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pixel art from a private donut

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notice that i completely understand that the copyright is obviously Matt Groening's. that's why this isn't in the dragon requests subforum. i just wanted to show off my pixelies.


anyways, that said, see if you can remember where this little dude is from. and!!! with sexual dimorphism. how cool is that?


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image (male and female, respectively)


there's approximately 60 colors in the shaded adult sprite and i haven't counted the hatchlings or egg. i also didn't overlay egg cracks because i really didn't want too.


female sprite isn't shaded; i did these all in one sitting, and i was wiped out on shading by the time i got to her, so you can use your imagination. i might update it and shade her sometime in the future.


really, mega kudos if you knew it was Mr. Peppy.

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