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Ascension - A Race Against Time

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When man first entered the world, they were all but hopeless. Calling for aid from the gods as their race grew and slowly began to spread across the land. When wars broke out, the gods would aid those who undeniably worshipped them and withheld their loyalty to the gods.

As time passed, man's beliefs shifted from the gods and began to focus on what they called 'science.' The gods were forfeit, placed in stories of fiction and myth, told to children as a means to put them to sleep.

Still, centuries passed and man grew fond of their ability to create... and their ability to destroy. Many wars broke out as one group of humankind tried to gain dominance over another. The gods had been forgotten. Man wished to rule itself, aided by the technology they built and proclaimed they no longer needed the gods' existence.

Finally, man returned to the gods, but not for their aid. No, man sought to destroy the very source of their creation. With weapons unlike any other, the gods began to fall. Soon, they were to be cast down to the very realm they had kept watch over for millennia.

Now, a century after the fall of the gods, you were brought into this universe. Born among one of the planets man had conquered. A god destined to reclaim the throne. Yet, you are not aware of your own purpose. In fact, you aren't even aware that you are a god.

Find me. I have been sleeping, but yet I've been awake, through these years so I might be found by you. You will be trained based on my knowledge. It is time we return man to their place.




You find this note written in your textbook shortly after class had started. It was strange, the characters were unlike anything you had ever seen before, yet you could understand it clearly. When you tried to show your friends, or even your teacher, they looked at you like you were crazy and carried on with their daily lives. You see, only you can see and read it. To everyone else, it's just another page in your book.

As for your brethren, you are spread out across the verse, some of you might even inhabit the same planet. Yet, you've never met before. There is nothing that naturally draws you to them, like in those stupid science fiction books where they have visions of each other or some kind of mental link. No. The only base knowledge you have is the information you have been given in the note. In actuality, you think you're the only one.

Now, as for your powers. With interstellar travel and cross-breeding amongst man, 'gifted' children aren't too uncommon. Of course, nothing even comes close to what you can do, but you don't know that. Your powers have been dormant, only minuscule portions active so as not to overwhelm you mentally when they fully awaken. For example, that little bit of teleportation, you call jumping, you have isn't actually teleportation. It won't grow into you being able to jump to other planets over jumping into your living room from your bed room. No, it's the infantile stage of being able to jump planets to you. Yeah, imagine taking a planet from another galaxy and putting it in your backyard.

Let's see, that fire breathing you can do will eventually turn into you being able to collapse stars. Imagine Earth's sun suddenly imploding and disappearing all because you believed it was too bright outside. Cool, right?

Anyway, yeah, that pretty much sums up that. Looking forward to meeting you in the next year or so. Oh! By the way, there is something out there that's already hunting you. Good luck in your travels.





- No god modding. Yeah, I know you're a god, but it doesn't give you the right to control or overpower someone else's character.

- No instantaneous meeting up out of the blue. Most, if not all, of you will be spread across the universe.

- Normal human characters will be permitted and they will be the only ones you can directly interact with. Ex: Joe (god; played by me) meets up with Steve (human; played by someone else). For now, this will be the only character interaction allowed at the beginning.

- Don't kill another character without permission from the owner or myself first.

- The Seer sees and knows all. Bluntly put, I'm free to change the rules or mingle in the story as I please if I deem it necessary.

- Uhh, aside from that, take the box of cookies located behind you and enjoy! xd.png






- Username:

- Name:

- Gender:

- Age:

- Description: (images are fine)

- Ability: (what is your godly power?)

- Weapon: (a god is only as strong as his weapon. These will become available upon Awakening)

- Personality:

- Other:

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Other Species:


- Spryte: Elven-like creatures, that tend to the gardens and maintain the basic needs of the Citadel. Primarily a female-dominant race, they generally act as maids, but have very powerful elemental abilities. Males, though rare, serve as warriors and guards for nobles and are often cross-bred with humans as to acquire both their strength and vitality.




- Rahgmar: A wyvern beast that resided on the ice planet, sleeping in the ice for centuries in wait of its prey. With a hide tougher than the strongest Earth metals and sharpened claws, it is a formidable hunter. Pressure is it's ally, able to concentrate and condense the air to form either a shield or blasted out in a wave as an attack.


- Schaw: A feline-like beast made completely of energy. Even for its size, the beast is fast and agile, able to round corners without breaking pace. Able to control most forms of energy, it's main variants are plasmids, electricity, and heat.


- Naga: A giant serpentine beast that, like the mythical being of its origin, is able to take on human form. It's scales are like armor and, surprisingly, the toughest are the ones on its head. Varying in size, it's longest form was able to wrap around a full length running track... twice. Besides being able to shift into human form, this beast is able to remove it's very existence from being detected, even through direct sight. Meaning, even in the midst of a battle, the creature can make you believe it disappeared while it sits directly in front of you.


- Ketea: A shark-like monstrosity that has been known in the past to devour moons when it is famished. Years of interstellar travel have cocooned the beast in an armor unlike any other, some say it was formed by misfortunate meteorites that passed too close or the debris of a moon that no longer exists. Within its maw are rows upon rows of teeth, lining down even it's throat. With the ability to govern gravity and an insatiable hunger, not many who oppose this beast has lived to tell its tale.


- Norkah:

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(Seems interesting. But, weapon parameters. Would they be futuristic, or medieval? By time setting they would be futuristic, but gods might still use swords and bows as weapons since they don't need technology.)

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((That is up to you. Swords and bows seem more conventional for the gods, but I'm not gonna set any kind of restrictions.))

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Username: SUP3RSPAWN3R

Name: Alexander Carter

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Description: He is around medium height, with brown hair that seems to always be messy, no matter what. He is paler than most people, but that is typical for people on his planet as clouds cover the sun almost every day. His eyes are brown, with small flecks of gold, more of them congregating near the pupil. He wears jeans and a dark grey long-sleeved shirt most of the time. When going outside, he wears a coat/insulated pants combination (use this as a reference http://www.phdesigns.co.uk/images/omega-suit-hs2-013lg.jpg

for what it looks like, with this color scheme and appearance on the top half http://blog.chron.com/houstongamer/wp-cont...10/CHINA_03.jpg ) as well as insulated boots with plastic soles and three-finger mitts and balaclava and goggles (the things shown in picture 2 as well as the top half of the coat) since the temperatures on the planet regularly reaches -40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, which can cause frostbite on any exposed skin within seconds.

Ability: Telekinesis

Weapon: Single-bladed sword, with a straight edge and forward curving crossguard.

Personality: Talkative and friendly, he finds life on a remote planet interesting, if hard, as everything has to be made on world with little or no outside contact. He has become used to being independent, owning a small house at 17, not unusual for people on his world, though he still attends school, when it isn't buried under three feet of snow and ice.

Other: He works part-time as a mechanic, which is a rather well-paying job, due to machinery frequently failing in the cold.

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((It's funny, cause I'm currently stationed in Alaska. You're approved!))

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- Username:JaylaCaine

- Name: Juliana Bell

- Gender: Female

- Age:18

- Description:Jules

- Ability: The ability to shape shift into predatory animals (mostly the wolf in the pic)

- Weapon: Most of the time she uses what she has in her animal forms. However if in human form she has two daggers that she keeps on her.

- Personality: Juliana is a very mellow person not really getting angry. However if annoyed enough she can become snappish. She is very loyal to her friends and doesn't take betrayal well. She built a cabin for herself when she was fifteen when she couldn't handle living in the city anymore.

- Other: She works at a vet clinic helping them out and when not there takes classes at the school.

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((@Jayla: Approved!


@Ultimate: Yep. As for the abilities, you'll have very minor powers compared to the gods (if any at all, that's up to you to decide).


For ex:

Super's character has telekinesis, which has the potential to evolve into commanding the thoughts and actions of any living being.

Jayla's character has the potential to not only shift into any animal, but also creating a whole new species all together. Simply because she thought it'd be cool.


What I'm getting at is, your character can have similar abilities, but nothing compared to the per awakened version of the gods. If you had a shifting ability, it'd only be partial and not a full body transformation. These characters tend to take on the werebeast title. Breathing underwater, heightened strength, speed, etc.


Hope that helps. xd.png ))

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Alexander walked through the streets of the town, ice and snow crunching under his boots. The wind was picking up, and the flying snow would make it very hard to see. Putting his index finger on a silver panel, the door to his house slid open, revealing a short hallway and another door, to keep the cold air out. Closing the first door behind him, he took of his boots and placed them on a shelf. Pulling of his mitts, goggles, and balaclava, placing them in another shelf next to the boots. He then pulled the zipper on the front of his winter clothing down to his waist, he stepped out of it, hanging it on a rack above the rest of his stuff. Walking into his house, he took out the notebook, with it's strange writing only he seemed to be able to read. He had tried to copy the symbols, but they seemed to just lose all meaning when redrawn. Waving his hand upwards in the direction of a sensor, the light glowed brighter, shining on the open book. It still didn't change anything, no hidden ink layered under the symbols, just the alien writing. Giving up, he closed the book. He brought it up to his room, setting it down next to his computer, maybe he could find something about strange writing hallucinations later. Looking outside the window, he sat for a bit, watching the snow pile up. At least he would have time at home, school would probably be closed tomorrow.

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((Is soon a couple days? Weeks? Months? Years, maybe? I mean, I get you can be busy and what not.))

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- Username: Thaelasan

- Name: Ansgar Willhelm

- Gender: Male

- Age: 19

- Description: (will most likely draw this soon.)

His hair is almost pure white, thanks to the lingering abilities of his godly power. It makes him not only a sort of outcast among social order, considering that the planet which he inhabits is the home of the resurgence of a new, remade Aryan order. Rather than being the most sophisticated simply based on appearance, these insane people are actually unaware of the original Aryans at all. In fact, they're not even called Aryans, but their real name can't be spelled in English quite right.

He has a pale face but it masks a hyperactive bundle of untamed energy. In fact, as a child, Ansgar couldn't be near anything remotely electronic - it would immediately begin to fade and shatter. Worried he was a fury or another demon sent by the gods, his adoptive parents attempted to leave him for dead in hopes the gods would shine upon them again.

But Ansgar, like the lightning of the tempest, is not so easily quelled. His affinity for light and energy became manifest when he began to excel in every class he took. Since he had no true parents, he was placed in the lowest status queue of the Academy for Divine Enlightenment. This, however, did not "faze" the little spark of power one bit. For some reason, he felt he absolutely could not be put down. As such, his overwhelming habit of ecstatic delight at the simplest things - especially things electronic - and his natural sense of wonder have led to the lean yet quick, pale yet bright, and yellow-eyed-when-angry (which seldom occurs) young child.

His fashion sense is in accordance with the rules of the State: A jacket with two bronze button-seams running down it, going across to form the back of a cloak which represents the wind that ascends to Olympus. Pants made of leather and stitched in a special manner. Tough, marching boots though the academy does not have many extracurricular activities relating to them. However, one thing stands out.

Ansgar wears a pair of rubber gloves. The reason is due to his discovery at a young age that he couldn't touch anything without giving it a small but nasty static shock. Unable to control it, the child simply did with what he could do. He's worn the gloves over the years, refusing to take them off whenever asked.

- Ability: It manifests itself in the beginning as the simple ability to cast electric bolts (he requires a source of electricity nearby) like in the image of the God Zeus, or the Roman God Jupiter. As it progresses, its second stage (most likely during awakening) will be the ability to completely turn all electricity in a vicinity (including minor bioelectric currents) to his will. In his third form, past awakening (Zakku will decide when), he will have the ability to manipulate the very electric energy of base components of matter - atoms, and their electrons.

- Weapon: Naturally, in the beginning, Ansgar carries around his trusty bronze claymore, a wicked, lightning shaped weapon which he discovered buried in lightning-diamonds after a storm. A single bolt landed before him and showed him this stone, and also showed him the story above. Undaunted by the deadly nature of the blade, Ansgar wielded the large weapon with ease. It folds - by some cosmic means - into a small crest resembling the seal of Olympus upon his chest. When he needs it, he can call to it. Currently, the blade possess no special powers, and is simply a large, conductive piece of metal. Though probably deadly when used correctly, its just a sword.

Post Awakening: The blade shoots out two living lightning bolts which traverse the length of it and begin to flicker across the blade. The blade extends to form the true shape of lightning, the sound of a storm echoing each time it hits something. The sword's power, however, still relies on the electrical current surrounding it, as electricity - since it is energy - cannot simply be "made" - even by a god at this level.

- Personality: A hyperactive, naïve, and oblivious man with a habit of leaving conversations right in the middle or starting tangents that make no sense. His non sequitor nature is both endearing and confusing. His hair also begins to stand on end the happier he is and begins to "fizzle out" if he's depressed or thoughtful. It's very difficult to either enrage him or depress him, but his moods are just like the storms he reflects. When angry, he is like a great storm, his electric powers untamed. Like the stories of Zeus, the booming lightning he creates makes a sound that echoes for miles, the sound of thunder. When depressed, his sadness is like a small draught in which there is no electricity - unlively and less glorious.

He also enjoys carrying around a small group of sentient electrical creatures he calls Sparks - tiny little bits of electricity that naturally coalesce around him the more the story progresses.

- History: They believe firmly that - due to an event which will be discussed more in depth as the story progresses (zakku, if you want to know more, ask me) - they are the reincarnations and parts of the original Greek gods. As such, they despise outsiders and have used genetic manipulation to change the bodies of multiple people to those of a higher and stronger visage.

All except poor Ansgar, who was unaffected by the genetic mutations which the doctors berated him with. They tried countless tests and scrutinizing calculations, only to discover his body was one of the first - if not the first - to reject the mutation completely and mend all damage done on a genetic level.

As such, during his freshman year at the academy, he became a scapegoat. The other children - whom had undergone the change and had been delighted at their newfound abilities - taunted him, teased him, and cursed him. Finally, they began to become violent towards him.

He refused to hurt them, feeling they didn't know what they were doing. Yet, one of them tore off one of his gloves.

It was their bad luck they did it near one of the planet's generators.

Five bodies were found after a reported electrical explosion caused - according to the engineers who investigated - by one single broken wire. From the position of the bodies, they hadn't been near the generator, however.

They had been blown backward in five directions and instantly fried. All cameras and surveillance equipment in the area was destroyed - their data removed.

Ansgar, crying, terrified, and alone again truly for the first time, fled into the night. He was only fifteen, and had no idea what he was going to do now.

Then, he looked at the sky, which - coincidentally - was beginning to cloud with a storm. These, on this planet, were rare.

"WHAT AM I?!" he yelled into the clouds. "I JUST WANTED TO BE SAFE!"

As if in response, a blast of lightning struck right before him, leaving him unscathed. Stuck within diamond formed by the electricity was a strange object.

He placed his hand upon it. The voice of some unknown creature told him of some fate. The words were strange but also familiar. Afraid but curious, he reached his hand into the crystal.

He grabbed the hilt of a bronze sword, inscribed with the greek letters Alpha and Omega, and in the center, as some sort of joke, the greek symbol for Ohm - the symbol for electrical charge.

The blade made him feel both warm and safe, and he clutched it tightly, falling asleep outside of the dome.

For the next four years, he survived away from the rest of his tribe, avoiding them, using his nimble feet and quick wits to steal what he needed. However, still he refused to cause them harm, though he began to feel the blade in his hand vibrate with anticipation when he had the chance.

An anticipation for a kill long deserved.

- Other: The blade is called Jupiter, the Heaven's Bolt.

Ansgar means "God's Spear." I didn't plan that. I wanted a German name before I even looked for one. They actually had one like that.

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((^ I dig this idea. tbh I was about to relate my character back to the Greek gods too, either Apollo (music and healing) or Hephaestus/Vulcan (fire and smithing), so it might make sense to downgrade one of them to fit into Thaelasan's part of the story. I still can't decide what kind of powers, lol. Do I go elemental? Bend space-time? Revitalize life in anything I touch?


Anyway, I'll be signing up one human -- probably on Alexander or Ansgar's planet -- and one dormant god. Expect the sheets sometime on the weekend! once i decide what kind of character i'm signing up...))

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Moving forward as the snow fell around her Juliana tilted her head a bit as she breathed in. Taking in the scents around her as she stopped for a bit. The crisp clean newness of the air around her as she left the clinic for the day. Turning her head a bit she smiled just as a rabbit bounded from it's place under the bushes moving deeper into the woods.


Walking on now that the rabbit had run off she then turned down the familiar path heading to her home. After she had run off from the city life she had decided the peace and quiet out here was just what she needed. Her feet moving over the worn path she grinned when she caught sight of her house before going on inside.


Taking her coat off and hanging it up on the hook she then moved out of her shoes. Then straightening up she then headed deeper into her home going towards the kitchen where she then began to cook a meal for herself and while it was cooking on the stove she moved to the window checking the potted herbs before moving back to the stove.


Nodding she then began to plate her food before setting it on the table then moving to fill her cup with some sweetened black and jasmine mixed tea. Grabbing her book bag she pulled out one of her text books and as she ate began to go through the required reading only to frown when the writing on the civil war she was supposed to be reading started reading as a letter.


Reading through the letter as she ate she frowned at the content within it. How was she supposed to believe that she was different from everyone else on the planet. How could she be some sleeping god destined for something beyond her thoughts.

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(Filler for the filler god! Posts for the text throne! Or maybe this has something to do with character plot development...)


Alexander couldn't find anything about the writing, just sites that pointed out the steps of madness, which didn't help much. Walking downstairs, he checked the thermometer. It was currently 68 degrees in his house and -43 outside. Usual temperature for winter, it went up to -20 in the summer. He wondered why people ever chose to colonize a frozen desert of a planet. There were rare minerals and strange architecture, and that was just about it. Looking out of the window, something caught his eye, shining in the snow drifts, a single ray of light touching the corner of something. He walked over to the inner door, opening it and closing it behind him. The temperature was dropping as night fell, so he'd have to be quick. Pulling on a white liner jacket, as well as soft inner boots and thin insulated pants, he stepped into the outer clothing, pulling the zipper up as far as it would go. He pulled on the balaclava and fastened the goggles over his eyes. Putting on the hard-soled boots and sliding the openings at the end of the pants section of his outer gear over top of them to keep out the wind and snow, forming a tight fit around the boot. Pulling up the hood of the liner jacket and tightening it around his head, he then pulled the hood of the outer suit up. Sliding on liner gloves and then the outer mitts he pushed open the door, closing it quickly as he waded through two feet of snow, pushing it aside to try and find what he was looking for. He saw a glimmer of silver, and pulled out of the snow. It was a long metal box, thin and straight. He couldn't open it, so he took it back inside. Not bothering to remove his outer layers, he tracked snow to the table, setting the box down on it. As the light hit it, he saw a line of symbols written on the metal, similar to those in his notebook. They read 'Open When Ready', a cryptic message he didn't really understand. Ready for what? He never was a fan of mysteries, life had been normal before weird stuff started to happen when he turned 12. He started to show signs of some sort of telekinesis, moving things without even trying to and causing glass to break or crack. Now weird alien boxes covered in alien writing were appearing at his door, and the telekinesis was getting more powerful. He could move tables now, and lift chairs into the air. Luckily he had control over it, for now. Removing his outer clothes and placing them in their places in the closet, he made a quick dinner, eating while looking at the odd box.

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- Username:voltage

- Name:Matt

- Gender:male

- Age:17

- Description: (images are fine) http://galleryhip.com/evil-anime-guy.html

- Ability: (what is your godly power?) Shadow manipulation, before knowing all he can do is sense someone's presence when in the shadows within 300 feet of him and he is also able to make them bend and shape to his will even able to make them look three dimensional though they aren't strong enough and things don't get damaged by them. After he learns about his ability he will be able to change the solidity of shadows as well as use them like portals eventually becoming strong enough to make an area completely dark by moving shadows to the location.

- Weapon: (a god is only as strong as his weapon. These will become available upon Awakening) matt usually would have either a katana with him but when he is without it he has 3 throwing daggers.

- Personality: Matt is a very shy and somewhat blunt guy. He is often by himself trying to stay away from people that he hasn't known or watched enough to trust. He is one to sit in the back and watch others converse to see if they are trustworthy. He is a very loyal and protective guy as well though willing to do anything to protect those he calls friends.

- Other: He talks to his own shadow a lot, he makes it 3 dimensional and it seems that he can hear it speak though no one else can. He calls his katana dorcha ceangal which means dark bond, though he usually shortens it to dorcha which is just dark. He also works part time at a pharmacy on his home planet where it is mostly tropical.

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((@Thael: Approved! 'Bout time. XP


@voltage: Approved!


In relation to the Greek/Roman gods, that's where several characters might believe they originated. The Seer, my character, is the only one that truly knows their origin. Now, as the Seer, my character knows everything from past to present and has even predicted what the future holds. Of course, the future is never set in stone, but he/she can see the various paths that have been forged. In a simple manner of speaking, time is his ability. In fact...))


The Seer. It was the name bestowed upon me by the last God before he fell victim to the weapons man produced. I had warned them of their potential fall, but they showed pity to the humans, believing they had returned to seek their aid once more. Of course, that had been a likely time line, but the humans selected the fall of the gods. Orzeydius was the name of the deity who bestowed my name and he was the last to fall to man's weapons.

I had been a coward and hid myself within the confines of time itself. My true ability is the control of time. Yet, it is not an ability I am at liberty to use freely. Our code, the code of the gods, restricted my powers for the fear that the universe itself would collapse.

A galaxy, much like the one man originated in, once existed where creatures of chaos once lived. Their future held torment to the rest of the galaxy. So, I ripped its time away, watching as it crumbled into a nonexistent subspace and then fade from existence entirely.

Now, why is it I do no go into the future and view the future myself? Or why do I not return to the past and change the outcome? Because even a god cannot change what has already been written. Allow me to explain. Imagine a watch with a dial that allows you to adjust the hands to the appropriate time. Now, imagine the clock is at 12:00pm, midday. By turning the hands counterclockwise, I am only reviewing what has already happened. A hour has passed and it is now noon again. Nothing has changed. Now, turn the hands forward. What has happened, then? Nothing, right? You can only assume what might happen, but the choices you make vary. As does the future. Man calls it the butterfly effect, where your choice determines the future you have. Such as that cookie you stole from the cookie jar led you to become a thief or helping that old lady cross that street turned you into a police officer or traffic controller.

As the Seer, I can only get glimpses of a possible future. What I see now is grim and neither man nor god benefits from the outcome. I wish to change this, but I can not control the choice you make.


((So, my character, their ability is kind of confusing. It's time, but not time at the same time. They can view a potential future, but they can not travel to it, nor can they travel back in time to change what has already happened. Also, they have the ability to age anything to its death, in simplistic terms. This includes aging a planet until it's very core shuts off and the planet deteriorates. The Seer is actually where man derived the Grim Reaper from, as time is man's enemy. On top of all that, the Seer is also capable of 'reversing' time on an object, primarily something living. So, take an elderly woman, he can revert her age to where she's a teen again, but it does not revert their time. For instance, this same elderly woman, now turned into a teen, was 94 years of age. 97 was the age set for a natural death. This means, this newly found teen only has three years remaining left on their clock.

Everyone has a clock, including the gods, and the Seer, if they wished too, has the potential to eliminate everything. Why not do that then to end this chaos? Because the Seer can remove life from existence, but they can't bring it. A quote I found fits it perfectly (or I'd like to think it does):

"Life asked death,

Death, why do people love me, but hate you?

Death responded,

Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth."

So, in essence, since time is technically death, the Seer's ability is a painful truth. Don't know if that made any sense, but I hope I explained my character pretty well.

Also, when you meet my character, they are going to be very blunt and pretty desensitized. So... this ought to be fun to RP out. I usually do quirky, energetic characters, but the Seer...))

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Matt sat at the table in his worn down pair of shorts, they were faded but they were his favorate pair. He rubbed the back of his neck as he had his shadow standing next to him. His deep black shirt and the position almost made them seem blended together as Matt had what seemed to be a one sided conversation. "Yes I know no one else understood the writing. No I don't remember writing anything like that in my notebook before unless you did it. Yea yea that's what they all say you can't fool me forever." Sighing he turned his buddy back into a plain shadow. He stood up and went into the fridge, he got a glass of orange juice and made himself some toast. Living alone was rough at times but liking to he alone helped. Matt took out his notebook and opened to the page with the strange language again, still being able to read it as clear as day he spoke the sentence out loud in English not knowing how to pronounce the other language. Matt looked up "can whoever is keeping an eye on me send me any sign as to what this is?" He wasn't sure about god but he did believe in a higher power. Being unsure as to what may happen he pulled out his throwing blades spinning them on his fingers as he listened to the many species of birds sung on this island.enjoying the bird songs matt began eating his breakfast still goancing at the page to study its style of writing.

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145 years before the events of the roleplay, a large, yet brutally, mainly dry and uninhabitable planet hung in orbit around a much more massive sun. It was, at the time, the only planet in that solar system and was actually a bit of a shock to human scientists when they discovered its existence. Instead of creating multiple planets, the cosmic dust left over from the death of the current sun's predecessor created a single, solitary planet.

This planet - if it had some sort of sentience - would have had the ability to not know that there was a colony ship of humans being launched from the nearest neighboring planet of Europias. Europias was one of the first planets colonized by humans, and, as to be expected, was mainly inhabited by colonists from Earth Europe. As always to be predicted when a new country or colony is formed, there must always be a civil war. The current era technology, however, made it much easier to simply abandon the chaos and get on with life. In this case, a group of German Europian immigrants, a small band of religious fanatics (which were now persecuted after the apparent death of the gods), a very small bunch of prisoners who had managed to pay their way onto the ship, and a team of highly intelligent, human scientists had decided they were very much done with how things were going on their planet and decided that they did not have to deal with it anymore because they had a ship. This also meant, according to natural psychology, that they were going to have to find a way to deal with each other until they could find a suitable planet where they could each make their own homes and not deal with each other again.

We call this process diversity. We also call this process civilizations. We can also call it pretty petty when it comes right down to it but it's how things are done and no one can change it.

In this case, the religious fanatics had begun a religion where they honestly believed mankind was meant to ascend to take the place of the gods. The scientists actually agreed with them, causing a small lapse in the fabric of reality because science and religion had finally come to agreement when that never should have happened. It never should have happened because then the following began to occur.

The German immigrants and the prisoners obviously did not enjoy each other's presences. Thankfully and fortunately, the prisoners were a band of religious fanatics in disguise who had been arrested for being religious fanatics. One of them also spoke German.

Through this, the religious fanatics and the prisoner fanatics began to scheme as to how they could begin to convert the people aboard the ship to their religion. The answer came in the form of one of the books of Greek and Roman mythology, and in a book regarding the Second World War. However, the German immigrants surely would not be pleased to know that they were joining a religion based on a race which had made them into monsters for an entire war, shaming them. But, instead, the fanatics made something of it, and the Germans were able to agree with it, as well as the scientists.

However, none of them could have expected what happened next. Either it was fate or that lapse in reality from earlier, but the colony not only managed to find the large planet mentioned much, much earlier but also landed upon it just as the planet had stumbled into fertility.

It's not really known how it finally happens. A planet, dry and arid with only a sparse bit of water, suddenly begins to swell and storm due to either its magnetic polarity or its sun. In this case however, the planet showed that the "sparse" water it had was actually deep gorges of seas, vertical oceans which had finally been affected by the sun's heat to a suitable amount.

As the colony ship landed, a single lightning bolt struck the ground directly before them, destroying the thin crust covering a large and beautiful underground cavern.

The dry exterior of the planet was a shell created by thousands and thousands of tiny, bonded meteorites, pulled to the planet due to its massive size. Instead of doing what science said it should do and orbiting the planet, the meteorites had decided to break the rules and make their own planet around the planet. It was then that the religious fanatics had an idea.

"This is a sign." he said quite predictably. "The colony ship shall now be our Olympus. We, the priests and the scientists, shall live happily there and devote our lives to the gods who brought us here."

One of the German immigrants held up a finger.

"Er, not to be rude, but eh... where shall we reside?" he asked politely, concerned.

"Do you not accept the lush, fertile ground that is below us?" the priest asked accusingly, stepping forward. "Look upon it! It's glorious and beautiful! It is a gift from those who already ascended. It is your trial! Now, we will not leave you to die. We shall use the technology of our scientist brethren to make you evolved. You will be able to survive. Then you will prosper. Is this not suitable?"

"...It... it is quite a lot to take in." the man said after a moment. "But.. I suppose.."

"Good!" the priest yelled.

The world began to move. Years passed.




A storm yet again blew overhead. A young teenage boy, almost of adulthood, ran across the terrain without pausing for breath. He had a mission to complete. He had planned this for years.

Today would be the day he escaped the aforementioned planet. He had been here all of his life, a child both beloved and ridiculed for who he was.

Why he was leaving? To be honest, he had no idea. He felt too cramped in this place, for one, and he had nothing but terrible memories of it to show for his experiences.

All in all, good reasons for leaving.

His name was Ansgard Willhelm, an orphan, and a boy with a very unique skill, a skill which he would use now to get him safely off of the planet. He knew, however, that this would not be a simple run-and-go. To steal what he was planning on stealing - which was of course a ship capable of space travel - he would have to do what he had always dreaded doing.

He would most likely have to fight other people. He hoped he could simply rough them up enough that they would run away, run far from him.

So that he could run far from them.

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((For those who are interested, the Seer is a female and this is what she shall kindly look like:

The Seer

I'll give a more in-depth description of the Seer later, but for now...))

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(Let us add more post! Planet history lesson, activate.)


120 years ago, man had reached the very boundaries of their space travel abilities. Unable to proceed and unable to return, a group of explorers landed on the ice world of Izclath, White-Clad in the language of the natives that survived there long before humans had arrived, vanishing into history and leaving behind small memories of their empire. The world orbited a small star, right on the boundary of hospitable, between the lava worlds and dead rocks. Small towns formed, dedicated to mining out artifacts and a rare metal that was a crucial catalyst in quantum-speed computing. These towns grew to cities, which spawned more towns and villages. This world was lower-tech than more settled planets, with some villages far away enough from large cities becoming almost tribal, using furs and leather and living in underground homes heated by fires. Other towns near the population centers benefited from the abundant resources of the cities, having fully climate-controlled homes and outdoor clothing made from advanced weatherproof textiles and extra-insulating fabricated down. This difference in wealth and technology could have caused many civil wars, if war was possible on the plane, with unpredictable blizzards and temperatures that fall incredible quickly at night. So the planet held war off, and eventually the two sides separated to opposite ends of the planet. The tribal half still held belief in old gods, while the more advanced side remained atheistic.



Alexander woke up early the next morning, staring at the ceiling, curved for strength so it could support the weight of heavy snow. Standing up, he looked outside. A sheet of ice coated the road, reaching blue fingers onto the houses. Ice was bad, worse than snow. Not only was it a nightmare to remove, but it meant it had gotten very cold, cold enough to fuse the small snowflakes into solid lumps of ice. Checking the thermometer, he saw how cold it really was, somewhere around -126 degrees. Incredibly cold even for this tiny snowball of a planet, permanently in the shadow of a larger but less dense moon, a rare phenomena, as the planets always orbited in tandem, the moon shadowing one side during their day and the other in their day. Walking downstairs, his feet felt numb, even inside the house. He had slept in his clothes, not bothering to change them. He opened the closet, pulling out his winter clothes, both sets, one in a larger size to be worn over the other. Pulling on the liner jacket, pants, and soft boots, then putting on the outer suit and liner gloves, as well as the balaclava and the hard-soled boots, popping the plastic sole off and leaving the insulated shell. He refrained from putting on his goggles. Next was his final layer of defense, another down filled suit, this time large enough to be worn over everything else. Stepping into it, he zipped it up. Putting on a second balaclava over the first and tightening the strap of his goggles, he pulled on the outermost boots, this time with the plastic soles attached, and two pairs of mitts. He pulled up the hood of his liner jacket and both hoods of his inner suit, then both of his outer suit, giving him the appearance of some sort of yeti. Finally ready, he opened the first door and then the second. Barely able to move, he walked slowly over to a small shed, taking out a heated saw meant for cutting ice. Flipping the switch, it started with a whining crackle he was barely able to hear with five hoods up over his head. Placing the tip into the ice he cut away at it, removing the ice sheets and sliding them away. After about 20 minutes, he had cut a rectangular path from his house to the street. An icy wind ripped through the town, driving temperatures down farther than they actually were with windchill. He was glad he could afford the extreme winter clothing, or else he might be stuck inside as ice piled up around the house. The microfilaments in the outer wall could melt some of the ice away, but not all of it. He slid forward, skating in the spiked bottons of his boots, the points leaving small scratches in the blue ice. He extended one hand, concentrating, a fissure appeared in the ice with a crack like a gunshot. He couldn't break ice yet, so he still had to do it manually. He set to work, slowly cutting up sheets of ice, and lifting them clear with his power, working to clear a path down the road.

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(Just FYI I did edit my last post.)


After she finished with her dinner Juliana moved her dishes over to the sink and carefully washed them. Lately she had noticed that when she was stressed her nails would sharpen and become almost like claws. Even now with her trying to remain calm her nails had already sharpened and scratched across the plate she was cleaning. Moving her hand back she then glared at her fingers seeing only two claws.


Wiping her hands dry and inadvertently clawing two slashes in the cloth she went back to her book. Looking through the letter once more she then left the kitchen going to her study. Sinking into her computer chair she then turned it on before she began to research. Trying to figure out what was going on and if this was a prank or if she should be worried about something. Fingers gliding over the keyboard as she went through multiple link on sleeping gods.

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Matt stretched getting out of his chair. He walked outside needing to relax and think on what that language could be and who sent him that weird message in his notebook. He walked outside into the 80 degree weather. This planet alway has been warm and even in the winter it only goes down to 60 at the lowest. Putting on his fitted hat that was completely black other then a white D in the front. He had made sure to take the book and a pen as well to try some stuff that he had heard about before even if only in movies. He faded into the shadow of his house while he had his eyes closed in thought, when he opened them he was in the shadow of a tree in the forest. Looking around he realized where he was and sighed "this again? How do I stop it I wonder." The birds were still singing though much louder now that he was in the forest. He sat in the lush green grass the small blades felt like tiny feathers brushing against his skin of his uncovered lower legs as a warm breeze blew. Animals of all kinds lived out here in the forest but none seemed to attack or even take notice of Matt some even passing him by just 10 feet away like he was the shadow itself and couldn't move. The rough bark gently pressed into the back of Matt's neck as he lay back looking up his thoughts shifting between multiple questions at once. The lush green leaves blocked Matt's view of the sky mostly but there was a gap between the leaves nearby where Matt would look through to see the clouds which he would name the shapes of as he spoke to his shadow. He was lonely lately as he had moved almost 2000 miles away from his friends and was told to make new ones. Making friends for Matt wasn't very easy as he tended to stutter and get off subject due to shyness which would lead eventually to him running away awkwardly. Matt sudenly remembered the note and opened to it, he was sure this wouldn't work but he wrote back underneath the letter he had received how do I find you, where do you preside?

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- Name: Roxy Locus

- Gender:female

- Age: 27

- Description: Roxy

- Ability: space manipluation

- Weapon: Warhammer

- Personality: Roxy is a drifter. She used to have a home but that was a long time ago. Since then she has been moving from backwater planet to satellite. She is not afraid of confrontation and does not take any censorkip.gif from anyone. She knows something out there is calling her but she thinks it's just a sense of longing that everyone her age has.

- Other:


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