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When Empires Crumble

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A long time ago in the world of Dimlenatiya, much of the world was unknown except for the main continent. This is where the story you are about to read takes place.


For as long as history itself has been recorded, the races have almost entirely kept to themselves. Borders between the different races and kingdoms were drawn by who inhabited what areas, rather than who had direct control over it. This was not necessarily as fair as it seemed, however. Some races were too small and too weak to secure a realm for themselves and were thus incorporated into the lands of the nearest race.


On the surface, things seemed peaceful for most races but, below the surface, things were tense. The human monarchs were cruel and brutal to one another as well as their own people, seeking glory and riches for their royal families. The humans constantly warred with one another, but this had gone on for so long that the other races had all learned to simply ignore it. They weren't caught up in it, nor did they fault the humans for always fighting. It was simply believed that it was part of being a human.


Centuries went by as the human conflicts pushed the lines in the sand in all directions; kingdoms rose and kingdoms fell. Eventually, the northernmost of the human kingdoms, Senglandia, devised a plan; seeing as how wars had been won and fought for many millennia with no worthwhile results, they looked to the eastern lands where the orcs resided. They were not intelligent, but they were good fighters and had large numbers as well. Senglandia offered to pay the orcs to help them in their wars against the other human kingdoms with food and gold: an offer that the orcs' own greed would not allow them to reject.


For many years the orcs fought alongside the Kingdom of Senglandia. As they lacked military tactics, they at first proved to be nearly worthless on the battlefield but, under human command, they proved to be a far more dangerous and effective foe. One after another, the human kingdoms fell under Senglandia, creating the first human empire in known history. With this accomplishment, the orcs returned to their homeland as they were no longer needed by the Senglandian crown.


However, not all of them returned home as the dumb beasts they had left as. Some of them had paid attention to the human tactics and learned them quite well. These veteran orcs then proceeded to launch a quick but bloody civil war in the orc lands, disbanding all the different tribes and uniting them together under the "Orc Empire"; however, unlike the humans, the orcs turned their lands into a military hierarchy rather than a monarchy.


It wasn't long until the two empires began to feel threatened by one another, so the two looked to lands owned by the other races. For the orcs, the neighboring ogres were a fairly strong race but by no means had a large population. The orcs quickly moved their armies into the ogre-held land, brutally and swiftly defeating the small army of ogres that stood against them.


The morning after the ogres fell to the orcs, the Senglandian Empire responded by pouring its armies across the border into elven lands, hoping for a swift and quick victory, but this was not the case. The elves were a proud race and put up a fierce resistance, heavily stalling the armies of Senglandia by using the forest to their advantage and, despite their far smaller army, inflicted many casualties upon the Senglandians.


The orcs capitalized on the fact the Senglandian armies were busy in elven lands to once again expand, this time into goblin lands, which were divided into many small tribes rather than one united land, despite the maps showing the goblins being united. The Senglandian Empire was uncertain how to react to these events. They were losing to the elves in the south and the orcs were expanding in the East. They needed a new strategy and quickly.


Weeks later it seemed as though they finally had a solution to their problems. The lands to the west had for all known history been separated from everything else by a large range of mountains that were split down the center by a large impassable, unclimbable granite cliff face that seemed to tower into the heavens. Strange creatures, known to the ancient humans as "dragons", had been reported flying in the skies of these mountains as far back as their history was documented.


All attempts to climb this cliff face had failed miserably, costing the lives of thousands over the years. But now they finally had an idea; the dwarves in the far east had steam-run machines, something unique to the dwarves as they were the most technologically advanced. Perhaps they could also build steam-powered lifts to take men and dwarves alike up this cliff face?

And so the Senglandians offered an alliance to the dwarves, promising to protect them from their orc neighbors in exchange for helping them reach the top of this cliff face. The dwarves were at first hesitant to agree, fearing that the Senglandians would not protect them from the orcs once the dwarves were of no more use to them. Though after some time, the dwarves decided that the temporary protection the Senglandians could offer them would be better than none at all, so they agreed.


Several decades went by as the dwarves attempted to find ways to get the Senglandians up the cliff face. At first, they had tried to simply dig through it like any other mountain but found that while the surface was not to difficult to get through, the inner rock layers of the mountain were nearly unbreakable, stopping them cold. After many other failures, the dwarves began attempting to rig their machinery to the side of the cliff face itself; most of those given this dangerous task died in the process.


The war with the elves had yet to go anywhere at all and the border remained almost unchanged; what they had gained in some areas, they had lost in others. In the East, the orcs were preparing to invade the dwarven lands, no longer fearing the Senglandian armies who had proved themselves unable to defeat even the elves. But when all seemed lost, there was a breakthrough. The dwarves had managed to rig together a large complex machine. By climbing up the mountain and bolting large metal rods to the cliff face, they were able to go further than before, rarely falling to their deaths when they fell, as they were able to tie themselves off to these rods, which did not simply pull out of the cliff face like their standard climbing equipment.


As time went on, the dwarves were able to take these rods to the top, using them to climb up and manually carried the necessary pieces to assemble their relatively advanced machinery. In doing so, they created a large pulley system with a large wooden platform hooked to it. This pulley system was able to carry humans and dwarves alike to the top and to the bottom of this cliff face. Though it was a several-hour trip to go either way, it was a breakthrough that was greatly celebrated throughout the empire. The western lands had been opened up to them; they would be able to expand into this uncharted wilderness. Immediately, they began to transport their armies to the top despite the slow and agonizing process. The dwarves had indeed outlived their usefulness and once the Senglandians had learned how to maintain this "elevator" as the dwarves had called it, their alliance was terminated and the dwarves left to the mercy of the orc armies.


As soon as the Senglandians began their expansion westward, leaving the relative safety of the cliff's edge where they still had some kind of contact with their homeland, they encountered an entirely new species. They were magnificent flying beasts that walked on four legs and had long tails, beasts that were able to breath fire without the use of magic. These were the dragons from ancient mythology, the beasts that had been seen flying the mountains. Though they encountered only a few of the many different species of dragons, human hostility led them to attack almost immediately, killing the first dragons they came across. These actions were to be heavily regretted...


Draconic retaliation came quickly and swiftly, wiping out the armies that had been sent into their land within a few days, but they would not stop there. Draconic blood had been spilled for no reason at all. The only reason the dragons could come up with for their death was that they were not of the same species as these invaders, so the eldest of the dragons came together and concluded that some kind of retribution had to be felt. Something that would actually hurt these murders, as it was unlikely those small armies meant anything to a race that simply went around killing.


And thus the dragons began their retribution, leaving their homeland and diving down into the human lands, driving out the human occupiers with a ferocious vengeance. The dwarven-made elevator was destroyed at both ends and the rods in the cliff face were badly damaged as the dragons did what they could to rip them out. The news of a strange invader quickly made its way back to the Senglandian capital, which quickly caused confusion, anger and panic. It was declared that the messenger was obviously playing a stupid prank and was executed by order of the Senglandian monarch. However, suspicion amongst the nobles continued to rise as days went by with no word from the Western half of their empire, until a massive wave of refugees began to hit many of the other cities, causing word to be sent back to the capital, that their homes had been destroyed by flying beasts that breathed fire, in a fury unseen ever before. Panic erupted amongst the nobles, who immediately pressured the Senglandian Monarch to pull some of their armies away from the war with the elves to investigate the stories that had been told. With great resentment the armies were sent but never heard from. The Senglandians sent a small group of their finest knights on horseback to investigate and when they arrived, they could not believe what they saw.


The western half of the Senglandian Empire had been annexed into the dragon realm. There were no signs of the armies that had been sent to find them, not even so much as bodies or weapons on the ground. The knights attempted to explore where they knew some of their cities had been, finding neither their cities or any humans. But they were unable to explore deeper into their former lands before the dragons had became aware of their incursion. Seeing it as yet another incursion into their territory by the humans, the dragons surrounded the knights and prepared to slaughter them as they had the others. Outmatched and outnumbered, the knights offered to talk rather than fight. Talking came as a surprise to the dragons; perhaps the humans were not so barbaric after all.


After days of holding the knights captive and talking with them, the dragons decided to allow the knights to leave on the condition they carried a message back to their empire. A message that is well recorded throughout what would one day also become history, "These lands are dragons lands now. Your race has proved itself hostile to the point we cannot afford to have you on our very doorstep. Leave us in peace and you too shall be left in peace. Attack us and you will know a wrath unlike any you have ever seen or heard of."


This message was received in the capital with great dismay: the seemingly unexplored lands were inhabited by a vastly superior species. A species that they had made foe and thus lost the western half of their empire, this crippled the empire morally as it meant their empire would likely become inferior to that of the orcs with the possibility of one day becoming subjected to orc rule. The bad news was not yet over, however; while they had been so focused on the dragons, they were completely oblivious to the fact that the orcs had invaded and conquered the dwarves.


Orc rule over the dwarves was far more brutal than over the ogres or the goblins, as the dwarven mountains contained much gold and other precious metals, that the orcs chose to enslave the dwarven population completely, forcing them to dig in the mountains for these precious metals. While this was something the dwarves often did on their own, they were no longer allowed breaks and their amount of food was cut down to the point they could only barely survive.


The Senglandian had only one last hope: to finally win their war with the elves. Within hours the Senglandian Monarch signed many decrees, one of which was the creation of the full time conscription, pulling all men and women over the age of sixteen into the Senglandian army "until such a time that a state of war no longer exists." This proved quickly effective as it drastically inflated the size of their armies. They began to go through the elven lands at a quicker yet still moderately slow pace... until the orcs also invaded the elvish lands from the southeast, forcing the elves to divide their forces and attempt to fight a war on two fronts. The war proved unwinnable and the elves rapidly began to withdraw deeper into the forest, fleeing their ancient homelands.


The elves decided that they had only one last chance to retain their independence even minimally. They had heard the tales of how the dragons had defeated the humans with little trouble and sent a small group of their young elves through the Senglandian lines unnoticed. The five of them were not far apart, fifteen being the youngest and seventeen being the eldest. They carried a message to the dragons, who at first mistook them for another human incursion. The elves pleaded for the dragons to hear them out rather than attack them. The dragons at first suspected a trick, that if a few could successfully enter and return then so could more, but as they looked closer the differences were clear. The dragons heard them out and agreed to aid what little remained of the elvish lands. The dragons took these young elves back to their lands by air rather than allow them to attempt to slip back through the human lines and potentially be killed...


Several days later, two groups consisting of ten dragons each set out for the capital cities of the Senglandian and Orc Empires with the goal of striking fear into the hearts of the two races. At the capital of the Senglandian empire, the dragons arrived by spewing flames through the skies and attacking the towers of the castle, knocking them over. The first to run away were the nobles who were terrified of the dragons, as they had thought they had managed to appease them by agreeing not to bother them anymore. The dragons gave the population of the city a stern warning, that the elves were now considered to be friends of the dragons and that any attacks on them were also attacks on the dragons.


While the nobles had fled, the Senglandian Monarch "King Weland" did not. Instead he confronted the dragon that appeared to have led the dragons there, challenging him to a fight of honor. That if the dragon, " 'Elder' Veclak" won, the human armies would cease their invasion of the elvish lands, but if King Weland were to win, the dragons would back off on their threats and allow the humans to continue their invasion. This bravery caused the dragons to view King Weland differently than the others and his challenge was accepted despite the fact the dragons hardly considered killing a human to be a challenge. The terms were that King Weland use only his sword in battle and that Veclak be allowed to fight only with his claws.


The fight was over quickly as Veclak struck down the tyrannical King Weland, killing him in one mighty blow of his claws. The dragons proceeded to leave the capital and the Senglandians fulfilled their half of the deal, ceasing their invasion into elvish lands as their armies withdrew to mourn their fallen king. They kept what they had already conquered, however, refusing to give it up.


The situation was similar with the orcs, except for the fact the orcs chose to fight the dragons that attempted to intimidate them, hoping to overwhelm them with numbers. The orcs were quickly proven wrong and the High-Orc Lord Brokil begged the dragons for mercy, agreeing to cease his invasion of the elvish lands on the terms that no more orc blood was spilled by the dragons. The agreement was brief and sweet. Though much of their land had already been lost, the elves would continue to exist as an independent race. The dragons left the orc lands quickly and soon after another civil war erupted in the Orc Empire, and though High-Orc Brokil was able to eventually gain victory, it was only one of many civil wars that would eventually come.


The advancement of the Senglandian and Orc empires was halted completely. Although the dragons and the elves were the only races to have resisted conquest, it was a victory nonetheless. As several hundred years went by, the Senglandians became more daring and started to threaten the dragons, stating that they would one day reclaim the land the dragons had stolen from them. But these were empty threats, as the Senglandian and Orc Empires eventually began to fall apart as the millenium passed.


Exactly one thousand five hundred years after the end of the Senglandian-elvish war, the Senglandian Empire collapsed, breaking apart into three smaller states, all of which were human ruled. The Kingdom of Netheloc became the official successor of the Senglandian Empire, sharing the exact same capital and holding the original borders that Sengladia had originally held before conquering the other kingdoms and becoming an empire. Several years afterwards, the Orc Empire also fell, freeing the many races that had long before become prey to the orcs desire for power. The orc part of the elvish lands were restored to elvish rule, the goblins and dwarves were again freed and with more time, so were the ogres.


With the Senglandian and Orc Empires gone, the world finally seemed to be at peace. The threat of war disappeared as the armies of Senglandia broke away and divided amongst their new nations and the orcs returned to their constant infighting...








One year has passed since the fall of the Orc Empire and with the threat of war gone, organized crime has begun to spring up in the human lands now that the highly oppressive Senglandian Monarch is no longer around to crush them. Dragons have also begun to migrate into the other lands, either one single dragon or a few together seeking to know more of the now less-hostile world. Though the dragons are yet to allow other races into their own lands, they have been mostly welcomed by the other races as a symbol of an age of peace, at least on the surface.


Below the surface, however, the problem of organized crime has become extreme as various factions fight in the shadows for power, recruiting members of any race willing to help them in their fights. Most are simply turf wars while others seek to create their own kingdoms and break away from those that already exist. Very few seek to overthrow the existing leaders and take their place as this is a far more dangerous route.


As a result, opposing groups have begun to form for the sake of fighting these powerful underground organizations, seeking to preserve freedom and liberty within the world.


Despite all this, there are still the occasional wanderers who desire to ignore these conflicts and explore the now much more open world.





Map of Dimlenatiya


Map of Dimlenatiya with borders







No godmodding.

No spamming.

No power playing.

No flaming.

Keep it PG-13, of course.

No Guardians of Nature.

No limit on how many characters you can have. I simply ask that you know your own limits.

No Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

Just because a race is not listed (see second post), it does not mean you cannot create a character of a different race. Simply bring it to my attention via PM and I'll decide whether or not the race is appropriate.

No killing other peoples characters without their permission. You can kill and revive your own characters as much as you like.

Put "Gopher Empire" in the other part of the form so I'll know you've read the rules.

When I'm not here MetalDragon is in charge. He can also approve character forms.

All forms (character and faction) to be PM'd to me (or MetalDragon in my absence).





Dragon Form:

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Dragon species and appearance:[/b]
[b]Faction, Wanderer or Other?:[/b]


Other Forms:


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Faction, Wanderer or Other?:[/b]

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The humans inhabit the northern and western lands as well as part of the central lands. Most of them live in small towns and fortified cities. While the majority wishes to be left alone to live their lives in peace, the minority often seek power and control at any cost. The humans are plagued with rampant corruption and crime.


Divided into three nations;


The Kingdom of Netheloc, officially the successor to the Senglandian Empire as it holds Senglandia's original borders(*). The monarch of Netheloc rules with a swift and brutal iron fist, though a rift in the beliefs of the nobles prevents the kingdom from uniting, as most the nobles support various and often opposing criminal organizations.


*Borders are mostly the same with Senglandia's Pre-Empire state, with it's only note worthy change being changed lines in the West due to the Dragon Realm.


The lands of Falandthal, here the first signs of democracy have begun to show themselves. After the fall of the Senglandian Empire a power struggle erupted between the nobles and the population as the nobles sought to create yet another Monarchy, while the population cried out for a voice in their own future. So far the population has been able to win and create a successful democracy(*). As of yet the nobles have yet to raise an army to restore themselves to power.


*Despite this Democratic process, a King does still exist in Falandthal. Though most power is controlled by a Council, which is elected.


Though they inherited Sengladia's part of the Elven forest and thus have problem with rogue elves along with the werewolves native to the northwestern half of the forest.


The lands of Lenat, following the fall of the Senglandian Empire at first the nobles were able to create a new monarchy with little resistance as the population was not as large as the other lands and were weak in comparisson. But with the rise of organized crime the monarchy was toppled and taken over by the "White Eagles". The lands of Lenat are highly nomadic and, as a result of the takeover, crime runs more rampant here than in the other lands; however, the lands are by far the most free. As long as the White Eagles aren't crossed or defied, they are content to leave all alone except for those they declare to be enemies.




The orcs inhabit the lands to the East, ruling in a military style hierarchy. With the fall of the Orc Empire, however, they are no longer united and many orc warbands have come into existence. Continued infighting is the orcs greatest problem and they will often cross into nearby settlements in the other lands to siege and pillage towns.




The dragons primarily keep to their own lands and are highly territorial; in the greater dragon realm they will often ignore the occasional human incursion, as long as there aren't many of them and they don't go very far. Other dragons, however, will attempt to kill them on sight. The main dragon realm remains inaccessible to anyone who has not befriended a dragon to take them there. They are generally passive towards the other races so long as they stay on "their own side", though rogue dragons do exist. Some even leave the draconic lands for the sake of exploring the rest of the world.


Dragons are also pivotal in the opposing factions as there are none mightier or more feared in a fight. The strength of an organizations dragonic numbers can either make them or break them, both with relative ease.




The elves keep to themselves and have befriended only the dragons. Formerly, the entire southern forest was a part of their lands, but the upper half remains in human hands despite the fall of the Senglandian Empire. Their eastern lands were brought back under their control once the Orc Empire fell, though rogue orcs often prove to be a problem in these lands.




One of the relatively larger races, the mages often group together and create small secluded communities away from the other races. Unlike popular mythology, the mages are not just humans with magic. It is possible for certain beings from almost any race to learn to harness the powers of magic, so they are not officially considered a race but rather a lifestyle. They often care little for interactions with non-mages and do what they can to further the knowledge of magic, though they are not always together. It is very common for many mages to simply wander around the lands alone or in groups with other mages and non-mages alike.




The goblins are far from united and inhabit the dirt lands between the Lenatian desert and the Orc Hierarchy. They are split up into many tribes and each of them is self-governed on the principals of ancient tribal traditions.




The dwarves live in mines dug deep within the mountains to the far east of the continent, divided by sea and the plainlands of the Orc Hierarchy. As a result, the two dwarven races have advanced differently, both gaining various different types of advancements in primitive technology. After centuries of seperation the northern dwarves managed to dig a tunnel below the sea floor to connect them with the southern dwarves, at first they reacted with great joy but it was a doomed friendship from the beginning. The two had grown so different that they quickly began to hate each other and the tunnel was closed off to civilians and nobles alike, to be used only in cases of diplomacy.




Among the many creations of the dwarves there are none more spectacular than the golems, magnificent beasts of stone and steel alike. Few golems have conscious thought and are instead controlled by the dwarves as though they were a personal army, especially for the nobles. Once in a while however, a golem does manage to gain conscious thought during the process of creation. These golems typically leave the dwarven lands rather than stay, as the dwarves still expect them to follow out whatever commands are given to them.


Golems are the only race incapable of using magic, as their very existence is unnatural.




The trolls also live in the far eastern mountains. They live on the surface and are fairly dumb, but they are very strong. This has resulted in an agreement between them and the dwarves who live within the mountains; the trolls shall be provided food in exchange for keeping the entrances to the dwarven mines guarded and safe, along with scouting for possible foreign invaders or troublemakers who might wish to cause trouble or mischief for the dwarves.




The ogres are yet another simple-minded race, living for the hunt and eating whatever they can kill. They roam around in their standard territory and will often kill and eat others who wander into their lands. They have a bitter hatred towards the orcs for the fierce and brutal rule that was forced upon them, but it is likely the next generation will forget about this as they're too simple-minded to pass down their own history.




The werewolves have one of the smallest populations of all the races, residing in the north-western half of the elven forest. Historically they were drawn into the Elven Lands as their population was too small and too divided to be self-ruled. This resulted in the werewolves raiding elven villages that moved into or near their territory, eventually they were annexed into the Senglandian Empire during the Senglandian-Elvish war. As of now, their lands are incorporated into Falandthal and they have swapped out raiding elven settlements for raiding human settlements. However, unlike in popular mythology very few of these werewolves can change back into humans and once infected the curse is often permanent. A few who are lucky only become werewolves during a full moon and others are fortunate enough to change at any time. These occasions are very rare, however.




The vampires are also one of the smaller races, often existing within human settlements, they are hard to distinguish at a glance. Some of the few telltale signs are that they keep their curtains closed during the day and are only seen outside during the night. When they feast they will often drag the prey home to make the bodies disappear, rather than have the local populations find the drained corpse and become aware to the presence of these vampires. There are many vampires that choose to live different lives, sometimes not even caring if others learn that their vampires.

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Anyone can create new factions at any given time. Typically each organization will have five (5) members while the rest would be NPC, though it is truly up to the creator of the faction.


A bit about the Freedom and Underground Factions:


The freedom factions work to fight the underground and other crime. While they often differ in their goals, they generally try to preserve freedom and liberty or a sense of order. Sometimes they can seem particularly repressive in their actions as they are sworn to stop the underground at all costs and save civilian lives, sometimes even working together against a common underground enemy.


The underground factions stand vastly divided and rarely ever work together, they generally seek power, wealth and control. They work from within the shadows spinning webs and committing almost every crime imaginable. These organizations often use their gold to buy up people they think could be politically influential, or a threat should the person stand against them. They often buy up knights and members of the various armies to use as sources of information.


Anyone who refuses offers from the underground should be incredibly cautious, as those who refuse are generally assassinated.


Freedom Factions


Blue Falcons

Homeland: Falandthal

Status: Active

Goals: Preservation of freedom and liberty within the world, to fend off the underground organizations that badly fight for power within the former Senglandian Empire.

Enrollment: All races are accepted into the Blue Falcons, though a few tests are required to determine who truly seeks to preserve freedom and liberty, and who is simply a spy trying to weasel into their ranks.

Motto: Liberty be defended, tyranny face death.




#1 Karina (Sean175)


#2 [Reserved]


#3 -----


#4 Elwen (redfox)


#5 -----


Others: Lyska (Tiga)(Unranked until posts.)




Pure Ravens

Homeland: Main group Lenat, but nomadic.

Status: Active

Goals: To fight against the White Eagles by provoking attacks. Although Peace seeking, they believe that gentle action is ignored and mass attacks are needed. They want to make peace in the corrupted and freedom.

Enrollment: Pure Ravens only accept people who can wield magic. However there are always exceptions that can join. Tests are very vigorous as they need to determine the power level of the user. Dragons are always welcome, but their tests are more hard than before.

Motto: Seek the peace and make it stronger.




#1 Abigail Wyun (Tiga)


#2 -----


#3 -----


#4 -----


#5 -----




Underground Factions



White Eagles

Homeland: Lenat

Status: Active

Goals: They care little for armies or empires, all that matters to the White Eagles is power, wealth and control. After taking over Lenat they now intend to 'spread their wings' to the other lands.

Enrollment: All races are accepted into the White Eagles on the condition that all tests be completed.

Motto: Gold buys everyone and everything.




#1 Serkan (Sean175)


#2 Melanija (Sean175)


#3 -----


#4 -----


#5 -----






Sea Wolves

Homeland: Main activity takes part in the sea and the shores, hideouts are mostly within orc and ogre territory

Status: Active

Goals: Completely and utterly dominate the sea making it "a sea for its wolves", collect as much treasure and gold as possible, eliminate Dimlenatiya's aristocracies

Enrollment: The Sea Wolves look for certain profiles when recruiting newbies into their ranks. To begin with, the recruitee cannot be a noble, a richman, or anything similar. Secondly, most dragons are not allowed in, except for the breeds with a strong affinity with water (e.g.: Deep Sea dragons). Rookies are put through several tests and lessons while being supervised by an officer, who shall decide if they have what it takes to be a Sea Wolf. While new blood is often subjected to torment and provocations by the group, once they prove their worth they'll find the Sea Wolves are almost completely free of discrimination within their ranks.

Motto: If ye took it, ye deserve it!


Members: [Power spread between the group's highest rank, the "Alpha Officers"]


#1 Angela "Lassie" Kirchner


#2 -----


#3 -----


#4 -----


#5 -----


Create a Faction


[b]Freedom or Underground organization?:[/b]

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Approved Forms





Character Name:Serkan




Appearance:Skin is quite well tanned from living in the desert, wears long white pants and a black shirt with a tattered white vest over it, hair reaches almost to his neck and is brown in color, eyes are magenta. On right side of waist, has a large scimitar sheathed. The handle is golden and in the magnificent shape of a dragon's neck and head, the head being at the bottom and curving under to act as a guard, while the neck is the grip.


When drawn the scimitar's blade is very typical in shape, but is black in color with small variation's of red, almost looking like obsidian or magma rock at a glance.

Background:Born in the desert lands of Lenat, he was oblivious to most the outside world (most notably the falling empires) and was primarily concerned with surviving every day life, which was exceptionally hard thanks to Senglandian policies which heavily favored their own race and leached off the resources of the lands they had conquered.


Harsh taxes and pillaging by the army often took most the food and supplies they had in the name of the Empire. As he grew older, he began to turn to thievery and grew a great desire for power and wealth. Following the collapse of the Senglandian and Orc Empires, a great void of power was left in the primarily nomadic lands of Lenat. With the military and guards absent, crime began to spring up at a rapid rate.


Serkan formed the underground faction known as the "White Eagles". With the formation of this new faction, his greed began to grow even more, crushing out most other underground factions within Lenat and toppling the Lenatian Monarchy, effectively establishing White Eagle rule over their lands.

Personality:Serkan is driven by extreme greed, seeking to gain control of anything he can, most notably valuable treasures and jewels. Essentially he is a cutthroat, but enjoys entertainment immensely and often laughs at things others fail to find amusing. If forced into a situation where he must choose between wealth or something else, he will always choose wealth.

Abilities:A skilled close-combat fighter, using a variety of close range weapons, primarily knives and his custom-made scimitar. He also has great horsemanship skills, having rode and worked with horses for many years.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?:White Eagles (leader)





Character Name:Melanija



Dragon species and appearance:Royal Crimson dragon, has a few scars along right side but is otherwise typical in appearance.

Background:Melanija grew up with a bit of a curiosity towards the human races, along with the other races. She knew that the Senglandians claimed a large chunk of the Dragon realm as theirs, but was never told why. As time passed she became bitter towards the humans like most other dragons. But with the fall of the Senglandian Empire and later the Orc Empire, she decided to go to the human world and see what it was like, knowing it would be much safer now than when the empires had stood. Mostly due to the amount of pure chaos and anarchy that was going on - she could scare the humans and no armies would show up to stop her.


Within the lands of Lenat, she encountered a human by the name of Serkan. To which she was made an offer - that if she were to help him gain power and control within the Lenatian lands, she would be greatly rewarded. And rewarded she was, receiving the rank of second within the White Eagles after the overthrow of the monarchy - she has been allowed to live a life of luxury. Convering an old cavern within the desert into her personnel den, fashioned after the palaces of the human world and provided with many servants by Serkan.


She continues to aid Serkan in many of his more difficult raids and operations, ones that require the special touch only a powerful flying dragon could provide. Showered with riches from the human world for her aid, she has become essentially spoiled.

Personality:Incredibally manipulative and power hungry, seeking to live the luxorious life. But she can also be quite lazy, as an easy alternative to hard work is often appealing to her, such as forcing her servants to carry out even the most basic tasks for her.


Melanija has often been accused by other dragons of being corrupted by the human world, though she has always denied this. To the dismay of other dragons, she had always sought power, fortune and luxuries before she even left the dragon realm.

Abilities:She has few actual skills, other than the typical being able to fly and use dragonsbreath, which easily allows her to bully most humans around. If worst comes to worst, she is capable of fighting in close range.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?:White Eagles




Character Name:Karina



Dragon species and appearance:Gray Dragon. Has a typical appearance for her species, though her scales are polished to a bright shine and her claws seem to have been sharpened.

Background:Karina was born within the greater dragon realm, but lost both of her parents to a strong and ferocious Black Marrow Dragon that had gone rampant. As a result and killed them along with many others. As a result she was left to wander around on her own, accidentally crossing into the human world. Something that would normally have been a death sentence for a dragon - but with a stroke of luck, she encountered a human that didn't hate the dragons, but rather admired them. She was adopted by this human as a result and hidden from the eyes of the monarchy and it's army.


Some of the other villagers where she grew up were aware of her presence, mostly the children at first. But as she grew larger and larger it became difficult to hide her and as a result, the entire village eventually knew of her existence. An undesirable result as she began to consider taking her human friend and fleeing, but instead of turning her in the other village folk agreed to help hide her. She wasn't hurting anything, afterall. Else she would have done it by now and not managed to hide from them for so long.


As time passed her human friend unfortunately passed on, leaving Karina alone as all the other village folk she had grown up with were also gone now. A new generation had taken over - one that she did not feel so emotionally attached to, but she stayed nonetheless. But then one day the two great empires - Senglandia and the Orcs - both fell. A state of panic seemed to engulf the village as all feared that this would eventually lead to bandit raids and other crimes becoming rampant, something they were helpless against.


These perdictions quickly came to pass and as a result her existence became known to the new monarch - the monarch of Falandthal. Rather than attack her, however, this monarch chose to turn a blind eye to her existence. Something that she found to be most strange... As a result she traveled to the capital city, though this wasn't received well by the local population who happened to be terrified of dragons thanks to the ancient stories, she found herself quickly befriended with a young human who was attempting to form an organization to fight off all the organized crime - an organization called the "Blue Falcons". Remembering the attacks on her village that left them with nothing, she jumped at his offer to join.


It was a short lived union, as several months later her new human friend had met his demise at the hands of several White Eagle assassins who had crossed the border from Lenat, leaving her to take over his group which has grown into one of the largest organizations in Falandthal for fighting organized crime.

Personality:Primarily prefers peaceful environments, dislikes thievery and has a brutal vendetta against the White Eagles from Lenat, seeking to crush them absolutely.

Though she often prefers tranquility and quietness, she often enjoys staying at a palace that was built to honor the Blue Falcons for their service in the name of Falandthal, a palace with halls large enough to fit almost all dragons, being not far from the king's castle.

Abilities:Naturally quite agile, she has become proficient with the use of her claws and tail in combat as the result of constantly fighting underground organizations, mostly the White Eagles.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?:Blue Falcons







Username: Narath

Character Name: Tennat

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Race: Human

Appearance: Tall (6 foot 3 inches), thin, short scruffy blonde hair, gentle sky blue eyes, thin angular face. Brown leather tunic, plain chest plate, leather bracers with metal strips, leather greaves with metal strips, leather pauldrons, old metal helmet (family heirloom (covers most of face)), bronze shield

Background: Tennat's family has been part of the capital of Falandthal's guards since it's founding, and is said to have been guardians of even the original kingdom. Despite this fact, and that they are a rather well known family, they are somewhat poor. They have enough to get by well enough, but not for much else. This is because while they are well known, they have not been truly recognized for their efforts for the country. Whenever Tennat asks more into his family's history, yearning to learn more about what exactly they have done to protect the kingdom, or even further back than that, his father, his mentor in combat, history, and everything else he has ever learned, goes quiet before changing the subject. Tennat knows that his father probably has reasons for keeping secret, but he can't help but shake the feeling that his family did more than guard walls at one point.

Personality: Curious, kind, generous, caring, empathetic, brave, sometimes shy, just, truthful, trusting

Abilities: Very skilled with swords, spears, bows, knifes, and hand-to-hand combat

Faction, Wanderer or Other?: Falandthal

Other: Weapons: Long sword, shortbowknife


Username: Narath

Character Name: Saren

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Mage (human)

Appearance: Tall (6 foot), thin, sharp featured face, long uneven black hair (hangs just past shoulders), sharp yellow eyes. plain black tunic and leggings, black and red trench coat, steel bracers (without glooved portion)(the bracers are hidden in his sleeves), tall

leather boots, white gloves, and small leather pouches that hang from his belt.

Background: Saren has always been wandering, even as a young boy. Well, one who was homeless and without family is always wondering. One day however, a mage (he preferred to be called an alchemists) found him attempting to steal some food from his home. Sensing the potential in the boy, the alchemists took him in, teaching him the ways of alchemy; an art more powerful than normal magic, but limited by the resources at hand. What's more, they soon found out that Saren was able to transmits without a transmutation circle, only needing them for extremely complex transmutations.

Personality: Intelligent, eager, guarded, confident (over so at times), empathetic, proud, curious, cautious, wanderer, somewhat power hungry, driven.

Abilities: Very skilled at alchemy (though not other magics), and skilled at combat with spears and an assortment of bladed weapons (does not ever appear to have any though)

Faction, Wanderer or Other?:

Other: searches for items that may be able to enhance his abilities along his travels. If someone happens to have one, he will either reward them handsomely, do a job for it, or if it is a powerful enough item, fight for it.






Username: Tiga

Character Name: Lyska

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Dragon species and appearance: Guardian Dragon

Background: Lyska was born in a clutch of two other eggs. Her family was part of the Dragons, and lived peacefully. However they were by the border, and a group of humans enetered. Obviously posing a threat, the dragons attacked the group. But the humans only wanted the eggs. They grabbed the eggs of dragons, some were pygmies, some were fevers, and some were guardians. And Lyska was taken away from her family. The humans were able to escape before the dragons could kill more of them.


They hatched the eggs, and were disappointed with their find. They took the three breeds and left them to die. But, Lyska and Juan, the only Hnardian dragons protected the others while the Fevers fought off threats. The pygmies foraged for food, and the group survived. The dragons matured with wings, and eventually decided to split up. Juan left with the pygmies, while the fevers went the other way. Lyska found herself seeking a place to stay.


She found Blue Falcons. She needed them, and they could use a dragon. So she was accepeted after a few tests. Lyska matured into an adult, and was a great asset. Her tail allowed her to protect her fellow members while they looked after her. Only, she wanted to find her group again. And she did. She found the pygmies, but no Juan. He had passed away, defending them. The pygmies were half dead, and even though Lyska tried to ask the dragons to join, they rejected the offer. Lyska could only make sure they were healthy enough, before they left to travel back to the Dragon 'Empire'. Lyska never found the fever dragons, although she hopes to, all she can do so far is to help Blue Falcons.

Personality: Lyska is extremely loyal, crazily loyal to both herself, and her Faction. She trusts anyone that her friends trust, but when that link is severed, it is hard to gain it back. She is protective, and when her adrenaline just going, she is a strong and brave dragon. Everyday she is prepared to sacrifice herself in order to safe someone.

Abilities: Liska constantly polishes her tail, making sure it is always strong. She can fly, and can breathe strong flame in the shade of light purple.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?: Blue Falcons



Username: Tiga

Character Name: Abigail Wyun

Gender: Female

Age: 81

Appearance: Mage.

She has long crimson, curly hair that falls neatly down her body. Abigail's body is curved and slim, and her face features are beautiful. Her skin is pale and she is quite tall. She wears this but in black, and her cape is a red color. She also has a knife holder and a buckled belt.

Background: Abigail

Personality: Hostile to all who pose a threat to her and her faction, she has a hard shell. Her beauty betrays the hardness of her heart, and ever since a spy had broken the faction she doesn't give out her trust easily.

Abilities: She posses great magic, and keeps several blades with her at all times.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?: Pure Ravens

Other: -Snip-


Username: Tiga

Character Name: Flai

Gender: Male

Age: 683

Dragon species and appearance: Speckle Throated Dragon, with deep healed scars along his tail, wings and neck.

Background: His bloodline tracks back to one of the dragons in the groups that were sent to help the Elves. So naturally, he was born in the deep of the Dragon Realms. He was like any other hatchling, playful but cautious about the humans and the destruction they once caused.


When he grew up, he left and began his own family, near the border with the elves. He loves to fly over the forest and watch the elves below him. However one human spotted him as he stopped to rest near Lenat. Soon the humans formed a group and tried to hunt the dragon down.


Obviously he fought back, and eventually sent the humans racing back into their homes as he killed a few. But he was wounded badly, blood from wounds on his tail and wings, and more importantly, his neck. Flai was there for hours after he passed out, and was in luck as the elves found him.


They took him into the deep heart of the forest, where they worked on healing him. And soon, he awoken after two days, his wounds in the process of healing. He stayed for two weeks before he could flew shakily back home. Now, he is even more determined to keep constant patrol over the forests and has even rallied a small group who flies over the forest borders every hour.

Personality: He is more protective than playful, strange for his breed. He will still mess around, but he is much more serious and hostile to the other species, especially the humans.

Abilities: He has his claws, his dragon fire, and his tail is strong and hard and can be used as a whip.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?: A part of the Dragon Realm.







Username: Britishpasta

Character Name: Star

Gender: Fae

Age: They're immortal (EDIT: Clarification from Sean175, this refers only to being unable to die from age.), so about 100 years

Race: Winged wolf

Appearance: https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=HN.60799235369...84&pid=15.1&P=0

Background: She was pretty much born a wanderer, nothing special

Personality: Quiet, laid-back, calm, and easy-going

Abilities: Flying! biggrin.gif

Faction, Wanderer or Other?: Wanderer







Username: MetalDragon

Character Name: Angela "Lassie" Kirchner

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Race: Human

Appearance: Angela has long, wavy dark gold hair and ocean blue eyes, is fair-skinned and her face looks quite young. Wears a large, loose white shirt with puffy long sleeves and a pair of black pantaloons with brown boots. Over these, she wears a knee-length brown coat with that's almost always smelling like brine. On her head she wears a brown tricorne hat, with some yellow ornate cloth hanging out from it. To display some of her wealth (most of which were obtained by pillaging and plundering), Angela wears two pairs of simple, golden earrings and a set of necklaces, out of which she prizes the single ruby one the most. Wears a rather large leather belt, in which are sheathed her twin cutlasses. Along with these, she conceals two daggers in her clothing, one in her right boot and the other on the left side within her coat.

Background: Born in a poor district back when the Senglandian Empire still existed, Angela and her family (along with a bunch of other people in their same neighbourhood) had their home(s) taken away from them by Senglandian nobles who wished to expand their luscious palaces. Obviously the now-homeless people voiced their frustration in the form of riots, but in the end the Senglandian police's blades spoke louder and the girl's father was one of the casualties, and her mother was arrested and hauled away to divines know where. A nimble child, Angela successfully escaped the police and ran away from the Imperial city.


A few years later, after the Empire's collapse, the young girl heard of a group of sailors that were totally against the aristocracy that ripped away what was the most important to her. Without second thoughts, Angela seeked this faction out and discovered the Sea Wolves, back then a gang of thugs that attacked merchant ships unfortunate enough to be in their sight. At first, they were puzzled, how could a little girl be of any good for them? Regardless of age, the child was put through the pirates' various tests and to their surprise, she proved herself useful, at least for mundane tasks anyway. Joining at such young age earned her the nickname “Lassie”.


As time passed, not only the group grow up, but also so did the little girl, into what they would describe as a “charming lass”. Angela learned about more piracy skills now that she was old enough to be able to perform them, such as rigging the sails, bilging the water out of the ship, managing the ship’s guns, etc. Now taking on more advanced tasks rather than just swabbing the captain’s deck, the girl quickly developed a passion for the sea. There, she was free to do as she pleased, without having to worry about any police or nobility. The young buccaneer also found herself to excel at navigating the ship itself above all the other possible duties in the vessels, and Angela quickly began to climb up ranks within the Sea Wolves.


With most of the Alpha Officers’ trust and respect, her final promotion happened after she and a select few members of her (new) crew unmasked a traitor, one of the Alpha Officers no less. The officer intended on turning in the Sea Wolves’ hideouts to the Netheloc Navy in exchange for a very large amount of money. The conspirator and his accomplices were hauled off and tossed into the ocean, left to the sharks’ mercy, while Angela finally was promoted to the cargo of Alpha Officer, the highest and most respected and feared rank within the underground group.


Now at the top of the chain, Angela sails with her crew in her very own vessel, the Ravenous Sea Lion, terrorizing the seas by plundering merchant ships and raiding shore towns, and helping her faction prosper. While she has come a long way, the captain certainly hasn’t forgotten about what happened to her mother. Maybe she was still alive, but the prison she was taken to was too well guarded, assuming she was even there anyway. She would never forget how the nobles took away everything from her. Now it was her turn to take everything away from them. Moreover, the Sea Wolf captain had the slight feeling that just these wretched nobles’ gold wasn’t going to satisfy her hunger for vengeance that has followed her ever since that day.

Personality: Angela is a jolly, rather good-hearted woman, loving a good drink and a chat with her fellow group members. She is very passionate about the sea. However, she can still be a rough person, being rather loving a good brawl, and is extremely hateful of the nobility that took away her original home and parents. At times, she can be quite short-tempered, expecting her crew to rightfully and quickly perform their duties as they are ordered to, however she does care about all the men and women aboard her vessel. Members of the Sea Wolves often call her a pleasant woman to be around with. Of course, none of the positive traits goes for the unfortunate person her cutlasses are looking at or the unlucky ship her vessel's cannons are aiming at. Her policy when it comes to sea attacks is to give no quarter if they don't immediately surrender their goods.

Abilities: As one of the Sea Wolves' high officers, Angela has a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to the sea, sailing, navigating, etc., but in other areas her knowledge can be quite poor. Very skilled with her twin cutlasses and excels in close combat, often her fellow mates say that "goin' blade-to-blade wit' ol' Lassie is like tiein' the rope 'round yer own neck!". In addition, she constantly coats both her swords with a deadly toxin extracted from water creatures, which takes effect rather quickly and wear down her opponent during the fight, making them feel nauseous and what so not. If untreated, the poison can prove fatal. Angela doesn't know how to use any sort of magic or bow and thus is a terrible long-range fighter.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?: Sea Wolves (Alpha Officer)

Other: Absolutely loves the drink that is none other than rum. She'll drink water or beer (when there's no rum for whatever reason) and hates every other drink. As an officer, she's sometimes asked to supervise the rookies and often treats them harshly in order to truly put their psychological and morale to the test, and see if they would be a worthy addition to her crew.






Username: redfox (red or rf for short)

Character Name: Elwen

Gender: female

Age: looks to be about 20 but her real age is unknown

Race: Elf

Appearance: Elwen

Background: She grew up in the southern part of Falandthal where the rogue elves live but then when she got older, she ventured from her home to the main area of Falandthal where the Blue Falcon faction's located. She went there in hopes of joining and after she underwent the tests that they had her do, she was accepted among their ranks and is #4.

Personality: doesn't talk much but when she does everyone around her listens, can be a bit stubborn, friendly around her fellow faction members but not so much around those that threaten her or her friends, and shy sometimes but only when she's around boys that she might like and don't know how to approach to talk to them.

Abilities: Pretty good with all weapons but is mostly more skilled with daggers and bow and arrow; can control the air but not very often, only when she uses it in a battle with other factions or violent rogues.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?: ranked #4 in Blue Falcons (if that's okay ninja.gif)







Username: Lilraaos!

Character Name: Belita

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Race: Werewolf

Appearance: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=zugjg3&s=8#.VDxSmPnF-Ww

Background: Born the runt of her litter, things were already looking bad for this young werewolf. However, it quickly became clear that she had a defect- she couldn't turn into a full werewolf, however she couldn't completely morph into a human either. Disgusted, her mother quickly got rid of her, leaving her to die and not feeling a speck of remorse.

Told by her mother to "Stay here, your brothers and I are going hunting. You slow us down. We'll be back in a bit." She did. She sat there on that patch of grass, obediently waiting for her kin to come back. A day passed and then another. She was starving by now and it dawned on her that her mother and brothers were not coming back.

A human couple heard her sad howling. Thinking it was a wolf, the man went to it's location, meaning to kill it. He quickly discovered it was not a wolf, but a young werewolf. He made to kill it anyway since werewolves were even more dangerous then normal wolves. But before he could strike her, he saw her eyes, those sad eyes begging to die were more human then wolf; in the end he just couldn't kill her.

The man took home the girl. His wife was horrified and demanded he get rid of it, but he wouldn't. The wife avoided her, treating her as if she were a disease, but reluctantly agreed to keep her. It eventually became clear to the humans that the girl couldn't turn into a full werewolf.

At this discovery, the wife quickly turned the girl into little more then a slave. The man who took her in and gave her a name and a identity had died of disease and couldn't do anything to protect the treatment of the child. The wife remarried to an innkeeper before her husband was even cold in his grave.

Personality: Suffering from much verbal (and sometimes psychical) abuse Belita keeps her head down and is painfully quiet and extremely shy, believing that she worthless and therefore doesn't have the right to speak. A bit clumsy she will do as told and is prone to apologizing. Very soft spoken, she is gentle and prefers animal company over human.

If someone were to pelt her with rocks, or mean words, she would just stand there and take it. The moment those rocks or words are targeted to an undeserving person though, she'll snap. When it comes down to abuse of the innocent, she has a sharp tongue that she isn't afraid to let her views be known.

When she was little, the man used to read her books before she went to bed. That was always her favorite time of the day. After that man died, she no longer got read to. Instead, she would eavesdrop as the innkeeper's son was put to bed, listening to his stories. Eventually he grew up and stopped having books read to him. She never grew out of her love for stories, but alas, could not read.

Abilities: She is a fast learner and has a beautiful voice.

Faction, Wanderer or Other?: N/A


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[Reserved for even more forms in the future, since I like to accept new characters for as long as I can.]

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[seeing as this is still here, might as well reserve it for something!]

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((Unfortunately, I've received only one form so far and added only two of my three. Is anyone else interested? Or should I just start this and hope it works(and also hope others will join later)? :/ ))

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((I would rather not have to wait longer. I only just got back on this site, so I would like to get back into the swing of things soon. We can start now or something, and then have others join as we go.

By the way, I will be submitting my mage character soon. I would have done so earlier but my computer isn't cooperating with my WiFi. This way we can have our characters interact easier, since he will be more of a wanderer.))

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((Alright then. I'll put up my last character shortlyEDIT: Added. (who happens to be from Falandthal, so perhaps this will make interaction slightly easier =o) ))

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Karina sat in the center of a room, on what seemed to be a gigantic pillow. The walls were all a icy color with what seemed to be silver door jambs, but no doors. The ceilings were high enough for all but Stone Dragons, the ceiliing seemed to be one big glass skylight, allowing sight out and in. If anyone was brave enough to climb that high to look in, anyways. The moon shone brightly down through the skylight, lighting up the sleeping Karina and reflecting brilliantly off the walls. The floor around the pillow was completely covered by a soft grey rug, which extended through the doors into all the other rooms.


No sounds could be heard anywhere in her palace, everything was competely quiet. But then the sound of a door opening could be heard, footsteps could be heard moving quickly and the door could be heard shutting. The foot steps became quicker and louder, but then went silent. By this time Karina had awoken and turned her head slightly to face the doorway the sounds of footsteps had been heard from, a woman quickly approached the doorway, wearing golden robes with white bands across the arms, she wore a silver necklace and the fabric of her robes looked the color of gold, it even seemed to sparkle, she had long brown hair that reached past her neck.


"Hmm...? What is it?" Karina asked in a soft but obviously tired tone, followed by a large yawn. "The King has requested your presence, Lady Karina." the woman stated, though she seemed to have rushed in - there was no sign of panic or haste in her voice, nor her face. "...At this hour...? Can it not wait til morning?" Karina asked now slightly more awake, "I do not think so. You know the King once he's made up his mind." the woman stated, "All too well." Karina said with a sigh and stood up, letting out a large yawn she stretched out her legs and wings, her tail reaching up and curling to the side as it hit the wall in an attempt to also stretch.



"Thank you, return home now." Karina said with a bit of haste in her voice, "But it is standard procedure to escort someone to the castle." the woman said with a bit of worry in her voice, "So I'll take the blame. Go home, get some sleep for the both of us." Karina said and began to walk for the doorway, the woman simply moving out of the way unsure as to what to do.


As she went through a couple rooms, the rugs changed to a form of solid stone which was brown in color and quite shiny, every step across it or anything else that hit it echoed the sound greatly, soon she reached the main doors. They were large wooden doors with no handles - this was a dragons home afterall - to which she walked into, pushing the doors open instead of crashing, as she reached the outside she looked around, the air was cold, the sky was clear and filled with many stars. "Falandthal.. Such a nice place." she said in a soft tone to her voice, yawning once again. She looked around at the city, which had many several tall palaces. The streets were made of a grey-ish stone which reflected the moonlight just as well as the floor in the entrance of her palace, but didn't echo the sounds of walking as she walked.


Passing a few humans out for midnight strolls on her way to the castle, she turned to admire the many buildings - many of them were small homes, but everything was nice and highly polished, everything the moonlight touched it seemed to reflect brilliantly off of. Between the homes/palaces and the streets were many large patches of grass with the ocassional fruit tree, many apples could be seen hanging from branches, the most common fruit tree in Falandathal's capital. Before long, she found herself at the entrance way to the castle, the drawbridge had been lowered over the moat, with a guard holding a spear standing on each side of the entrance. Karina stepped over and across to the other side of the moat, as the drawbridge would never be able to hold her weight.


The castle was just as shiny as everything else in the city, made of a white stone that blended with itself so perfectly that someone could not tell that there were stones set together by looking closely, everything just seemed to blend perfectly. As she got closer to the main entrance to the castle itself, she noticed a few people hanging around in the courtyard, mostly guards and a few children. A dog was there too, playing catch with two of the children. At least she wasn't the only one awake at this time, she thought as she entered the castle. The inside of the castle echoed as she walked across the pearl colored floor, candles in the walls every so often to light up the way during the night. Many pictures hung on the walls as she went and there were various statues, as she reached the main hall she was met by a long blue rug with multiple statues on both sides of it the entire way.


These were statues of the knights that had first met the dragons, each of them in their armor with their helmets off, their faces very carefully detailed, all of them grasping swords with both hands, the very tip of the sword being stuck in the floor as they all stood perfectly even. "Ah, the great hall..." she said as she looked around a bit, the ceilings were much higher within the great wall - this one was tall enough to hold a Stone Dragon, but it would never happen as such a dragon could never fit through the halls to get there.





Serkan sat inside his tent, it wasn't an overly large tent - but it was large nonethelless, it was white in color on all sides and a single blanket and mat was there, with a small pot of water next to it. Various knives were scattered on the opposite side of the mat, as though they were there for easy acces. Several other nomadic warriors were there with Serkan sitting around a fire, for them, morning would arrive much sooner than in Falandthall. The various nomad's seemed to laugh at various jokes that were being passed around in the old Lenatian language - the language that all of Lenat had spoke before Senglandia came through, a pity that so few now spoke it.


Melanija had stuck her head and a good deal of her neck under the side of the tent, watching the humans laugh and tell jokes, it all seemed very strange to her - especially when they spoke in that strange tongue of theirs, in a sense it almosted annoyed her to not know what they were saying. But not as much as this small tent, where only her head and part of her neck could be in with the warmth - while the rest of her sat outside in the freezing night of the Lenatian desert, oh how she though of how much she'd love a bigger tent. Though above all, she'd rather go back to her own den - but that wasn't much of an option, as ancient Lenatian tradition demanded that those with the highest prestige amongst the encampment join together on the night of the full moon and share tales of times past.


Serkan picked up what appeared to be a large pear from a fruit bowl sitting next to the fire, taking a single bite out of it with a loud crunch. "Entertainment.. I want entertainment now. Bring me entertainment!" Serkan suddenly snapped, to which one of the other warriors turned to look at the entrance and clapped his hands three times. Quickly an old man walked in, wearing a pair of old brown shoes and faded gold robes, with many tears in the fabric. He carryied a hand made basket and sitting it down on the ground, slowly he sat down in front of it and pulled out a Pungi from the back of his robes and removed the top of the basket, he began to play a song... And from the basket a cobra's head began to rise up, as though it were hypnotized by the music.


"This is more like it." Serkan said, taking another bite from his pear. Melanija seemed intrigued by this act of snake charming - she always had been from the first time she saw it, she found nothing interesting about the music but why did the snake?

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Tennat gazed up at one of the stone monoliths that lined the great hall, the statues of the ancient knights that had made first contact with the dragons. The ones that had managed to keep humanity's destruction at bay. The young man was always in awe of those knights and the tales of their bravery and their feats. It was his dream to do the same. He wanted to be a knight of the people, to defend their freedom and to deliver justice! That was going to be difficult however. It took him forever to earn his way into being a guard of the castle, and even longer to gain entrance to the great hall. When he looked around, all the other guards and knights around him had first rate gear; everything they had that shiny new look, with house creasts and other various decorations. He had little compared to that. He was barely able to afford his armor which was obviously heavily used before him. With a sigh, Tennat turned away from the statue to return to his rounds, only to find himself standing right in front of the dragon entering the hall.

"M-my Lady!" Tennat stammered, addressing her as a Lady of the realm. "I-I beg your forgiveness my Lady, I-I-I didn't see you there."

He quickly knelt in front of the dragon before him, his nerves giving way. What else could he do in the face of a creature as terrifying and graceful as her?




A lone cloaked figure slowly approached the large encampment's edge, making the guards grip their spears uneasily.

"Halt!" One shouted. "Do not come any closer!"

The figure either didn't hear or simply didn't listen, as it just kept it's slow yet steady pace towards them.

"I'm warning you, do not come any closer!"

Yet closer he walked, stopping only when he was just out of reach of the guard's pikes.

"Leave now stranger, if you know what's good for you!"

The man slowly turned his head to the speaking guard, torchlight flickering light across his face, giving the sharply angled features an eerie look.

"Tell whoever is in charge here that I wish to speak with him, and it is of his best interests to do so." The man said in a cool tone.

"Not just anyone can just barge in here and demand something like that!" Said a second guard. "Now scram before we get bored!"

"The only place I am going is inside that camp." Was the reply.

The guards nodded to each other, and then advanced with their spears lowered, one moving around to flank the stranger, who just stood still. Signaling his partner, the first guard lunged in high with his spear while the other went in low. In a blur of motion, the stranger leapt up, and grabbed the shaft of the spear among for his chest to the side, while landing on the flat of the other's blade. After landing, the man sent a kick into the second guard's face before pulling the spear out of the first one's hands.

"Not very good weapons you have here are they?" the man said, examining the spear.

"What to you mean?" Asked the guard angrily, pulling out his sword.

"Well for starters..." he said as said weapon shattered entirely. "They break quite easily."

The guard just stood there, his mouth agape.

"Well? Are you going to go and get your leader? Go on!"

As if to make himself more clear, the man clapped his hands once before placing a palm to the ground, a newly furnished lance rising up as his hand lifted back up.

"Or do I need to make myself clear again?" He said, spinning the perfectly made weapon about him.

Not needing to be told twice, the guard dropped his sword and ran towards the tents.

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Karina looked down at the kneeling guard, who previously appeared to have been staring at the statues. He seemed to be very nervous, almost as though he was terrified of her. "You need not kneel in my presence, young one." Karina said in a soft tone, as though she was attempting to calm him down. She looked up slightly towards the throne that sat at the end of the rug, it was a large and red with golden armrests, it seemed almost to big to actually hold any human. Royal banners hanging on each side of it - the banner was a light green in color with a large golden eagle on it, the eagle holding a large silver sword in it's left talon and a large black shield with it's right talon - it's head looked straight forward with it's beak slightly open as though it was screeching, it's wings were opened wide.


But noone sat in the throne, perhaps the King was busy at the moment or did not expect her to arrive so soon. Both were possibilities, though a few thoughts crossed her mind, wondering if he could have forogtten he sent for her again. Though that was both uncommon and less likely - the fact it had happened before did mean it could happen again. "It seems the King is busy for the moment, perhaps." Karina again spoke, as she turned her attention back to the guard.




Serkan turned his attention to the guard that came barging into their tent, he recognized the look of fear in his eyes, as he'd seen it a thousand times in others. "Let me guess, an intruder at the gate to strong for you to handle?" he said while standing at the same time, looking to the old man hypnotizing the snake, he clapped his hands twice. The old man that had previously entered hypnotized the snake into going back into it's basket, ceasing to play and putting the lid back. Serkan headed out of the tent, followed by his two strongest warriors. As they exited the tent, they were hit by the freezing air of a typical night in the Lenatian desert, though none of the three seemed to be bothered with this too terribly much - there were many smaller tents around with guards wandering everywhere, most of them in desert robes or outfits similar to his own, with scimitars sheathed on their waists.


Unlike in buildings the torches used here were different, as they could not be hung from the tents and they had no walls. Metal stands were scattered in various spots, about as tall as the average person. With multiple spiked feet so that they could sink into the ground, or in this case sand. They'd likely be knocked over easily due to this, but it was the best they had. Serkan and his guards headed over to where he knew the guard had been stationed, as the guards on different ends of the camp had different armors. He didn't head there quickly - nor did he head there slowly, but rather at an average pace. Upon arrival he spotted what was a cloaked figure. "Hmm? What have we here?" he asked himself, though loud enough to be heard by those nearby.


((Of course, if that second part referred to a camp somewhere else you intended to use, feel free to scrap the Serkan part =o))




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"Yes my Lady!" Tennat replied, snapping to attention back on his feet. "I am sorry, but I cannot confirm whether his majesty is busy or not, as I have not seen him since I began my rounds. Ma'am."

Gathering his courage, the young man lifted his gaze up to get a better look of the dragon in front of him. He'd heard stories about her, and seen her from a distance from time to time, but now that he was up close... The feeling sent shivers of both fear and awe down his spine. To think, he was under the same roof as a dragon, one of the most powerful creatures in existence. And yet, he was still curious about dragons, always yearning to learn more about them. Perhaps if they learned enough from this one, then maybe actual peace with the dragons was possible, not just some uneasy treaty.

"Is there anything I can do for you, my Lady?" Tennat asked, curious as to why exactly she was here.




"A knocked out guard by the looks of it." The man said casually, nudging said guard with the shaft of his spear. "That may have been my fault though. However, it was necessary since the morons here would not let me through to you. I mean, I am just searching for certain items that I believe you may be able to help me with. You are the man to see for items of value, am I correct Serkan?"

He was not at all nervous about the two guards that flanked Serkan. He was sure that he could take care of them quickly. Maybe with his polarm, maybe make the ground cave from under them, or for more entertainment, turn their bodies into explosives.

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"Hmm... I do not think so, young one." Karina responded, taking note of the humans curiosity, but also the fact his armor was in poorer condition than the other guards. It's lack of shinyness and it's visable signs of use seemed odd to her, as she was used to everything in the castle being shiny. She turned her attention towards the throne as she could hear footsteps and a lot of metal clanging, from a hallway to the far upper right corner of the room, multiple knights came through in a light green armor, their chestplates all sharing the same emblem as the Royal Banner. Unlike most the knights that were in the castle, these ones wore their helmets with a dark blue plume. They lined up in front of the throne standing on both sides of the rugs, but none on it.


They all unsheathed their swords in perfect sync, grabbing the hilt with both hands and pressing it against the chestplate, the blade of the swords being pointed straight up into the air. And from that point forward, they all remained perfectly still as the King began to walk in from the same way they had come. He looked to be relatively young, wearing a bright golden crown covered in silver gems. Wearing a very dark green cloak with blue trimming down both sides of it, the back of the cloak had the Royal Emblem, along with many small white diamond shapes. Despite his young age, he walked with a cane and partially leaned forward. His main clothes were dark red robes with black threading and white cuffs, which also had the Royal Emblem on the chest. His cane was very carefully handcrafted, looking to be made of walnut wood, the top of the cane was shaped like snarling dragon's head with a diamond embedded into the top, which he was grasping with his right hand. From underneath his crown he had long blonde hair, which was slightly curled.


As he reached the throne he turned to look down the path at Karina, with a knight to the left and to the right of him just off the rug. "Your majesty." Karina said, with a slight bow of her head. "Ah, good... You have arrived, Karina." the King stated.





"Hmm... Stupid northern guards and their sophisticated weaponry." Serkan said in a dark and ominous tone as he saw the knocked out guard, "Ah. Items of value... Such a lovely thought. Diamonds, rubies... Pearls... Gold and silver. How I love them. Hehehe..." Serkan stated in a somewhat creepier and sadistic voice than when he had talked about the guard, as his mind momentarily wandered off into the thoughts of fortune. "I see you are a man of guts to walk to our camp just like this.. Yes, I like that. Tell me, what items is it you seek? The sapphire eyes of the great ruby snake? Perhap's the platinum teeth from the statue of Zinregard, the first werewolf? Or... something more valuable then those, perhaps?" Serkan inquired, quite intrigued by this stranger...



Melanija watched from a distance, merely peeking over the tents with one eye. The distance was fair, but being a dragon helped a lot. Not quite as much as the many torchces lighting up the grounds, however. Finding the situation to be relatively strange, as Serkan and the stranger had not yet showed hostility towards one another. Perhaps this would be another person seeking to join them? That had happened before, though only two or three of them survived the tests that followed, which made it almost not worth bothering over.


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Just as Tennat was about to speak up, the king and his royal guards entered the room. Realizing with a nervous gulp that he was in the king's line of sight since he was next to the dragon, the young man quickly knelt down as a sign of respect. He dared not speak, for it was impolite to adress one that was higher ranking than you unless spoken to first, especially if it was one as important as the king. At least that was what he had learned from his father. That man had taught him everything. It was because of him that he wished to join the Blue Falcons in their noble battle for justice. However, he had no way to go about doing that. Their leader of course was standing just next to him, but it was not as if he could just ask her up front. It would sound demanding, and if there was one thing a soldier should not be, it is to be demanding things of superiors.




"Yes, as a matter of fact, something more valuable than even those." The cloaked man said, leaning lazily on the spear. "To the untrained eye however, they will just look like rubbish or something. I am searching for items that may bolster my... Unique abilities. I'd like to go over the specifics in private, and I can assure you that I can make this worth your time."

After all, he could transmute anything the rogue demanded, as long as the proper materials were present.

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"Is this guard bothering you, Lady Karina?" The King asked as he eyed the kneeling guard, "No, not at all." Karina responded to him, if anything the guard had given momentary company while she waited for the King. "Hmm. Very well, then." the King said as he took a few steps forward, "Then, I suppose it's time I told you why I've asked you here." he continued, then stopped and looked around a bit to make sure no unnecessary ears were listening in. "Information has reached my ear that Serkan; the head of the Lenatian White Eagles, has dispatched multiple assassins to kill me. As you know from experience Karina, this is not the kind of thing that can be simply be discarded as a rumor. Their assassins are far too successful." The King stated again looking around again.



Karina seemed quite agitated at the mention of Serkan; it was his assassins that had killed her friend, the one who started the Blue Falcons in the first place. "So then, you have my service. What is it you wish me to do?" Karina said a bit eagerly, to which the king responded "I want you take the other Blue Falcons and scout around both the castle inside and out, as well as the rest the city. Preferably in areas their familiar with, so that they'll notice anyone out of the ordinary." "Very well then, your highness." Karina responded quickly.





"Ah, very well then." Serkan said and dismissed the two warriors that had followed him, he seemed intrigued by the offer that was already being made, "I can assure you that I can make this worth your time." was most appealing to his sense of greed, "This way, then." Serkan said and turned to head towards one of the larger tents, opening the side and going in. Inside there was no one, but there were many small tables and old cooking utensils, it was large enough that someone on the outside would not be able to hear someone speaking in the center. Serkan pulled one of the smaller tables to the center with two chairs and sat down in one, seemingly awaiting for the cloaked man to have followed.

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At the mention of the White Eagles, Tennat's head shot up, his eyes wide. How could they do something that extreme? He knew that they did big hits like Lord's and Ladies, but the king himself? They were of the worst kinds of scum; murderers, thiefs, and others.

"W-with your permissions, my Lord and Lady, I would like to request to aid in this quest." He said, using all of his courage to do so. "I know the castle grounds like the back of my hand, and know the eastern residential area just as well."

Speaking out of line could cost him, but this was his chance to to something besides marching around in a circle all day. Something important that could actually make a difference.




The cloaked man followed Serkan into the tent, drawing many curious glances along the way. It felt more comfortable being inside the tent and not having to have the attention of so many on him at once. He was strong, but he wasn't stupid. The man knew that there was many things that could go wrong. Sitting down in the extra seat, he did his best to make himself comfortable.

"First off, allow me to introduce myself." He began. "I am Saren the Alchemist. The items I search for give off a specific type of energy that increase my abilities substantially, doing things that no other person can. These are much different than the ones ordinary mages use, so don't try to give me any of that garbage. And as I mentioned, I can pay almost anything you ask for. Material or otherwise."

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The King immediately turning his attention to the guard, but Karina answered before he could, "Yes, I think that would be a most excellent idea. We only have one or two people familiar with the Eastern area, so I think you could be most... Helpful." she stated, in a sense the King was almost angered; the guard had spoken out of line and before he could reprimand this, Lady Karina had already accepted the offer. Of course, she likely accepted to prevent the guard from getting in trouble for wanting to do something admirable such as help - the King could only nod in agreeance to what had been stated. "Very well then, I leave things in your capable hands, Lady Karina." the King stated and turned, walking back the way he had come. The Royal Knights immediately flipped their swords over and sheathed them, promptly following the King.





"Ah, so it is the search for power that drives this, then." Serkan said as he listened to the cloaked man, Saren, explain. "Do you know what these "items" are referred to as...? And even better, where we could pillage them from?" He asked, now curious. The drive for more power was something most admirable in his eyes, whenever it wasn't a drive to have his power at least. Unfortunately though, as he went primarily after items of wealth, an item such as that was far less likely to be in his collection even if he'd heard of it. Of course, wealth was all in the eye of the beholder, and this one seemed willing to pay almost anything for it.

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Tennat nearly flinched at the angered look the King had. It was only when Karina spoke up and saved him from the King's wrath, that he released the breath he did not know he was holding.

"Thank you m'Lady." He said once the King had left. "I did not mean to speak when it was not my place to... I only desired to foil the injustice of the White Eagles... What I did was wrong of me, and I beg your forgiveness once more."

The young soldier turned to kneel before her again, drawing his sword and laying it flat in his handsup to her.

"I give you my sword to command. Send me where you wish, and command me as you desire until you deem that it is no longer required."




"No, not power: Knowledge." Saren corrected, shaking his finger to reprimand the man. "I only need the amplifiers so I can further my research."

He leaned back, placing his polished boots upon the table between the two men.

"People will sometimes call them Philosopher's stones, though that in not what they are. They are immitations made in an way now lost to us. Though they are not the real thing though, they can still amplify an Alchemist's power greatly. I am unsure where they are; if I did, I'd be there and not here. I was hoping that you may have accumulated one already by accident, or could find one through a source. They will look like small round red stones, sometimes having a small glow or pulse.

"There are other trinkets that could be as simple as a watch, but noting in particular."

Now the Alchemist removed his feet from the table and leaned forwards.

"And for supplying these to me, what would you like in return? To gain anything, man must sacrifice something of equal value, after all."

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"There is nothing to forgive, as you have done nothing wrong in the first place. What you have done rather, was in fact an act of good will." Karina responded to the young guard, though in fact she was quite displeased with the way the human system worked - allowing the voice of one to be worth more than the voice of another, so much more in fact that such a voice was allowed to silence others if deemed necessary. Nothing like the Dragon world, where all had an equal voice - even those without honor, as their former actions did not mean they didn't have an opinion.


"Let us go, then. The longer we take, the better chance the White Eagles have at success." Karina stated, signaling with her head for the guard to stand rather than kneel as she turned to head back out of the palace.





"Ah, but knowledge is power." Serkan responded to the reprimand, listening careful to what Saren had to say. In a strange way, those stones sounded to be quite familiar - not as something he had, but as something he had seen and ignored believing them to be worth very little. "Hmm... These sound very similar to something I saw in the capital of Netheloc." he responded, then thought for a moment. "Tell me then, if you are so capable with magic... Would you be able to create some form of spell, that would grant an item such as a shield immunity to dragon's breath?" Serkan seemed to ask eagerly, as dragon's were often their greatest threat when they would fight.

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((I added to the post if you want to add the second part to your post))

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((Added in the response.EDIT: Made a minor change in Serkan's request.))

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"Thank you my Lady." Tennat said after staring at her in a moment of confusion.

Why did she just pass something like him speaking out of turn so casually? He didn't stop to ponder long however, as Karina began to walk off. Getting to his feet, Tennat sheathed his blade and quickly made after her, falling into step behind the dragon.

"M'Lady?" He asked after a time. "What exactly would you have me do? I know that I am to find anything out of the ordinary of suspicion, but what do I do if something is found? Where do I report in? Who do I report to?"




"In a certain light, yes." Saren said, conceding to the man's logic.

At Serkan's request of making a spell, the Alchemist's calm demeanor cracked, a fire of rage dancing behind his piercing eyes.

"I do not 'cast spells.'" He spat. "Alchemy is not some plaything to bend to the whims of man; It is a science. Just about anyone can cast a simple magic trick, but it takes real talent to perform even the smallest transmutations. To do that, you need to study nature; to understand the universe. Magic is fake; an illusion based on whimsy. Alchemy is real. It is the art of turning one thing to another; a piece of stone to a statue, a dune of sand to a defendable outpost, a spark into an inferno... A human into an explosive. To use Alchemy, you must rearrange the very atoms of the world.

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