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OOC I'm still writing the update, sorry. A Mormon missionary came over, and instead of preaching, we started playing Dungeons and Dragons every day. He offered, and some of the players already accepted (more information can be found on Discord) his offer- to become a secondary DM for Azure Wyrm so updates come in more consistently!
I haven't gotten to play someone ELSE's roleplay, especially in person, since 1996 so I kind of stopped everything everywhere to be able to game with him. The update here shouldn't take much longer. Thanks for your patience.

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On 7/31/2017 at 12:02 PM, Viirin said:




OOC: As I recall, Vulpine has skunk eyes, which do not have very good vision, especially at a distance. It's also night for Vulpine, but skunks are nocturnal, so that doesn't affect hir much. So Vulpine can see, but not well.




As parts of the tall organic fell down and into the hot light, Aster half-opened its wings, ready to jump in to the air again if something happened to the tall organic it was in. These things could fall over. The slime suddenly was suddenly aware of that piece of information, dredged up from the memories of one of the organic creatures it had consumed. Aster saw Small land on a branch below it and chirped a greeting, but before it could decide anything further, the new slime nearly crashed into it. Aster almost grabbed the small slime with its flexible front claws to stop it from moving again, but unfortunately stop itself as it realized it needed them to keep its grip on the tall organic. It was strange, though. The new slime had definitely had trouble avoiding Aster that time. Was its vision just not good, or . . .


Vision. Something clicked in the slime's brain, and, after concentrating for a second, Aster exhaled thick plumes of purple smoke towards the new slime, altered from the red it had been until just then to make it less threatening, hopefully anyway, until the new slime was completely engulfed by it. Hopefully without being able to see anything, the new slime wouldn't be able to use that incredible speed of its, and it didn't seem big enough to be threatening any other way. Aster was smart enough to realize that this tactic had a chance of backfiring on it, and it didn't really want make an enemy of any other slimes, but it simply couldn't have something darting around too fast to be seen. How could you trust something like that? Keeping a close eye on the puff of smoke to make sure the new slime didn't dart out of it, Aster edged over to one of the other things stuck on the limb of the organic, and, after making sure it was organic, began eating it. The slime didn't want any more of the other thing. Too bitter.




Vulpine tried to force the organic morsel further inside of itself so the slime could digest it faster, but it didn't seem to want to go. The creature had very small ends beneath it that scuttled hard against the bottom of the slime's mouth and teeth, pulling the organic creature backwards at the same time as Vulpine tried to pull it forwards, and at the same time creating a feeling that Vulpine found . . . very strange. In conjunction with the pain on top of its snout, this made Vulpine more uncomfortable than ever. The slime lashed its head and neck around in an effort to get the organic in its mouth to stop scuttling around without having to let it go, finally by sheer luck landing with the top of its head up against the ground, which finally seemed to stop it. Now that the organic that it had caught was still, Vulpine was able to swallow it before the slime became completely numb and motionless once again.




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@Tellin: (unlocked: foxtail weed) The bendy organic finally felt like it began to crush itself under the slime, after it slurped on top of it. Absorbing that what was touching it made even more of it, the altered flavor part, fall on top of the slime, but that too was absorbed. It was harder, and broke apart as it was absorbed, but it had little points that were surprisingly hard, even though the rest of it wasn't. Wait, something else was there, below, maybe hidden within this flavor. Ah! Nope, it was gone. What was it? Where did it go?


@Venus: (unlocked: pine needles, bark, pine nut) The thing the slime found was certainly food; it was organic and durable, dense and light. The outermost layer peeled off in the best description as the slime absorbed into it, or maybe it just absorbed enough that the scales eventually weakened and came off on their own. Either way, the slime had dug quite far into the thing, and it broke in half.

Trying to chase one of the pieces as it kept contact with the slime but rolled away, proved a good idea. Something sweet, sticky, and wet was found on the ground, on top of some other piece of organic that felt soggy and had things moving in it.


@Ipunch: (unlocked: bile, bubblegum ball, sugar gland) Nope! The slime's anger didn't mean much of anything, except the slight tilting of the canister, making its opening closer to the side instead of top. Some of the organic poured over the slime and seemed to disappear into nothing, while it still smooshed its gooey not-actually-a-claw claw at the inorganic. Then the slime felt something else. It had pushed itself out of the inorganic enclosure, and felt itself slurping out, scraping along the sharp edges on its way down and out.


@Vulpine: (unlocked: Indian scorpion chitin) The slime didn't know how long it took to wake up, but when it did, it was painfully bright. The slime had trouble seeing when it was bright like this, compared to how it could see when it was dark. Looking around, it did see some places that looked dark, so hopefully one of those places could be gotten to. There might even be some sort of organics hidden there, which it now felt the need to look for. Something strange near the slime that it hadn't noticed before looked wet. It looked like it might taste good, whatever it was. It was thinner than it was long, and circular. The top of the thing had a hole in it.


@Aster: (unlocked: pear fruit) This organic was a yummy one, as it tasted sweet, was soft, and very juicy. Did Small have access to this? The up-wet continued coming down, and though it didn't have an effect on the slime's purple smoke, it did have an effect on the hot light. The up-wet got worse, as each drop was bigger and colder, and there were more of them coming. Hitting the slime in the face, it thought that maybe it might be best to just wait it out.

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