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°✯Tell Me a Story✯° (Rebooted by popular demand)

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°✯The Perfect Story✯°

Original RP: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?&act=ST&f=36&t=136437


“Can you tell me a story.” the boy asked his uncle. His uncle gazed down and smirked, ruffling the boy’s locks. “What kind of story do you wish?” he asked. “Oh, anything! I love all your stories, Uncle.” the boy said, bobbing up and down excitedly. This provoked yet another smile out of the man. “For a proper story, we need proper characters." the man proclaimed. "Should we have a knight, perhaps? Maybe we should have a pirrrate captain.” the uncle said with a mock scowl. “What do you think?” The boy told him about the strangest character.

[B]Forum Name:[/B] (Your Username.) 
[B]Character Name:[/B] (What do they call you?) 
[B]Age:[/B]  (How old are you?) 
[B]Gender:[/B]  (Male, female, neuter, or something else?) 
[B]Species:[/B]  (What race do you come from?) 
[B]Appearance:[/B]  (What do you look like?) 
[B]Personality:[/B]  (Are you an evil overlord or a gentle maiden?) 
[B]History:[/B]  (What is your story? Tell us where you came from.) 
[B]Extra:[/B]  (A book you come from, abilities, anything.)

The man nodded and pulled out an old sketchbook from a cupboard. He flipped past many pages that gave glimpses of maps and beasts. On a vacant page, he skillfully sketched an outline of the character that the boy had portrayed. The drawing looked worldly enough to touch. You could almost imagine holding a conversation with them. Then, a most magical thing happened. The portrait seemed to tear itself from the page and sat up groggily, as if from a dream. “Hello, I hope you do not mind; you are going to be in our story.” The character nodded dreamily and a door rose out of the paper behind it. Without thinking, it entered. The character found itself in a dark room with a board floating at the center. The uncle spoke again, but his voice was distant and echoed. “Can you read this for me,” He asked politely. The board had notices that told it what to and not to do in the story.

-Follow all DC forum rules. 
-For Out of Character speak, use brackets. ((OOC)), [[OOC]], {{OOC}} 
-No Mary Sues, Gary Stus, or Anti-Sues (Perfect characters or perfectly imperfect characters) 
-No Modding (Insta-blocking, hitting, or knowing things you should not.) 
-No Godmodding (Controlling another’s character or being immortal.) 
-This is a family site. Do not go in to great detail over wounds or intimate acts. Try to take personal contact off camera.   
-I would like at least four detailed sentences per post. Try to limit spelling and grammar mistakes. 
-Take quarrels to PM's, I do not want such clutter. 
-Don’t kill another’s character without discussing it with them.
-Please, I would love it if you deleted the things in parentheses once you have decided what you want.
-Highlight the original post to find the code word. After that, put it in the 'Extra' section. It could be anywhere, so be sharp 
-Enjoy the story!

I think of RP like a chess board. It's one part strategy, one part a game for fun. Don't take my simile too literally, because obviously RP is not a competition. You aren't trying to win anything. However, you are limited in how you can move your 'pieces' because of the movements other players make and common RP courtesy, such as no powerplaying. So, unlike a solo piece of work, you really have to stop and think; you don't have complete control. You never know what will come next either, since you can't always predict how your opponent will move their pieces. RP requires quick thinking; you have to be on your toes and ready to change the course of your plans at any moment.


After studying the bizarre board, the character found itself in a place that reminded it of home. However, it also had objects from strange places. The soil looked different to it and there were dual suns. Any flora had a richer hue or had a slightly different shape. In the distance, the character saw a city. It headed towards it, not knowing why. It needed answers. The town was a patchwork one. There were gears hitched to stone buildings and gargoyles glaring out from shiny tin rooftops. Dog people, bandits, dragons, lords, monks, elves, and many more creatures hurried through the streets. A signpost read ‘Welcome to Sagaville’. This is where the story began.


°✯Writers Note✯°

You are a character summoned from any story in the universe. You can be an original character or something from a book/movie. If it is a pre-existing character, make sure it has room to grow and is not too powerful. Furthermore, keep your character knowledge within the time period and genera. Sherlock Holmes will not know everything about the starship Enterprise. This will be a challenge to interact with other players. Do not take genera interaction lightly. How well can you create a story? Can you spin a love story as bright and delicate as silk, or is your web much more thick and sinister? What will you do with a person who is your polar opposite? Will you two fight constantly or eventually set aside your differences? You have no hometown in this world. You have a fresh start to do whatever you desire. Can you tell me a story?


Greylist (warned)


Blacklist (Banned)

*Fun2HavRound, June 12+, 2013 at 9:35 pm central american time


Ban Log

*Fun2HavRound- March 15-18, 2013 at 9:30 pm cave time

*Fun2HavRound- June 12+, 2013 at 9:35 pm central american time


"What a piece of work is a man"

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°✯The Characters✯°



Archios' Ultimate List

(*= willing to play)

(**= retired)



*The Mage------








Forum Name: loviebeest

Character Name: Fairlana, this was the name given to her by her teacher. (can also be called Fair or Lan.)

Age:  20

Gender:  Female

Species:  This one is tricky. She is a Fairsky, also know as a living soul from a human. But her body is still somewhere else living her live. So she is dead yet alive. Let's just say Fairsky for now.

Appearance:  She has big eyes that change colours with her emotions. Her face is pale and small. She always wears her black straight hair in a ponytail. She isn't really tall, but she is slim. She always wears the same simple grey dress and is barefooted. On her chest she has a big dragonscale that is white with a blacktipped end. She also wears the same scales, just smaller, around her hips.

Personality:  Fairskies are from nature very curious, she is no exeption. She is adventurous and often wants to take the lead after she observed everything. Even if she isn't good at it. She is very sensitive to things you say to her, even if she tries her best to hide her hurt. It will still show. She is no good in fighting since she doesn't want to kill anyone. She is just plainly a child in a grown-ups body.

History: She is originally from the future where no people laugh exept the children and her. One day she woke up in a forest covered in snow and she didn't remember anything from her old world. She played with the snow till it became dark and a dragon picked her up. The dragon became her teacher and taught her everything from their world. How she was a Fairsky and that she must restore the element stone. After teaching her everything he died under the guidance of the dragon song. So she went travelling trough the seasonal lands looking for the stone. She started in forever white and had to watch out for hunters. Because Fairskies are valuable. She arrives in Sagaville just after her master has died. She arrives from the west gate.

Extra: She comes from a story I'm writing. She has some powers that looks like godmodding but they are not. She can, for example, not bleed to death. When she receives an injury she will not bleed, she will feel the pain tough. She can also feel cold and heat without being affected by it. But if she receives a huge shock, mentally, than it will injure her. She is a living soul so she can only be hurt by hurting her mind and soul. Sometimes she can change the emotions of someone else but that takes a toll on her body.



Forum Name: MessengerDragon

Character Name: Marvin

Age:  30

Gender:  Male

Species:  Human

Appearance:  Wears a tall hat (useful for tricks, he's a magician), a long black cloak, and generally dark (black, purple, red, etc) clothes. Looks tall and skinny.

Personality:  Has a light personality and is very forgiving, but when necessary he puts on a good 'evil' act.

History: He was interested in how magicians managed to do things in plain sight so that nobody saw since he was a little boy. When he turned 10, his parents gave him a book of tricks which he practiced to perfection, amazing all of his friends. After that, he started inventing his own illusions. The dragons that he knows have, to the amazement of most, confirmed that they really are just extremely well performed tricks, with not a single drop of magical cheating.

Extra:  Sometimes, Marvin works with his friend lizard.



Forum Name: MrSpyro

Character Name: Tide Pool (he prefers just tide)

Age: 12

Gender:  Guy

Species:  Water Faerie

Appearance: He looks like a human, except

-He's 6 inches tall

-His skin is light blue and his hair is seafoam green

-He has wings (They look like they're made of water)

-He also has gills on his neck and a fish tail right above his waistline

Personality: Rp'd

History: He was created in a similar way all faeries are: when a surge of magic is infused into an aspect of nature such as clouds, flowers, sand, etc. In his case, it was a tide pool.

Extra: He's purely original, and he can:


-Manipulate water

-Breathe underwater

-Infuse water with healing powers

But he has a few weaknesses:

-Strong winds can blow him around

-He's incredibly weak and delicate

-He has limited magic reserves



Forum Name: Shadow_claw

Character Name: Tobias Lanin

Age: roughly 300 something. He stopped counting.

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Appearance: Tobias has always been on the scrawny side. His pallor doesn't help his sickly appearance any, either. Weighing at 134 pounds, it's no wonder concerned looks are cast over him constantly. Tobias has crystal blue eyes and wiry black hair that always seems to stick up slightly in the front. There are dark circles beneath his eyes that only seem to add to his generally unhealthy appearance. Tobias has virtually no muscle, which is visible in his arms and legs. He also bruises very easily and has tender skin.

Personality: Tobias is a calm, but enthusiastic young elf. He loves to entertain people and often travels outside of the city as a bard.

History: Like most of his kind, Tobias was born and raised in a forest village of elves. Unlike other elves, however, he yearned for the rush of human cities and pursued to learn of the arts. At a young age, he took on an apprenticeship to be an artisan and learned many fine human arts. The magic he learned in his home gave Tobias a distinctive signature in anything he created. When he found the city of Sagaville, he was attracted to the diversity and settled in easily. He currently owns a home and shop in Golden Brick Avenue.

Extra: Tobias is a natural muse. Any form of the arts he is a master of. Being an elf, however, everything he creates is magical. His music can sway the emotions of a crowd, his paintings can move and speak, etc. He also has a natural talent for speaking to animals (like all forest elves) and can encourage the growth of flora anywhere.



Forum Name: slp0001

Character Name: Diana, or that's the name someone gave her.

Age: She does not know years, but she is much older than a million years old. She appears to be 18.

Gender: Before she had no natural gender, but now she is female.

Species: She was a star, but she was banished to be a mortal being. No one will know this at first, please!

Appearance: She's tall, broad-shouldered, and strongly built. Her white-blond hair is long and reaches to her waist. She altogether seems to glow with a bright silver light. She runs very quickly, much faster than the fastest human being, although only for short times, and can run not as fast for long periods of time. She can bend light to her will, although it tires her very quickly to do so, and she can 'see' for a 10 foot radius around her even with her eyes closed (she's actually sensing light). She seems to be much hotter to the touch than the average creature, and she can get hot very easily, even in the coldest of climates. She has energy for longer periods of time than normal, although not as much. Diana

Personality: She is quite aloof and confused about most living things. She finds it hard to communicate and understand others, and she has strange habits.

History: She was born after some millions of years in space as a medium-sized star. She lived as a star for a while, but when she was a teenage star she committed a grave crime for stars and was banished to Earth.

Extra: She's based off of the star people in Narnia. She comes from a story that isn't written but is my own.





Forum Name: Zeditha

Character Name: Zeditha

Age:  500

Gender:  Female

Species:  Dragon

Appearance:  Zeditha has a long, whiplike tail and a long neck, and has wings as well as four legs. She isn't very big: only about the size of a large fox, but that means she's very fast and agile - if not overly strong. Her scales are a dark purple, speckled with dark blue, maroon, and black. She has a few white speckles over her face, but they don't touch the tips of her scaly ears, which are a dark green.

Personality:  ((To be RPd))

History:  ((To be RPd))

Extra:  She's not from any book. She can breathe fire, but seems unable to control any other magic. Not that she hasn't tried...

Edited by ArchiosLukos

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°✯Sagaville and the Rest✯°

Tourists to Townsquares

Sagaville is a sizable metropolis. There are two 'rings' within it, which segregate the city. The external perimeter is where the city wall is situated. It is also where all the inhabitants reside and where most of the market places are. There are two wildlife reserves on the east and west side of the town. There are four large parks and many other dwarfish ones distributed in-between.


°✯The Sectors✯°

How to locate them, and what they mean

There are six individual road layouts. Each layout denotes a different region in which various time zones and genres are located. The 'Victorian' style incorporates bulky, oddly shaped pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. These areas are packed down with houses and anything from steampunk, to medieval, to early detective novels live here. The ‘Modern’ sector is a X-Grid style layout. It can hold anything from the 1900’s to modern day. This is where many of the industrial factories, modern detectives, skyscrapers, and humans live. The ‘Future’ sector is a pure grid layout. There are no intervening grids, only one straight network. This envelops most of the scientific research buildings, skyscrapers, fine dining, and advanced archives. There is little ground traffic due to the hover transports. Despite the large buildings and what it took to make them, the ‘Future’ district is relatively eco-friendly. All sorts of species dwell here, whether for business or recreation.The next district type is hard to describe. There are no set genera, but there is a very distinct layout. The arrangement is a set of roundabouts in a block pattern. Lastly, this configuration is the tribal one. They are all dirt roads that wind incomprehensibly around small tents. People who were originally nomads, are lycanthropes, or dislike permanence often live here. The people tend to be very close and relatively hospitable.


°✯Famous Landmarks✯°

The places, and what you will find there

New Baker Street- Established for the detectives; it is in the outer 'Victorian' sector towards the southern part of town.

The Golden Brick Ave.- This is where some of the stranger residents relax. Golden Brick Ave. is known for its hospitality and the abundance of animal folk. It is also located within the ‘Victorian’ District.

E Division St- Division St is widely speculated to hold vampires. Most of its residents go out for work at night and wander off mysteriously. It is right next to the southern gates.

Broadway- The famous street itself, or at least a good replica. Broadway, much like the one we know, has around 50 professional theaters. It is placed within the inner circle, near the lower gate.

Diagon St- Diagon St is tucked away somewhere in the Northwestern part of town. It is host to a few wizardry stores and inns. It can be difficult to locate.

Shangri-La Place- Shangri-La Place is a temple on the far side of the ‘Nomad’ district. Anyone is welcome while they have no intentions of spoiling the temple. They have a policy of taking life as it comes.

Drury Lane- A famous lane that is said to have the finest dining experiences in the city. Some of the restaurants include Tony’s, Bella Italia, The Mad Hatters, and The Jade Dragon.

The Egyptian Mounds- Built just across the river is the Egyptian Mounds. They are a large gathering of small tombs between two large ones. Many explorers, archaeologists, and grave robbers slink about this area. There are many traps set around the region.

Portobello Road- A street where the riches of ages are stowed. You can find almost anything old and most likely imitated. There are lots of cheap reproductions and imitations sold here. However, there is occasionally a diamond in the rough.


My finished map, thanks to Zermonth for scanning it for me.


A slightly bigger version


And larger with a few labels


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(I was literally thinking about this the other day! I might come back, if that's okay)

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((I was wondering, are you joining too archios? I will post a bit later.))

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Fair lay on the forest ground looking at the sky. In the distant from the forest edge, a big city could be seen. But she had no interest in that. Her eyes where the colour of sad grey. The dragon that was her teacher had just died the evening before. She stood up, remembering every little thing the kind dragon had thought her. Where under to never linger in one place unless neccesary. So she did and she walked out of the forest into the field. Looking around her her eyes became more green, the colour of happiness, as she saw many flowers. "Flowers! I have only seen them in books, now there is no white snow anymore, just colours!" She plucked as many flowers as she could carry and put them in her hair, made a crown from them, bracelets and a necklace. All while walking. She walked to the city enjoining the warmth of the sun and the freshly plucked bouquet. Forgetting her sadness and only remembering the good parts about her master.


((Edit: Let me explain , I forgot this in my form. Brown eyes = Panicked, thinking, confused. Blue eyes = Calm, clear thoughts. Green eyes = happiness, relief. Grey eyes = Sadness, dissapointment. Red eyes = Upset, anger. I hope this clears it a bit up for the future.))

Edited by loviebeest

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Fair had been walking all morning untill she reached the city. Stopping a the gate she looked around to see if she knew the place. Her eyes became brown as she read the nameplate. Sagaville? I never heard of this city. At least not from teacher. She shrugged and walked trough the gate as her eyes turned blue with green speckles, thinking the name didn't matter. A city was a city. For a while she walked trough the city, still holding on on the bouquet and other flowers, but turned when she heard many people calling names. Curiously she got closer and peeked between the crowd to know what they where so excited about. The eyes their colour turned in a bright green when she saw what was going on. There was a man with a table and a high hat but that didn't really interest her. What did interest her was the small lizard the man was carrying. Completly focused on the lizard she stayed and watched. Still holding the bouquet tight.

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((I typed this from my mobile so expect errors. And I have no idea why she is so focussed on the lizard xd.png

Edit: I thougt it was to short so I added some in this edit.))


Did she hear that right? A volunteer? Excitingly she waved with her empty hand. Not wasting the oppertunity to get closer to the small lizard. "Me! Pick me!" With much more entusiasum than neccesary she waved her other hand with the bouquet. Not knowing she hit people with the flowers, leaving some with bloody sctatches. The petals flew everywhere in the air but she was oblivious to it. Her bright green eyes had only focus for that lizard and getting closer to it. She even pushed some people aside, ignoring the angry glares of people. When she felt a small tuck on her dress she stopped. Looking down she saw a small child looking at her with sad eyes. Fair finnally calmed down when she saw the kid and her eyes turned blue again with green specks. "Do you want to be the volunteer?" She asked the little girl who nodded in response. She was hestitating for a moment before she gave her flower crown to the girl. Reaching out as soon as the crown lay on the child's head. "Pick her! Pick her!" She yelled as she carried the child as high up as she could.

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Fair's eyes turned bright green again as they were allowed to touch the little lizard. She left her bouquet at the table and accepted the lizard in her hands. She stared intently at it and giggled, giving a smile at the little girl who happily returned it. The man came closer and put the hat over the lizard masking it from sight. He said a strange word and lifted the hat but to her suprise the lizard had dissapeared and turned into a pygmy. She followed the little dragon everywhere with her eyes and she laughed enthousiasticly at the little girl. But the girl didn't seem as happy as her, she looked terrified. When she saw the terriefied look her eyes turned grey with worry. Quickly after that the pygmy landed again and was turned back to the lizard. The little girl smiled quickly and ran away,leaving her flower crown behind and her departure being forgotten in the applause. Was she scared of dragons? But dragons are kind. Her heart felt for the little girl but she didn't linger on it. Instead she plucked with one hand the smallest flower from the crown and gave it to the lizard. "Because you are so brave." she added as her eyes turned green again.

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Zeditha soared in the clouds, enjoying the wind on her face. Feeling hungry, she dropped down to see what was there. Spotting a town, she angled towards it - people were often kind enough to give her generous scraps. Landing lightly on the road, she continued towards... Sagaville? Sounds familiar, she thought, considering it. Shrugging it off, she continued into the town.


((Not sure exactly where everyone is. If someone finds me that's cool.))

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((wel, Fair is in the victorion part so I assume we are all there. for now I will just let her wander around a bit.

edit: and let her find as many people as possible to meet.))


After giving the flower she stayed to pet the little lizard a little longer and watch some tricks. But being like a little child she got quickly bored. She put the lizard on the table, thanked the man and left the bouquet for them. Walking away to enjoy the rest of the city. Her blue eyes were scanning the surroundings for anything that looked fun. Or eatable as she heard her stomach grumble. She hadn't eaten for a while now and running around didn't help either. Even though she was a soul her mind still needed food, at least teacher had told that. Thinking of her teacher made her eyes turn grey and she needed to touch the scale on her chest. Close to the heart, where it should be. She kept wandering around untill she found a market that was selling a lot of things. The smells almost overwhelmed her, so did the sights. She kept looking around, searching for things she could use to either feed her mind or stomach. But she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a scaly tail. Could it be... teacher? Her eyes immediatly turned from blue grey to brown green. Her teacher was supposed to be dead, this couldnt be real. That didn't make her any less happier, so she ran to the tail and grabbed it. "Teacher, you were alive after all."

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Zeditha yelped as someone grabbed her tail. "I'm not a teacher," she said, failing to keep the slight growl out of her voice. She yanked her dark purple tail back, and wrapped it around her body. "Who are you, anyway?"

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((I played her as a NPC so don't worry you can play her.))


Fair lost a bit of her balance when the tail was yanked out of her hands. She looked at the dragon and didn't recognize her, to be precise it was a stranger. One that wasn't happy to have her tail grabbed. The green colour dissapeared from her eyes as she was left with confusion. "S-sorry, I I just tought you where my teacher." One of her eyes turned completly grey as she felt the sadness well up in her. "He died last night and I was really hoping you where him." Completly overwhelmed with her own sadness, she forgot the anwser the question of who she was.

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"Well," Zeditha said, softening, "I'm pretty sure I'm not dead, but I haven't taught anyone anything, as far as I know." she stepped out of the shadows, revealing her beautiful colours. She was dark purple, with scattered scales of maroon, dark blue, and black. The tips of her scaly ears were green, like the end of her tail, and they stood out sharply against the dark colours on the rest of her body. Her wings were slightly lighter in colour, and faded to maroon at the edges. Flapping them twice, she folded them back against her body and turned around so that Fair could see the whole of her. She liked showing off. "My name's Zeditha," she said, sat back down. "What's yours?"

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A few green spots could be seen in Fair's eyes for a moment. It was a beautifull dragon, not her teacher but she was worth noticing. The green specks disappeared before she introduced herself. "I'm Fairlana," she smiled sadly. "my teacher gave me that name." She looked at the beautifull colours of Zeditha again and than at the scale on her chest. The scale was clearly white and black, while Zeditha was mainly dark purple. "I'm sorry for confusing you." Pointing at the scale she continued. "Your colours are clearly different, teacher was also bigger. He probably wouldn't even fit trough the gate." At that tought her eyes turned green and she giggled a bit. "That would have been funny to see him try." She smiled at Zeditha, hoping to forget her own sadness this way.

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Zeditha shrugged. "Everyone makes mistakes," she said. "Know any good places for food around here?"

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Fair shook her head. "No, I have no idea. I just arrived here today. But maybe I can find something to read." She smiled at the dragon as her eyes became blue with green spots. "That should still the hunger."


((I'm so sorry for not posting for so long, and it is even so short.))

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Zeditha grunted, and turned back to the shadow. There were a few squeaks, and she turned around holding two mice in her mouth. She dropped them, and flicked one towards Fair. "I prefer not to hunt, but sometimes there's little choice. There you go, something to eat." she began to devour hers, then raised her head. "Oh wait, you'll want it cooked, right?" and without waiting for an answer, she breathed flame at the mouse. Its fur caught fire. "Wait until the fur is all burned away," Zeditha advised. "It's hard to put out, and the fur is annoying anyway. Plus, then it'll be nicely cooked." She bent her head back to her own, uncooked, mouse.

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Fair looked at the mouse on the ground. The fur was quickly burning away and for some reason she wanted to touch it. So she did, curious she picked up the mouse while it was still burning. Her eyes turned blue as the flames licked her fingers. "Something to read would have been fine" She said softly and not at all affected by the fire. Her hand did hurt but she had learned to ignore that small of pains under her teachers guidance. "But thanks, I wouldn't be able to catch a mouse so quick." She blew the few leftover flames out and the ashes away. Looking at the little body in her hands she swallowed. Her eyes turned grey and brown before she dropped the food in her mouth, bones and all. She started to chew and she could hear the bones crunching. Come on you have eaten worse fair, this is nothing While chewing she looked at Zeditha and smiled.

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Zeditha had kept one eye on Fair. She knew that, in general, humans wouldn't eat things like mice. "It's just practice," Zeditha replied to the compliment, swallowing the last of the mouse. She began to lick her scales clean: she was a messy eater. After a few seconds, she stopped and said, "You're strange. Your eyes change colour, and you eat mouse. You're either not human, or you're strange. Which is it?"

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Fair's eyes turned dark brown, this was exactly what teacher had warned her for. Her eyes said everything about her even what she was. And in the two empires that meant she would be hunted down. But she did know that if you had to ask that you didn't know anything. So she took a risk, she was never good at keeping secrets. She swallowed the mouse before she goughed a moment and talked. "I'm human just a bit different. I think because we are not in forever white or the two empires that I can tell you." Fair pointed at her eyes. "I'm a Fairsky and my eyes are the mirror of my soulcore. I'm a living human soul, a touchable ghost you could say." Nervously she looked around before she continued. "My kind is hunted but not feared. I only tell you what I am because dragons are trusted with the protection and guidance for our kind." With that tought her eyes turned grey again but the brown was still visible. "A Fairsky isn't only a human soul but mostly that of an animal. They are easily caught and killed that's why the protection. At least teacher told me that." She sighed and hoped that she had made the right decision to tell.

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Zeditha considered this. She had been told about the Fairsky: she had to look back to her hatchling days, but it was there. Yes, the dragons had to protect them. Looking up, she nodded. "Yes," she said. "I remember... I think my mother cared for a Fairsky. She said it was our duty to look after them." On an different thought, she added, "And all Fairsky have an animal spirit inside them, and a different one as a companion, that lives inside the dragon they travel with. What's your companion spirit?"

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"You are lucky that you mother was still alive." Fair smiled sadly before she continued. "Most dragons die after they taught their Fairsky everything to survive. More often because they are satisfied with life than old age. I think your mother really wanted you." With that her eyes turned green and she smiled, before her eyes turned brown again. She looked to the ground for a moment in thought, before she continued. "The strange thing is that I don't have one. Teacher told me that it's somewhere else protecting the elemental stone. Her eyes turned into a complicated colour mash of brown, grey and green. "So I'm not only a soul without body, I'm one that is broken. And the part to make me whole is somewhere out there. But I don't feel incomplete at all. Strange right."

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