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Signature Banner Contest #71 [4/17]

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Hey there! Since the last thread's host went inactive for so long, I was given the win by default, and the OK to start the next thread for the contest finally. ^^ So here we have Signature Contest #71! Anyone can join in on this contest! So if you have any experience with graphics, signatures, or image-editing programs in general, feel free to give this a shot! :] The deadline is going to be Thursday, April 24th! So just be sure to get your entry in by then!


The theme this time is ELECTRIC BLUE !



— Images must be comprised of two or more images stitched, pasted, cloned, etc. together. They MAY NOT be a simple text slap.

— There is to be no flaming or drama in this thread.

— The size limit is 600 x 200 pixels, vertically or horizontally. Images larger than the required size must be asked to be sized down.

— All work is to be completely your own. Do not grab it off the Internet and say, "Oh look I made this myself!" No.

— Do not solicit votes.

— Have fun and be creative!

— If you are using a stock, texture or brushes from another artist, be sure to always give credit. Always.


Due to the inactivity & lack of preparation though, the only prize this time will be bragging rights for the week, and the honor of starting the next thread with your own theme :] [Much like how the Photography Contest runs].


For reference, here are the previous themes:


33. Abstract

34. ???

35. No Theme

36. Music

37. ???

38. Light in the Darkness

39. Surreal

40. Starry Night

41. Friendship

42. Space

43. ???

44. In Motion

45. Stealth

46. ???

47. Rabbits

48. Summer

49. High in the Sky

50. Marvel VS DC (Battle of the Comics)

51. Monsters

52. Space

53. Death

54. Music

55. Digital/Technology

56. Element that Represents You (Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water)

57. Movies

58. Favorite Anime

59. The Warrior

60. Chocolate

61. Your Favorite Animal

62. Lettering

63. Underwater

64. Magic

65. Dinosaur

66. Red

67. Video Games

68. Superstars

69. Cards

70. Villain

71. Electric Blue


Thanks to yuumei for compiling the list! c:

& Let the contest begin !!

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