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It’s an average day for you. The sun is shining, your friends are talking during class, you’re not paying attention, and the teacher is yelling at the trouble maker. Recently you’ve been thinking that your normal life is kind of boring, and you would be right. Sure, school is fine. Home is home. Friends are friends. But you still feel like you need to do something crazy, but not something that will get you in trouble. Well, too much trouble.

Then you see it.

You see the person with white wings in the tree. They’re staring at you. You blink, but they’re still there. They’re just staring. You look behind you to see if they’re looking at someone else, and your teacher, being in a foul mood, asks what’s wrong. You say nothing and look back outside to see the person is still there. Your teacher tells you to pay attention and you try to, but that person continues to watch you for the rest of class.

When the school day ends, you rush outside, completely ignoring your friends, and find the person no longer has wings and looks like a normal human. They tell you that the two of you need to talk and you follow them, asking question after question but not getting any answers.

You just met an angel, and now you have to help save the Earth.

Crazy enough for you?


This is just a 1x1 between me and Raven301!


PLOT Ave is an angel. Hal is a human. Ave can control fire. Hal can control fire, but he doesn't know it yet. When Ave takes up the responsibility of training Hal to help prevent the Apocalypse, he's doubtful he can do a good job. Hal doesn't even know he has the abilities, and they are dangerous. When the first sign of the Apocalypse sprouts up, these two bind together and train like there's no tomorrow (because if they fail, there really will be no tomorrow.) Will they be able to protect the Earth they both call home?


DEMONS The demons are bad! Bad bad demons. They have two different ranks, and those are the the Trackers and Orions. (The dark red color will be for when they talk.)

~~~Trackers: These are the demons that look like humans. They track down any kind of creature that is trying to prevent the apocalypse and either take that creature to an Orion or have an Orion come to them. They have the ability to fight and kill, but they don't know the inner workings of Hell and are often out of the loop as to what's going on with the Apocalypse. (Meaning it's pointless to ask them questions, but it isn't pointless to kidnap them and hold them for ransom ;>) They don't plan attacks and as such are able to be blocked and caught. They're basically the dogs. When they fight, they're eyes (which are originally black) glow red and when they become completely red they are about to release a powerful attack. After they do that, though, they fall to the ground and can easily be taken out and sent back to Hell. They attack with strange dark energy that materializes into a weapon, if the demon thinks about it, or it just gets shot around like Ave's fire.

~~~Orions: These demons look like this, this, or this (or something like those ahaa). They are very agile and are super dangerous. (A lot more then the Trackers.) They think about any possible moves that anything could make, and they fade into and out of the shadows. Because they are so agile, it is quite difficult to catch them in anything or to sneak up on them. They get summoned by a Tracker, or a Tracker brings a creature to them. The two demons are often working in pairs, although you will most likely only ever see one by itself. If you see an Orion by itself, you will most likely be caught in the situation of "bite first, ask questions later". Unlike the Trackers, the Orions have no special dark energy powers except for fading in and out of shadows. They have to use they're bodies as their weapons, and their bodies come with any number of harmful parts. Claws, teeth, venom, blades, anything. Some Orions bodies hurt to touch, and if they have that type of body then they just have to rub against something and it will hurt them. Most Orions are able to transform a part of they're body into a more powerful weapon, or they are able to mutate a part of their body into something more dangerous. It has been reported by some angels that an Orion can turn into a humanoid shape, and that the Orion yields two daggers, knife like claws and a large, tooth infested mouth. They call this Orion Abaddon. (And guess who faces that demon? Oh yes, Ave and Hal do ohoo~)






Name: Hal

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Human

Appearance: Hal stands at 5' 9" with floppy brown hair that is constantly falling into his brilliant blue eyes. Very thin his face has well-defined cheek bones and a small mouth that gives him a slightly gaunt look. He can usually be found wearing jeans, a tee-shirt, and a pair of bright yellow converse high tops.

Personality: Hal is always smiling and hoping to make others around him smile too, he is always up for an adventure and in general is very curious and quite clever. Hal's world is run by curiosity and the need for knoledege. Over the years he has learned the meaning of the term 'Curiosity killed the cat." from personal experience on many occasions. Because of his love of books and science he knows a million and one random facts about every thing and is always spewing them along with observations and questions.

History: Hal grew up with a pretty ordinary childhood of ordinaryness

Magical 'Other' Land:


Name: Peyton Crispian Theopold Jasso (Lets her friends call her Theo but for everyone else it's Peyton)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Species: Angel

Appearance: Theo stands at 5' 8" and has yellow blond hair that forms almost perfect curls naturally, falling to about her mid back. Her skin is lightly tanned and freckles dominate the bridge of her nose, her cheek bones and the tops of her arms. She has sky blue eyes, a small nose and ears and a little bit of baby fat still hangs around her cheeks.

Personality: Theo is very bubbly and hard not to like, always talking, smiling and laughing. Under her cheery exterior she is very kind and comforting but always has a hard time finding what to say when giggles aren't appropriate. Theo is a follower and is very indecisive, she would rather follow another than lead on her own and greatly looks up to her older cousins.

History: Eh? Her life was pretty normal until she distracted her mother one day while she was driving and her they were both killed in the car accident that followed.

Magical 'Other' Land:

OOC comments:




Name: Avery (Ave)

Gender: Male

Age: looks to be 18 in human years

Species: Angel

Appearance: I shall draw him! He has brown hair that's kinda fluffy and brown eyes that turn red when he uses his magic.

Personality: Ave likes to talk to people, but only if he thinks they deserve to be talked to. He commonly forgets to tell people his name and so he might not say his name until the person asks for it (or if he wants to joke around he won't say his name). He typically is thinking about something and will sometimes not hear what someone says, but he doesn't mean to be rude (unless he actually does mean to be rude). He is kinda kind and kind of mean, and he likes to confuse people. He sometimes get impatient and will get annoyed at someone, especially if they ask questions he thinks they should know the answer too. Sometimes he will be distracted by his past and get into a daze, and he'll be confused when he gets out of it. He hates himself and will sometimes say things that catch peoples attention, but when he's asked about it he simply doesn't respond.

History: (You'll figure it out as the story progresses~) I'll just say now that he had a very hard time being a human, and he decided to end all his suffering. Because of that, he got the hardest ability to control, and he was told that he had the option to help save the world to get a second chance at life. Seeing that everyone who had made fun of him or who did him wrong in anyway actually cared about him he decided he would do anything to get a second chance. This is now why he is on Earth, and he very badly wants to go and find the person who meant the most to him and tell them that he's okay (although he knows that person is no longer alive). He also was ridiculed for having the ability he has when he first was given the power, but one angel helped him through it all and is his closest friend.

Magical 'Other' Land: He has the ability to control fire, but he's not exactly good at it.

Because of his past life as both a human and an angel, he kind of hates himself. He thinks he deserves to be punished whenever he hurts someone (be it human or angel) or whenever he makes them sad or mad or just any kind of negative emotion. He punishes himself in what would be weird ways to humans, but are extremely hurtful to him (i.e. he does something with something cold, he burns himself, or something--) He tries to hide his shoulders from everyone, and he tries to hide the scar around his neck. He typically shows a fake side to him when he first meets someone, and it's only until he deems the person a friend that he shows his real self-loathing self.




Sarah - Ave's closest friend. She is an angel who can control air, and she is also in charge of communication and transportation in heaven. She is training Rissi to help fight off the apocalypse. She is very kind to most people, but she and Nylia don't get along and when someone says something to upset Ave they upset her. When she isn't with Ave she is friendly, and she tries to help and explain things the easiest way possible. It's been about sixteen years since she's been back on Earth, but because she watches the humans go about their daily business she knows how to handle the change better then Ave or Nylia. When you get her mad, be very aware of her power and run away. (She appears to be anywhere from 17-19 in age, and she has wavy blond hair and light blue eyes. She typically wears white too.)


Nylia - Ave and Sarah's "enemy", she isn't liked by either of the angels. She can control water, and because of this Ave is afraid of her. She is a very powerful angel up in heaven because she can influence judgement on other angels, and when it was Ave's turn to be judged he got the cursed power of fire because of her. She has her reasons for doing what she's doing, and in the beginning she believes that Ave got what he deserved. When the story progresses more, she comes to realize that Ave led a very terrible life and she only made his afterlife worse. She then tries to make up for it and eventually all three angels become friends. (She looks to be the oldest out of the three angels, and her hair is black. She has dark blue eyes and she's tanned.)


Rissi (Full name: Marissa) - The human Sarah is training. She has control over air, but she is very confused about what's going on and is trying to just go with the flow. She is quiet and reserved, and she constantly is apologizing for her friend. When she is alone she shows how kind she actually is, and she's a huge bookworm. She is currently 17 and she has fiery red hair and green eyes.


Eve (Full name: Evangeline) - The human Nylia is training. She has control over air, and she is doing her best to understand what's going on. She doesn't really believe something is true unless it can be proven, and when she heard the apocalypse was coming she scoffed at it. Nylia then had to prove that it truly was coming, and that she herself was an angel. Now that all of that has been proven, Eve is in shock and just wants to forget this has happened. She wants to believe this is a dream. She was actually a decent person before she found out the apocalypse was coming, and her foul demeanor is her trying to get over the fact that her world is ending. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and she is pretty.

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"We know you don't want to do it, Ave. You need to though. It'll help you with your powers."

"I don't need help."

"You do. Just go, you might have fun."

"Yeah, because training a human who doesn't even know they have magic in them to prevent the apocalypse is loads of fun. Whatever, I'll go. Don't expect to hear anything from me for a while."

"Alright. Please be careful."


"We'll drop by every now and then to see how it's going."

"Will you be training your own humans?"

"Yes. You can't expect to stop the apocalypse with only one human, can you?"

"I guess not. Whatever though. I'm leaving. Bye."

That was roughly how the whole conversation had gone. Ave, a brown haired angel who was feeling impatient, sighed. He cradled his head in his hands and looked into the school window, noticing a lot of brown haired teenage boys. He was hoping he would be able to find the boy he would have to train quickly, that way he could get his attention and get all of the introductions out of the way.

He scanned the side views of all the students and stopped on a certain blue eyed boy, feeling like he was the one. He moved so he was more comfortable on the tree branch and leaned his shoulder against it, watching the boy. He thought of waving but then decided against it and plucked a leaf from the branch. He threw it in the air and it caught fire instantly, then it quickly fell to the ground in black ashes. He hoped that would be enough to get the boys attention, since he didn't really feel like doing much more.

"Whoever said I don't have good control of my power." Ave whispered, staring at the boy.

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Yawning with boredom Hal let his head drop and hit his desk, he was in biology, 8th period, and he probably knew more about the subject than the teacher did. What would it take to get some advanced science classes around here? he thought to himself as he looked up again to find his teacher glaring at him. Groaning Hal picked his head up and tried to pay attention to the video they were watching, but god it was boring. As his attention began to drift once again Hal found himself staring meaninglessly out of the window without the slightest bit of interest, that was until he saw the wings.

Snapping up the peer out the window again, rubbing his eyes Hal ignore the looks his teacher was shooting him and instead studied the man in the tree, the man with wings. Completely impossible. He told himself, It's an angel, an honest to god angel. When it seemed the angel realized he had Hals attention it lucked a leaf from the tree and, caught it on fire. Groaning Hal realized he must be dreaming, angel didn't exist. Great I fell asleep in class. Pinching his arm Hal attempted to wake up for a few minutes before giving up and deciding to go with it, spending the rest of his dream science class glancing back and forth between the angel in the tree and the stupid video on plant cells.

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Ave blinked when the boy looked at him and he grinned. Finally. He thought, making it so his wings were invisible. He watched the boy and looked in one of the front windows to see what the teacher was doing, but frowned when he saw nothing but bricks. "Tch. Can't see what's going on." He muttered, tilting his head to the side until it cracked.

He looked down from the tree and blinked, realizing how high up he had actually flown. "Well, this should be fun to get down. Maybe I could scare some kids." He sighed and looked towards the sky, wondering when the school day would end.

Ave then realized it had been a while since he had gone to school, and this wasn't the school he had attended. He looked around for either the entrance or exit of the school, and rolled his eyes when he couldn't find it.

I'm sure it can't be that hard to find, right? God, I should have scoped out the place before I decided to just watch him. Idiot Ave. The brunette let out another sigh and turned his attention back towards the boy.


((8 classes?? That's way to many! xd.png))

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((Raven has 8 classes, 9 if you count advisory. dry.gif Where is Ave?))


As the seconds ticked by until the end of class Hal impatiently watched the clock, counting down in his head, poised and ready to bolt for the door. He was determined to find the angel boy, even if it was just a dream, and figure out how he pieced together. 'four three two one.' Scrambling to his feet Hal was the first one out of the class room, ignoring the shouts of the kids he had pushed out of his way.

Racing past teachers monitoring the halls Hal quickly pushed his way outside and walked around to the tree he had seen the angel in, but found nothing. 'Maybe I woke up.' he thought to himself and he shaded his eyes from the sun with his hand, scanning the branches above him. Sighing Hal looked around again, 'or maybe he ran off, but why? He seem eager enough to show off earlier.' Glancing around Hal looked for any signs of someone walking off, 'Nope, nope, and nope again.' Quickly making a decision in his head Hal walked over to one of the nearby trees and, sitting in it's shade, pulled out a book about supernovas and began to read.

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((Ewww. I have four classes. I would hate to have eight :I Ah, also, would you care if this was romancey or no? I don't particularly care, just curious pff))



Ave watched from his perch in the tree as the boy walked out of the school and looked up into the tree. He smiled when the boy looked away, knowing he wasn't visible. Being an angel is so awesome sometimes. He thought, jumping off of the branch and flapping his wings so he has a soft landing.

He followed the boy as he looked around for Ave and sighed, wondering when he should introduce himself. When the boy sat down against a tree and pulled a book about supernovas out he grinned.

He walked over to the boy, still invisible, and watched him read for a bit. He then took the book out of the boys hands and turned visible, looking at the page he had been on.

"Space. The final frontier, huh?" He grinned, tucking his wings behind his back even though they were invisible.

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((I'm cool with romance!))


After reading for a bit Hal found the book pulled from his hands, his automatic reaction was a groan. "Yes Mr.Angel dude the final frontier." Snatching the book back he then proceeded to finish the page before dog earing his place and stuffing the book back in his bag. "And where did you wings go?" he asked, glancing behind the now normal man, but seeing nothing.

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((Yiss romance will be later then xd.png))


Ave raised an eyebrow at the boys casual answer. Mr. Angel dude, huh? He thought, grinning. When the boy asked where his wings went he looked behind him and looked back at the brown haired teen. "They decided to fly off." He said, snorting at his own pun. He covered his mouth but then started laughing quietly, his face turning red as it always did when he laughed. He cleared his throat quickly and put his hands in his pockets, frowning.

"Let me guess who you are... Hal, yeah?" He asked, looking around. "If you aren't then I'm going to be in a bit of trouble for multiple reasons." He muttered, looking back at the boy.

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"That was terrible." Hal said, smiling none the less, his smile only growing as the angel attempted to not laugh. And then failing miserably. "Yes I am Hal." Hal said getting to his feet and brushing the dirt off his jeans, "And I assume the trouble would be the whole, you're-an-angel, yes?" Smiling again Hal plowed on, make the most of your dreams, that's what his mother used to tell him.Probably not exactly the context she had imagined but oh well, it fit. "Your name is?"

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"It was terrible, but you smiled. I guess you like terrible things, huh?" Ave asked, looking around again. He looked at Hal when he said the thing about why he would be in trouble and he shook his head no. "Not quite. Well, actually a bit. But not exactly for that reason." He said, looking Hal up and down. "I'm supposed to train you, hm." He muttered, moving aside when a baseball flew past him.

"Geez, teenagers." He groaned. "My name is obviously Mr. Angel dude, as you said." Ave grinned, glad that the boy he would have to train had a sense of humor. "Actually it's Marianne. Call me Ian." He lied, smiling. Of course he was using the name of one of his old friends, but not one of his angel friends. "I'm not any special angel, but the typical run of the mill one. I can control fire. Kinda." He said, wondering if Hal would believe his name was Marianne.

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((I would think Hal has the ability to control fire, sense Ave controls fire. But Hal doesn't know he has the power yet, because Ave has to explain everything to him~))

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"What exactly am I going to be training for?" Hal asked scowling as a baseball flew past the supposed Ian, people his age could be so immature. "And I'm just going to go with it in case you have some sort of crazy-angel trust issues, but I highly doubt your name is Marianne." Thinking for a minute about the last sentance Hal took a small step backwards, "So is this kinda control the might-burst-into-flames-any-mintue control or the whoops-my-hair-caught-fire-but-now-I'm-going-to-use-my-awseome-angel-powers-to-regrow-it control?"

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((Raven! I'm sorry I left! I'm glad this stayed alive though <3))


Ave smiled and sat down on the grass. "Just the end of your world." He picked up a baseball that rolled up to his hand. He tossed it in his hand and looked at a girl who ran over to them. He smiled at her and tossed it to her, looking at Hal when she caught it. "Make sure you stop aiming at us too, please." He called after the girl, looking towards the sky.

"Oh, my name is definitely not Marianne. I was just seeing if you would go along with it. But I do have a little bit of crazy-angel-trust issues. But I make them not obvious. I kind of just did though, huh..."

"Stop chit-chatting, Avery."

"Don't tell me what to do, Nylia." Ave growled, frowning at the clouds. He noticed Hal take a step away from him and grinned, looking to the side. "Neither, really. It's more like the I-have-the-ability-to-control-fire-but-it-can-be-dangerous-when-I-get-emotional kind. I can't regrow things though, so don't let me catch your hair on fire." He said, looking back at Hal. He briefly remembered a particular moment when he just started as an angel, and he sighed. "Ave, please... No, no... I trusted you!" He narrowed his eyes and cleared his throat. "I wish I could forget that." He whispered, trying to think of something else. He didn't want to have a break down in front of the trainee. That wouldn't look very good.


(Note* the dark gray stuff is flashbacks :> The regular italics is an angel talking to him. Also! I edited his information)

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"End of the world, that doesn't sound good." As he thought of the numerous ways that the world could reach an untimely demise Hal realized with a start that he was no longer thinking of this as a dream.

'Hmmmm, I don't even know if I want this to be real or not.' On one hand, he life was SO boring he was just one of the 7 billion people on the planet that got up, ate, went to school or work, came home, ate, and then slept, why on earth would he want to spend the rest of his life like that? But on the other-

"End of the world, seriously?" he asked before going back and reviewing the information he took in during his little space starey moment, "And who's Nylia?"


((I left too so were cool! biggrin.gif reg italics for Hal is thought.))

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"Yes, seriously. Your world is going to come to an end in like, two months or something." Ave looked at Hal and faked a smile. "I have to train you to prevent that from happening. It's not like fifty natural disasters will occur at once or anything like that. You have to fight bad guys with magical powers you don't realize you have." He looked at the clouds again and sighed when he heard Hal ask who Nylia was.

"Nylia is... An angel. Who I don't like. She's mean." He said, looking at his hands. They were shaking. He was cold. He sighed and pressed his hands together. He didn't know what Earths atmosphere would do to him. Heaven was the slightest bit warmer, and he now realized that.

He looked back at Hal and smiled. "Do you have anything that could possibly make me a little warmer? I didn't think Earth would be colder then Heaven." He looked at the grass and intertwined his fingers together. He blew on them and squeezed his fingers together, feeling a shiver run down his back.

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Absorbing all the information Hal blinked once slowly, "I am so dreaming." he muttered before digging around in his backpack and pulling out a light jacket.

"This is all I have right now but we could drive over to my place and I could get you some warmer jackets." Hal suggested, handing the angel the jacket

"And if you wanted you could start fire I guess." He added after a moment.

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"No way. Fire is dangerous." Ave took the jacket from Hal and looked at it. It was the slightest bit bigger then him and he put it on, rubbing his covered hands together. "Long sleeves are always a plus." He smiled and stood, feeling his body warm up.

"Driving to your house would take to long. This should be fine. If I get cold I won't complain." He looked towards the sky and saw the clouds were darkening.

"You should stay warm, Ave. Earth can have a different affect on you then you think. You don't want to get too cold, right? Go with Hal to his house. Maybe you two could become friends."

"Seriously, Sarah? I don't really need friends now..." Ave whispered, looking at Hal. "I guess we can go to your house, if it isn't too far away. And please don't think this is a dream, because it isn't. I'm very real, and the impending apocalypse is too."

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"Fire in general is, yes, but fire in a fireplace? I think we can handle that. Anyway I can also just crank up the heater, although my mom will kill me." Watching as the angel put the jacket on Hal smiled at how the jacket fell down over his hands and unconsciously rubbed his own together.

"Ok my house isn't that far off really-" Hal stopped as he heard the angel talk out loud back to what he presumed was an angel named Sarah, stiffening a bit when he said that he didn't need friends.

'Alrighty then, crazy-angel-trust issues it is.'

"So we are going over to my place?" Hal made sure, wishing he could hear the other angels too, hearing only one half of a conversation was so annoying.

"Right, impending apocalypse." If nothing else, this dream was going to be a great story to tell his friends.

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"Maybe." Ave replied to Hal's fireplace suggestion, looking at the grass. "If your mom would kill you then turning the heater up won't be very good. As long as I don't eat anything cold I'll be okay. Cold stuff and me just don't get along." He smiled as Hal rubbed his hands together.

"Ave, make friends with Hal. He could help you with your powers."

"But if that happens then I'll get in a lot of trouble. It's most likely to happen. It always happens, and you know it." Ave said, not hearing Hal. "If your going to talk to me then you should make it so Hal hears what your saying too. I know you can do that. I think he's getting annoyed at not being able to hear you." Ave looked at Hal and gave a half smile. "I'm really bad at having a three way conversation. Sorry." He said, flinching when a loud ringing echoed in his head.

"I'm so sorry! I got interrupted by Nylia. I'm going to try to connect Hal to the angel waves, but I'm not sure if he can stand it. Tell him that for me, please? And ask him if he really wants to hear what we say."

"Hal," Ave flinched again when loud beep sounded in his head. He pressed the sides of his head and took a deep breath. "Sarah is going... To try to connect you... If Nylia will stop interrupting her..." He said through clenched teeth, hearing bits of a conversation cut in and out of his thoughts. "If you don't want to hear her then just tell me... Although it'll probably be useful... Since your my disciple and all..."

"You know doing that won't be okay, Avery!"!

"Just butt out of it, Nylia! Let Ave do what he wants with his trainee!"


(I don't know if Hal will want to hear what they say or not |D

Also, I edited Ave's information again. I keep making him sadder and sadder oops-- It's like, the fourth post sooo if you could reread his information that would be awesome :>)

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"Cold and angel-dude-who-still-hasn't-told-me-his-name," At this Hal paused and looked pointedly at the angel, "do not mix. And my mom's out of town for the weekend so she wouldn't find out till sunday afternoon anyway."

As he continued to listen to one half of a conversation Hal's eyes widened a bit when the angel mentioned his frustrations.

'I do hope you're not a mind reader.' he thought and, seeing no response Hal breathed out a small sigh of relief, that would have been awkward.

"I'm your disciple?" Hal wondered out loud before quickly answering the question, "And ummm ... yeah I'd like to hear the angels. And I'm guessing it won't be rainbows and sunshine?"

'Never thought I'd say that.' he thought to himself as he waited for, ... he wasn't really sure what.

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"Correcto!" Ave smiled at Hal and looked towards the sky. "If you insist on turning your heater on then you can turn it on. You should tell your mom you met an angel too. I bet it would freak her out." He smiled and looked back at the sky. The clouds were getting larger.

Ave looked at Hal when he sighed and the angel smirked. "I would only guess you'd be annoyed at the one-sided conversation. They can be kind of confusing." He nodded at Hal's question and he shrugged.

"Hearing the angels can be both tedious and humorous. Just don't let Nylia tell you what's wrong or right." He smiled.

"Ave, tell him that his head will feel weird but it shouldn't hurt."

"Sarah says your head will feel weird but it shouldn't hurt. I think we should probably get under covers soon since it's going to soon downpour. Maybe Arec is having a fit."

"Arec is upset, yes."

"Yeah. The rain sizzles on my skin. It'll be weird to see."


(You can have control over Sarah while she makes it so he can hear the angels, since I'm not entirely sure how you want it to be.)

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"Shouldn't hurt, ok. Personally I'd prefer a won't but a shouldn't works just as well."

Closing his eyes at a pressure in his head Hal sucked in a little gasp as the pressure got stronger. Squeezing his eyes shut Hal thought back to last year when he and his family had taken a trip to the Caribbean and he had gone scuba diving. The further down you swam the more pressure was placed on your body and right now Hal felt like he was on a train that only went down down down.

Just as the pressure started to hurt the something that had been pressing down exploded into sound, making Hal wince and curl in on himself from where he realized he had fallen to his knees.

And suddenly, he could hear.

He could hear Sarah, who was introducing herself, but he could also hear the thoughts of the squirrel that was in the tree behind him, and he could feel the wind through wings as a pigeon swooped down nearby, he could hear tiny little specks of thought coming from ants and he could feel the background glow of the plants reaching reaching reaching for light. And it was way way way too much for him too take in.

Slowly laying down and curling in on himself Hal doesn't even feel the tears leaking from the corners of his eyes.


((Well that was not how I planned to do that but ok. I guess Sarah went further than she should have? Or maybe since Hal was a disciple it wouldn't have taken nearly as much for him to hear but Sarah dosed him with enough for a normal human? Idk...


And you keep making Ave sadder and sadder, it's not ok tongue.gif ))

Edited by Raven301

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((I always abuse my poor characters way to much. Hal just has to make sure Ave doesn't hate himself and it'll be okay c; ))


Ave watched, concerned, as Hal sank to the ground. He then knelt down next to him when he started to cry and bit his lip. My fault. That was my fault. He thought, looking around. "Sarah! Come here, please! Like, right now!" He shouted into the sky, looking around frantically for her.

"Geez Ave. I'm right... Oh no." A blond haired girl ran over to Hal and touched his shoulder. "I overdid it. I so overdid it. I didn't take into consideration he was your disciple and ohhh this isn't good. He can hear everything." Sarah looked at Ave and Ave frowned. "Please don't be thinking this is your fault." She whispered, giving him a quick hug. "I don't know what to do. Sure I specialize in transportation and communication but oh noo I don't know what to do! Make him stop crying I feel so bad."

"You feel bad? I'm the one that suggested it! How do I make a human stop crying?" Ave said, moving closer to Hal. He leaned down and took Hal's cheeks in his hands. "Hey Hal... Hey, hey can you stop crying. If it helps you can listen only to me. Just hear my voice maybe? Sarah is here, if you want to meet her. She wants to meet you. She wants to apologize. She's my closest friend. Please... I'm sorry. It's all my fault." He whispered, squeezing his eyes shut. "It's always my fault. I am so sorry."

"Ave..." Sarah whispered, looking at him.

"See, my name is Ave. My real name is Avery. Didn't you want to know that? I'm Avery. I'm an angel who has really crappy control over fire. Please stop crying. I'll help you listen only to the angels. You can listen only to me now, so please just focus on my voice. I know it isn't a very reassuring voice and it's kind of shaky but it's the best I have. Please open your eyes. Stop crying. Blame me. Be mad at me. It's my fault. I'm sorry." He whispered, squeezing Hal's cheeks. "Please look at me and tell me your okay."


((I kinda wrote a thing for Ave (that isn't edited so forgive any mistakes) and it's involving him in a different story but he's still basically the same. You can get to know him better I guess? |D))

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For a few moments Hal lay on the ground, trembling, not necessarily in pain just, overwhelmed. But as Hal felt a pair of warm hands grab his cheeks a single voice clears the others away,

"See, my name is Ave. My real name is Avery. Didn't you want to know that? I'm Avery. I'm an angel who has really crappy control over fire. Please stop crying. I'll help you listen only to the angels. You can listen only to me now, so please just focus on my voice. I know it isn't a very reassuring voice and it's kind of shaky but it's the best I have. Please open your eyes. Stop crying. Blame me. Be mad at me. It's my fault. I'm sorry."

Slowly Hal's eyes, normally quite striking but now multiplied by the red bloodshot that surrounds them, open and meet Avery's brown ones.

"Avery." he breathes out with a tiny sigh, it suits him. " 'S not your fault."

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