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Mage's Ultimate Art Thread [OFFLINE]

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Love the intober art!


And I thought I was the only one who read warriors. XD

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Thank you Kyath and Choppedmint! I haven't been uploading to this topic, but I've been posting on my instagram. Here are 11 to 21 (minus 13 and 19 which I missed)


On 10/15/2017 at 12:50 AM, Kyath The Dream Worker said:

I have a question...Is instagram good site for artists?

And yes! I think Instagram is a good place for showcasing art since it's so image-based. You can't really share things, though, so it's not like Tumblr at all.



11: Run (Joseph Joestar)



12: Shattered (Raine Sage)



14: Fierce (Yang Xiao Long)



15: Mysterious (Jude Mathis and Alvin) **my favorite one this month!



16: Fat (Hiro and Baymax)



17: Graceful (Pearl)



18: Filthy (Filthy Frank)


20: Deep (DIO and N'Doul)



21: Furious (Mad Max and Furiosa)



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Some OC junk because I had ink lying around that I needed to finish up before I move out (spoiler alert: I didn't manage to finish it up)




and also some xdre stuff (and gave a stab at the darkest dungeon style again)


26Dn9Kt.png JZMyqms.png



Also the holidays are coming up! I can't wait. More time to draw!

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From those things around the wheel, looks more like misfortune.

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'anime is the superior art style' omg hahaha

join me mage, convert to anime hell 


looking great as always !! man i can remember like half of these drawings from when you initially showed them on discord, your style is always so iconic to pick out ~~ 

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stuff from the stream last night


a secret santa for someone whose secret santa dropped out last minute





2. me and @octopi are both doing the thing where you collect 16 of your favorite characters and make a fusion and I encourage everyone to give this a try

(designing is very hard)









Will be back on stream on sunday night to finish these up!

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