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OOC @ Everyone: I'll do updates later today; but I got some other stuff to do first. Send me a PM of each of your character descriptions; I hired an artist and she's going to draw all of you. She's the one that drew Avisk.

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OOC @ Everyone: Sorry! Sorry. Lost my main artist (not the one that draws slimes, the one that draws the images for Azure Wyrm's version 2 and also redraws my comics... so in addition to everything I'm doing already, I have to do all that art now too. So, I'm even busier than usual.)


@SoulKing: Please post at least two lines from now on. I wanna get a better understanding of your slime's behavior.



@Teethy: (unlocked: bull tail) The slime wasn't able to pull all of the new organic into itself, but it took what it could as it continued dissolving the other stuff which was now luckily nearly gone, and continued. The organic didn't taste half as good as the slime anticipated from its strange shape, but at least it was different from what it had found so far. Very different. The slime felt the wet pull on it and push it away, but it was able to finally get inside the wet this time, and quickly be pulled deeper and into some silty ground that the slime sunk into frighteningly enough.


@Crell: The not-really-electric giant black shape kept moving, but it wasn't moving down; it was moving away. It wasn't moving quickly, though. Other things floating on top of the wet distracted the slime. Whether they were organic or not, the slime couldn't tell since it wasn't touching them to find out, but there were other things besides the big dark moving thing. The slime could see further down, too, but there didn't seem to be anything of note.


@Aster: Whether it was the same pile or not, black was now on top of it, but not so much that it was truly buried. It was a thin layer of black. But it was definitely a pile- a really wide one! The black strip had some gray walls at one point not far from where the slime lifted off, and there was some other sort of... blockage? keeping the pile... on one side, it was flat...ish. But it was rounded on top, the pile was, and it was almost at the same level as the black strip. On the other side of the gray wall, the ground dropped off there kind of far, and there were pile...parts? there, too. But there also looked like a big giant hole, bigger than the slime ever saw. But the hole was sideways. At least the slime found the right direction to have gone?


@Selim: (unlocked: pasta) The sharp parts of the inorganic hurt, but they only caused minor injuries, easily able to be healed by the organic the slime was absorbing from the thing. The inorganic was roundish, and there seemed to be even more organic of the same kind inside the thing, whatever it was. It tasted highly acidic, but wasn't injurious.

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Zeditha grabbed a few pieces of the black in her paws, figuring she could eat them once they got wherever they were going. She kept flying above Runner; some of the black from the big blacks was getting on them both but she figured that since it was edible, the worst it could do was weigh her down a little.


Realising she was a little hungry, Zeditha ate the bits of black, and went over to the big blacks to eat some more. It had been a while since she had been really full. It had also been a while since she had grown anything, and this registered as bad. If she didn't grow, she would end up unable to fight off things like Angry. She found a firmish part of a big black (one that let her sit on it and didn't crumble away) after a few tries, and started thinking about what she could do.


((This is where I look at the sheet and go, 'what have I already grown?' I think some kind of list of grown parts would be useful. For Zeditha, I'll list the things myself:

Fire ant cheese gland (hooked to mouth, I think), rabbit ears, housecat tail, packrat legs, peregrine falcon eyes/wings/beak/feathers.

The list isn't nearly as long as I expected it to be xd.png

Anyways, let's see what I can do with some things... How does euthasol nettle spores sound? Or perhaps a bit of a toffee trap? Perhaps some oyster-shell armour would be a good start...))


After some serious thought (keeping an eye on Runner, just in case - she didn't want to be left behind) Zeditha found two things she could grow that might be useful. One was hard, and she thought a coating of the hard stuff under her soft-scales could stop things like what Angry had shot at her from being as harmful. The other thing was a combination of different release-things, and she wanted to put it in her tail.


Zeditha decided to start with the hard thing. However, instead of just covering herself with it (which would restrict movement, which was bad) she decided to replace her scales with the hard stuff. That would be easier to grow, as well as letting her move, because she wouldn't be growing too much extra. She made sure the scales would be shiny, because shiny was nice.


While that was growing, she began to work on the tail-thing. It would let something out that drifted about slowly, but once something touched it, it was nasty. (paralytic from the nettles and poisonous from the euthasol... would probably take touching about one 'puff' of spores within a small timespan to get a paralytic effect, and three-ish in a slightly longer span to get a significant effect from the euthasol. Just my guess; I could be wrong about the concentrations though.) She grew out her tail a tiny bit more, as just slime, to give a space for the puff-thing, and then grew a small hard-thing circle around where she wanted the puff-thing to be. Once all the hard thing was grown, she would grow the puff-thing.


Once she had started all of the hard things growing, Zeditha noticed that Runner was moving away again. She immediately took off from the black thing and flew quickly to catch up. She spotted a hole, but decided to hover for a bit and continue growing for now. Once Runner decided whether or not to go in the hole, she would follow.

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OOC @ Zeditha: Stinging Nettle isn't spores, it's really thin needles.

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Avisk watched Unsure drag charred pieces of wood over the hot hurting black thing. Multiple pieces. What was Unsure doing?? Watching more, the pieces were laid out specifically and with purpose. Unsure stepped on them and continued a bit before getting onto the other side of the black hurting thing and flying off.


Avisk tried it out, nearly falling once when it tried looking up to find Unsure. Unsure and Kind were flying away. Without it. It couldn't watch them fly off and walk without danger. They were easy to walk on, but looking up distracted the slime enough that it did not really know where it was walking. It looked ahead, focusing on crossing the hurting black wide thing so it would not fall. It crossed the black wide thing, poking the black again to see if it had cooled. It hadn't, but poking it did not cause nearly as much harm as setting a foot on that.


Looking back up, Avisk could no longer really see Unsure or Kind. Well now what? Searching the sky still, it almost thought that it could see Unsure dive down a little for a moment before gliding away, but looking a little closer showed absolutely nothing. Avisk had taken too long trying not to get burned by being careful. It was alone again. The slime called out, a distress and slightly angered mix of packrat and pelican call.


Avisk didn't want to be alone. It liked Unsure and Kind, yet, it seemed now to Avisk that they didn't. Then fine. Avisk had been alone before. It had lived this long, it could do so again. But it had also a better chance of survival with friends. Although- the slime started to move along, heading straight ahead without knowing where it was going to end up- it had held up Unsure and Kind without wings. They could fly. They had flown off without Avisk, and probably were better off without a completely grounded slime to worry about.

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((I know it's needles, I've been stung enough times xd.png

However, I unlocked its poison gland. (Look at the sheet, it's there.) Basically I'm just coating mushroom spores in the nasty substances.

Did you intend for me to unlock the needles instead? I'm fine with a bit of editing to make euthasol stinging nettle attack instead of euthasol nettle spores, just tell me which you meant smile.gif

Actually I would prefer the needles. It would be a more effective attack.))


Zeditha heard a noise from back where she had come from. Flying a little higher and towards the noise, she managed to make out a familiar shape. It was Small! Small couldn't fly and now Small was being left behind. Diving into a turn, Zeditha barked at Runner to get their attention and tried to communicate 'wait'. She used her paws and motioned at Runner, then the spot where Runner was. Then she flew off again; she had to help Small.


((Tune in next time, when Zeditha will actually help Small xd.png))

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The slime shifted and tried to squeeze into the inorganic to get to the rest of the organic. The inorganic would hopefully shelters slime from the bigger organic. Plus something deep in side the the slime said to hide under something. The slime tried to hurry as it felt the grainy inorganic flying on it.


((What is pasta?))

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Teethy felt himself continue floating down. Assuming more creatures would be here. Teethy then felt something jag through him, a sharp pain. Needles began to cover him as he writhed in agony. Teethy then felt a small hole in his front, having these in the gap.

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Aster was pleased that it had found Angry's pile again, or a pile, any way. And it looked really big! Much bigger than the first pile, at least from what the slime could remember. It looked like it could feed the three slimes for quite a while, even given their increased size.


Taking its eyes off of the pile below it, Aster saw that Big had joined it in the air nearby it. Aster turned its neck around to get a good look at Big pass just below it, not used to seeing other slimes this way. Then, suddenly, Big flew upward a bit, then turned around, folded its wings, and dove in the opposite direction. Aster made a wide turn to see what Big was so excited about (its wings couldn't seem to turn as sharply as Big's could) and realized that, although the slime had tried not to go too far away from where Small was below it while it flew up to check its surroundings, it had somehow managed to drift away from the flightless slime nevertheless. Tucking its wings in, Aster began to head towards the ground in a shallow but swift dive towards the ground. As the slime neared Small and the ground, it had the sudden urge to twist around and land with its neck on top of Small - where had that come from? - but it suppressed the urge. The slime might not understand why it suddenly had the instinct to do that, but it knew it would be bad for Small, and Small was a friend now and Aster didn't want to hurt its friends.


Aster landed on the ground near Small, who was calling out again. Aster made the squeaking noise that it had made when Small had done something similar in the past. It had felt right to do it before, though it felt a little less now with the aggressive tinge in Small's tone. Aster then set its gaze to the sky, waiting for Big to land. It wanted all three slimes to be present before they started moving again.

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Yes, new players can still join.

I just finally got Dragcave's activity log dealt with.

Active players I didn't write down in the following list.

The list below shows players whose slimes deserve to be permanently killed and eaten and their unlocks can all pass to whoever eats them.

Why do they deserve this? The player was inactive since posting for at least a real year.

Look below...


Backup77: sept 25 2014

silverphoenixx: aug 7 2014 (3 days to go)

melomancer: june 26 2014 (Cull the Numbers)

mrspyro: jun 20 2014 (Cull the Numbers)

coryn02: july 1 2014 (Cull the Numbers)

colorcodedchaos: aug 11 2014

alexisV: sept 8 2014

darkshinylugia: sept 22 2014

polaristar: jan 30 2015 (quit directly)

alexander drake: apr 12 2015

sparrowselkie: july 8 2015

marcus phoenix: mar 5 2015 (quit directly)

archioslukos: feb 14 2015

draco8967: mar 1 2015

durppie: feb 14 2015

lumikkja: july 26 2015

ravencrime: july 5 2015

drakeofbones: apr 7 2015


So if anyone wants to try and rescue these guys, then get their players to come back. Otherwise, they become NPCs that are probably going to die by being eaten (once the year is up! the Cull the Numbers and quit players count). This list is ONLY for Dragcave's current active thread. I didn't include the other threads in this list.

Edited by Viirin

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Wiggling and moving himself around Crell opens and closes his mouth a few times before dropping down towards the dark thing below. Moving through the wet all around him he can feel something inside him grow, filling it makes him drop through the wet faster. Pulling his legs down and almost straight he gets ready to his the dark thing below. The tiny additions to his legs flaring ready to dig in and hold him onto it as soon as he touches.

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Sorry, I didn't receive that message from Viirin. The post is deleted but saved for later in case anything is still useful.

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OOC @ Evil Sethoss: Spaghetti is pasta in the shape of noodles, lasagna has pasta in the shape of a big square that takes up the whole dish, etc. Having "pasta" as an unlock basically just means you can be made out of living pasta, kind of like how Cheese Dragons are living cheese, or Paper Dragons are made of living paper.


@Soulking: Yes, you can start changing your appearance; just keep in mind that parts are useless when first grown because they haven't had the chance to fully develop yet, and you only have so much mass to work with. I'll let you know if you go too fast.



It had happened before. A slime canister had been thrown away- the secret safety and destruction of everything, whether it chose to do one or both of those things or something similar. Something that shouldn't have been ignored or mistreated, yet it was.

The canister was stolen and put in a trash can, inside a backpack, for someone else to come pick up at a later time. But the pickup went wrong, because no one paid attention to when what trash can was picked up by the trash crews!

The trashcan and all its contents were picked up, dumped in the dump truck, and transported out to other places, places that used to be pristine nature, now combined with large amounts of garbage. Upon dumping the load, the vial broke into pieces and slid off other garbage until it stopped sliding and landed where the dark swampwater made a kind of lakeshore with the trash and dirt. Some of the water and algae on top of it got into the remainder of the vial housing the slime within.




@Tch'ah: The slime came to life, feeling the air for the first time. It felt itself begin to slide and fall downwards, at a rapid rate, until it finally stopped. The force of stopping made the slime slush to the bottom of its strange smooth inorganic surroundings, but it quickly felt wet flood in over on top of it, but it also tasted something organic.


@Avisk: The slime had made it across the flat black winding strip on the ground, though it was pretty wide. The other slimes appeared out of no where apparently, since the slime wasn't able to track the air and ground at the... yes it could have. It didn't have to look in only one direction at a time, though how it was able to forget how its own eyes worked alluded it. Maybe because so many things had happened lately? The ground it had found now was cool to the touch, and wasn't the weird black kind. It was dirt. It was used to that! It was also used to... no, it remembered. It remembered the pile from before, but now it saw the edge of an even bigger one further down the black strip. A few pieces of random things were strewn about, and other things stuck on some thin organic things with colorful tops.


@Zeditha: Hardening itself as much as it was in comparison to what it had was making the slime hungry, but not unbearably so since it was growing and converting its cells slowly. Small had gotten across the flat black thing that had felt hot earlier, but hadn't gotten all that far, really. A sound. A loud sound? Something in the up, the same chopping sound from before, but not the painful loud one, was quiet but started getting louder. A dark puff of dark puffy blew up from the area still turning the tall organics black, so whatever was that way wasn't visible now.


@Crell: The thin, pointed part on the back of the elegant giant black thing was barely still in range for the slime to grab, but it was able to get a hold of it. That slow moving giant black thing was NOT slow at all! It moved so quickly that the slime was flung out of the wet and back down into it, while the point of the part it got a hold of was only barely still in its grasp, and trying to stab the slime!


@Aster: The other two slimes were close to each other now, both across the flat black thing with the stripe in it. There were nice green organics there, not black and ruined. Along the black flat thing came some red stuff like it ate before. It came from the noisy shiny thing in the up, much much farther up than the slime could fly. But it wasn't... its wings were really strange. A piece of mostly dulled color flimy flew in the movement of the air, and slapped the slime in the face, making it totally unable to see anything.


@Teethy: The sharp thing that stabbed into the slime was inorganic, but not that pointy. Jagged, sharp, inorganic, but two of its sides were smooth. The rest was just sharp and painful. The slime's own pointy parts began tearing through its slime in one place, adding to the pain. Nothing organic was anywhere near this place, as far as the slime could tell, while covered in wet dust under the wet.


@Selim: (unlocked: tomato) The slime was easily able to get itself into the inorganic thing with the hole, and finally the annoying inorganic spray had stopped. It hadn't felt it for awhile; and there was as much organic as there was slime. The slime's slime that was the slime, not the... there was more than enough organic here, though the slime felt its hard points scrape against the inside of the inorganic.

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The breeze was cooler than the smooth glass that was still beneath it, and also less confining. Instead of the slime bracing itself against the air, the air lightly brushed and then fled again and again while the slime could relax itself, no longer forced into the shape of the vial except for what was below it. Then it was suddenly pushed into an unusual shape by the shock of the force of wet dropping onto it from above. The wet was remarkably like the glass in texture, but not in... structure? The wet slid around the viscous slime, and it relaxed itself in relief. A delicious taste was mixed in with the wet, so the slime absorbed it happily, eating its first taste of organic substance. But then there was no more except for plenty of wet that was constantly jostling the slime from its place on the familiar glass where it had been born. With the hope of having more food, for surely that was its purpose in life, it let itself be moved, bumped about a bit more, until it half-crawled, was half-pushed out of the remainder of the sharp edges of its old house-prison.


It fell, half sank onto shifty mud-dirt. Right half on mud, left half in water with delicious food. Still enamored with its first experience in the waking world, the slime shifted into the water to absorb some more lovely algae.

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Deciding that whatever it was wasn't important, Zeditha flew down to Small. Runner was there too now, which was good. They should stay together. She landed in front of Small. Why hadn't he followed? Was he just too slow? Oh! Small had no wings! That's why he couldn't move as fast. Zeditha wondered if there was a way to give Small wings.


Suddenly, Zeditha realised something. The strange new way she could grow things - perhaps that could help? It seemed, from what she could tell, to grow just one kind of thing. Then, any slime who ate it would be able to grow that kind of thing. Perhaps this was how to give Small some wings?


Zeditha moved quickly in front of Small (well, slightly to the side in case Small decided to move forwards) and started to grow something. It was just a blob really, bright brown (which is green) to contrast the green (which is brown) small-softs on the paw it was growing on. It grew surprisingly fast, and didn't seem to make her any significant amount hungrier. She made it like her wings, and when it seemed big enough, she used her beak to bite it off. It hurt a little, but not much. Then she pushed the brown lump towards Small, with a meow and an eating movement.


((It's cancer. After a little discussion, I learned that cancer can be used to grow a specific kind of growth, with cells of just one kind - in this case, peregrine falcon wings. (or peregrine falcon if it can't be part-specific.) I made it green because I felt like it. But basically, if Small eats that, Small will unlock either Peregrine Falcon or peregrine wings. Also probably cancer. It's a fairly useful way to share unlocks, at least.


Also, woo, barely changed the post at all. xd.png))

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Aster opened its mouth and drew the dull flimsy(?) into it, clearing its vision. Was this thing that had slapped it out of nowhere organic? If so, the slime would absorb it. It might have hurt Aster when it had flown into the slime from out of nowhere, but there was no point in wasting food that was so easily obtained.


Heading over to the other two slimes, Aster saw that the second pile was even closer than it had appeared from up in the air. Some objects that looked like they made up the edge of it were even close to Small, although Aster wasn't sure if they were organic or not. Even if they weren't, there were bound to be other organic things further on in the pile, and the hot lights didn't appear to have reached this side of the black strip. Was it able to keep them away somehow?


Diverting its attention to the other two slimes, Aster saw that Big was pushing a blobby thing towards Small that reminded the slime a little of the thing in the disgusting pile that had given it the ability to take Angry's wings for itself. It didn't look all that appetizing, really. Aster would rather try the other things in the pile. Although, Aster did notice that Big's tail did look a bit different, with a familiar-looking clear part at the end of it. So Big really was a slime. In a way, it didn't really matter now, but Aster had been going on assumptions for so long it was nice to know the truth. Walking past the other two slimes, Aster gestured with its snout at the objects strewn randomly around just beyond them, trying to tell them that they should eat.

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OOC @ Everyone: As requested, I got us a TeamSpeak server.


When you boot up TeamSpeak3, put this in: T304.DARKSTARLLC.COM:10252


Azure Wyrm room password: I_Am_Slime

Edited by Viirin

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((I will be haunting the TS room constantly - in the passworded room, so you know exactly where that is. Feel free to speak to me, I don't bite (although I may be AFK - if I don't say 'hai' the instant you enter the room I probably am xd.png)


Also, it's kinda funny to realise that Runner didn't know Zeditha was a slime for certain until now ^.^))


After pushing the brown (green) wing-blob towards Small, Zeditha looked around. There seemed to be lots of things about, and some of them looked organic. Hey... some of them were in a pleap! She jumped into the air and flapped a little bit. A pleap! Yay! Pleaps were good. Not only did it mean she could eat, and finish what she was growing, but she could hide in it again! That had been fun.


Zeditha began to move randomly, not caring what it looked like She jumped, flapped, and stepped around. She decided to name this kind of movement too - she called it 'dancing'.

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Kind was growing an odd thing as Unsure showed up. Avisk was still slightly miffed that these two had returned. It had forgotten about the selective movement of its eyes. It was so used to watching just forward that it forgot the eyes could move separately for each other. And as Kind made this odd blobby thing, the slime used one of the eyes to keep an eye on Unsure and the surrounding area.


Organics. Organics seemingly everywhere. Unsure was trying to say to eat and Kind was now snapping off the blob. The blob was being pushed to Avisk by Kind, yet, it didn't look too eat worthy. But Kind was adamant about eating this, and it had been kind enough to grow it for Avisk to eat. Alright fine. Bite time.


The slime bit into the blob, tearing off a part of it by using its feet to hold the blob still. It tasted really weird. Not really wonderful. But it forced itself to finish that blob, kind of unhappy about the taste. Unsure was still trying to get everyone back to the pile, and Kind now was moving really weirdly. Why? What was Kind doing!?


Avisk didn't really care to be honest. It was done with the odd tasting thing Kind had created, and moved toward the pile. It moved to one of the definitely organic spots and started chowing down on anything it could find, being careful about the fire part of it if that should start again. Last thing Avisk wanted was to cause more fire.

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Seeing that Small was beginning to eat from the edge of the pile, and Big had . . . at least seen it (Aster wasn't sure just what exactly the largest slime was doing right then,) Aster headed over to investigate the edge of the pile itself. The slime stopped by some of the thin organics with something else stuck on it, intrigued by their colorful tops, and nosed at them for a few seconds before putting both the long thin organics and the object stuck to them in its mouth experimentally.

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((Are you eating spaghetti as you write my texts?))



The slime was very happy to find that there was more organic. It knew that the only way to fight against this organic was to get bigger. There was only one problem and that was that hard points were making it hard to move. The slime pulled hard slowly scrAped the hard points across the inorganic. Now the slime just had to absorb the organic.

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Teethy tried to make a covering over it, to protect itself from painful inorganic. The covering as it developed was painful, with many microscopic jagged things poking out. Teethy also began to grow visual sensory organics on, where it's front should be. The pain from all this was unbearable, and so was the hunger. Teethy needed to eat soon to sustain all this new growth, and also grow in size. (Teethy started to grow shark skin and eyes, the reason for the microscopic jagged things is because shark skin is pretty much teeth. Also, he can't see yet.)

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OOC @ Evil Sethoss: No, but I figure cans of Spaghetti O's would be common in the trash for some reason. Also, the fox is gone. It was digging, but it left. You might see it again way later, but at least your slime knows that huge things exist and can prepare for it. Plus, there is a Cull the Numbers slime I'm planning on you encountering.


@Soulking: Now that's what I'm talking about! Yep. The shape of sharkscale was really important in Medieval times as sword handle covers, so no matter how covered in blood you were, you couldn't be disarmed because the shark leather would cut into your hand.


@Emeelia: Please don't say algae or glass, you don't know what things are yet so you can only describe them smile.gif



@Teethy: The slime wandered for awhile, and eventually came across something rubbery, and salty, but also organic. It had deep grooves in it, but they felt like they were supposed to be there. It floated on top of the wet, when the wet moved down enough to let the slime start feeling the air again. The wet pulled the slime down, and any time the slime started going up, it got pushed or pulled down again. The organic kept appearing and disappearing... but- there! It was there now!


@Aster: (unlocked: thistle) The organic tall thing with the colorful top had a thing that was caught on it, but it looked organic... kind of. The slime wasn't sure until it got it inside its mouth and it got tangled up on the thing inside its mouth and the outside of its muzzle. The thing was definitely inorganic, that the slime knew now. It was kind of like string, but very very slightly blue. More blue. Everything was more blue. Wait, everything's color was starting to change...


@Avisk: (unlocked: peregrine falcon wings, golden retriever legs) The organic thing the slime began to consume at random was the front part of an animal of some kind, that seemed oddly fresh compared to other things the slime had found in piles. Really fresh. Red stuff didn't come out of it, but that only looked to be because it had already lost it all, all over itself. Starting to get through it, there was a really hard part, though not as hard as Angry's floppy fun part. Similar. More similar to what the slime already had, actually.


@Zeditha: The small slime consumed the thing the slime grew for it while it was dancing, but it didn't look interested nor did it look like it enjoyed it. It did it, though. The slime was busy jumping around and dancing, so it didn't really see what the small slime did, really, though at least that was paid attention to. The other slime was doing something else- eating something and playing with it? Jump jump jump. The slime was still bouncing around.


@Selim: The slime was able to absorb the remainder of the organic in the inorganic thing, but there wasn't much left. Whatever there was to learn here, it did. As the slime had been absorbing the thing, all trace of inorganic spray had gone. Whatever that thing was, or how it happened, it wasn't happening anymore and hadn't for quite some time. But at least the slime had dissolved everything it found and was able to have the room to find something else..


@Tch'ah: (unlocked: algae) The organic was really easy to absorb and dissolve! There was a slight trace of some other kind of organic hidden on the top of the wet the slime was in now, but it couldn't tell what it was. There wasn't enough. But there was something! The slime felt the ground and wet, and could tell it went down. The wet was lower than the not-wet.

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