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Avatar Beauty Salon

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Welcome to the Avatar Beauty Salon, there only place in DC where you can take your brilliant avatars, spruce them up a bit, and make them absolutely fabulous! Flaunt the beauty of your new avatar to everyone you know and become the envy of your friends. For the low cost of nothing, you, yes you, can have your very own avatar given the make over of a lifetime!


Doctortear and Ayesthine, the owners of this thread, have come together to make a very special art thread. With the power of Gimp and Photoshop, they prevail in the art of slapping layers upon layers of make up on avatars and giggling hysterically at the results. Seeing that the joy contained in these beautified sprites, they have decided to share the wonder that is the Avatar Beauty Salon.


Completed Work:


Private Use:


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


Public Use:


None as of yet.



  • All requested avatars must have a face. If it does not have a face, but you still want to request, show us the avatar and we'll see if we can do it or not.
  • If the artist asks for permission for their art to be edited, make sure you get permission before having us gussy the avatar up. The last thing we want is to get in trouble for something as trivial as asking for permission.
  • Do not spam requests. We can handle a variety of requests at once, but do please understand we have our limits. Try not to pile fifty requests on us at once.
  • Although there is no request limit, we ask that you be patient with us. We have our own lives and have only started this thread for fun. Should your request take a while to finish, a simple PM or reminder of some sort would be welcomed, but we advise you only give us a push if you think we have forgotten about your request.
  • If an avatar is under the, "private use only" section, do not, by any means, use said avatar. Unless the requester gives you permission, there is no reason for you to use the avatar.

Request Forms:


[b]Username:[/b] (Your forum name)
[b]Avatar:[/b] (A link or image of the avatar you want beautified.)
[b]Wanted Makeover:[/b] (What you want on your avatar.)
[b]Additional Information:[/b] (Anything else you want to add?)
[b]Deadline:[/b] (When you want the avatar done.)
[b]Public Use:[/b] (Will you allow others to use your avatar?)

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I just want to clarify - you can only submit your own avatar that you have permission to use/edit here, yes? You should not be submitting others avatars?

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Yes, as long as you have permission for the avatar to be edited, you can use it.

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