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You were great once. You held power most mortals couldn't even fathom. Your face was recognized by billions and the mere sound of your voice sent shivers down your enemies' spines. Your intentions, whether right or wrong, shaped the world around you. No regular human could match their popularity to your international fame. You inspired those who needed a exemplar model to aspire to be. It didn't matter if your actions brought harmony to the world or if your bare words spiraled the world into a state of depression, you were a force to be reckoned with; a being whose title became exalted through Earth and even perhaps the galaxy and, dare it be said, universe. Of course, all of this is lost to you. After all, you can barely even remember your own name.


It has been centuries since superheroes and supervillains roamed the earth. Without either forces on the planet, humanity was left to fend on their own. Unfortunately, the heroes and villains left just when they were needed most. A terrible power took over the earth. More than a third of the human race was exterminated and the planet is left in ruins. What force destroyed Earth has seemingly vanished. No clear traces of its existence is in sight. It is as though it was never there. As the years raged on, humans became more and more vicious as they fought with one another for survival. With the want to live comes greed and corruption. The worst of humanity has been brought out by this disaster. People are not only killing to survive, but killing for enjoyment. They are committing crimes that would be considered monstrous in previous society. These acts are common in this new ruined earth. Justice is a joke and leadership isn't held by a single person for long. Earth has become a wasteland full of ruffians and savages. Nothing seems like its going to get better. This is when you wake up.


You have been in cryostasis for several centuries. How you got into the strange pods you do not know. Where you are and what you're suppose to do is even a bigger mystery. In fact, you barely even know who you are. Whatever identity people refer to you as when you became a superhero or supervillain is the only thing you can remember, and even then you struggle with grasping the name in your mind. Waking up from several centuries of sleep isn't easy either. Nausea, dizziness, and hunger among other things will plague you in the first moments of reviving. After managing to stumble out of the strange room your pod was in, you find yourself in the apocalyptic world that use to be your home. What you will do and what your world has become is for you try and recover. You may not know much, but you are sure of one thing. This is going to be one hell of a ride.



Try to stay realistic. Don't overpower a character or do something that is clearly god modding. I, nor most other RPers, will tolerate that. This does not mean your character cannot be powerful. In fact, I encourage you to grow your character into a powerful being. Just be aware of the boundaries and refrain from making a character do something that is clearly out of their reach. For the moment, only use Marvel characters. I will allow character from other comic books if this gets popular enough. There is currently no character limit. As long as you can juggle the characters you make, I'll allow you to have as many as you wish. However, I will put a limit if there are people with, for example's sake, seven characters, but yet they only use one or two of them. This does not mean a character can't go inactive for a while, it just means that if there are several characters that are not being used just because the creator's want to make new ones, I will be forced to make a character limit. (Certain characters will not be accepted due to them being overly powerful such as Galactus.) Try to be polite. I probably shouldn't have to mention this, but the other RPers aren't just text on the computer screen. Keep in mind that they feelings as well. I will not sit by and watch as someone takes advantage of another or is rude to them. Try not be crude to other RPers. Do your best to be active. I understand that sometimes life makes people too busy to post. However, I would like if people were to at least try and post when they can. If you can't post for some reason, I would very much appreciate it if you gave me a PM or a heads up. That way, I can mark your character as inactive so other RPers can try and adjust. Sheets will be posted on the OOC thread or be sent to me through PM. Do NOT post them here. I will reject all character sheets that are not posted on the OOC thread or PMed to me. Romance and cursing is allowed. However, keep both subjects subtle. Do not have any romance become explicit and beep out the harsher cuss words with "****". Keep in mind that the mods of the forums have a watchful eye on cursing. Do not go overboard and do, once again, for example's sake, twenty curse words in a single post. That will most likely get you a warning. If someone claims a text color for a certain character, then you may not use that text color. You don't have to post in color, but if you do, do not use a claimed color. If you do, you will be given a warning every time you post in that color. Your posts will be ignored until you change that color. If you persist to use the claimed color, then you will be banned permanently. To claim a text color, post the wanted color in the "other" section of the character sheet. No one liners under any circumstances. If you write down a post and think it's too small, try adding detail. Let your imagination flow. How exactly did person A walk through the forest? Did he walk with a stride? Did he smell the damp earth around him? What sort of smells were in the air? Was he glancing at the area around him? Was he thinking about something? I prefer for posts to be at least nine sentences each, but that's not a requirement. I urge you to do nine posts and hope that you can manage to do so. If you're struggling with doing a post, then don't worry. There's no rush. Write at your own pace and only post when you're satisfied with what you've written. Characters such as Galactus and Nick Fury are banned from being made for plot purposes. Any sheets containing those two characters, and similar characters, will be rejected. Codeword is "Manic". Try to keep punctuation and grammar in mind when writing. I know that mistakes will happen once in a while, but if you keep making the same mistake over and over again, then we have a problem. If there is a problem with your grammar that continues to show up, I will send you a PM in private to deal with it. This, of course, will only be under extreme circumstances. I will probably never do this since I understand English isn't some people's first language. I will, however, send a PM someone's posts are on the borderline of illegible.Remember, the characters remember nothing from the past, absolutely nothing. Unless stated otherwise, your character won't have vague memories of the past or automatically know who they and others are They will have a hard enough time remembering their own alias, let alone their actual name (This does not go for people who have not taken an alias. If they are referred to by their real name, then that is what they should remember.) Since all of the characters have amnesia, they will most likely have to rediscover their superpowers. Do not have your characters know what to do instantly and just be fine and dandy. Your character just woke up from being asleep from centuries, they're going to feel horrible. Just keep that in mind when starting off a character. If you know nothing about Marvel or superheroes, this is the not RP for you. I'm afraid you have to know about the characters to use them. Please don't try to join if you know nothing about the characters. It's okay if you don't know a character well, but if you don't know about a character at all, then please, for your sake, don't join.What We Know:

Information will be updated as the characters learn more about what happened in the world.


Currently, nothing.


Reserved Characters:





Information will be updated as the world is explored.


Pod Rooms:


Each hero and villain is contained in a strange room of some sort. Most rooms only have one pod in them, but some rooms have more than one pod. The rooms themselves are covered in white tile. A single ceiling light hangs above the pod that is pushed into a nearby wall. The only object besides the pod is a small table with whatever costume, weapons, and or supplies the hero or villain in the pod normally used before they were put to sleep. The centuries have led the rooms being overgrown with flora. The pods are oval casket shaped chambers with a cushion inside of it to hold the sleeper within. The pod has a single door with oval window at the top center of it. When opened, the door automatically slides to the side and a white mist pours out of the machine. A female robotic voice will wake the person inside of the pod when it is time for them to wake up. Although pods are nearly indestructible when locked, they are easily opened when unlocked. Pods can be manually open by keying in the correct passcode in the number key located on top of the pod.


Connected to the main pod room is a bathroom. A few stalls and a sink is located in here. A mirror is located above the sink and several useful medical objects are located in here. Small bandages, several antibiotics, and a jar of slave can be located in this medical cabinet. The sink is most likely to be functional, but the same cannot be said for the toilets. Besides the bathroom, there is a staircase leading upwards in the main pod room. The stairs go up to a single door that leads to the outside world. Since pod rooms are scattered all over the world, where the hero or villain in subject goes out to depends entirely on where they are in the world. They could end up into places from a desert to a ruined city. It's all up to whoever placed them in the pod.



This section will be replaced with certain cities as characters figure out the name of each city as well as explore it.


Cities in this world are pathetic when compared to their century past counterparts. A gray hue hangs over the cities of the world. An ominous feeling of emptiness fills the air, leading most to feel lonely and possibly even paranoid in the thought that they are being watched by an unseen presence. Although most buildings are most likely collapsed, it isn't uncommon to see a small warehouse still standing or a skyscraper looming proudly in the clouds. Buildings are most likely ransacked with most useful objects missing. However, a few important devices may still be located within the cities. It may require exploring into dangerous areas, but handy resources may be available to those who can things no normal human can.


Character Sheet:


[b]Forum Name:[/b] 
[b]Name:[/b] (Put your superhero's name with a link to a page about them.)
[b]Nickname:[/b] (Just put none here until further notice)
[b]Side:[/b] (Superhero, supervillain, or something else.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Post link to picture here. Add costume and out of costume if you can.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Add personality to make sure you actual know the character and aren't making the character just because.)
[b]Weapons:[/b] (All weapons are included here. Add links to what you can)
[b]Powers:[/b] (All powers, whether magic or intellect, go here. Add links to what you can.)
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (All weaknesses, whether arachnophobia or kryptonite, go here.) 
[b]Other:[/b] (Claimed text colors and additional information goes here).
[b]Code word:[/b] (Will be removed on your official form.)

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Accepted Characters:




Forum Name: Doctortear

Name: Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker)

Nickname: Spider

Gender: Male

Age: Around 25

Side: Superhero

Appearance: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Personality: Peter is a righteous man. He tends to be on the brave side and has a great sense of heroism. His sense of responsibility can be overbearing at times as he can sometimes affect those around him. Peter can act as the moral compass of the group, making sure others do what is right. He has a good amount of wit and isn't afraid to flaunt it. Peter's most prominent trait has to be his sense of humor. Even in the most dire of situations, Peter can almost always find a joke to crack to the annoyance of everyone around him. Although he may seem absurd from making these jokes, he always has a reason to do so. Whether it is because he knows making an enemy angry will hinder their performance or if he is simply just scared and wants to relieve the stress of the situation, Peter always has a reason to make his jokes. Despite his humorous comments, Peter is actually the lonely type. He doesn't do well in groups and tends to stray away from others when necessary. Of course, whenever it is required of him, Peter will throw aside his jests and seclusion from others to take a more serious tone and get the job done.


Web Shooters

Ultility Belt




Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Stamina

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Agility

Superhuman Equilibrium

Superhuman Reflexes

Regenerative Healing Factor

IQ of at least 200

Skilled Photographer


Ethyl Chloride, and just generally having horrible luck, Spider-Man is still human. He can die from anything any normal human can.

Other: All Spidey sees is dark blue.


Forum Name: Doctortear

Name: Venom

Nickname: None

Gender: Asexual

Age: Unknown

Side: Neutral but often leans towards villain

Appearance: Suit Venom can adjust his appearance depending on his host and or the situation at hand.

Personality: Venom is a crafty being. It wants nothing more than to completely bond with another being. After being rejected by Spider-Man, Venom began bitter and hateful towards him and has tried to harm Peter for what he did to it. Venom is possessive of whoever its current host is and doesn't like being separated from them for long. If taken away from a host, Venom can develop separation anxiety, but only if Venom cared for said host. Venom is by no means kind. If a host proves to be of little use to it, Venom will not hesitate to dispose of them. It is wary of any of its offspring and tends to stay away from them. Venom is slightly picky with its hosts and will only attempt to bond with someone it deems useful. When bonded, Venom will stay loyal to its host and go as far as address it and its host as a singular being.

Weapons: Venom doesn't deal with weapons unless its host carries some.




Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Stamina

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Reflexes

Regenerative Healing Factor

Genetic Memory

Offspring Detection

Web Generation

Constituent-Matter Generation

Constituent-Matter Manipulation

Immunity to Spider-Man's Spider Sense

Camouflage Capabilities

Poisonous Fangs

Stretching and deforming

Power Mimicry/Absorption


Weaknesses: Venom can not bear sonic nor thermal attacks. It is sensitive to certain sounds such as a ringing of a church bell or any thing of that sort. Venom can become so irritated by that sound to the point of removing itself from its current host in an attempt to flee from the ringing.

Other: Venom claims indigo.




Forum Name: shadow_claw

Name: Hawkeye

Nickname: Clint

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-thirites

Side: Superhero

Appearance: Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

Personality: Clint has always been a bit of a cynic. He is commonly sarcastic and snarky, and generally an ass to those around him. He is fiercely loyal to his teammates and friends and is known for sticking with somebody even if everyone else doesn't trust him/her. Clint is, however, a bit of a loose cannon. He can lose his temper and lash out at people if stressed enough. This had led to his loss of battles in the past.

Weapons: A collapsible bow with a quiver filled with trick arrows. He also carries a variety of knives on his person (both throwing knives and normal knives). Other than that, he has nothing.

Powers: Superb eyesight, peak physical condition, master marksmanship, skilled in hand-to-hand combat

Weaknesses He has no "real" powers, so he's just as weak and prone to disease and such as any other human. He is hotheaded and can get distracted in battle by this. Clint also has damaged hearing, which he uses hearing aids for.

Other: His text will be Purple




Forum Name: Sweet_Wyvern

Name: James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes The Winter Soldier

Nickname: Soldier

Gender: Male

Age: Technically about 96, but in terms of appearance 25

Side Villain (subject to possible change)

Appearance: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CAPA011_covcol.jpg

(Couldn't find an out of costume pic)

Personality: His personality is fairly explosive. Before his fall he used to be easy going and humorous, but he's been subjected to so much pain and manipulation that he really only knows rage. He's a natural leader, but he's also good at following orders, and without someone to give him instructions and orders, he's likely to be confused and frustrated.

Weapons: An assortment of guns, rifles, etc. Usually he carries a sniper rifle, two pistols, a shot gun, a few grenades and two or three knives. His entire left arm is also a weapon, because it is entirely made of metal and incredibly strong. It is not effected by most EMPs, and has the power to electrocute people. He can control it when it is not attached.

Powers: Skilled in hand to hand combat and martial arts. Skilled tactician. Super soldier strength. Skilled in the use of military weaponry. Skilled assassin and spy. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Japanese.

Weaknesses: He's used to taking orders and completing missions, not thinking for himself. He won't be very good at making up his mind on things. Steve Rogers is also his weakness- as is HYDRA, if they were to intercept him and resume controlling him.

Other: I'll be going off of both the movie(s) and the comics for this. I won't give any spoilers to the movies though.




Forum Name: pudding

Name: Bruce Banner (Hulk)

Nickname: Bruce

Gender: Male

Age: Low 40s based on birthdate.

Side: Hero

Appearance: Bruce Banner Hulk

Personality: Bruce lives in a constant state of panic due to his darker side. As a result, he has difficulty forming bonds with people and often removes himself from society in order to protect others. He's prone to sarcastic comments but on the whole is emotionally withdrawn or at least repressed. This is because many emotions are linked to his transformations and he is constantly trying to prevent Hulk from surfacing. He has shown to be suicidal but cannot easily kill himself thanks to the Hulk surfacing when he is injured greatly. He can form relationships with people but is reluctant to.

Weapons: Niether of them uses any specific weapons. Hulk usually just improvises with what he can grab or just uses his fists.



Bruce is a gifted scientist and has been compared to Stephen Hawking.

He's developed his cardio and can run for long periods of time.

He knows some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Oh, and he can transform into the Hulk when his heart rate increases to a certain point.


Hulk has super strength, super speed and super durability. He is shown to have some regenerative capabilities. The angrier he is, the stronger he gets. None of Bruce's abilities transfer to him, however.

Weaknesses: Bruce Banner is a perfectly normal dude. That means he has human weaknesses. But if the Hulk comes out, those weaknesses are reduced to people that can out-match him and actually beat him down or things that attack his senses or use them against him. Noise based attacks are very popular but things like gases designed to knock him out or tranquilizers are the best. He also has a weakness for people that he likes or cares about, such as Betty Ross. Hulk also has the intelligence of a brick and is easily tricked and angered.

Other: Text will be Green.





Forum Name: BeardedKumquat

Name: Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Nickname: Chimichanga

Gender: Male

Age:  Unknown. Possibly in 30s or 40s.

Side: Neutral. Whoever pays him the most.

Appearance: Deadpool

Personality: Deadpool is mentally unstable, which gives him his comedic, unpredictable, immature and inattentive personality. He also talks a lot, often shouting humorous and stupid phrases out loud, even when he's alone, he talks to the dialogue boxes he pictures around him. Deadpool is extremely irritating too, annoying all of those around him.

Weapons: Teleportation device; magic satchel that has unlimited space; countless other weapons such as guns and swords held in his satchel.

Powers: Regenerative healing factor; Superhuman speed, agility, reflexes and stamina; skilled martial artist; skilled assassin; skilled linguist.

Weaknesses: Deadpool's healing factor makes it impossible for him to be killed, however, he still feels pain inflicted upon him. His insanity also makes himself prone to violent outbreaks and his immaturity and inattentiveness makes it hard for him to cooperate with whoever he's working with.

Other: Text will be Crimson




Forum Name: Backup77

Name: Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)


Gender: Female

Age: About thirty

Side: Neutral, to start at least.

Appearance: Out of Costume In Costume

Personality: First off, Natasha is pretty ruthless, and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get what she wants. ‘What she wants’ could, depending on the circumstances, range from personal gain to helping innocent people. At the start, it’s much more likely for it to be the former. She is very level headed and serious, although she is a bit of a deadpan snarker.

Weapons: Widow's Bite bracelets, daggers, a pair of Glock pistols, a garrote, flashbangs, taser disks, and smoke bombs.

Powers: While she doesn't have any superpowers, Natasha is a master martial artist, acrobat, marksman, interrogator, tactician, and spy. She also has some experience with hacking, speaks multiple languages including Latin, Russian, English, French, German, and Chinese, and is in good physical condition.

Weaknesses: Despite her skills, Natasha is entirely human. She could have quite a bit of trouble with a superpowered antagonist.

Other: Natasha's text color is dark slate gray.




Forum Name:  RavenWolf1010

Name: Phoenix (Jean Grey)

Nickname: None.

Gender: Female

Age: Around twenty-eight

Side: Superhero

Appearance: In costume, Out of costume?

Personality: As her name would suggest, Jean has died, and been resurrected multiple times. Each time, however, seemed to bring another facet of her out. Jean was at one point, very evil. After her first death, she and the Phoenix Force merge, and the Phoenix Force assumes the role of Jean. However, as the Phoenix experiences it's first bout of evil, it becomes corrupt, and this becomes the Dark Phoenix (whom later commits suicide to Jean's conscious that lurked beneath the surface). After her being traveling from clone, to body, to body, Jean carries many personalities within her, and can be quite unpredictable in behavior. 

Weapons: N/A




Phoenix Force grants the ability to:

-Travel unaided through space

-Psionically manipulate matter and any form of energy

-Create powerful "cosmic" fire

-Resurrect from death and manipulate life energy in others

-Manipulate timelines

Weaknesses: "As "Phoenix" her main vulnerability is if she became emotionally unstable, she will lose control of her powers. However one must acknowledge that the rage-fuelled destruction that followed made her more of a danger to others in this state."

Other: Her text will be navy.


Inactive Characters:


None at the moment

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Cryostasis Timer Up: Unlock Initiated.


As the female robotic voice ceased, a soft click filled the room as the oval pod in the middle began to move. The door that had sat still for centuries began to shift. It slowly pushed its way sidewards, completely straight. White mist poured out of the chamber of the pod, its tendrils curling about of the tiled floor. The door, after about a minute or so, stopped moving and kept still once more. A man laying within the pod began to stir. His fingers began to twitch and his crusted eyes fluttered open. At first, everything was blurry. The man felt anything but comfortable. His gut felt like it was about to explode and his body was sore all over. A horrid headache gripped his mind firmly as though he had a hungover. He thought his bones were creak if he tried to stand up, but, nevertheless, he let himself get up. With great effort, the man pulled his torso upward. He felt as though he swallowed a bag of stones. His body felt heavy and he could barely keep himself upright. With a groan of pain, the man forced his body to move. He thrust his legs over the side of the pod and threw himself down towards the floor. Unfortunately, his legs were anything but strong. He crumbled underneath his own wait and fell to the floor with a thump. His head banged against the tiled floor and his headache grew in strength. Rubbing his forehead pathetically, the man attempted to stand up. It took him several trials of doubling over and tripping before he managed to grapple the pod for support and stand up. For a moment, the man stood still. Shaky breathes escaped him as he reveled in the triumph of being able to stand. This sense of victory dispersed as soon as he began to feel a turn in his stomach. His throat began to itch as his stomach growled. The man's eyes flickered over to a nearby door. Frantically, the man covered his mouth with one hand and staggered over to the door.


He barely managed to reach a sink before he began to puke. Bile lurched out of his throat and into the dirty basin, pasting itself onto the surface of it. The hot liquid made his throat burn and it made his hands shaky. After he vomited out the contents of his stomach, the man began to simply dry heave. The process sapped the energy out of him and only further stressed him. Once his heaving ceased, he rubbed the sticky secretion from his lips and turned on the faucet in hope of something beneficial as oppose to the everything else that had harmed him in his first few pathetic minutes in the world. Sure enough, water began to gently flow into the basin and down the drain. Thankful for the water, the man began to wash away the vomit from his mouth and the basin and proceeded to cup his hands and drink. Had his lips been this parch since he woke up? That didn't matter. What did matter was that he had something to quench his sudden thirst. He greedily consumed the fine liquid and began to wash has face with it in an attempt to wake himself up. It didn't settle his stomach like he hoped it would and he sill felt terribly sore, but at least he felt a little better. Satisfied, the man relieved himself in the nearby stalls and headed back into the room he had been subsequently.


Now that he was more aware of his surroundings, the man began to explore the area. Walking wasn't as hard of a task as it had been when he woke up, but it wasn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to do either. The pod was of little interest now. The chamber he had woke up in had nothing else inside of it. There was several buttons on the door of the pod, but the man didn't find them beneficial to him. Away from the pod, on the opposite side of the room, the man found a table with an array of items. They were curious objects. There was a belt, a utility belt the man guessed, with containers and pouches hanging onto it. There were two odd bracelet devices with buttons on them. Since the man had decided to be cautious, he saw no need to push the buttons and see what they did. The last object, and the strangest of the bunch, was a suit. It was about the man's size and had a unique design. The suit consisted of mostly blue, red, and black. The torso and under arms of the suit were a silky blue. The fabric of the blue felt soft on the man's hands as he stoked it. The torso, shoulders, feet, and mask of the suit were red with a black webbed pattern etched into it. Slapped in the middle of the chest was a icon of a black spider. The man began to curiously examine the suit and he internally mused what to do with it. He had noticed the fleet of stairs leading upward. He knew that was here he had to go next.


Should I take this with me? I mean, no one else is going to take it. The suit is my size and, while I have no idea what this stuff even does, I feel as though I should take it.


Although the man's inner thoughts beckoned more questions, he did manage to come up with a solution to one problem. The man, as odd as it seemed to him, put the suit on. He wrapped the belt around his waist and cuffed the bracelets to this wrists. Once he had placed his mask on, the man walked up the stairs and pushed open the door at the top. The outside world was.... less than hospitable. He appeared to be in some charred city. Many buildings still stood, including skyscrapers, but most were one with the ground. There was a sense of dread in the air and not a single living thing, besides the man, was in sight.

"Well isn't this a great vacationing spot," the man sputtered sarcastically as his gaze wandered over the cityscape.

I might as well get moving.

With his feeling of being hungover still looming over him and a sense of uneasiness seeping into this mind, the man began to explore his surroundings, hoping to see something worthwhile.

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(Ooh! I wish to reserve the Winter Soldier please, I don't have time to make a sheet right now)

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(You got it, I'll reserve him for you.


EDIT: Could you remove that post, Sweet? I'm going to try and clean this page up.)

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Sapphire blue eyes pried open as feeling came to the man's body. His fingers twitched as the cold began to ebb away. If a super-human was in horrible condition, he was half-dead. He was unable to gather strength to stagger out of the pod for a solid ten minutes. It wasn't even staggering as it was attempting to stand and falling over the side of the pod. The man's stomach connected with the rim of the pod, agitating his churning stomach. Hot chunks of centuries-old food forced its way out of his mouth and slopped onto the floor. Oh, that was disgusting. Bile burned in the back in his throat after he vomited and left a foul taste in his mouth. With the contents of his stomach empty, the already present hunger became painful. Trembling, the blonde man crawled from the white pod.


Shaking legs carried the pale, scrawny man across the cool tile and to a steel tray. A neatly folded, purple suit caught his eye. To its right sat a quiver and a folded bow. To the left was a collection of blades. Hm...He glanced down at his bile-covered shirt. It was time to change. He struggled to slip the white shirt over his head, and barely managed to pull the purple suit on. The blonde man fumbled with the belt buckle and ended up dropping it. In fear of throwing up again, he decided it was best not to bend over. Instead, the man slowly crouched to pick it up.


A cowled man wandered outside the white room to be greeted by more white walls. He leaned against the wall in fear of his own weight until he reached the door. Upon pushing it open, he lost his balance and fell face-first into the ground. He lay there limply, a soft groan escaping his lips. Everything sucked. The arrows in his quiver rattled loudly as he fell over. The poor blonde felt as if he would throw up again.

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The man had been walking for less than half an hour when he heard the creaking of an opening door followed by the rattle of something falling over. The man instantly became warily. He wanted to run into a safer spot but found himself too weak to do so. He was depleted of energy and could barely stand. He didn't have the means to try and hide. Even if he did try to relocate himself, whatever made the noise would most likely spot him before he could move a foot. He'd be died before he could do anything.

I suppose checking it out wouldn't hurt. After all, there's a chance it may be something useful. Of course, there's also a chance it may try to kill me, but I'm not really in a condition to run and the worst that can happen is that I'll die. Not that I'm having the best time at the moment anyhow...

Carefully, the man walked over to where he heard the sound. He wasn't sure what to expect, but when he saw a man in a purple suit laying face first into the ground, he wasn't exactly surprised. The man didn't look particularly dangerous. The bow and quiver full of arrows was a bit suspicious, but the position the man was in deflated the danger brought up by the bow. For a moment, the man just stared at the other. He wasn't exactly sure what to say. He didn't know this man, hell, he didn't even know where he was. The man could prove to be an enemy, but, then again, he could be a potential ally. Licking his lips, the first man spoke.

"Uh, hey, are you okay?"

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A few seconds of silence followed as an unfamiliar voiced filtered into his ears. It took him a while to register what exactly had been said. The archer slowly rolled to his back, grimacing at the effort it took to do so. A pair of blue eyes focused and unfocused multiple times as he tried to stay conscious. Eventually, a rough, grating voice managed to croak an answer. I...Don't know. Where am I?

Blood tricked from the man's nose as he spoke. He seemed to have hurt it in the fall. The man didn't notice, however. Slowly, he struggled to sit up from the ground. The cracked cement seemed like the softest bed he had ever lain on. Grimacing, he lifted a hand to rub his face. That hurt a lot. I just got out of this...thing. I don't know much more than that.

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For the most part, this archer seemed just as confused and bewildered as the man. That was good, it meant that the man wasn't going to get killed at the moment. If the archer was in the same position at him, that meant they could sympathize with each other and, hopefully, become allies. As relieved as he was that the archer was in the same boat as him, the questions that spewed forth still needed answers and the man wasn't entirely convinced he could answer them.

"Well, we're in a city," the man in the spider suit said as he placed his hands on his hips and glanced around. "A horrific, abandoned, ominous and potentially, and hopefully, empty city." Standing wasn't as hard as it was before. The man had been awake for half an hour or so and his strength was replenishing very slowly. He nearly forgot he was just like this men less than an hour ago.

"Do you need help standing up?" the man asked the archer as he realized that the archer was having a difficult time, just like he did, sitting up. The man bent down and offered the archer a hand.

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A city? This was an awfully sad looking city. Maybe it was best if he just went back to bed. To make it worse, this stranger didn't seem to know anything about the city either. Great. The both of them were lost and clueless. The blonde man stared up at the grey sky as he thought about this. Even if he was as weak as he looked, his ego made accepting the offered help difficult. A few seconds of assessing just how pathetic he was, and the help up was accepted.


Even with the assistance to his feet, the archer barely managed to stand upright again. He leaned heavily on the new man in fear of falling yet again. Thanks. He breathed. Thank God somebody had come to help him. I'm starvin'. Do you know where any food is? As much as he didn't want to, it was very possible that they would have to scour the city for food. That was the first step in recovering strength, and it was much harder than it seemed.

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The man immediately regretted giving the archer his hand when he grabbed it. Not only was the first man still weak, but he was not prepared for the archer to use him as a balance. It was a struggle to get the archer up. It wasn't as though the man didn't have the strength to pull him up, he simply lacked the energy to do so. Pressing his feet into the ground, the man pulled the archer up. He breathed an internal sigh of relief to have the burden of the archer off of him only to verbally grunt as the archer began to lean on him.

"Keep it steady, archie," the man huffed as he tried to keep the archer propped up. After listening to the archer, the man realized that how hungry he was. Whatever was digesting in his stomach before he woke up was now sticking to the pipes connected to that faucet. His stomach was growling and a great sense of hungry was about him. He was ravenous and only now did he realize how much he wanted to eat.

"If I knew where any food was, I'd be stuffing my face right now," the man replied to the archer. "I hate to say it, but it looks like we'll have to be running around this hell hole to find some food."

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So they were both in poor condition. The man in purple shifted hisneitht slightly so he wasn't leaning so heavily on this new stranger. A sheepish look flickered across his expression. This was embarrassing. I ain't dead yet. he muttered. The more the man seemed to speak, the more a strange accent began to surface. It was a mixture of any street dialouge across America. Or, what used to be America. At least five long-lost accents were compiled into his voice. With each minute if regaining strength did small aspects of his personality return.


Food. That was the biggest thing on his mind right then. It seemed to be the same thing mr Spider was thinking about too. The thought of having to wander around for food, however, was disheartening. He was both starving and sick at the same time. Reluctantly, he nodded. Ugh...Alright then. I'm hoping there ain't too mucha walk t' find some. Water...I could really use water too. The man muttered. He tested his weight and decided he could take it slow by himself. It would be easier for the both of them that way. I'm uh...uh... Although he felt as if he should introduce himself, he was having trouble recalling his name. Clark? Clide? ....Cl...Clint! That's what it was! Clint. I'm Clint.

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The man gave a short nod to the newly proclaimed Clint. The archer was right about finding food. The man was starving and just the thought of getting a bite to eat was appealing. As for the water, the man was slightly confused. If Clint was in the same situation as him, didn't he also come out of the strange device? Didn't he also have a bathroom connected to the room he woke up in? Maybe he didn't. Maybe the man just got lucky and this poor sap hadn't.

"There was a faucet in the place I woke up," the man said. "Maybe there's one in yours too. We could try going back in there and see if there is any water still running." The man thought for a moment. Clint had told him his name so it would be only courtesy to tell Clint his.

"Oh, and, uh, my name's..." The man stopped. What was his name exactly? It was on the top of his tongue, but he just couldn't find the right words. The man glanced down at himself. His eyes locked onto the spider logo on his suit. S...Spider? Was it Spider? No, it was Spider and then something else, right? Spider... Spider... Maybe it was just Spider. Maybe he was thinking about this too hard and it was just plain old Spider.

"It's... Spider," the man said. "Well, I think it is at the very least."

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Had there been a sink in the room he awoke in? Clint couldn't remember. Clint. That had a nice ring to it. It just had to be his name. It just...clicked in his mind. Something finally made sense in this horrible, confusing world. For whatever reason, he felt like something had happened that was very, very wrong. As he glanced about the ruins of the city, he was confirmed of these worries. What had happened here?


This nagging feeling of dread followed Clint as he slowly walked back inside. He didn't know why, but he felt partially responsible. But responsible for what? What happened? All this visibly distressed the archer. I...don't think this city was like this before. He stated slowly. His blue gaze hardened as he thought more. We need answers. Something's wrong and I need to know what.

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Spider, the man's new name, followed Clint into the building from once he had came. It was eerie similar to tone Spider had been in. Save for the different arrangement of vegetation, it was practically the same room as Spider's. That couldn't be a coincidence. They were in the same kind of a room for a reason. What that reason was Spider did not know. He barely knew his own name, hell, he wasn't even sure Spider was his name. It... felt right, oddly enough. It left a feeling of missing something in Spider's mind, but it felt like it could be his name. Clint comment about needing to know what was going on brought a nod of agreement out of Spider. The city had obviously been wrecked. By what, Spider did not know, but whatever it was, it must of been huge.

"The bathroom should be over here," Spider said as he nodded towards the door next to the small table. Huh, how funny was that. Clint had a table too. It obviously didn't have the suit or utility belt on it. It must of had that purple suit Clint was wearing and that quiver of bows.

So there is a difference between our rooms. What the hell is going on?

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Clint walked back inside the room, stepping over his pile of previously-worn, vomit-covered clothing to stand beside Spider. Yeah, he wasn't exactly proud of throwing up. Oh well. Sorry about that. I lost my lunch when I got up. he muttered sheepishly. Once given directions, the archer started towards the directed bathroom. His footsteps echoed inside the white room as he made his way to the sink. Before stooping down to turn the faucet on, Clint surveyed the area. Green tendrils of ivy snaked up the walls and beneath floor tiles. Dandelions lifted their yellow heads towards the artificial lights. There was even a young tree that had began to grow where a pipe leaked water. Slowly but surely, nature was reclaiming its land. He found it rather...surreal. It was astounding at how hard the assortment of plants struggled so hard to survive and found a place they were able to thrive. If this place had gone to ruins...what happened to the rest of the city?


With a twist of a knob, water poured from the faucet and down the drain. The archer was astounded with the fact there was running water. He cupped his hands together and let the cool, clear liquid pool in his hands. Clint splashed it into his face and rubbed his eyes. There. That should wake him up a little. He then stuck his head in the sink and tilted his head sideways. With his mouth open, he swallowed and water that fell into his mouth. The water poured down his dry and aching throat and brought life back into his voice. What a releif. Licking his lips, Clint rose from the sink and turned to water off. He turned and grinned at Spider. I owe ya one. Thanks, Spidey. He stated warmly. It was decided then that Clint liked the kid he was speaking with. Spider's voice was too young to be that of a man's, after all. Now then, food. I suggest we loot the closest buildings nearby and work our way further out slowly.

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It was amazing how Clint rejuvenated as he splashed the water on his face and drank from the faucet. It was as though he hadn't needed Spider's assistance just to walk a moment ago. Life beamed out of Clint and his voice sounded much more lively. Clint's suggestion on obtaining food seemed to be the most logical route. There was bound to be something left over in the demolished buildings. There was a chance that everything in the buildings was rotten and or non-existent. If that was the case, then they'd have to hunt something down or gather the vegetation of the earth. Spider's gaze flickered down to the tendrils of green grasping the tiled floor. He supposed if they were hungry enough they could eat the vines. It wouldn't be the most nutritious meal nor the tastiest, but it would be enough to keep them going for a while.

"I saw we leave some sort of marker on the outside of this structure," Spider suggested. "or, at the very least. map it somehow. If we fail to procure any provisions, we could also use the plants here as a temporary source of food. It would be enough to give us energy to find more food, but it wouldn't last long. In fact, I think it'd be best if just took some of this with us, just in case. If we do end up finding some food and don't have to eat this stuff then we can at least use it for something else. The world out there looks hazardous to say at the very least and I'm willing to bet we'll need all the resources we can get."

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Clint stooped down and examined a dandelion as his new friend spoke. He carefully held it between two fingers, before jerking his hand upwards. The tender stem of the plant snapped at the force put into the simple task. There. One thing down. The archer turned and offered it to Spider. Enjoy yer meal. He remarked with a lopsided grun. But yer right; this place could be an asset to us. It's got a supply of clean water and its indoors. Could we possibly make a beacon of some sort? he suggested. Staying here and using this place as a shelter would save a lot of energy. After all, two things necessary for survival was to their access at all times. Clint wiped his water-covered mouth with a hand after talking. Yeah, he was glad Spider had known where water was. Ya don't happen t' have any containers, do ya? It's be best if we took some water with us.

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Spider has half tempted to take off his mask and shove the dandelion that had been offered to him in his face, but fought the urge. He had to suppress a witty comment several times already in hopes of not offending. Now that he saw the older man had a similar sense of humor, perhaps Spider could finally let out a few of the jokes he wanted to crack earlier.

"Well I found these little containers on a belt I found in my 'room'," Spider admitted with a shrug. "Although, when I touched them, they felt full and I'm not exactly sure opening them would be the smartest thing to do. Maybe there's something else around here we can fill with water, perhaps there's even something outside and, hopefully, nearby that we can clean out and fill with water." A quick glance around the room told Spider that there was nothing in it that could work as a good container. Clint's quiver wasn't exactly the best place to put water. Although, they could try to stuff some of the plants in there. The plant matter wouldn't exactly be the cleanest with those arrows banging against it, but that didn't really matter in the current circumstance. They didn't exactly have the time to try and figure out how to weave some of the vines together to make a basket (nor the skill on Spider's part) and the vegetation wasn't something that was hard to clean off.

At least we have place over our heads and a clean source of water. That's two things off our survival list. We still need a steady supply of food and somewhere to clean ourselves or at least bathe. I think we could take turns bathing in here. It would be awkward, but at least it's better than nothing.

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His first conscious thought wasn't much of a thought- just acknowledgment to the fact that he felt groggy and stiff. There was an annoying voice somewhere around him, and he swatted at it almost lazily, though his limbs protested at the movement. Okay... Opening a pair of blue-gray eyes, the man searched his surroundings. He was enclosed in some sort of metal container, but it appeared that the door was opening in front of him. It felt wrong to be contained like this, so he stumbled towards freedom and stepped out into the plain white room. His legs didn't really want to support him after so much time spent not using them, but he managed to stay upright by gripping the handle of the pod he had just stumbled out of.


Which brought another thing to his attention. His hand was not a hand- well, it was, but it was made of metal. Entirely bionic. "What the hell..?" He muttered gruffly, his voice gravely. It sounded natural though, like his voice was always that rough. Another interesting development. The man lifted his hand to his face for inspection, wiggling the fingers and then extending it out. It seemed to function like any other arm. As far as he knew, people didn't have bionic arms, so why wouldn't he remember something like that? Come to think of it, why couldn't he remember anything about himself? He didn't even know what he looked like.


Regaining his footing, the man slowly pushed away from the small chamber and slowly ambled towards the room attached to the one he currently occupied. Maybe it would have a mirror and a place to freshen up.


((Okay, I know you said they would feel horrible after the cryogenic stasis, and he doesn't feel good, but the affects aren't as bad for him because he's been cryogenically frozen so many times before that he's used to it by now))

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Okay, so they would have to look around. That wouldn'tbe that big of a deal. Clint leaned on the sink and looked at hinself in the mirror. It was a dusty, cracked mirror, but it still showed his reflection clearly. Hm. Not bad. He would totally date himself if he was a chick. And for being asleep for God knew how long, he didn't look terrible.


Because he was looking in the mirror, Clint was able to spot a new face as the stranger walked into the bathroom. Oh good, more people. That would make the group effort of finding food easier. Clint turned his head to greet the new man. Mornin'. Hope yer feelin' up fer some explorin', 'cause we were jus' goin' out t' look fer food. The archer greeted nonchalantly. He had never been one for formalities the way it was.

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The man froze as soon as he saw other people in the room, his hands balling into fists automatically. He was in no condition to be fighting, but it felt like second nature to just slip into attack mode. "Who the hell are you?" He demanded, narrowing his eyes. He cursed himself mentally for not picking up one of the weapons he'd seen on the table in the other room- then he could've protected himself. At least this metal arm of his seemed to be strong. He could see himself in the mirror beyond Clint, and for a moment he forgot his apparent attacker in favor of examining himself.


He was clad in all black tactical gear, body armor covering everything save for his metal arm and his face. His eyes were nearly gray but just light enough to be blue, set above features covered in a light stubble and surrounded by unruly brown hair. None of it was familiar, but it was him. Apparently. He turned his gaze back to the other man, eyes narrowing distrustfully. "Are you the one that locked me up?"

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If I knew, I'd be tellin' ya. All I can remember is my name. Clint answered. He pulled his cowl back up once he was satisfied with his reflection and frowned slightly. This new guy seemed awfully cranky. But, he appeared to be in better condition than both Clint and Spider. That could be useful in finding food and such if there was someone who could kwep going. M'name's Clint. I haven't figured out m' last name yet, though. Clint's features settled into a scowl as he puzzled over his last name. It seemed to be right in the back of his mind and just out of reach. It had taken a lot of struggle just to remember his first name. It would take a long while before more information was recalled.


Although he was capable of attacking this metal-armed stranger, Clint was still feeling pretty miserable. His muscles ached and everything was exhausting. Fighting would waste what energy he had left. No, sorry. I jus' got up m'self about ten minutes ago. If ya don't believe me, m' room's over there. Watch the puddle of puke on yer way in. Stretching a hand towards his room, Clint gestured towards one of the three open doors. The remaining two belonged to Spider and the new man.

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Right before Clint spoke, Spider felt a tingling sensation at the base of his skull. A sense of danger and foreboding filled his being. It was as though he was being warned that something bad was going to happen. Unable to fully grasp the sensation and being completely cut off guard by it, Spider griped his head, staggering back all the while. What had he just felt? He did not know, but whatever it was, he didn't like it, not one bit. Right before Spider was going to ask Clint if he felt the same thing also, the new man entered the room. Unlike Clint, Spuder was not calm when the new man entered the room. He spun around as soon as he heard a new voice, nearly losing his footing in the process. Spider was in no condition to fight, but that wouldn't stop him from trying if this man attacked. The newcomer didn't look nearly as pleasant as Clint. His voice was completely hostile and the mechanical arm attached to him was intimidating. Spider had the uncanny feeling that this man could take both Spider and Clint on. He had muscles, which meant he had strength on his side. Clint had did arrows, but considering how close this newcomer was, Spider doubted that Clint could hold him of for long. What about Spider himself? What could he do? He didn't get any weapons from the table in his room. The containers on his utility belt seemed to be weapons if some sort, but Spider had no idea what they'd do. Grenades would do poorly in a situation like this and smoke bombs would only make things worse. Spider was worthless at this point. To his knowledge, there was nothing special about him. He had no reason to believe he was anything but normal and here he was, stuck in a room with two people who had an the advantage of powerful weapons. There was nothing Spider could to do defeat this guy. So, instead of trying to threaten or appease the newcomer, Spider took a completely different approach.

"This bathroom is connected to my room as well?" Spider asked as he stared at the doors Clint motioned to. "I did not make that connection before. If this the sane bathroom I was in a moment ago, then that means-"

I just spent thirty minutes walking in a circle. Good job, Spider, way to make a good impression.

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He examined the pair of them in suspicion, but they looked to be worse off than he was. Just to be safe however, he peered past Clint and saw that there was indeed another room like his own. So maybe these two werent lying. The other person didn't look like much of a threat either- especially in the intelligence department. Straightening, he stalked past them both to the sink and turned it on, splashing water in his face. "Good. I'm not sticking around to find who did this, either," he muttered over his shoulder, carelessly wiping away the moisture with his sleeve. Then he faced the pair of them, sizing both up and weighing his options. He could stick with them or go off on his own. It was to his advantage to stay in a group while he was weak and clueless, so that's what he would do for now. "I'm grabbing weapons, and then if you're smart you'll follow me and we'll get our asses out of here."

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