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Stories from my Fanfiction

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Edit: I've decided to recycle this thread and use it to talk about my fanfiction stories instead of just one which kinda sorta died. happy.gif;


My current popular stories are:


Nightmare Undone - FF7

Saving the Lost - Kingdom Hearts

Strife SG-1 - FF7 and Stargate SG-1 Crossover

Fool's Checkmate - Code Geass


Also if you'd ever like to check out any of my other stories just click on my Fanfiction name location in the stories themselves next to the fic's cover or click on image in my sig that changes randomly, much like my avatar. happy.gif

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I've recently updated three of my best stories and am working on others, including a possible bonus chapter to BOOM BOX which is one of my most faved one-shots. biggrin.gif


There's also an upcoming Final Fantasy XV story in the works along with a few short stories that have been requested.


If anyone here has a request for a fanfic I'd be happy to write one for you. happy.gif

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