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The Guardian of Nature, Twisted into Evil

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I got this idea when GoNs were able to breed to create the Avatars of Creation, Destruction, and Change. The title will likely be changed as soon as I get a good idea for a new one. (When dragons are speaking, please just assume it's telepathically.)






The aging Guardian of Nature watched as his even-older mate gently woke up their only child. Her sorrowful eyes met his, and together the two watched as the young male hissed at his parents, eyes dark and chaotic.


"Endre," the female Thunder sighed. "Endre, he's just too... wild to live with others. Perhaps... perhaps we should do what I had said earlier. Kill him, before he gets worse. An Avatar of Destruction.... He'll never be peaceful!"


Just as quickly Endre spread out his massive wings and towered over her. She cowered, but her gaze never left his. "No, Basha! What's done is done. And I'll never allow my only son to die. Inferno may have to be chained to prevent him from causing destruction over the lands I rule, but he shall not be killed!"


Basha looked back at Endre as she left the cave. "Then I will leave. Let Inferno live, and see what destruction he brings! Oh yes, make him deputy in your kingdom and let him create chaos!"


"No, Basha! I never meant that.... Oh, please come back! Remember how we met? You were the force that enabled the trio to summon my egg, and then you cared for me as though I was your own. From my birth to now, we've always been together. Are you really going to leave me--and our son--now?"


But as the seconds passed into minutes, and then into hours, it was obvious Basha was not returning. Endre looked back at Inferno, wondering what on earth he was supposed to do now.



Chapter One


Much to Endre's dismay, what Basha had said as she left him forever came true. As his strength waned--for he wasn't getting any younger--Inferno came to rule over the lands even more. WIP

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