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OOC: Been really depressed lately, and that's just eaten all my creativity. Furthermore, because I took so long again, everyone has a no-time-limit Trick-or-Treat and Christmahanzakwannikuh event request. Just send me a PM (or include it in a post or say it over Discord) and tell me what request you want for what character and I'll write it in. Also, I decided to move a thousand miles again- this time back to Pennsylvania. No idea when I'll start or complete the move, but I'll do what I can. Check out my Patreon and tell me what you want to see different/additionally/etc.


The Discord link is this so if anyone needs to get a hold of me (please get a hold of me! the more I'm interacted with the easier it is to force myself out of depression and into creative production) then come on in and yell at me or ask questions or whatever pleases you. There are both voice and text channels, because I know how some of you feel about revealing information about yourselves (some of you I know better than your families and also some of you sent me candy from your own countries so we had to trade addresses- thank you for the yummies and games and everything else!) but you don't have to do that there. Just show up and talk! Just think of it as a streaming OOC.


@Zeditha: It would probably be more in tune with the double/triple post rules to stuff everything in the same post, but I'm sure no one would complain once they see your already-written explanation.


@Emeelia: I know they can see color and from a distance, because how else could they catch flying stuff with their tongue? Also I just love your pic of your slime [url=https://www.deviantart.com/art/Slime-V1-0-632816092]you drew[/url].




@Avisk: (unlocked: dog sounds) The slime's companion went up and started circling, but whatever it was that it had seen it didn't know. Maybe more food? The hot light the slime made was starting to get annoying- it did this again? It remembered the pain from the first time, and confusion of how it was even able to survive to begin with. That wasn't something it wanted again! Did it really need more food right now?


@Aster: Where did the other slime go? The one that the slime was trying to watch and keep an eye on, that might be posing a danger to Small? It was right there... but now... the hot light was getting worse, but something else was happening too. Wet was coming from up, and that wasn't a direction the slime had been paying attention to. Up-wet was starting to get worse quickly, and almost out of no where just like the hot light did. Also, as the hot light spread more, it wasn't as dense as it was the first time. Maybe this wasn't the same kind of hot light as the first one.


@Venus: (unlocked: bird feathers, goat-head thorn) The pokey things were organic, or at least most of them were, and so when the slime absorbed them, it succeeded and the pokey bits weren't poking anymore, and the slime's hunger was slightly lessened. Hunger? That was an important thing, wasn't it? Food is eatable! Was there more nearby?


@Tch'ah: (unlocked: green eyes, blonde fur) Hmm. This slime was interesting, and the same texture, or close to it, as another slime the slime had eaten earlier, but this one was... it had a lot of information, but somehow it wasn't really... the slime wasn't learning much. It also tasted bad, but it dissolved within it so quickly that it didn't really mater... much? Something moved nearby. Not that nearby, only somewhat nearby. Something that glimmered with a shine for a moment, then it didn't. It happened when an air moved towards the slime from the shine. What was that, then? But then the slime's vision started to fade, and everything got darker, eventually blocking out the shine. What was this now??


@Dewdrop: Frightened, the slime had gained an entirely new sense! Everything around it, or at least in its current ability, burst forth. There was blue up, and to one side there was another blue but it was to the side, and it had a white edge that was coming towards it very quickly and it was HUGE!!! Below it was brown, and the brown stretched as far as the slime could see. It was bright and painful, and as the slime took... forever, really, to get used to this, it noticed a few things were shiny. Almost as shiny as the giant blue shape that took up half the sky that was coming towards it again. The first one didn't hit. What was this?


@Tellin: (unlocked: kangaroo rat) Whatever this thing was doing, as the slime's eyes were not able to see things very well or in any sort of detail, it wasn't sure. But this creature was organic and luckily it didn't move very much at all even when the slime started absorbing through it. The texture of the outside was soft, and below that layer it was soft and somewhat shifty, and below that it had a lot of hard thin parts. But that's when the slime, because it got closer (even though it had dug inside) with the remainder of its form, that it learned why the creature hadn't escaped. There was something VERY sticky the thing was on, and now the slime was, too. It didn't seem like it could pull itself off...


@Zeditha: Morning came earlier than the slime wanted. It was so noisy! Strange sounds she'd never heard before were all around her, but down. Opening her eyes and looking, only the dim light from the up illuminated things... that wasn't right. There were white orbs on gray sticks as big as the green she was on, but they were bent and broken, and those were brighter. There were strangely shaped creatures with misshapen limbs standing around her, looking up at her, squawking in their own way. She didn't understand; not like she understood most other animals anyway.

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Character Sheet Proposal

Name: IPUNCH. 

Starting DNA: Mantis Shrimp (Stomatopoda).

Starting Location: The beach.

Description: a small, fist-sized clear slime

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OOC @ PossiblyInsane: Character sheet approved. And you're already in the Discord!



@PossiblyInsane: "One Mr. Bubble Eyes, please." The scruffy-looking man bought a vaguely man-shaped ice cream on a stick from the snack bar. Opening it, he saw the bubblegum spheres that were supposed to resemble eyes were misplaced and of differing sizes, becoming uninterested in his treat right off the bat.

"Get out of the way! There are other people in line, you know!"

The man with the ice cream man got out of the way, shambling off to the side, tossing the trash on the ground, which blew off with the sea breeze. It was sunny and early afternoon, but it felt like a desert.

The man bit into his ice cream, immediately hurting his sensitive teeth. "What the hell? Since when is ice cream cold!?!" he rhetorically asked no one, throwing his ice cream almost like a football player would score a touchdown, into the nearest trash can. Not that he was trying to throw things away in a proper place, he just needed to use it as leverage as he drunkenly wharfed his lunch in after his snack.

What he didn't know, what no one knew, is somehow yet another slime sample container was hidden in the refuse, and the ambient heat absorbed into the trash can's metal frame and the coldness of the ice cream caused it to crack open on top, making a jagged hole running the canister's length. That's when the ice cream, wooden stick embedded within it, and ferocious coating of exuberant ralph-ation entered as well. The slime inside awoke...




@Ipunch: ? The slime came to life, coming to consciousness for the first time. The first thing it noticed was that it was warm a lot, and it was in an inorganic smooth cylindrical shape, but painful things it couldn't eat were on top of it. Before it could attempt to learn or understand anything of its surroundings, they changed. Something painfully cold and frightfully sweet attacked it from above, and then something even wetter and also organic came into contact with the slime.

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Warm good. 

Can't move through hard. Move around.


Cold bad. Move away.

Hard. Can't move through hard. 

Cold hard can't move. Cold hard very bad,


Cold-bad-eat-sweet? Cold-sweet good-bad?

Confusing. Eat sweet. No claw. Grow claw.

Sweet cold. Hard-can't move. Very bad. Confusing. Anger.


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@Ipunch: (unlocked: blue food coloring, red food coloring, bull tail, hooves, bovine skin) The slime began to absorb the cold-sweet, and it made the rest of the slime colder as it did so, but the heat from the inorganic it was apparently stuck in helped to counter it. The two temperatures merging and fighting within its slime was an odd feeling, but that's also when the slime realized, by consuming something, that it was hungry. Hungry? Allowing its slime's surface tension to decrease and the stuff to fall inside itself and dissolve made the hunger not as bad. Its instincts told it that it could destroy things near it if it did a thing, and it instinctively tried to do it, but it didn't have the body part needed.

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Yawela from Petadoptables


((Previous posts, for context:

@Yawela: It was almost totally spherical, from what the slime could tell, but it was... the slime wasn't sure on detail. But getting up to it, it felt rather than saw that there was a thin, hard, spindly thing sticking out of it, and the rest of the thing had a strange texture on it. Organic! It was definitely organic. But where was that other thing that the slime decided was also a slime? It wasn't sure.

Yawela figured, if it was organic, it was worth eating. She set about absorbing this new substance.

@Yawela: (unlocked: sycamore seed pod) The thing was soft- surprisingly soft- after the slime dissolved the outermost layer of it. It burst open, and crumbled. It didn't explode, it just fell apart so instead of a nearly perfect sphere, it was a collapsed one. The slime wasn't able to feel the center of the thing yet, but it did feel the softness of the stuff. It was actually kind of itchy!

<disgracefully short post from me>

Most of the itchy organic round thing was consumed, so absorbing and dissolving the remainder of it didn't yield any new anything. That itchyness was starting to spread, though, and quickly! The slime had to find something to rub itself against. Preferably something hard and rough. But trying to use the ground beneath it was not useful, since it shifted when the slime did.))


It wasn't long before the itchiness overcame her hunger, and Yawela decided she had to find something to rub against. Using her three new sense orbs, she looked around hurriedly, hoping something nearby would probe useful. There was something in the direction the itchy-orb had come from that seemed promising, so she headed towards it as fast as she could, and began to rub herself against it. Hopefully that would relieve the nasty itchiness!




Dianora from Magistream


((Previous posts:

@Dianora: The slime had injured itself sufficiently and got turned around enough that it confused itself and wasn't aware of its own damage. It was still scratched deeply in many places, especially its mouth. The broken-off organic stabby thing had satiated its hunger, but only because it hadn't been able to heal itself for some reason. In fact, the slime's extended glowy thing was even starting to retract into the head it initially came from. What was going on? The slime didn't have much time to think about that though, after it lost its footing and fell into a hole that... nope. It was too dark down here to see how to get out... The slime was even more injured now, and it felt wobbly.

Dianora tried to crawl towards the light, desperately, but it got darker... Was her glowy thing getting dimmer? Whatever it was that was happening, she lost the strength to keep climbing, and collapsed into a little pile, exhausted.
---*some time passes*---
Dianora woke up. She was in the bottom of a hole, softly illuminated by the glowy on one head. She moved the two heads experimentally, and they seemed to work fine. She wasn't hurting any more, but she was very definitely hungry! She remembered how she had stretched out the glowy before, and wondered if doing that would help her get out of the hole. She began stretching one head, but it made her even hungrier, so she decided to look around instead. Picking a direction at random, she slimed around, looking with both heads for anything that she could possibly eat.


@Dianora: It didn't look any different than the inorganic the slime felt all around itself, but when it was touched, it felt organic. At least it had a taste! It was flaky and brittle, and soaked with wet and... inorganic grains? It was like the organic stopped being organic at some point and started to become something else. What was going on here? The slime was consuming some of it, but getting the grains lodged within it at the same time. Luckily, the absorption let the slime have a little more room to move around, finally.))


Dianora decided that as long as it was something resembling organic, she would eat it. Plus, the extra room definitely seemed like a good idea. The inorganic grains didn't seem to be causing a problem for now, so she turned her attention on the organic bits, consuming as much as she could.



Zeditha (from, well, here)


Zeditha coiled back as best she could atop the green pole, wondering what to do. The grey-pole brights weren't too blinding; that, or her eyes were adjusting. Zeditha wasn't sure which. She turned her attention to the creatures below. They were certainly strange. Most of them were close to the same shape, but they were different sizes and all sorts of different colours and patterns. They were making noises at each other all at once, which was starting to get annoying. They seemed to understand each other, but Zeditha had no clue what they meant. Deciding that understanding was the best way forward, she leaned down, maintaining her grip on the pole but spreading her wings for balance, and clacked gently a few times.

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Put context posts in italics.

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OOC @ Zeditha: I'll await you to post for your slimes like discussed over Discord.




@Yawela: (unlocked: itching powder gland) Moving around in no particular direction, the slime came to a bumpy inorganic thing with a forward-curve to it that felt good to rub against. The texturing on the thing was perfectly bumpy with smooth parts, and stayed nice and still as the slime smashed itself into it with everything it had, for whatever reason. Whatever this thing was, it felt so good that even the itchy parts inside the slime seemed to soothe themselves! Finally, the slime could concentrate on finding more organic. It knew that where it came from had more...


@Zeditha: The strange animals made even more noise, and scampered in all directions. Usually whenever creatures did this around the slime, it went on the hunt- but each of these were individually bigger than it was, and there were a few of them... the slime didn't have confidence that this would be a good idea. Time for a new approach, or maybe a total lack of it. Maybe escape is a better idea. They were made of food, but this just wasn't a good idea, and the slime knew that. Plus, most of the things around here didn't look organic, so what was the point in staying?


@Dianora: Really, not that much organic was gained from consuming this grained organic filling the rims of the hole, but it did give the slime enough room to move around, or turn around at least. Something glistened nearby, but the slime couldn't tell what it was. It wasn't there anymore. Then it was. Then it moved, and was gone. As it left, the slime couldn't help notice that there was some sort of organic residue left by the glistens.

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   ((Ah, no worries Viirin! I know the feeling of having that immense blockage in your head. Hopefully the holidays have cheered you up! (They better, that's what they're for, hah hah.) I don't really know the details of the holiday events, so don't worry about me; or assign something random if you like consistency, I don't mind! I'm just happy the RP is back on the move.~ On that note, I can't remember if Tellin is aware if he can grow things or not, so I assumed he doesn't and is trying to figure it out. (For the same reason, he isn't growing anything yet unless you remember the last time he sprouted something?)))


   Tellin happily consumed the organic when it didn't even so much as twitch. He felt like he was bloating up, but didn't care that much; food is food, and food is good. Plus it made him bigger! If he was bigger he could eat more! The variety of the organic he was eating also fascinated him; thins strands on top of wet squishiness, on top of thin things? The thin things were like rocks, but organic. He didn't know there were organic rocks!
   He happily sank into the organic, absorbing each layer in different combinations, lingering on the "organic rocks" as they took longer to absorb. By the time he had sunk a hole into the organic and consumed most of it, he found that his rump was stuck. Odd... it didn't feel like anything grabbed him. He reached forward, absorbed some more of the organic, then rested happily in digestion. Once that clump was gone he reached for the next; except his front didn't move. He tried a roll, but was fixed into place!
   AAAH! He was stuck!


   Tellin panicked, vibrating violently as he fought against the sticky force. His foolish desire to eat made something grab him! He struggled against it, trying vainly to escape, spitting out some tar onto the substance in a mad attempt to fight it.
   Oh no! Sticky plus sticky equals extra-sticky! Now he was really stuck!
   Tellin learned about compounded effects, and in doing so he felt incredibly stupid. Of course his tar wouldn't fix the sticky! His meal couldn't get away, and now he couldn't either!
   The slime struggled and struggled, before finally collapsing in defeat. All of this energy was making him feel weird with how full he was. He sat there, and pondered for a while... what could he possibly do? His pincers were stuck, he was stuck, the tar didn't work... Wait. He recalled a peculiar sensation inside him before he discovered his tar. Could it be..?
   Tellin was having an epiphany. That thing had to have come from somewhere! It wasn't something he absorbed, because it didn't go away. It just happened. Could he make another bubble happen?

   The slime tensed...
   and he tensed!...
   and he thought REALLY HARD about bubbles!...

   and nothing happened; but he did feel a bit hungry again. Well, this doesn't solve his problem at all!
   Tellin resorted back to eating. Even if the sticky tasted bad, he had to either get off it, or get it off him! He would avoid consuming his own tar though, he knew that wouldn't be a very pleasant snack considering it came from him and not another organic.

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((From now on, I will be updating my characters in alphabetical order.))


Dianora was still very much hungry, so she absorbed all the organic she could from the residue, testing the area around until she was sure it was all gone. The direction the glinty had come from seemed promising, and she found she was able to move that way, so she did. As she moved, she found more organic residue, which she gladly ate.



Yawela decided that heading back seemed like the best option. There had been organic back there - and there was one which seemed to be a slime, like her! She set about sliming back. As she moved, she was distracted briefly by a few small organics here and there, which she paused to absorb before moving forward. It wasn't long before she was back at the big organic. She could see something moving about; it seemed to be stuck? It had two long, flattish things on it. Was that the other slime? Perhaps it grew those. Sliming herself closer, Zeditha captured the edge of one of the flattish things and began to pull, initially attempting to help the other slime. But as she pulled, Yawela couldn't help but begin absorbing the thing she was holding onto.



Zeditha made a disappointed meow as the strange creatures left. She would have liked to learn more about them. Part of her wanted to pick one and follow it, but she knew it was time to leave. she coiled herself back up on the pole, to see if they would come back, but they didn't. Zeditha jumped into the air and flapped her wings, quickly becoming airborne. She was good at that now. Looking around, she didn't really want to head back the way she'd come. That had been quite a long way! Instead, she picked a direction at random and began to fly. It wasn't long before she was away from the big things, and closer to more of the huge green-and-brown organics from before. Something small moved below her, and without thinking, she folded her wings and dived, snapping them back open at the perfect moment to capture her prey.

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The formless slime simmered in irritation as its body remained unable to do the thing it should do, lacking as it was the hard punching thing it should have. To rectify this insubordinate affront of its body's failure to punch, the slime attempted to form the newly assimilated confusing cold-sweet thing into a far less confusing hard punching thing. And then punch with it.

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OOC @ Squirrel: Usually holidays suck a lot, but this year one reader of my book sent me a huge box of fudge and snacks, and a player here bought me a few games, and one of my other friends bought me Harvest Moon, and I bought a bunch of stuff too. Thanks, Steam Sales!

Also, if you go on the Discord then you'll find the "event" page is pinned and you can read all the details of all the events. You get: Christmahanzakwannikuh, Halloween, and Thanksgiving event rewards. One each! Also yeah, I don't remember Tellin ever growing anything, so you're spot-on.


Everyone gets one each for each character that's active (including Sevak).


@Zeditha: Your eyes are suited to underwater sight, not above-water, so go ahead and extrapolate my meaning.




@Zeditha: The creature made a wretched squawk of some kind, one she wasn't familiar with. Looking at the animal caught in her clutches, it was something she already knew, as it was part of herself, something she got the ears but not hearing of. It was a mottled brown in color, and seeing and sensing that there wasn't anything wrong with it, the slime thought twice, for some unknown reason, about consuming it. Maybe it shouldn't? But it was now rather heavily injured and probably couldn't survive long on its own anymore, so there wasn't much to do besides eat it. Black things strung between the green organics, and those looked good enough to perch on.


@Tellin: The slime had severe difficulty in stretching any part of itself around at this point, even to find the rest of the original sticky that bound the slime, but it was able to find and consume it all... probably. The slime's exhaustion lasted for quite awhile, but eventually it felt itself not feel sticky on its outside anymore, at least. It felt the inorganic that was stuck to it because of the sticky fall off of itself!


@Yawela: (unlocked: ribbon) The thing tried to get away as the slime pulled on it, but the slime was strong enough, or maybe had absorbed enough of the thing to get it lodged in itself, to keep it from escaping. It was... inorganic? The organic on the bulbous part of the thing was finally able to be tasted, and it tasted sweet. It DID taste sweet, but then the sweetness was absorbed and out of the thing poured gritty inorganic into the slime's insides.


@Ipunch: The slime was able to pool its strength and newly acquired biomass into a shape, though it didn't feel hard at all, like it should. It felt gooey, and punching the smooth inorganic didn't make any difference. More of the cold-sweet glurped against the slime, but the outside part wasn't as cold as the rest of it was, as another flavor was touching it. A hot-temperatured acidic taste.


@Dianora: The residue wasn't solid at all, but liquid and salty and warm and partially, even this quickly, absorbed into the ground. But there were little grains of organic leading the slime forward, and it very quickly found something that HURT A LOT AT ITS FRONT! It felt something cold, and organic brush against it, then it felt the OUCH THERE IT IS AGAIN!

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Zeditha gripped the creature in her paws and flew up to the tall thing, settling on it to eat her catch. It wasn't long before it was gone. Licking the last traces of the creature off of herself, she looked around for where to go next. The collection of big things was still interesting, and Zeditha really wanted to go back and find out more. But seeing nothing of particular interest there, she looked around once more. The big up-glowy was near the ground over in one direction, so she took off and flew herself towards it. Perhaps it was something good? She somehow thought it wasn't something she could get close to, but it was at least something. There were more of the big brown-and-green organics not too far away, but she decided to stay above them until something more worthwhile appeared.


Yawela released the thing. If it was inorganic, then how was it still moving? She poked around to try and find any more of the sweet, but whatever traces there were lead nowhere. Disappointed and disinterested, she continued trying to head back to where she was before. There was another slime like her, and also lots of food! She was still hungry. As she moved, something organic touched onto her from above, and she grabbed it. There were several small, almost pointy bits. They moved a lot, but Yawela could hold onto it, and she began absorbing it. While that was absorbing, she moved around again, and was distracted by another, bigger, organic thing, which she followed.


Dianora recoiled back, unsure what to do. The hurty was bad, but there was something organic... And she was hungry. Carefully, she extended one dim-under back towards it. Maybe if she moved slowly, she could get at the organic without being hurt? OUCH - nope. She sat back, scared. If she couldn't get food, she wouldn't be able to get out of this place. Maybe she could ignore the hurt and get through it, like with the sharps? Somehow she didn't think that would work so well, but she was out of options... She decided to go for it, making a quick rush at the organic and hurty.

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OOC: Hi Viirin! Glad to see you're back, but take all the time you need to get better. Also, I'd like to move Vulpine over here from Magistream. I know I haven't posted there in a while, but I'll be able to be more active with the character from here.


The up-wet was coming down hard and fast, quickly covering Aster as thoroughly as if the slime had submerged itself. Fortunately the preen oil that the slime had covered its feathers in some time ago did its job, preventing Aster from actually getting wet, but all the cold wet hitting the slime was still uncomfortable, and did chill it somewhat. The temperature did seem to be getting lower overall too. The third slime, the unallied one, was . . . confusing, with the way it would appear and disappear. It was really really fast, or . . . something . . . ? Aster, who was fairly swift itself, had trouble tracking it. The slime had even thought it had left for a while.


Aster wanted to get out of the wet. As it searched the area around it for other slimes, and waited for Small to join it in the air, it saw that the wet would slide off the thick green tops of the tall organics, like it did to its own body. Did the green parts of the tall organics know how to make oil too? If Aster went there, it might not have to deal with the wet falling on it. The slime dove slightly in midair and landed in the middle of one the tall organics, where the brown began to fork into the green. The slime could still feel a few drops of wet, but over all it was much drier there. After making sure its coat of oil was intact, Aster called out to Small to make sure the friendly slime would know its location, and then began chewing on some sprigs of food growing on the tree.



Vulpine's last few updates

@Vulpine: (unlocked: skin tannin) The slime's injuries were still hurting, and they were taking a surprisingly long time to heal. The slime felt as though maybe it might be... too internally dry to be able to heal itself properly. Had that happened before? No. There didn't seem to be much of any wet anywhere around either, and as the slime waited in its coil for the pain to go away, the air got colder and colder and the everywhere else got darker and darker. Eventually it was almost impossible to see, and felt frigid! The slime was starting to worry for its survival it was so cold.

@Vulpine: The slime's injuries had more-or-less healed, though grit was stuck in some of its wounds and its external slime had incorporated it into the outermost slime-shell for the most part. It was uncomfortable, but at least the ground itself didn't hurt as much. Then again, maybe it was because it was colder...? It wasn't as easy to flex or move that part of itself though. Looking around, the slime could see that the reason it was able to see as well as it could is because there were tiny glowing things up in the up. There did seem to be one or two things that might be glowing far off, though. The same direction the slime had come from, unfortunately. Well, mostly. Kind of off to a side.


@Vulpine: The wings were complete after all, but it didn't seem to make a difference in terms of getting to the lights- they were up, and around- all over in the dark- but no matter how much faster the slime moved, or how high up it went, it didn't seem to get any closer at all. There was something else though- something small, moving below. It reacted to the light in an interesting way.. no. That wasn't it at all. But the slime did see something small with lots and lots of limbs coming out from below a heavy inorganic not unlike the one the slime had hidden under. It wasn't the same one, that one was far enough behind it now.

@Vulpine: The slime's bulk wasn't as... effective at encapsulating the creature as it had thought it would. It felt strange, pulling itself along the slime's underside in its escape attempt. The slime's own mouth had caught the creature's front end, but it didn't seem to make much difference. It still writhed and squirmed, and it was really uncomfortable now being where it was. It wiggled even more, its hardened outside scratching the interior of the slime's mouth.


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((Viirin's back yay :) also, I think I would like to bring Sevak back... I miss him lol))




Avisk was already in the air, struggling to actually fly. These wings were wonderful, but flying wasn't something the slime was used to really at all. It spied Unsure up a bit further above it before the slime kept calling to ensure Avisk was not lost. Up-wet started to fall too as the hot lights got worse. What now? Wait, and where was Unsure!? Unsure was just above Avisk as it flapped more trying to gain altitude. Smoke started to sizzle off the slime as the up-wet hit the scale-nettle network that produced the hot-light flames.

The call sounded again, and Avisk returned the chirrup. Down. That meant landing. But it also came from green things that weren't hot-lighted. And somehow preventing the up-wet from bothering them it seemed. Flying was getting harder too as the up-wet got worse. The wings weren't made for up-wet flights. Alright, so down. Landing. Avisk circled around, chuttering to itself as it tried to figure out how landing was properly done. It didn't want to hurt Unsure.

Avisk tucked the wings inward a bit and started to fall toward where Unsure was. Avisk called out, trying to warn Unsure that it had absolutely no idea how to land. Unsure came in to view as Avisk crashed through one of the large green things and rolled somewhat. Its wings popped back out instinctively, slowing Avisk more and allowing the odd creature to almost land properly. It ended up slightly slamming its odd body into the large rounded thing near where Unsure had landed but a different one next to Unsure. With an angry shake, Avisk chirruped again to Unsure as it noticed Unsure was eating.

Avisk ripped off one of the green parts near it, looking downward to notice the ground below. That probably could have gone worse.




((the last update for Sevak))

@Sevak: The other creature paid little attention to the slime's conveyance. Instead, it made more pink spheres appear, and this time when they noised, the light made the organic the flappies were on become bright. The big flappy came down, and dove at the slime, maybe aiming for the wrong one. No, it wasn't attacking. It... landed behind the slime and other creature, a few feet away on top of one of the tall things with pokies, and watched. After a little while, the thing with the small flaps came down, and the small flaps were wiggling their limbs and didn't fall as fast as the other stuff did. They didn't seem to be going anywhere than in front of the slime and other creature, though, barely managing to miss the various stick-outs of sharp inorganic that the slime had not been fortunate enough to avoid when it came down itself.


((The last replay I had for Sevak))


Sevak remembered these little white things as they came down. They were the small white things that had came out of the big hard ovals before and wiggled instead of helping fight Big Flappy. The other slime didn't seem too bothered by either Big Flappy watching or the two small flappies coming down. The slime knew from before the smaller flaps probably wouldn't remember him, as their eyes had been closed when they first met. But maybe sound had worked? And what of Big Flappy? Why wasn't it attacking?

Sevak turned around for a moment, glaring up at the watcher in the giant pokey. Last time they met they had attacked each other, why hadn't this happened now? Big Flappy had an wonderful vantage point to attack both of them. He turned back around, positioning his tail to be able to shoot a web if needbe thanks to his 360 vision anyways. He had originally tried to get help from these smaller flaps. Maybe now that they could see they would be more willing to help both the creatures now?

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Character proposition:

Name: "Chappy"

Starting location: sewer

Starting DNA: Termite

Description: a fist sized glob of clear slime

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Changing details

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The slime immediately disliked the bright, brown stuff so it drew its attention to the blue that imitated the sky above it. Was it the wet? It liked the wet as it it tried to slither towards the blue, pausing as it noticed something attached, probably the thunder as it tested it out, opening and closing it before continuing onwards towards the blue.

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   ((Hm, I looked over the events, and my request for the Halloween one (if possible) would be a Trick to have an acidic/chemical saliva that breaks down iron and its alloys. I didn't have any ideas for the other two, so don't worry about them.))


   Tellin was confused. After several long moments of fighting and absorbing the sticky, it had finally become unsticky. He was tired from all of his unnecessary struggling, and simply lay there for a while, a literal lump on the ground like a pad of clear gel. He didn't feel very good after absorbing the sticky on top of his previous meal, but expected the feeling to fade away over time, just like the sensation of hunger that came before it. After a few minutes the lethargy of being so full settled in, and his focus started to slip away. He felt pretty safe... the sticky didn't try to eat him back, so he must be safe. He'll just lay here in the gloom for a bit. If he's lucky, another snack will come around by the time he's hungry again!

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@Avialae: Figured out what was going on. You're eating a scorpion, but it stung you, so you're poisoned. The scorpion's front end is inside your mouth, but it got you with its tail. Not sure if you're blind or not though. I mean, probably able to see based on how I wrote stuff but maybe the 'front end' was just referring to the direction it was moving and you making touch-based assumptions. Anyway, you can respond to the most recent post to Vulpine.



@Silver_Hatake: It wouldn't be long now. The wire mesh over the sewer grate attached to the sidewalk's curb was nearly entirely broken, bent down almost into a downward arc aimed at the sewer's widened tunnel. It wouldn't be long, until the rain made the decayed leaves and soggy paper fall in a clump down into the sewer. Below, on the ground of the wash itself, was a slime canister, resting on a broken 8"x2'x1" board.
The rain dislodged the clump of foliage and it came in a single cluster down the wash, and fell on the opposite end of the board. The mostly-empty paint can beneath the board provided just the right angle to make this something exciting, if anything was around to see it, which there wasn't. The canister was flung upwards and at the cement wall the leaves had come from, and the glass vial shattered.

The slime inside came to life with the addition of air, and fell into the cold putrid water below.



@Aster: (unlocked: concord grape skin) The thing growing from the organic the slime was hiding in to stay away from the wet, while watching the hot lights go away, was very bitter! A flavor the slime hadn't grown accustomed to. Looking around, there were other things stuck around in the limbs of the organic, and not far away was another strip of that black flat on the ground that the slime had seen once before. Was it the same one, or maybe a different one? It wasn't sure. But before it could get distracted any further with this, the other slime that the slime was waiting for had appeared, and almost crashed into it! Some of the thinner organic parts on the limb were broken off and fell into the hot light below, but as the lights were weakening, it didn't seem like anything would happen because of it. The clumsy slime the slime was friends with opened its wings and landed on a limb below the one the slime was perched on.


@Zeditha: The up-glowy on the edge of the horizon was going up more and more, almost taunting the slime. Laughing at the slime that it couldn't be caught... or at least not yet. But with more light, the slime was able to notice something off to a side, in the direction of a tall green organic, was some white puffy coming out of it. The slime remembered that it saw something like this a few times before... but should it investigate or avoid it?

Something else caught not the slime's visual sense right away, but its sense of smell. There was a big thing with mostly flat edges on the down going very fast along the black, heading away from the tall things it had left and heading towards-


@Chappy: The slime felt awake, alive! For the first time, once air contacted it, it now became an independent life form, and conscious. Not conscious in a sapient manner, but instinctual one. It felt itself go forward, not feeling anything except movement within the air. Then it felt something hard, inorganic, and rough, and it slammed into it somewhat painfully. Then the slime felt itself go down, and touch something cold and wet, and it had a flavor to it that was yucky. Then it went down, and the slime was fully covered in the yucky wet. It had thought it felt something organic above it, but it couldn't feel it now.


@Yawela: (unlocked: sand bee digging instinct) The slime was getting more and more of the grainy stuff stuck all over it, and it still wasn't able to expel all of the stuff it had gotten inside itself. It was almost as if there was now a hole inside the slime, and a path out as well, all coated in the inorganic grainy innards of the thing the slime had thought was alive but wasn't. Maybe this next thing wasn't organic either, even though it looked like it was? It was funny. The parts of the slime that touched, or got close to touching, its slime that touched the inorganic was actually able to move easier, for the most part. It wasn't shifting as bad now that it was covered in the grainy. The organic it was following kept moving quickly, faster than the slime could. Then the slime realized something- it was going up. It was so focused on that, that it didn't even realize it found the big first organic it found.


@Dewdrop: Something inside the blue was left for the slime, and the blue went away and got smaller and flat. The thing that the blue left was some sort of slime, just like the slime, or so the slime thought. It could be seen through easily, and it was a funny cylindrical shape. Inside, there were little shiny things, but the slime couldn't figure out what it was. The shape fell over on its longer edge, and when it did, some of the shiny inside spilled out onto the brown. But that wasn't the only strange thing the slime noticed that the blue left for it. Nearly touching the shiny was something that made the shiny start to... melt? It was white and a strange shape the slime couldn't identify. It couldn't even tell whether or not it was organic.


@Sevak: The big black flappy came off the tall green thing, and went up. Another black shape appeared on the ground and followed the up-flappy and they both disappeared, moving faster than the slime could hope to. The small flappies flopped and wobbled around on the ground and started moving their heads, aiming upwards with their movements. What were they trying to do? Whatever it was, the other slime that had helped the slime get the flappies down started doing something, and looked like it was going to eat the little flappies the slime had so much interest in!


@Tellin: (unlocked: glue trap glue gland) As the slime waited for something edible to come to it, it couldn't help but notice that the ambient temperature around it started to decrease, and not by a small amount. It continued waiting. It got even colder. Maybe the slime would have to go search for somewhere warmer, and maybe with some sort of organic, since nothing came to it by itself. Something touched the slime from above, but then it was gone. Was something beginning to happen, or was the slime just hungry again?


@Avisk: (unlocked: mangrove leaf) The slime saw the other slime, and managed to avoid it, but smashing into the main part of the organic wasn't something that felt good. Tearing off and consuming some of it was something that helped it begin to recover its strength and satiate its hunger though, even though it was a very minor benefit. Other things were stuck on the edges of the organic, but an even bigger pile was spread far out, and piled upwards to a long peak. Holding itself against the organic started to feel warm, and backing away from the main part and walking out onto the limb was a little better. The hot lights below were nearly gone, and the wet from up was mostly avoiding the slime because of the green flats on the other limbs above it.


@Dianora: The hurty was not very big... maybe a little under half the slime's size! Now that it was smashed into, the creature didn't move, and it didn't make more hurties! The slime knew the only thing it cared about right now, maybe the only thing that ever mattered. Not only that, but the area the organic was in didn't have another way out, and it was a bigger, wider, circular shape. There was other organic around here, but only on the bottom of the new shape the slime found.

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@Viirin: thank you~ I plan to add more to it once my creature transforms itself significantly again.



Slime had no idea that it was possible for its senses to be removed! It was frightened that it couldn't see, but was still relieved that at least it could feel the object beneath it. Yet... slime considered this a serious liability. Maybe it ought to consider creating alternative ways to sense danger coming from afar, in case its sight went away again (or even, unthinkably, never returned! don'tthinkaboutitdon'tthink-) Slime shuffled cautiously towards where it had seen the shine, nosing around with its beak.

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   Tellin was becoming uncomfortable, and having something small poke him from above made him shrivel up into a tight ball. Cold and pokey! Did something crawl over above him? Was it water? He couldn't quite tell if the thing was liquid or not, but this impeding cold was making digestion slower, and wasn't very pleasant anyway. Unaware of his growing size, the slime tried to move to a warmer spot, consequently getting the remaining pieces of the sticky he had absorbed onto him. He was too tired from all of the consumption that he didn't bother absorbing them, leaving the benign pieces be, instead continuing to inch away from the cold spot. Part of him was curious as to what it was, prompting him to pause just outside of where the cold thing dropped on him, wondering if the cold would follow, or at least come into his blurry sights. The foolish slime thought he could absorb at least a little more, provided it was new and interesting!

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Zeditha decided that since nothing else around seemed interesting, she had no choice but to head towards... what? The tall-puffy, or the fast-smelly? She initially decided that the fast-smelly was worth following, but it very quickly became obvious that she wasn't going to be able to catch it, so she turned her attention instead towards the tall-puffy. Zeditha wanted to know what the puffy was, and where it was going; so she flew up towards it. It took a while, not that she minded; by the time she got to the tall green thing, the up-glowy was noticeably higher. She was close enough now to tell that the tall-green wasn't like the smaller green-and-brown organics she had been flying above; it had a very different texture. Although part of her wanted to rest now, this didn't seem like a good place. Instead, she moved higher up, to look at the puffy. But wherever she saw some puffy, it was gone by the time she got to it. Did it not exist? She tried to get to a few more bits of the puffy, only to have them disappear, before moving away and clacking in frustration. What was up with this stuff?


Yawela {iceplant, not tree}


Dianora decided not to do anything else until she'd absorbed all of this organic. She needed to heal, and she needed to stop being so hungry! It was nice to sit and not have to worry about hurties or pokeys or sharps for a bit. When she felt ready, she moved around again, searching for more organic. This new shape seemed to have many traces of organic, so she picked one at random and followed it.


(I will edit later, wanted to get this up)

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@Tch'ah: Was it close? Was it far? The slime only knew it was shiny, but only sometimes. Whatever it was, and whether it was the right place or not, the slime couldn't know. But it did know that it felt sticky now, all over itself, and it got inorganic stuff from the ground stuck to its bill. When it jumped and landed, it got stuff stuck to its feet and the parts of itself that hit the ground too, and it felt squishier than usual too. But then the slime felt something organic above itself, but not a single thing. More like a bunch of small things that all tasted the same, with slightly pokey bits in their centers.


@Tellin: The direction the organic that fell on it went was... that way. It was definitely that way. What and where it went, the slime couldn't know. But it did find something else that was organic, and tasted pretty interesting. Something hard, but somehow lightweight since it could be moved and even bent. Having the thing against itself and pushing on it, and feeling it bend and stay the same shape as the slime was an interesting feeling at the very least. It had traces of another flavor on it, that the slime couldn't figure out how to identify, not even slightly.

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Undeterred by the change in temperature and taste, the slime continued angrily punching the goo, assimilating more in the process. If the smooth inorganic would not yield to punches like it should, then the slime would simply punch everything else in it's immediate vicinity.

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the slime absorbed the pokey things, them no longer poking as it absorbed them. It kept absorbing until there were no more, and the slime felt something it had never felt before. Anger? Sadness? The slime decided it was best to move on, slowly crawling along until it bumped into something. Food, maybe? The slime eagerly absorbed the substance, it peeling off quite easily.

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   Tellin wavered a bit, before proceeding to crawl... well, it was more of a roll, in the appropriate direction. When he found the other organic he felt a surge of curiosity, and bumped into it. This was new... he knew of liquids, and solids, but not a solid that was soft like a liquid!... Or was it a liquid that was thick like a solid? Whatever it was, he pushed into it to try and absorb it, only to have it conform around him.

   At first Tellin was frustrated by the lack of cooperation the organic was giving, but after a while he started to have fun with it, learning how malleable it was over time. He was also discovering a new flavor, but without any proper idea of what other flavors were, he had a hard time comparing them, nevertheless envisioning something close enough to describe this new flavor. Already so full from consuming so much, however, Tellin only absorbed enough of the organic to taste it occasionally, with this same ignorance making him uncertain if this organic was even good for him or not. He began to forget about the first organic, or the cold that poked him, and instead oozed up and over into the center of this new organic, sinking into it. He felt very comfortable and happy, in this little well of tastiness! Maybe he could just relax and digest for a while, until he grew hungry enough to absorb this thing properly.

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