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Need Assistance with a small HTML problem

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Since websites are multimedia things I think I am safe to drop my issue here.


What the problem is: Targets. I like to use targets but it seems each and everyone of them in a website with roughly 400 pages is broken. At some point it did work but now it ceases to do so.


<a href="masterpiece.php#mp-wm">Masterpiece Starscream Walmart Exclusive</A><BR>
<a href="masterpiece.php#mp">Masterpiece Starscream MP-03</A><BR>

these two examples are the page I am trying to set right to figure out. I click on the walmart exclusive and it brings me to the that exclusive, but when I attempt to click on MP-03 it bounces back to the walmart one. this is similar to all other targets.


I am using a inserted menu - so that I only need to change one file and it does it automatically to the rest of the world.


my code to the targets:

<A name="mp-wm"></A>
<A name="mp"></A>


I did attempt to rename them to

<A id="mp-wm"></A>
<A id="mp"></A>

as well as

<a id="mp-wm"></A>
<a id="mp"></A>


I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong. The offending page is here http://www.starscream.ca/transfan/shrine/masterpiece.php#mp


I can be found in IRC under the same name here. - Thanks

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The only thing I can think of, since all the other Targets seem to work fine, is changing the name to something that is not similar. It looks like the browser is finding the first "mp" and going to that and ignoring the rest of the word. If you change the second "mp" to something like "03" (as long as you don't already have a 03 as a target), it should work.

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Oh, that makes sense.... I will try this.


edit: the change did nothing. I changed it to "masterpiece" and it still refuses to go to it.

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