the landscape never recovered in the centre of the picture (also showing how high that wave went up the sides) - and these photos show further damage, and the remains of one such village.

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I hope i'm not to late.


Mt. Fuji


This was my greatest adventure, I had always wanted to go to Japan and when I had the opportunity to be stationed there I jumped on it. Unfortunately where I was, was on lock down most of the time and I never really made it out and about despite living there for a year. Before I left, I took 2 weeks of leave and invited my sisters who are both fans of Japan to stay with me. We were on a budget and in order to get to a city we had to take a sponsored trip... we chose to climb Mt. Fuji as that gave 3 days in Tokyo after you climbed it.


Sorry for scan of a photo.

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