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Red Dragonette

Bird Wyvern Drawing

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Before I put these up in the Dragon Request thread. I want to know if my sketches look like actual dragons. Sketches #1 and #2 are my choices for which ones I should decide to go with.


Stage 1 hatchling - http://sta.sh/01yksdgb42sz

Stage 2 hatchling - http://sta.sh/02etje03nc3g

Adult - http://sta.sh/01dqvjd9upr9


You may need to click on the empty box once or twice if the picture doesn't show up.



These colored pictures below aren't my actual forms for what the future sprites will be in, but rather to show what their colors will look like.


Ungendered Hatchling - http://colorslive.com/details/2089219

Male - http://colorslive.com/details/2089217

Female - http://colorslive.com/details/2089215

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These colored pictures below aren't my actual sprites for the wyverns,

Also, sprites are small images drawn one pixel at a time. What you have are sketches.

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I know. I wasn't trying to say that they are sprites. I was just trying to say what form the sprites will be in. The right words just didn't come to my mind back then. I'll go edit the wording my last post.

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The actual poses are good, but the sketches themselves are too cartoonish. Try to add some things from those tutorials Whitefire posted and try to make them look as realistic as possible.

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It's better, but there are still some muscels and bone-structures missing. Do you mind if I take you sketch and show you what I mean?

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